Amor Prohibetur Ch. 04

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Mom’s Dance Party Gone Wild

Yo, Literotica,

Hey, I’m Max. My mom is really hot, okay. My friends are always telling me how hot she is, and how badly they want to get into her pants. Well, I was the one that ended up doing that. I’ve wanted to tell somebody about it, but I can’t just tell anyone I know that I fucked my mom. That’s why I decided to write this post.

Okay, so I’m 19, and I still live with my parents. I’d rather do that than pay fifteen hundred dollars in rent every month, you know what I mean? I valet at a restaurant on the weekend. I make decent enough tips to keep me happy, considering that I don’t have any major bills to pay. That’s me in a nutshell.

My parents have this two-story house. On the first floor we have the living room, followed by the dining room and the kitchen. At the back of the house we have a pretty big den. My friends come over sometimes and hang out there with me. We’ll play video games or watch sports usually, but if a couple of girls come over, we might do something more couple-oriented. We have this one video game called Dance Trance, right. It has all these add-ons to it that specialize in specific kinds of music. Basically, the game consists of copying the dance moves that the character on the screen is doing. We can choose Beach Boys-type surf music, for example, or rock, or whatever.

One of my buddies brought over an add-on called Street Beats. While none of us guys is into hip-hop, a lot of the girls we know are. Some of the dances on this game are straight sexual maneuvers, but apparently that’s the kind of dancing that goes on in today’s hip-hop clubs. The moves include a girl rubbing her ass on a guy’s crotch, or bouncing her body over a guy lying on the floor, or just bouncing up and down in general. Like I said, even though my friends and I don’t really like that kind of music, we do make exceptions when it comes to girls bouncing up and down or rubbing against us.

Here is where my mom comes in. She’s blonde and she’s very pretty. While she’s not so skinny or lean, she does have a lot of curves. I guess this makes women her age jealous, because my mom doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends that she hangs out with. She naturally gets along with all of the young guys I hang out with, and with most of the girls, too. Basically, my mom is cool with everybody that’s cool with her.

Sometimes, she’ll see that my friends and I are dancing in the den, so she’ll come over and bring us chips and sodas and be a good host. Sometimes she’ll see the girls dancing. Since my mom always likes dancing, she’ll join in and not only keep up with the moves from the video game, but she’ll always end up with the highest score. Dancing is just something that she’s naturally good at. Since she hardly gets the chance to show off her skills, she’ll jump at the chance when my buddies and their girls come over.

Well, my mom can be very conservative when she wants to be, and she near flipped her top when she saw the moves from the Street Beats game. She said that as far as she was concerned, that was not dancing. But she did come by every once in a while to see us making fools of ourselves in trying to copy the dance moves. Her jaw literally hit the floor when she saw some of the girls trying to twerk their butts in the air.

Some of the guys who get along with my mom ribbed her about being behind the times. My mom would always shake her head and say that if people were going to dance like that, they might as well be naked because that certainly wasn’t any kind of dancing she’d ever seen.

Well, long story short, I was home one day with my mom. Since it was getting close to lunchtime I went downstairs. She’d made some grilled cheese sandwiches for us, and I grabbed one and a soda and I went over to the den because I heard music playing there.

My mom was in there. I guess she had already finished up with her housecleaning because she had that dancing game on. She was dancing to disco casino siteleri music. When she saw me she bragged that she had the high score on the original game, and all of the add-ons that came with it. I said, you have all of them except one, and of course I was talking about Street Beats.

She said she was going to throw that game away because it wasn’t dancing but dry-humping. I said, oh no you won’t because all the girls like it. She said she was a girl, and she didn’t like it. I said, hey, she was the queen of all the other dancing games, and she could have that title and be happy with it. It was okay if she didn’t like one certain add-on because not everybody likes every single game. She was the queen of all the dancing games, I said, except one.

Well, I guess this drove her up the wall when I said this. Since my mom couldn’t get rid of that one game, it would always be in the house. She would be reminded of it every time she wanted to brag that she had all the high scores. It pissed her off to know that she was such a good dancer, and there was that one game sitting right there on the shelf, staring at her and saying otherwise.

What do you know, but my mom took out the disco game and put in the hip-hop one. She stood there with her hands on her hips and stared at the TV like it was her new enemy. When the game started up, she set it a beginner level and she started dancing.

I was just sitting there on the couch eating my sandwich, right. I figured my mom would get past the first few levels and do pretty good, but the intermediate levels would probably kick her ass because of the motions she would have to make to keep up. My mom can be pretty stubborn when she wants to be, but no way she was going to twerk her ass when that part of the game came up. That’s what I thought, anyway.

So, I’m sitting there on the couch eating. By this time my mom is shifting her ass from one side to the other like the game is telling her to. That’s when I really start paying attention, because she’s wearing a white shirt and yellow shorts. When my mom starts throwing her hips around, her butt really fills out her shorts. I want to tell you that my mom has a big, round butt. That’s a big reason why my buddies don’t say a thing when she comes into the den and starts dancing with them.

As far as I know, my mom never had any intention of doing anything with anybody, but that didn’t stop my buddies from checking her out. Sometimes I would check her out too, because her ass was hotter than most of the girls that came over. And here I was, with a front row seat to my mom trying out some very provocative dance moves.

She wasn’t even paying attention to me. She was concentrating on the screen in front of her and trying to get through the game as fast as she could. She wouldn’t be satisfied with just getting the combined high score, either. She wanted to get the high score on each and every level, so nobody who played after her could come by and easily push her off her imaginary throne.

I watched my mom crouch down and grab her knees. She jutted her ass back and started shaking it, just like the game instructed. Later, she put her hands on the floor and kept her arms and legs straight and spread out. She shook her ass that way, too. These moves took her a few tries to get the hang of, but she got them down and the game sensors scored them over and over until her name was up at the top. And not just slightly at the top slot, either, but high enough that somebody else was really going to have to work at it to beat her score.

My mom set her hands on her hips again, when she got up to expert level. The next move was for her to lean up against a wall, upside down and twerk her ass that way. She looked at me and said she wasn’t going to do it. Being a smartass, I said it was okay if she wasn’t the queen at every single dancing game in the house. This got her going again. She shifted the game’s sensors over to an empty spot on canlı casino the wall. There she went getting herself upside down against the wall and twerking her ass in the air.

By this time, I had a big chubby pushing up my shorts. I would have liked nothing more than to excuse myself and go take care of it in my room, even if it was my mom that had made it happen. I just couldn’t bring myself to get up and leave the den, because her ass looked so hot bouncing around like that.

She got really into it, like in a competition almost. When she straightened up I could see that she was sweating. I started laughing at her, because it was just a game and here she was taking it too seriously. My mom told me to shut up. She was mad because her score wasn’t as high as she wanted it, but like I said, anybody else was going to have a hard time getting up there.

The next part of the game was even worse, as far as being awkward goes. This is when the girls would have to pick a partner and do some of those same moves with them. I thought, okay, my mom is drawing the line here, because there was nobody in the house besides the two of us. My mom didn’t like doing those moves to begin with, and she sure wasn’t going to do them with anybody else.

She surprised me when she came over to the couch and told me to stand up. She put me in a spot where the sensor would pick me up and she started the game again. Her part was to lean forward with her hands on her knees, and to rub her ass against me until the game said she could go on.

I was really nervous. When her butt came up against me, there was no way possible that she wouldn’t know I had a chubby. I don’t know if my mom didn’t notice because she was so focused on the game, or whether she did notice and ignored me, because she was in such a big hurry to get the game over with.

What I do know is that my mom’s fat ass was rubbing on me. According to the rules of the game I had some motions to do with her. These weren’t much, but I was supposed to put my hands on her waist and grind up against her. This is the part that she’d called dry-humping, when she’d seen my buddies and me doing it with our girlfriends. When she started moving against me, I was too nervous to put my hands on her. I did rock back and forth against her, and bump my crotch into her hips. I guess that’s when it sunk in, that we were basically simulating having sex with each other. My mom straightened up and set her hands on her hips for a long, long moment.

My mom took a few steps away from me. She looked me up and down, and I know she glanced at the front of my shorts. She said it was okay that I was excited, because we were doing some pretty obscene moves. She told me that maybe I should close my eyes so she could get past that part of the game. Then she went and reset the same sequence over.

When she started grinding against me this time, I did grab her hips. I pushed up against her ass just like I would if it was one on the girls that came over. I made sure my hard-on was pressed up between us. My mom almost stopped right there, because she paused and held still while I kept going with the beat and rubbed up against her.

After she looked at the TV screen and saw how her scores were dropping, she picked up her pace. It was starting to become something more than dancing. I think we were both coming to that conclusion, because my mom wasn’t just mimicking the moves on the game, but she was really getting into it. I grabbed her ass, and I couldn’t believe she was letting me get away with it, but she did. Not only that, but she kept going with her motions until the game gave her the high score, not by much, but enough so that she could continue to the next level.

The next part was even trickier. I would have to lie on the carpet, hold myself up by my arms and legs and lift my hips, while my mom was supposed to squat over me and rotate her ass on me. This was the part that usually brought about all sorts kaçak casino of giggles from the girls, because it was so awkward and at the same time sexy. This was the part that none of us had been able to get past, because we always ended up making out with our girls when we did it.

My mom walked around the den a couple of times. She was fanning herself and took a drink of my soda. She said she wanted to get past this one last part of the game and then she was gong to quit. My mom said she was really sweaty, and I could see that much, and she said she wanted to take a shower right away when she was done.

My mom told me to lie down on the carpet and get in position. After I did, she started laughing because she thought it looked really weird for me to be doing that. She started the next sequence, but she’d barely gotten in place when she moved away and paused the game. She was too hot, she said. I thought she was heading off to the shower, but no, she walked around one more time and took another drink of my soda.

When she started the game again, I got ready. She came over and hovered on me and tried to bounce her body on me a couple of times. She was worn out by then, because her legs gave out and she ended up bringing us both down on the carpet. She started laughing again, and she said that was it, that was as far as she was going.

She leaned forward to pull her legs away from me. Since I didn’t want her to get away, I scrambled around and got up on my knees, and I got up close behind her. We were both standing on our knees, with me reaching out and grabbing her by the waist, and pushing right up against her back. I know it was weird because this was my mom, but I started dry-humping her just like before. I couldn’t really help it, because her big, fat butt was right there. I thought, she is so going to stop me right here, but she didn’t. She just let me grind into her ass like it was no big deal. I was so worked up that I wasn’t going to stop until she made me.

I moved my hands over to the waistband of her shorts, and I pulled them halfway down her thighs. She was wearing white cotton panties. I did grab two handfuls of her ass while I kept grinding up against her. When she didn’t say anything, don’t ask me how I did this because I was super-excited by then, but I pulled her panties down too.

Now I had my mom’s bare ass in my hands. She started making these noises. It took me a moment to realize that those were her sexual noises. Once I figured that out, it was like there was no holding me back anymore. We both know what was going to happen next. I was going to fuck my mother.

My dad is going to kill me if he finds out; that’s what was going through my head right at that moment. That’s when I pulled my shorts and my boxers down. The next time I pressed up against my mom, my cock went right into her pussy.

I know that people that put up posts like this always get into the juicy details, but I can’t talk that way about my mom. I just want to say that I was really, really excited, and I couldn’t help it but I didn’t last that long before… you know.

Basically, I did my business. When I was done, my mom just got up and walked out of the den and went to take her shower. I was feeling really weird about it, and so I left the house and went to hang out with some of my friends.

My mom doesn’t look at me the same way anymore. She hardly ever wants to be in the same room with me ever since that happened. I don’t know if she’s blaming me for it or what. I kind of feel bad about it, but at the same time there’s nothing I can really do to take it back. I’ve been thinking about moving in my buddies too, just to see if things will ever go back to normal between me and my mom.

Well, that’s the story. It didn’t happen over and over like some of these other people write about; it just happened once and that was it. I don’t even want it to happen again, not after how my mom started acting so different toward me.

Anyway, I don’t usually like writing long stories, but here I am like five pages into this one. All I have to say is that things happen sometimes, when you least expect them to, and sometimes those things can’t be taken back.


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