Amazon Bride Ch. 03

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Being a gorgeous Amazon isn’t all fun, there is a responsibility to look good at all times too. The two days I’d spent in my room with Patty worshiping my body had been fun but now it was time to head back to the gym.

I was pumping up my thighs on the Resorts hydraulic machine when I remembered Patty’s tears as her parents dragged her away. I’m such a softy at times. I promised to allow Patty to visit me again soon, which comforted her enough for her parents to make their flight. Of course I had no intentions of contacting the girl. Two days of worshiping my body was more than she deserved and I was ready to move onto the next girl.

The biggest drawback was my husband, Steve, had returned to our Villa. In exchange for their daughter, I’d given Terrence and Diane my husband to use as their sex toy. A fair swap, I thought.

Poor Steve, he was quickly learning what life was going to be like as my husband. I don’t take men as sex partners but I love to watch men having sex with each other, nothing turns me on more. The beauty with Steve is that he isn’t gay or even bi, or at least he wasn’t, I’m sure he was beginning to enjoy being fucked by Terrance and Terrance assured me that Steve had at least once sucked his cock without being told.

I think of Steve more as a pet than a husband, a rich pet, but a pet.

I’d moved to working on my triceps when my peace was interrupted by the arrival of another. At least he looked to be a genuine enthusiast. His arms bulged and his singlet top was stretched tight over his amazing pecs. Without wanting to appear as though I was, I studied him closely. Many of these muscle types are not what they might seem and I had a feeling about this one.

“Hi there.”


I felt his eyes roaming over my body but I had the feeling he was assessing my form me rather than checking me out.

“Have you worked out in here before?”

“Nah, I only got in yesterday.”

I nodded my head. “It’s OK but it’s a little light on weight for a proper workout.”

“These Resort gyms usually are.”

“You travel a lot then?”

“Mostly with work but this time’s a vacation.”

He wasn’t bragging, just stating facts, I liked him. “My name’s Darlene.”

He smiled. “I’m Travis.”

“Well Travis, you want to buddy up?”

“It would make a nice change from working-out alone.”

“Your girlfriend not into it?”

It was his turn to smile. “She likes me to go but that’s it.”

“I know what you mean, my husband’s never set foot in a gym.”

There, we had set our boundaries. We both had partners and were only offering companionship or so he thought.

Working-out can be so much better with a partner, and I hate to admit it, but especially when it’s a man. Men understand muscle where most other women only love to handle them. Usually that suited me but there were times when it was fun to share a workout. By the time we’d finished I was primed. Back in our Villa, I got Steve to wash me in the shower as my arms were so pumped it was hard to reach where needed to be reached. Steve wasn’t complaining, it was the first time he touched some of the parts he washed.

With Steve’s help, I put on a tiny bikini and told him, “I’m going out, I’ll be back in time for you to take me out to dinner.’ I found a pair of twins down at the beach. They weren’t exactly my type but the allure of twins won me over. I spent the afternoon in their room with them licking my body all over. They were eager to please but after a few hours I’d grown tired of them. I had them dress me and I walked back to the Villa.

What I found shocked me to my core. My husband was in bed with another man.

“What’s going on in here?” I demanded.

The young blonde-haired bimbo jumped up and pulled a sheet over his naked body. What I saw before he managed to cover himself looked pretty good, if you are into that sort of thing.

“I thought this is what you wanted?”

Steve seemed to be genuinely confused. God he could be so stupid. “No!” I informed him. “I like you having sex with other men so I can watch. How does fucking boy-sluts when I’m not here help?”

“I’m sorry.” he said, looking crestfallen. “I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“That’s your problem, you started thinking. From now on, leave the thinking to me.”

“Yes dear.”

I turned to the young boy-slut. “Seeing as you are here, and I am now here too, why don’t you get back into bed?”

His eyes grew wide and roamed freely over my gorgeous body. “Are you going to join us, because if you are, I won’t charge any extra!”

I couldn’t help laughing. “You are paying him to fuck you?”

Steve blushed brightly as he nodded his head.

“You really are pathetic!” I turned back to the boy-slut. “What’s your name?’


“Well Conrad, no, I’m not going to join you two pathetic losers.” I pulled up a chair and with a smirk asked my husband, “How much did Conrad want to fuck you?’

“Four hundred.”

My smile grew. “Well Conrad, earn your money.”

Steve got onto his knees but poor Conrad, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with me laughing at him, his dick went soft.

“I think your pretty boy needs some encouragement.”

When Steve looked behind him, his face turned even redder. Spinning back around he tried his best to suck Conrad hard but the poor boy was so embarrassed, he wouldn’t go hard.

“That is why you should leave the choice of your sex partners to me; I am capable of picking someone who can perform on cue.”

“Just give me a minute.” said Conrad, taking over from Steve by jerking hard on his limp dick.

“Forget it son, I’ve seen enough to know you’re as pathetic a looser as my husband.”

They both sat on the bed with their heads bowed looking like two naughty schoolboys who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“Write out his check and get him out of here.”

I waited for Steve to have his checkbook in hand before asking him, “How much did he want again?”

“Four hundred.”

“I’ll take two.” said Conrad, obviously thinking I was going to refuse to pay him anything.

“Give him a thousand.”


I glared at Steve.

“Yes dear.”

Conrad pulled on his clothes and had his check in his hand and was heading for the door when I told him, “The extra is so you will come back if I call you.”

He nodded his head. “Yes Ma’am.” Then bolted through the door.

When the boy was gone I looked at my husband and laughed and laughed. I laughed so hard, tears flooded my eyes.

That night I ordered the most expensive items on the menu regardless of whether I liked them or not. When we got back to the room I made Steve kneel naked on the bed while I tied him by the writs and ankles to the bedposts. He never complained or even spoke as I brought out my strap-on dildo and fucked him.

When I finally pulled back out of him, I strutted around the room, telling him, “You are such a pathetic little man. No self-respecting husband would allow his wife to fuck him like that but you didn’t even whimper. You disgust me.”

“I’m sorry dear.” he said, his head hung low.

I made a show of taking the belt from his trousers. “Do you know what I’ll do if I ever come home again and find you with someone I haven’t selected for you?”

He was quivering with fear now.

“No dear but I’ll never do it again, I promise.”

I ignored him and knelt on the bed at his side. Doubling the belt over, I let the shortened strap swing freely, the very end tapping lightly against Steve’s unprotected buttocks.

“Please Darlene.” he began to beg. “Don’t hurt me! I promise I won’t do it ever again.”

“But you did it today didn’t you? You brought that boy-slut into my bed!”

I let the end of the strap touch his ball sack and Steve’s body began to shudder uncontrollably.

“I thought that you wanted me to learn to enjoy having sex with other men. Please Darlene, I thought I was doing the right thing. I was only trying to please you!”

I swung the strap hard across his buttocks, leaving a thick red welt. Steve shrieked like a little girl and began to whimper.

“Move your knees further apart.”

“No, please Darlene, what are you going to do?’

I swung the strap again, leaving another welt on his buttocks, only brighter red this time.

“I won’t ask again.”

It was difficult for him to part his knees, tied up as he was, but that was Steve’s problem. Snot was dangling from his nose and I used his pillowslip to wipe it as I built up the suspense.

“Say, I am a dirty slut!”

“I am a dirty slut!” he said quickly.

I swung the strap so that is went between his spread legs and smacked hard into his ball sack.

Steve screamed.

I was starting to enjoy myself when I was interrupted by a tentative knock at the door. Curious, I opened it to find a man dressed in a suit standing nervously outside. His eyes went to the strap held in my hand.

“Is everything alright, I was walking passed when I heard…noises.”

“And you are?”

“I am Mr. Younger, the Assistant Manager.”

I smiled and despite his obvious trepidation, his eyes moved over my body. I was naked and, after my hard workout this morning, I looked sensational. Standing aside, I told him, “Please, come in.”

“I really just wanted to assure myself that everything was OK.”

“Then come in and find out for yourself.”

When he stepped into the Villa, I closed the door firmly behind him. I pointed to where Steve was tied naked to the bed, two thick red welts shining brightly across his scrawny buttocks.

“That pathetic thing is my husband. He has been very naughty and is in need of punishment.”

I noticed the large bulge forming in Mr. Younger’s trousers and I felt sorry for Steve, this was going to turn out to be very painful for him.

“Tell Mr. Younger what you did!”

“I paid one of the Bell-boys to have sex with me.”

“One of my Bell-boys?” demanded Younger.

“Yes sir, but I’m very sorry sir, I will never do it again.”

I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri held out the strap to the older man. “Do you want to teach him not to pay your Bell-boys for sex?”

He looked longingly at the folded over belt.

“Steve won’t tell.”

When the Assistant Manager took the belt form me, I slid onto the bed next to Steve, where he could watch me. Sliding a hand between my legs I fed a finger into my dripping pussy before nodding to Mr. Younger. It felt so wonderful, I wish my twins were here now but my finger had to suffice as I watched the other man whip my husband into a blubbering mess.

Steve begged so beautifully too. I lay naked on the bed, touching myself, knowing Mr. Younger’s eyes were on me, knowing he wanted to fuck me, knowing his frustration at knowing I was only teasing him made him all the more vicious with my husband. It would be days before Steve would be able to service a man for me but it was worth it.

I orgasmed twice before freeing Steve. He curled up in a fetal position and cried. I might have left him to consul himself but I couldn’t leave Mr. Younger with a massive hard-on in his expensive trousers and I certainly wasn’t going to do anything about it.

“Stop your blubbering slut and get over here!”

Steve crawled across the bed to me. I only had to point to where Younger’s dick showed in his trousers and Steve pulled down the man’s fly and reached inside for his cock.

“May I suck on your magnificent breasts madam?”

I don’t know if it was because he had done such a good job of whipping Steve or because of the polite way he asked, but I relented. I stepped closer and Younger fastened onto one of my nipples while Steve sucked noisily on his cock.

“You may suck on my nipples, but I warn you, if you touch me anywhere else, you will take my husband’s place on the bed, and I will not be as gentle as you were with him.”

In the end, it all got too much for me and I fingered myself once more before going in search of the twins.

Steve sulked for the next couple of days, refusing to leave the Villa, so I spent time in the gym with my new buddy, Travis. We had just finished our session on the second day and were sitting in the shade of an umbrella, sipping iced tea, when he slipped in, “My girlfriend, Emma, said she saw you yesterday, down at the beach.”

“Did she.” I said, pretending I didn’t know where this was headed.

“Yeah. She suggested that we should all get together sometime.”


“The four of us, your husband and you, me and Emma.”

I stared nonchalantly out over the ocean as I said, “What was Emma thinking? Did she want drinks first or does she want us to meet in your room so she can eat me?”

Travis choked on his iced tea. “You don’t mix words do you?”


“I hope I haven’t offended you?”

“I’m not offended in the least. I’d enjoy having your girlfriend eat me.”

“And your husband?”

“Forget him, I had to punish him the other day and his ass is still too bruised to be of any use to you.”

Travis choked again.

“You know?”

“Don’t feel bad, it isn’t that obvious, I simply seem to have the gift of picking what others can’t. You have a girlfriend, who I’m sure you love deeply, but you also like to sick your dick up other men’s ass-holes, am I right?”

Travis glanced around to make sure no one could overhear before saying, “Emma doesn’t mind because she has the same weakness with other women.”

“Good. I’ll find someone for you and meet you in your room in an hour.”

“You can do that?”

“Find and man for you to fuck?”

Travis nodded his head.

“Consider it done.”

I headed for Reception. “Can I speak with Mr. Younger please?’

“Is everything alright, Mrs. Winston” asked the young girl behind the counter.

I smiled as I ran my eyes over the cleavage she was displaying for me. “Everything is just fine.”

“Can I help you?” asked the Assistant Manager, Mr. Younger.

“I think we should discuss this in your office.”

Younger looked pale so I quickly reassured him I wasn’t here to cause any trouble. “I have a favour to ask.”

His colour quickly returned. “What is it?

“Do you remember the story of my husband paying one of your Bell-boys for sex?”

“Yes. And how is your husband?” he asked, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes now.

“Still sulking, but that isn’t why I am here. The boy, Conrad, he couldn’t perform on the day so I feel he still owes me one session. I would appreciate it if you would send him over to room 202, sometime in the next hour.”

His brow creased as he thought. “Room 202, that is the Bradford’s room.”

“That’s right. I have a date with Emma and I need Conrad to satisfy Travis.”

“Consider it done.”

“Thank you Mr. Younger.” I said as I stood.

“Is there anything else I could do for you?”

I glared at him. “Don’t presume!”

He looked scared again. “I assure you, I didn’t mean anything.”

“Oh yes you did, but let’s not fight over it. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I tell you what, Steve’s ass is still too sore to fuck but I’m sure if you were to wonder over a little later he would be glad to give you another blow-job…and if you were to ask nicely, he might even tongue on your ass-hole.”

“Thank you Mrs. Winston.”

I headed back to the Villa and showered. Steve must have been feeling a little better because he asked if he could watch me. I am such a soft-heart, I allowed him to.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ve met a nice young man who has offered me his girlfriend for the afternoon.”


“But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you.”

“Am I coming too?” he asked.

The dear petal, I actually think he thought I would take him. “No, I’ve arranged for that nice Assistant Manager to come over so you can suck his cock again. You seemed to enjoying doing it for him the other day.”

“Is that all?”

I could see fear in his eyes. “Don’t worry, he would hurt you…so long as you do as you are told.”

“I will. I promise.”

“He will probably expect you to tongue his ass-hole.”

“That’s alright, I don’t mind.”

He is such a wimp, god bless him.

“Alright then.” I said as I headed for the door. “Have fun.”

Emma was as beautiful as I hoped she would be. She had gone to some trouble to impress me too and it worked. The gossamer negligee floated around her in an apricot cloud the revealed more than it hid.

“I am so glad you came.”

I slowly ran my eyes over her body. “So am I.”

“Can I offer you a drink?”

“Champagne would be nice.”

Without turning from me, she called softly, “Travis, champagne for our new friend.”

“Call me Darlene.”

“You may call me Emma.”

“No, I think I’ll call you, My Slut.”

I brushed her aside and walked over to where Travis was pouring my drink. I took the glass out of his hand and took a sip. Without looking back at Emma, I pointed to the floor at my feet and said, “Kneel here, My Slut.”

I heard the sound of bare feet moving quickly over the floor and Emma knelt by my side. “Do you know how to service feet properly?”

“I am ready to learn.”

“Then begin.”

A shiver of pleasure rippled through my body as I felt her warm, wet tongue glide over my right foot. “Stay.”

I walked over to the sofa and sat down. “Now, crawl over to me and start again.”

The silly bitch actually moaned with pleasure at being ordered to submit to my will.

“So.” I said to Travis, as his girlfriend crawled across the floor to service my feet, “Has your boy-slut arrived yet?”

“No, not yet.”

I patted the sofa next to me. “Come; sit next to me while we wait.”

We chatted pleasantly while Emma kissed and tongued my feet and sucked on my toes.

I was starting to get annoyed with Conrad when there was a soft knock at the door. “I think that I for you.” I said to Travis.

He looked nervous as he stood. “Hey.” I told him. “Don’t worry, Conrad knows what he is here for, just tell him what you want and he will do it.”

Travis looked down to where Emma was sucking on my big toe like it was cock. “I don’t think I can do it was well as you.”

I gave him a reassuring smile. “You’ll be fine.”

Conrad was wearing a pair of light cotton shorts and polo shirt. Travis sat next to me on the sofa and had his new boy-slut stand in the middle of the room and strip for us. This time I didn’t laugh or make any disparaging remarks so Conrad’s cock did him proud. He stood in the middle of the room with his cock at full attention as Travis and I apprised him.

“What do you think?” asked Travis.

I could see that he was eager to get started but was doing his best to be stern like me.

“He’s pretty and he has a nice cock.” I said. “I think he makes the perfect boy-slut for you.”

Travis stood and moved near to Conrad. “Undress me.”

I was in my version of heaven. A beautiful and willing young woman was doing her best to earn the right to eat my pussy while I watched a naked boy undress Travis, a heavily muscled man-god. Conrad knew he was lucky to have Travis too and he licked and kissed his way over Travis’s body as he undressed him. Conrad dropped to his knees as he pulled Travis’s trousers down and helped him to step out of them. With Travis now naked, Conrad lent forward and began to gently tongue the massive thighs of his man-god.

I wouldn’t have allowed my pet to move so quickly but Travis wasn’t me and soon Conrad was sliding his wet tongue over Travis’s shaved scrotum. I watched as the boy drew one of the heavy testicles into his mouth and sucked on it. Travis was moaning now so Conrad spat out the testicle and switched to the other, the whole time, caressing Travis’s thighs.

When Conrad tried to run his tongue up higher, so his could lick the long, thick shaft of Travis’s impressive cock, Travis finally showed some backbone and knocked the boy-slut to the floor. “Did I say you could pleasure yourself with my cock?”

“No sir, I’m very sorry sir.”

“That’s better. You just remember your place here. You are my pet for the afternoon and don’t you forget it.”

“No sir, I promise sir.”

Travis came back to the sofa and sat next to me. “Now get on your knees and crawl to me and tongue my balls until I tell you to stop.”

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