Always Will Be…

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It had been one of those things in life that had never gone away. Always there in the back of the mind and no matter how long it went without being brought up and thought of, it never faded and died. This was what happened with a first love, it’s like a flame that never dies and just needs a little kindling from time to time.

This was how it was for me. Rachel had been my first ever love and she never truly left me, despite the years and all the other women she remained that constant thing in the back of my head, the constant wonder of what could have been, how things could have been so different.

And then out of the blue again she turned up in my life. I walked into work one morning to be told by the boss that there was a new head of finance and she needed to meet all the department heads so there was a general meeting at 11. I didn’t give it a second thought in all honesty, getting in the coffees as usual for the girls on my team and putting up with their moaning about not having any cake and then at just before 11 I took my seat, along with the others in the board room and awaited a grand entrance of the new finance head.

And what an entrance it was. Rachel strolled into the room just a couple of paces behind the boss and I nearly fell of my chair! Talk about the last thing that I would ever have expected!!! I knew from her facebook that she’d got a new job, we’d been friends on there for years but there weren’t any details and now she was here, in my building, my office, my life good and proper!

A sweat broke out on my brow and I could feel myself trying to catch my breath as she walked around the top of the table and took a seat. Smiling at everyone and looking amazing in a sharp business skirt suit, her red hair as long and gorgeously curly as I always remembered it tied to one side and hanging on her shoulder. I could see her chest, magnificent as I knew it was heaving slightly beneath her jacket, saw her eyes moving around the room and knew she was nervous, waiting for her eyes to meet mine….

Her smile broadened when they did. I immediately knew that she had known I would be here all along and that seeing me in this room right now wasn’t a surprise to her. Cheeky bitch, I thought, she could’ve warned me this was going to happen! She flashed me one of her smiles, the one that she knew would melt straight through me and then the meeting started. I sat there for the best part of an hour, not able to take my eyes from her, drinking in every inch of her from her beautiful hair, down the smooth skin of her neck below the lobes of her ears, I knew just how she liked them treated and down past her bright red lips to the soft skin of her cleavage. Sitting where I was I had a shit view of her, Mike from accounts kept bobbing his fucking head in the way but I could see under her suit that she had on a vest top which covered her chest, allowing the merest peek of a shadowy V where her breasts were. And what breasts they were too, full and firm and with beautiful nipples that I could remember as if it were yesterday firm between my fingers, even though it was years ago that we had last seen one another and longer still that I had had the pleasure.

Oh yes, she was a pleasure. Relaxed and confident in her body, she knew she was a sex goddess and revelled in being adored and treated like a princess. I recalled the hours we had spent having sex in all sorts of different places and positions, the way she liked to be tickled and teased into submission before being taken, sometimes ferociously and always looking to make a fuck last for as long as was possible, for everyone’s pleasure.

She knew how to handle a man alright, her lips just right for parting with a hard cock and her teeth and tongue designed for maximum pleasuring of her man. She always did love to suck cock, knew the power that it gave her over a man, would look into my eyes with her lips wrapped around my cock, slowly and quietly humming to increase the pleasure, oh yes she knew how to suck a cock!

She had magnificent breasts that loved attention and being stroked and touched and grabbed and pinched during sex. I remembered them being thrust in my face as she rode me, nipples brushing past my lips and teeth as I tried to snatch out at them before she would bury my face in them, and that she would take my cock between them, kneeling before me and stroking my length with her tits, poking her tongue out to lick the head of my cock and loving the groans that I would make as I fucked her titties.

And down, down past her soft beautiful waist and down, between her legs to her pussy. I found myself wondering if she still kept it shaven as she had done so all those years ago. Smooth and soft and it would get so wet, be so responsive to a warm tongue licking and tickling at it, up and down its slit and on her sensitive clitoris.

My mind was racing, backwards and forwards for the entirety of the bloody meeting and I could feel myself getting hard in my trousers where I sat. Damn her, she could always have this effect on me, kurtköy escort bayan even sat in a crowded meeting room with people left and right of me and she still made me hard, just with a look, a smile, and a lick of her bright red luscious lips…

Then the meeting was over, we all filed out and were shaking hands, making small talk and introductions and then it was my turn. I stuck out a hand, Hello Rach and she replied Hello Matt.

You never said you were coming to work here I told her, you could’ve given me some warning and she told me that she’d not known I worked here until she saw my name on a list of employees and checked me out. So you knew I’d be sat here when you walked in then I asked, Yep, she replied, and I got exactly the reaction I was hoping for she smiled. I saw her glance down to my trousers, knew what reaction she had wanted from me and knew that I had given it to her, knew she knew that she still had that effect on me… hoped that it would lead somewhere maybe….

It didn’t take long for her to call me up to her office, only the next day at about 4 o’clock one of my girls took the call and told me I was in trouble for cooking the books and she wanted to see me in her office. They giggled as I left, clutching at some files about the Morrison account and stumbling over to the lift to get up to the third. You lot might as well get off early I told them, Tuesdays is a good day for an early finish as the boss always plays golf and so the office is normally abandoned by half past four at the latest.

She had a nice office, corner one on the third floor with the rest of the upper management. Desk in the corner with the glass overlooking the busy London street below. Typical pot plant in one corner and a whole rack of files and folders in another, papers strewn across the desk with her computer and across the couch in there with its little low coffee table, a half drunk mug of tea on each of the desk and the table showing that she was pretty busy, though she always did make time for a cuppa!

She bustled into the office carrying some more files, Hiya was her cheery greeting whilst I stood there just clutching my papers. She looked amazing in a simple black knee length skirt, heels and a white blouse, was that a polka dot bra? Cheeky girl, she always liked to get the boys looking and she would have known that eyes would have been straining to get a look at that bra, to wonder about what was in it… Oh don’t bother with those she told me, just chuck them on the floor they were just an excuse to get you up here, make those pretty girls in your office think that we had a proper meeting, rather than being just a pair of lovers getting together again after all this time.

Lovers? It’s been a while for that I thought to myself. Indeed the last time we’d seen each other had been years ago, and apart from the odd facebook message and exchanged text it’d been pretty quiet between us. But her we were, together in her office and she walked over to me and kissed me. No messing about, full on kissed me on the lips and I felt her hands scratching up my thighs on their way past my waist, up my arms and then onto my face where she held me.

I was in a little bit of shock, a great feeling of shock but shock none the less and it took a few milliseconds for me to realise that her tongue was pushing its way into my mouth, against my lips and then through them, and I just reacted instinctively. My lips parted and my tongue returned the compliment, pushing back against hers as they rubbed together, our open mouths against one another and our lips locked together as our tongues played between themselves. My hands went around her, reaching for her waist and then up, across her back and onto her face too, kissing each other urgently and desperately, like it was the last kiss we’d ever have but both of us knowing that it wouldn’t be….

I bit at her lip, taking it between my teeth and tugging on in, lightly but firmly, I knew she’s always loved that and she responded just how I knew she would, knees weakening slightly and bending as she stood within millimetres of me. A moments later I felt her hands drop to my back and down to my arse, grabbing and pawing at me through the fabric of my trousers, pulling my groin into her, pulling the thickness of my cock, so hard right now in my trousers into her body and we could both feel it between us.

I released her lip from my teeth as her hand came around the front of my trousers and grabbed at my cock, feeling it hard in my trousers and rubbing it through the fabric with the flat of her hand. My hands went down the back of her blouse, down onto her arse and I pulled at her, pulled her close to me trapping her hand between us tightly and I hitched at her skirt, pulling it up her legs to the bottom of her arse until my hand touched the skin at the top of her legs, feeling the swell of her arse cheeks and the silk of her French knickers.

I groaned lightly, both at her rubbing my cock maltepe escort bayan and it feeling fit to burst and at the thought of her in those knickers, she pulled away from me slightly, looking up at me and asked me if I liked the feel of her knickers. I smiled at her; she knew she had a great arse and that it looked dynamite in French knickers I told her, and not to be so cheeky as to think I had forgotten!

She smiled at me, and then stepped backwards away from me and to her desk, leaning back against it and motioning me to her with a long finger. Despite the fact that we were probably the last people in the office I stepped back too, flicking the lock on her office door and then walking back towards her as she stood there, eyes locked on mine and waiting for me to come over to her.

It’s been a while lover she said, too long I replied as I reached her. I grabbed hold of her, picking her up by her waist and plonking her down on her desk, she squealed a little in surprise and then I stepped in close to her, thrusting my face onto her and finding her lips with mine and she leant backwards on her desk, arms behind her to support her as we kissed strongly and passionately, knowing that this kiss was the prelude to something much more enjoyable.

My hands went to her face, stroking her cheeks as we kissed and then down her face, down her neck to her breasts, over and then under them held within her blouse, pressing them against her, feeling how firm they were and remembering all the times that I touched them before. She threw her head back and said to me you always did like my tits didn’t you? Hmmm well they’ve missed your strong hands on them

I didn’t need any more invitation, my fingers went straight to the buttons of her blouse and within seconds they were undone and her chest was there, cleavage heaving in front of me and I buried my head in her chest, hands pulling at the straps of her bra to set them free and so my tongue and lips could seek out her nipples. I pushed down her bra to below her tits, seeing them standing there proud and nipples already erect I took one in my mouth and stroked it with my tongue, swirling around it and rubbing it whilst my lips clamped down on her. Her head went back again and she let out a little moan, parting her legs so I could push myself closer to her between her legs

My face and hands were buried in her chest, fingers pinching and rubbing at one nipple, tongue and teeth doing the same on the other and I could feel her shifting on the table beneath me, knew that she was getting excited, and getting as wet as I was hard in my trousers, cock straining against my shorts to be set free. I took my hands from her breasts, releasing them and letting them rest against her chest and I pulled her from the desk and to her feet. Blouse wide open, tits held up by her bra and skirt scrunched up around her waist she stood there before me for a moment, before without saying a word she pulled her blouse from her arms and then stood, wriggling her skirt down to her ankles and over her heels as she flicked it off with one foot to leave herself standing before me in just her half pulled down bra and those delightful silky French knickers.

I drank her all in for a moment looking her up and down and admiring her body, magnificent and soft and smooth and involuntarily my tongue snuck out and I licked my lips at the sight of her there, knowing that she was mine and I was hers all over again.

She looked up at me, then stepped forward into me and leaned towards me ear… You need to be naked by the time I get to my knees she whispered, my hands already going to my shirt to get the buttons undone and I knew that the feeling around my groin was her pulling at my belt with some urgency as she yanked at my trousers. I tore the buttons from my shirt as I felt her fingers on my zip, and I knew that my cock was about to be released from its prison. My shirt fell in a crumpled heap on the floor behind me as my trousers and shorts were pulled to my knees in one swift movement, my cock springing free, so hard and already leaking a little precum from the tip at my excitement of what was happening.

Hmmm, there’s my old friend she said as she dropped to her knees and without breaking our eye contact she took hold of my cock and, gripping it tightly in her hand she ran her tongue around the tip, just under the helmet and around the shaft before her tongue went over the tip, flicking up the precum onto its tip and then back into her mouth. Hmmm she said again, and she then lowered her mouth over my cock and I felt her lips rub over the head and down the shaft as her tongue expertly massaged the underside.

I groaned out loud, Oh my god as her silky wet lips rubbed up and down my length, her tongue never still and always running over and under my shaft whilst my cock was in her hot wet mouth. She always did know how to suck a cock and alternated from slowly rubbing her lips along my shaft to tugging on it with her hand, mecidiyeköy escort bayan laying it flat on her tongue whilst her hand stroked up and down, sometimes looking up and catching my eye as she did so, other times her head moving backwards and forwards on my length, slowly at first, and then quicker and quicker as she took my cock deep in her mouth so the helmet rubbed against the softness of her tongue below and the roughness of her mouth roof at the top.

I could feel my balls tighten as she stroked them, feeling her hands running round them as she throated my cock, tiny little noises coming from deep within her throat as she took me in, tugging and stroking my balls, I knew I couldn’t take much more of this and so I reached down and lifted her to her feet, my mouth going for hers, out tongues meeting in a crazy, passionate kiss as my hard cock pushed into her stomach and I could feel her nipples pressing into my chest, her beautiful breasts squashed against me as I held her tight for that kiss.

I reached behind her and finally released her straining bra, feeling her breasts heave against me and I took hold of her shoulders and spun her around so she was now facing away from me, my hands reaching around to cup her breasts and my lips and tongue seeking out the soft skin of her neck, nuzzling into her just below her ear as my mouth danced across her skin. I took her nipples in between my fingers, playing with them lightly, rubbing them and then slightly harder, pinching them lightly just enough to cause her to gasp but not enough to hurt her. Her nipples felt amazing in my fingers, stiff and erect in contrast to her soft breasts.

I pushed her down, away from me and against her desk so she was now bent over it before me, only the silkiness of her French knickers between me and her pussy which I knew would be oh so wet and delicious. I took my turn to drop to my knees and I slowly slid her knickers down her thighs and then down past her calves and ankles to the floor, her gently swaying her bottom as I did so, to help me, to tease m, before she stepped out of them and I flicked them to one side, no longer needed. Her sweet cheeks before me, I ran my hands over her arse and down the backs of her thighs, breathing slowly and softly over her pussy from behind and she wriggled her legs wider, letting me see her hot, wet shaven pussy for the first time in a long time. It looked so good, I could see it glistening and I couldn’t do anything but lean forward, push my face into the cheeks of her arse and push out my tongue to lick gently down her pussy.

She was already so wet my tongue glided over her, up and down in long strokes and I heard her to moan on the desk oh yes, that’s it lick my pussy and make me even wetter than I am and so I used my tongue on her, up and down her slit and forcing it slightly between the beautiful soft lips of her pussy, her wetness clinging to my tongue and I pushed the cheeks of her arse further apart to get myself a better view, to get in closer, to put my tongue inside her wetness as deeply as I could possibly get. She moaned and groaned as I licked her pussy, bent over the desk in front of me I knew her nipples would be hard against the cold surface of the desk and it spurred me on, licking faster and pushing my tongue in deeper, my nose rubbing against her arsehole as I did so and every now and again pulling back, admiring the view of her wet pussy and her arse, running my tongue over her arse and hearing her give a little moan and remembering how much she loved to have her arse played with, tongued and fucked…

God I need you in me right now she groan, head down low over the desk, arse stuck up in the air, put your cock in me and fuck me please…

Who am I to refuse an offer like that? I stood up behind her, hands running up and down her back, down her sides, caressing the soft sides of her breasts squashed against the desk, making her wait just a moment longer, making her want it just that bit more. My cock was so hard and it bounced off the cheeks of her arse, pushing against them and then I leant back, took hold of myself and rubbed the swollen helmet of my cock up and down her wet pussy lips, once, twice, before finally pushing myself into her, deep into her hot wet pussy until my groin pressed against her arse cheeks.

We both groaned together, both loving the feeling of me being deep inside her and I moved my hands from her back to her waist, taking hold of her there and pulling myself out slowly before pushing back inside. I kept a slow and steady rhythm for a few moments, sliding in and out of her wet pussy, watching my cock emerge from her pussy all shiny and covered in her juices but then I began to build up the pace, pumping my cock in and out of her pussy, pulling it right out so the tip was resting on the lips of her pussy before pushing it back in, over and over again.

Rachel grunted and groaned as I fucked her, holding her waist hard in my hands to grip as I pumped her faster and faster with my cock. This was now something that we both needed, something primal from within us that had always been there and it was always like this when we saw one another for the first time after a long time. That spark was still there, that fondness and desire between us that never went away and the first time we had to get it out, get out the frustration and eagerness that had come from not seeing one another for so long.

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