Always On My Mind Ch. 02

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I checked my watch 6:55, shit I was going to be late, I could have been ready hours ago if I hadn’t wasted so much time thinking and rationalizing. Half the day was spent wondering whether or not I was doing the right thing and the other half was spent thinking about the sex and going into town to buy new underwear! In the end lust and desire took over and I knew I had to go.

It took me 2 hours to get ready, hot bath using all my favourite oils and salts, hair washed in expensive shampoo. When I got out of the bath I waxed my legs and bikini line and then rubbed in again a very expensive body lotion, taking my time, enjoying the smoothness, my skin felt like silk and I imagined Luke’s hands on me touching me the way he used to.

When my legs were done I slipped of my robe and got out the bag containing the new underwear that I had bought that afternoon. I emptied it out on the bed, picking up my new items and admiring them in turn. I chose red that had always been Luke’s favourite colour. A red lace bra with a diamante heart in the centre where the cups joined, and a matching red thong. Yes I had made the right decision, expensive but worth it, if I was going to do this I was going to do it properly!

When the underwear was on I slipped on my favourite red dress, spaghetti straps with a low cut v-neck front and took out my black stilettos from the wardrobe. After taking time to apply my make-up and paint my nails I was finally ready. I was also late, after grabbing my bag and calling a cab I was out the door, making sure I put on my full length leather jacket first, this outfit was only for Luke!

The Cab pulled up at 7:15 and Luke was already there looking gorgeous as he always did, any thoughts of doubt or guilt evaporated as soon as I set eyes on him. I paid the driver and got out of the cab. As I made my way over to him I could feel a stirring in my crotch thinking of the night of passion that awaited me.

“Sorry I’m late the cab was late” I lied.

“That’s ok I thought you’d changed your mind”

I shook my head and let my coat fall open; his expression said it all as he pulled me into him for a long kiss.

“You look amazing, my cars just round there shall we go?”

He wasn’t expecting an answer and I didn’t give him one just followed him to his car and got in. When he was in his seat he placed his hand on my knee and I let him glide it up to my thigh while he leaned over and kissed me again, a deep kiss which sent shockwaves up my spine. After a minute or so he removed his hand and started the car.

Luke couldn’t close his front door quickly enough, within seconds my coat was on the floor and we were kissing like our lives depended on it. We kissed our way down the hall and in to his bedroom, for us the night had only just begun.

“That dress is amazing, you look incredible”

“The dress is nothing you should see what I’m wearing underneath”

“I’m working on that, come here”

He pulled me into him and wrapped his arms aground my waist, I felt his hands gliding up and down my back, I felt his cock growing hard against my stomach and I felt his fingers easing down the zip of my dress. He looked into my eyes and I was hypnotized, oblivious to everything except him and what he was doing to me.

My dress fell to the floor and he stepped back so he could take me all in, kozyatağı escort bayan his eyes widened as he looked at me standing there in my new underwear. I knew I wouldn’t be wearing it for much longer but that didn’t matter, I was here with Luke and I knew there was going to be fireworks in his bedroom tonight.

“Wow, Jen you are so sexy, come here”

I smiled at Luke as I seductively walked up to him and tucked his hair behind his ear just like I always used to, a familiar gesture just to let him know I hadn’t forgotten a single second of the eight months we spent together. I gazed into those hazel eyes and the whole world stopped right there.

His lips closed in on mine and we were kissing, a firm and hungry kiss that was growing more passionate by the second, we couldn’t keep our hands off one another, exploring each others bodies as if for the first time. His back was still as firm and strong as ever as I swept my fingers up and down his spine, feeling every muscle and almost shaking with desire as his strong arms held me steady and pressed me tightly against his chest.

I couldn’t take it any longer and ripped his shirt off over his head, his chest and body still as magnificent as I remembered. Already I could feel myself getting wet; I was so turned on and craved the incredible sex I knew I could expect.

I planted wet kisses down his neck and along his collar bone, working my way down to his chest. I kissed his chest all the way down and then licked my way back up, I heard Luke moan softly and knew that he too had missed out time together.

I licked my way back up to his mouth and kissed him hard; I kissed him with a thirst that only he could quench. He responded to me instantly and I felt his tongue dart into my mouth seeking out my tongue which found his and they wound there selves around each other.

I felt his hands rubbing and stroking my back and then I felt my new bra fall to floor, Our tongues still entwined in each others mouths, his hand sneaks round and he grabs my left breast hard causing a slight pain to shoot down my spine, he remembers that I like it rough.

He keeps his firm grip on my breast and rubs my nipple with his thumb making it harder than it already was. My thong is getting wetter as he prises his mouth from mine and places it over my breast, sucking my nipple into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it, my breast never leaving his hot wet mouth.

He moves to my right breast and gives it equal attention, in no hurry for this to be over. My nipples are almost aching with the pleasure he is giving me. He sinks to his knees and his hands graze my hips, his fingers tucking into my thong as he eases it down my smooth legs and I lift my feet to let him remove it completely.

I can feel is warm breathe on my wet pussy and the sensations are intoxicating. His tongue licks my inner thighs and my legs begin to tremble as I anticipate his next move. He trails hot kisses up and down my thighs, burning my skin, knowing what I want but making me wait for it, making me want it even more.

Finally I feel his tongue on my wet lips and a low moan escapes from my mouth, I know what to expect and I can hardly wait. He slides his tongue around the outline of my lips and sucks them into his mouth in turn. I feel küçükçekmece escort bayan him getting closer to my opening and I long for his tongue to enter me.

It does and I moan again, he knows exactly how my body works and uses it to his advantage. Still ignoring my clit which he knows is aching for attention. His tongue slips inside me and he fucks me with it, stroking my inner walls and driving me insane with pleasure. I cannot take much more and he knows this but still he does not stop, he probes inside my pussy harder and I climax, my juices filling his mouth.

My pussy becomes his chalice and he drinks from me, quenching his own thirst and intensifying my already amazing orgasm. But he is not finished, he moves to my clit and wraps his mouth around it, almost sending me over the edge again, but he knows how I am feeling and gently gives it the attention it craves. Sucking and nibbling and making me moan beyond belief.

As his tongues keeps up its work on my clit I feel his fingers at my entrance and groan loudly as he plunges two deep inside me, I nearly loose my balance as the feeling goes straight to my head, I am drunk on passion. His fingers work my hole and I know I can’t take much more. My stomach flutters and my pussy tightens and once again I cum for Luke.

Satisfied with his work he stands before me, I can see his hard cock bulging in his jeans, with shaky hands I reach out and undo them, I push them to the ground and to my delight as always Luke is wearing no underwear. His hard cock stands proud in front of me and I can’t hide my satisfaction, I smile wickedly before sinking to my knees.

His cock is amazing and by far the best I’ve ever had or tasted, I know what awaits me as I lean in and lick him from his balls to the tip of his cock and back down again. Teasing him, tasting him and torturing him as he did me. I go back to his balls and suck them into my mouth, rolling my tongue around them and nibbling at his sack.

I’m as impatient as he is and I take his full length into my mouth, sucking him into my throat and running my tongue up and down his shaft. I hear him groan and take pleasure in the fact that I know just what to do to him. I deep throat him for awhile and he grabs the back of my head, keeping his dick firmly in my mouth as he moans and groans at the sensations I know just how to give him.

I slide back down to his balls and I feel them tighten in my mouth, I know he wants to cum in my mouth, but I am not ready for that yet, I make him wait, I know he likes this game and I slowly continue up and down his cock, teasing him and frustrating him, liking the feeling of control I have over him.

I go back to sucking him deep into my throat, his cock gets even harder and I know he is ready, I secretly smile as my mouth fills with his cum, swallowing everything he has, never stopping my sucking action, I suck till he has finished and he is still hard, Luke always did have remarkable staying power!

He lifts me up and I wrap my long legs around his waist, kissing me again he walks me towards the bed, I can’t get enough of him and kiss him back, knowing that soon I will be back in his arms. He lowers me on the bed my legs still around him and I lay back, letting him crawl up to me and I feel his cock resting küçükyalı escort bayan against my leg.

“Please fuck me” I beg as my pussy burns with lust for him.

“I will” He pants

And then I feel his cock at my opening, he’s teasing me again; he always liked it when I begged. I played his game.

“Please, please fuck me” I breathlessly pleaded with him.

His cock plunged into me and I screamed a cry of relief, he was inside me. He was on top of me and once again my hands explored his back, reaching down and grabbing his arse, making sure he had every inch inside of me. He drew out slowly and then slipped back in, taunting me, but I know him too well, I know he wants to fuck me hard, the way I want him to and I hold him deep inside, not letting him go anywhere.

He groans and I know I have him where I want him, I keep him pressed against me and wiggle my pelvis, I know what he likes and I take advantage of it, making him beg this time and loving it.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard” he panted at me

And with that he began thrusting himself inside me, long deep thrusts which drove me wild. We are rolling around on the bed, hands all over one another, panting and moaning, I roll on top of him and gasp loudly as I bring myself down on his cock. I work his cock up and down, riding it and moaning uncontrollably as he penetrates me further, harder, reaching my inner core.

Again I feel that overwhelming feeling of pleasure stirring in my stomach, making its way down, taking over my body and then I climax hard, my screams filling the room and my cum flooding his cock and he still continues to fuck me, never stopping his upwards thrusts, prolonging my pleasure and fucking me through multiple orgasms.

Still Luke had not yet finished with me, with his strong arms he lifted me of his cock and positioned himself behind me; I gripped the metal headboard tight with both hands and waited for Luke to fill me with his cock once again.

I pleaded with him to resume fucking me, I wanted, needed it so bad. I felt the head of his cock at my entrance and an animalistic cry escaped from my throat as he plunged himself in my waiting cunt once more. He was pounding me from behind and I couldn’t contain my excitement, I was screaming and moaning at the top of my voice, but. I didn’t care; as long as he was fucking me I didn’t care.

The harder he pumped in and out of me the louder I screamed, I knew I was going to cum soon and give way to yet another orgasm. He pumped faster and I knew he was close too, he was grunting and his breathing was all over the place.

My knuckles were turning white as I tightened my grip on the headboard; Luke was fucking the hell out of me, his hands on my hips slamming me back onto his cock, faster and harder he pumped himself into me wildly out of control

As he reached his climax he drove his cock as far into me as he could and held himself there, I could feel him depositing his huge load in my already soaked pussy and we cried out in unison as he continued to unload his hot cum inside me, the feeling tipped me over the edge as I experienced my final and most powerful orgasm of the night.

Shattered we both fell on to the bed our arms and legs entwined together, I felt his cock slip from inside me and I could feel our cum running down my thighs. We lay there in silence for a few seconds basking in our desire for one another and getting our breath back. It was Luke who spoke first

“Oh my god that was incredible, I’ve missed you so much”

“Yes it was and I’ve missed you too, more than you know”

“Come back tomorrow”

“I can’t, family thing I can’t get out of it”

“The day after then, say seven O’ Clock?”

“I’ll be here…”

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