Always a First Time for Everything

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“Suck his balls!” They all chanted.

My eyes flared, wondering if something like that would hurt. I craned my neck to look down, watching tiny, dark-haired Carla flash a sneaky smile as she cupped my balls in her hands and rolled them around for a bit before she dropped her head and one after the other drew my nuts between her lips and started sucking — really freaking hard!

Holy shit. I could feel my toes curling, and my heart pounding as the others stood by and snickered, watching my cock grow hard as steel.

I’d never seen six women naked before, let alone one. And that was enough to get me hard, never mind having the living shit sucked out of my balls.

“Hey, Lenny, you ever been sucked off before, you little peeper?” When I lied and nodded that I had, because I couldn’t exactly answer with a pair of panties stuffed in my mouth, they all laughed and Jenny shook her head in disbelief and muttered, “Liar.” Then she tipped her head, studying my dick. “But he’s a good size though, isn’t he? Probably a solid eight inches. Bet he’d be a fun ride, too.”

As Carla did amazing things to my balls, making my dick stand up like a flag pole, already oozing with pre-cum, tall blond Jenny crawled onto the bed and nudged her. “Hey, move down between his legs a bit and give me some room, so I can suck his cock and you keep doing his balls, until he’s ready to blow. Then one of us can suck him dry, or maybe see what it would feel like to fuck him, because we’re going to have to share him to keep it fair.”

With my pulse racing in my ears, I clenched my fists. Those were words I never thought I’d hear in my life, two of them jockeying for position to go to town on my deal, while the other four stood around gloriously naked watching, just itching to have their turn on me.

Oh god, then Jenny wrapped her lips around my dick and started to suck. Holy fucking cannoli, it felt like I’d died and gone to some kind of kinky shit heaven to feel Jenny bobbing her head up and down on me, sucking back my shaft, while Carly ran her tongue over every last inch of my balls.

Thinking back to how this crazy thing started, I guess the six us male counsellors sneaking peeks into the female camp counsellor’s cabin through a crack in their blind wasn’t the brightest idea we’d ever had. And just my luck, stupid Peter Kochenco had to bump his head on the window and mutter, “Oh, fuck!” when we got our first look at them, stripped out of their clothes, preparing to shower. They turned their heads, glared at the window, figured out we were spying on them, and before I knew it they had the door open and they were charging after us. Naturally everyone got away except for me, because I got so scared when I looked back and saw how angry they looked, I tripped over by size 14 clown-size feet. Because that’s just the way my luck runs.

You’d have to see me to believe it. I’m freakishly tall, but shit at basketball, and also skinny as a rake, with really curly mud brown hair. And I’ve still got braces on my teeth, to try and get rid of my pronounced overbite, as well as being blessed with a pretty bad case of acne. So yeah, I’m a real babe magnet. And I’ve got to fight ’em off with a stick. Said me… never.

Seeing as the ladies had been rowing and kayaking all summer with the young campers, they were pretty strong and in really good shape. So the six of them had no trouble picking me up, carrying me back inside, stripping me out of my clothes and tying me to the bed, spread eagle. Oh, and stuffing a pair of pink silk panties into my mouth, I guess in case I decided to scream my head off to try and call for help.

So, now here I was being punished for getting caught. Though I got to say, as the two beauties gave me the first blow job of my life, and I could feel my balls starting to tighten getting ready to explode, no matter why it was happening, it felt pretty incredible to have one of them sucking the shit out of my cock, while the other one lapped and suckled my balls like they were the best things they’d ever had in their mouths.

Deedee, the stockier one of the group, with really short black hair, who I’d heard was bi, was casually passing around little tickets she’d made, telling them, “We each get a number, so we can take turns riding him. Since there’s six of us and he’s got to be only about nineteen or twenty, and can probably get it up almost non-stop, we should all be able to get a turn on him before we have to let him go in the morning.”

I thought my head was about to explode. So far, in the nineteen years I’d been alive, I’d never been lucky enough to get laid even once and now six of them wanted to ride my deal? This was insane, like I’m talking batshit. And I bet the other guys, realizing that I’d been caught, thought they’d be beating the crap out of me right about now, not sucking me off and taking numbers to get in line to fuck me.

So, I decided to just lay back and enjoy it, because what other choice did I have. And at casino oyna least when I was old and wrinkly and could barely get it up anymore, I figured I could look back fondly on the fantastic time I had the night I got kidnapped, tied up and used as a boy toy by a bunch of horny women, intent on milking me dry till the sun came up.

Though summer camps were over, and the kids were back in school, the widowed owner of Camp Tall Pines, John Chilton still had some adult guests and families that enjoyed hiking in the fall and cross country skiing in the winter. So he had us counsellors here to clean up and put away all the summer gear to get the place ready for the next season’s guests.

And since it was Halloween, he’d offered to throw a party to thank us for working so hard for them, and having a safe, incident free summer.

So, I’m guessing he wouldn’t appreciate finding out about this little incident where I was being used as a sex toy by the oversexed ladies that worked for him for years.

I had been looking forward to throwing on a werewolf costume and wearing a creepy mask and maybe getting a chance to scare a few of the girls, but now I wondered if I’d still be on my back getting nearly fucked to death by the time the party rolled around tomorrow night.

With an audible pop Jenny pulled her mouth off my cock, and suggested, “Deedee, why don’t you sit on his face, so he can eat you out, while we finish getting him ready to ride us?”

Gee, nice of her to offer up my mouth, too.

When Deedee lumbered her solid frame onto the bed I could really feel the mattress dip down as she smiled into my eyes, playfully wiggling her eyebrows. And I kind of wished that Jenny had suggested that one of the lighter one’s slide their pussy over my face, because I was a little bit afraid with the size of her ass, that she might suffocate me. She grinned. “You ever eat a pussy before, Lenny?”

I winced, not too sure if I should admit to being an oral virgin, too. Because I wouldn’t want her mad at me, seeing as she looked like she’d know how throw a punch.

I didn’t have a problem with her being bi, I just had a problem with her being big — and mean looking. All I knew was when she got angry and hollered, the kids jumped and did what they were told, and so did a lot of the counsellors. So, when she got her knees on either side of my head, I just stared up at her gaping pussy lips and figured as soon as they pulled the panties out of my mouth, that I’d better start licking. I’d seen enough porn that I had a pretty good idea what it would take to get a woman off with my tongue, and I knew if I had my hands free, she’d probably also really like it if I pushed in a finger or two.

As I stared up into her, rolling my eyes and breathing harder and faster at the feeling of Jenny nearly sucking me all the way down her throat, while Carla did amazing things to my nuts, I could feel my body getting ready to let go, as my balls tightened and a line of cum got ready to shoot out the end of my cock. It just felt so crazy good to be getting blown to completion that I threw back my head and groaned into my make-shift gag as I let go and shot, filling up Jenny’s mouth with what I imagined was a honking big load of cum.

Shocked, Jenny gasped, choking a little as she pulled back and muttered, “Holy shit! He’s coming like a fucking geyser, just look at him.”

They all watched amazed, as rope after rope shot up straight onto Deedee’s back, sliding down over her ass, till I could feel it trickling over my stomach.

Deedee looked back at the slippery mess coating the pair of us and muttered, “Wow, that was quite a load.”

“No shit,” Jenny muttered, wiping at the cum dripping from her mouth down over her chin. “And I thought the skinny little peeper shot most of it down my throat and didn’t have that much left in him.”

“Okay, my turn,” curvy red-headed Marianne said, elbowing Jenny aside and making a grab for my dick. “And if I can get him up again, I got dibs on the first ride.”

It was weird hearing them plan their kinky fun with me, like I was just here for their pleasure. But hell, who was I to complain, when everything felt almost too good to be real.

I knew if I told the guys back at our cabin what they’d done to me once they caught me, that they’d tell me straight up that I was full of shit. But I didn’t care, as long as I had the six of them to play with me and make me come all night long, I’d be happy whether anyone ever believed me or not.

“Twist her nipples, while you’re at it,” Jenny whispered into my ear, about Deedee.

I tugged at my restrains and tried to mumble through my gag, “Then you want to untie my hands?”

They all giggled at my plight. Jenny shook her head, pretending that she cared. “You poor guy, can’t eat, can’t touch, you’re really stuck aren’t you?”

Still straddling my head, Deedee looked down at me and tipped her head. “Well, if we want him to eat us out, we’re going canlı casino to have to remove his gag and maybe untie his hands.”

I looked up at Jenny and furiously nodded my head up and down, hoping she’d agree. Then I flinched and snapped my head back when Deedee got right in my face and gave me the death stare. “But you’re not going to scream for help if I pull your gag out of your mouth are you?”

I shook my head back and forth, and she just kept her eyes narrowed on mine, trying to decide if I could be trusted, I guess.

“And if we untie your hands, you’re not going to do anything stupid like trying to get away are you?” she asked, still staring at me hard.

I shook my head again back and forth again, looking right into her eyes, hoping she’d believe me.

I heaved a sigh of relief when she finally decided to pull the panties out of my mouth that felt as dry as a desert. And I was really glad to get the blood flowing back into my hands, when thankfully, they untied them.

Seeing as Deedee was waiting for me to take care of her, I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed hold of her hips, got my face right up in her business and started licking her pussy. Jenny winked and said, “Just so you know, she likes it a little rough, too.”

I blinked. Okay, so now I had an idea of the kind of kinky shit they got up to in their cabin when no one was around. No wonder they all showered at once. And I could feel my dick twitch feeling myself getting even harder, just imagining them getting each other off.

I gotta say, as I got into it, I was enjoy eating out Deedee more than I thought I would. She tasted okay, kind of salty-sweet, and I decided it was something I’d definitely enjoy doing again.

Of course having Marianne down between my legs gifting me with my second blow job of the night, while Carla was still worshiping the shit out of my balls, might have had something to do with how much I was enjoying sinking my tongue into the heat of Deedee’s tight, wet pussy.

Considering I’d had zero sex before this, never even had an opportunity to cop a feel of a boob, I was thrilled to be enjoying so many women at once, even if the circumstances that brought me here bordered on criminal.

“Oooh, that feels good,” Deedee murmured, stroking my hair and sliding her pussy up and down on my mouth, basically feeding herself to me. “Suck my clit, that’s it right there… oh, yeah!”

As I worked my tongue around and sucked on her little love button, it felt good to hear that I was doing it right and getting her off, because down the road, if I was lucky, I imagined I might be doing this with someone that mattered a lot to me. So at least I was learning what it took to get a woman off, thanks to this bunch of horny deranged women.

My eyes shot open, and my heart pounded when I felt my balls starting to tighten again. “Oh, man, I’m going to come again,” I muttered, thrusting up my hips, pushing my cock deeper into Marianne’s mouth.

Hearing that, Marianne pulled back and let go of me. “Well if you’re going to spew, you’re going to come in my pussy, and not in my mouth.”

Carla finally let go of my balls, and as Marianne slid her ass over my thighs and took hold of my dick, I held my breath, feeling like I was suspended in mid-air waiting to feel the heat of her pussy slide down over my erection, for that magical moment when I’d lose my virginity.

And I could hardly believe it. I was about to get fucked. Not like I wasn’t fucked already, having been kidnapped by this bunch of sex-crazed maniacs, but I was really going to get fucked now.

Every inch of me could feel it as I slid a finger into Deedee’s pussy at the exact same moment Marianne took hold of my cock, held me poised at her opening, let out an elated little whimper and sank her pussy down enveloping me in the heaven of her hot, wet, snug little cunt.

While Marianne threw back her head, with her long, red wavy hair trailing down her back, and began to really ride me, I worked my finger in and out of Deedee harder and faster, going a little deeper with each thrust, fucking her with my finger, just like Marianne was fucking her pussy with my cock.

When Deedee finally cried out, “Holy fuck, I’m coming so damn hard!” I could actually feel her pussy clenching tight around my finger in what felt like a death grip, over and over again as her whole body shivered as I watched her lose it.

While Marianne smiled and declared, “Holy crow, you’re a big one,” still happily pumping up and down on my deal.

With how ruthlessly she was pounding me, I could feel my cock getting ready to spew. “I’m gonna come for real now,” I warned her.

She grinned, looking right into my eyes. “Then go ahead and fill me up, big boy.”

At that was it, the first time I let go and shot my load deep into the depths of a woman’s pussy. I gasped as I felt my cock pulsating inside her. It felt so good to fill her up with my secret sauce, I could hardly kaçak casino see straight, while Marianne just kept pumping up and down on me, moaning with a happy little smile on her face as she ground her clit on me, getting herself off on my cock.

“Whoa,” she muttered, once she’d finally slid off me, breathing hard. “What a wild ride!”

I was struggling to breathe just as hard as she was, realizing this sex business took a lot out of a guy.

Jenny wandered over with a bottle of water, I guess to keep me hydrated since they were planning to keep me milking dry all night. “Drink up,” she said, and started to untie my ankles. “Then I want you on your hands and knees.”

I had no idea why she wanted me down on all fours, but once I’d finished the water, I did as she asked.

I was staring down looking at the bed, when she came up behind me, and asked, “You ever tried anal, Lenny?”

My heart pounding, my eyes shot open as I furiously shook my head. “No, never.”

She cackled, sounding so evil, as the rest of them laughed along. “Well, as they say, There’s always a first time for everything.”

And then she was lubing up my ass, sliding a finger in there, and I was trying to figure out why it felt kind of good, though I’d never considered sticking anything up in there before.

“Now, try and relax your body and this’ll feel really good, I promise, but don’t tense up, or it’ll hurt like a bitch.” Then I could feel something long and hard that kind of stung as it pushed past my tight outer ring and into my asshole. I took some deep breaths and did my best to relax, like she suggested, and soon she was using it to fuck my ass, sliding it in and out of me, making my balls start to tingle like crazy.

And just as I started to get accustomed the feeling of having my ass plowed, I looked up shocked to see that Deedee had a big black rubber cock in my face, telling me, “Now, suck this, and you’ll really get off.”

Guess I really will have tried everything once I tried sucking a cock, even a fake one. As she worked it past my lips, I sucked and rolled it around on my tongue, imagining inside my head what it would actually feel like to suck another guy off. And holy shit, between the action going on with my butt and the cock sliding past my lips, I was surprised to feel myself getting hard again, and surprisingly aroused. Soon, I started grunting as I felt my balls preparing to let go.

Then suddenly the dildo was pulled out of my ass, and the cock taken out of my mouth and Jenny was smiling up at me on the bed beside me, coyly murmuring, “My turn.”

So, I got between her legs, took hold of my cock, lined it up with her pussy and pushed inside her. And she seemed pretty happy when I started to thrust in and out of her, and actually fuck her. And I liked the fact that for once I was in control. At least I felt like I was.

“That’s it, Lenny, fuck me, fuck me hard!” she cried out, thrusting up her hips to get every last inch of me inside her.

She wanted it rough? I’d fuck her hard alright. I pushed her legs up to her chest and I plowed her, giving her everything I had. She was squealing and tossing her head from side to side and I was really getting off on the fact that I wasn’t showing her any mercy, just railing her hot little cunt.

“Holy crap, I’m gonna come so hard,” she cried out as I pistoned in and out of her, like my cock was jet-propelled.

“Then come all over my cock,” I told her as I plundered her pussy deep, fast and wickedly hard.

Finally she threw back her head, eyes closed, shuddering like mad, and then her whole body tensed and she came, squirting all over my cock, and coating my balls in her juice.

“Holy fucking shit, you really know how to fuck a girl, Lenny!” she gasped, smiling up at me and fighting hard to catch her breath, as she started to come down from coming that hard. And I gotta saying, hearing her tell me that I really knew how to fuck a woman, especially being my first time, had me pretty stoked.

Since I hadn’t come yet, and was still hard as a brick, staring right at my twitching cock, standing expectantly by the bed, Carla flashed me a sly smile, as she roughly pinched her nipples between her fingers, and I knew I had to fuck her, too.

What a crazy set up this was turning out to be, expecting them to beat my ass for catching me peeking in their window, I never would have dreamed they’d decide to take it out on me like this.

By the time morning rolled around, I was beat, so beat I could hardly lift my head off the pillow, after making sure I’d left them all floating in a nice heavy load of cum.

I was collapsed on the bed, with my chest still heaving when Jenny wandered over, wiped a hand across my brow, sounding kind of sweet for once. “You did good, Lenny. We all had a really good time with you last night.” Then out of nowhere, her tone changed. Pressing her nose right up against mine, poking her finger in my chest, she snapped, “But if you ever tell anyone what happened in here, we’ll make you wish you never born. You understand?”

I nodded my head up and down. “No worries. I’ll keep it to myself and no one will ever know, I promise.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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