Alucard: Angela’s Birthing and an Accident

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Chapter 3: Angela’s Birthing and an Accident

It had been 9 months and Angela’s pregnancy with the half horse and half woman child was in its final stage. All of my hard work (and some magic) had paid off and birthing would start soon. Over the last many months, I had actively stretched both her ass and pussy. I would use magic and other remedies to keep her soft skin from tearing, and I could tell she enjoyed our sessions very much. Her ass and cunt holes were permanently open several inches in diameter. I did this for two reasons, it made birthing far easier—she was carrying a horse-human half breed inside her—and was also pleasurable for her and me alike.

The day had come! I was in the back of the stock house cleaning a human female’s intestines. I had recently attempted breeding this female, her name was Sinthia, with a gorilla but the gorilla was rather insistent on fucking her poor little ass hole instead of her delicious pussy, which was puzzling to me. I thought maybe it was just geometrically easier to penetrate her ass. Anyways, the gorilla had pumped her full of semen and she was so warn out she had not the strength to push it all out herself. So I simply used a water hose, adjusted to be pleasantly warm, to fill her ass and then let the elasticity of her stomach push it out. She would have maybe a gallon inside her at the most and seemed to not be uncomfortable. Ten fills then flushes would be sufficient in cleaning her out.

I had her in one of my birthing chairs, her legs were up high, allowing easy access to her ass, and all of her limbs were fastened so she wouldn’t accidentally fall off, as she would frequently pass out and regain consciousness, overwhelmed by the recent breeding. I inserted the water hose for the second time and water rushed in, slowly filling her. Sinthia was a beautiful blonde with shapely breasts. She was not muscular, but in excellent physical shape. Her thighs and abs where lovely, and very feminine. She had a small waist and almost perfect curves. I removed the water hose. Water and semen spurted out from her ass, Sinthia would clench and wrestle slightly at the relief of so much pressure. I flicked Sinthia’s tiny clit, she gasped, leaning up to look at me. She had beautiful blue eyes and kissable pink lips, which parted in her surprise at my action. I smiled at Sinthia and rubbed her clit gently as I re-inserted the water hose into her ass. She leaned back and smiled to herself.

I then looked at the clock on the wall beside me. “I am late! Angela’s birthing was supposed to start ten minutes ago!” I said aloud as I horridly ran to Angela. I found her in her pen with her hands on her huge pregnant belly. Her water had broken and spilled out on the floor beneath her. Her loose ass hole being pushed closed by her huge gaping pussy, of which I could easily see inside and could also see that a hoof had pushed its way out. The half-breed was ready to meet the outside world.

I helped Angela onto a cart I had prepared and rolled her to a birthing chair in a private chamber. Angela was breathing harshly and I could see the horse-woman inside her belly moving and pushing. Her breasts still lactated and milk flowed from them even now. I illegal bahis was thirsty, so I quickly drank from them. At first I tasted salt from her sweat but then the sweet, creamyness of her milk. Angela groaned, her nipples must have been more sensitive now than usual. She was also likely irritable as she was in labor. Nonetheless, I then pinched her clit and twisted it. Her body jumped, jiggling her boobs, and she gasped for air. I then kissed her and, unexpectedly given her condition, she kissed me back. She was in position and I gave her a pain killer, though I wondered if it would be enough.

Just at that moment, I realized I had left the water hose inside of Sinthia! I told Angela too push hard and that I would return. I ran to Sinthia hoping I was not too late. As I came closer, I could hear Sinthia’s hellish screams. I burst through the door and before my eyes Sinthia sat in the birthing chair, her body clenching, veins in her neck, arms, stomach, and even her breasts were prominent. She appeared to be as pregnant as Angela. Sinthia’s face was red and tears poured from her bright blue eyes. Water rushed out of her ass from around the hose, but more water was entering than leaving. Pee dripped from her urethra, which, along with her pussy, was pushed open in an unnatural way due to the pressure of the water inside her. I could see Sinthia’s womb even pushing out with small veins visible and throbbing.

Without losing a second I pulled the hose from Sinthia and calmed her with my magic. Water gushed out in huge volumes. There was little more I could do, so I massaged her belly while her body desperately pushed the water through her anus. Sinthia’s belly still bulged unnaturally, pushing her breasts upwards. Her increased blood pressure produced large veins in her breasts that I could easily see. They became more and more visible as they reached her areolas. I had never seen Sinthia’s nipples so erect and hard. I felt one, I pushed on it playfully and it sunk into her ample breast, bouncing back as I released. Sinthia glared at me and was still in great pain. She was pleading for relief. However, using too much magic without proper precautions can be dangerous to humans.

But there was another way. It is commonly understand that sexual pleasure acts as a mild pain killer. I began rubbing Sinthia’s clit, trailing my fingers through her wet pussy lips. Her breathing quickened and I could tell she liked what she was feeling. I continued rubbing and fingering her and placed my other hand behind her head. I brought her close to me and kissed her as she moaned into my mouth. She had just enjoyed her first orgasm and squirted a small amount of liquid onto my pleasuring hand. I kept rubbing her, but being aware that her clit was now very sensitive. I sucked the nipple closest to me and it reddened slightly. Her belly was regaining its original shape and her face was not so red now. I inserted another finger into her tight twat and thrusted and yanked another orgasm from her. She clenched hard, squirt flying into the air along with the last of the water from her ass. I slapped her pussy. Then, again fingered her roughly and quickly, slapping her in between. Each time I did, she squirted and smiled with illegal bahis siteleri excitement and lust. I then let Sinthia rest, she earned it. I hoped she would forgive my negligence in light of her recent pleasures.

I then quickly made my way back to Angela. She was doing fine, the horse-woman’s leg had been pushed out slightly more. Angela, however, had forgotten about pushing out the small half-breed and was instead pleasuring herself. She never ceased to surprise me. Angela had two fingers inside of her urethra and was thrusting wildly, her hand brushing her clit as she did. What a resourceful creature! Angela had my full attention and she motioned to a nearby container. There was a cylindrical PVC container with a rounded top in the corner, measuring perhaps three feet in length and seven inches in diameter. The muscles around her anus opened and closed her ass hole. I knew what she wanted.

I retrieved the container and applied some lubricating oil to it. I then lined it up to Angela ass, she smiled intently. I pushed it in easily at first, but then it became more difficult. The half-breed inside of her was obstructing further penetration. She wanted it deeper desperately and began pushing the child from her. Before the hoofed leg came out further, a human head emerged from her stretched cunt. Then, emerged the rest of a healthy looking human upper body. Angela groaned loudly as she pushed and now needed to relax for a moment.

Angela’s cunt hole was stretched well over a foot in diameter. An incredible sight to be sure. She again looked at me with lustful intent. I pushed again at the huge cylinder, which slid deeper into her greedy bowels. The cylinder could not safely go further, it was already in almost two feet. She squeezed and pushed on both the cylinder and the half-breed. Angela tried again to finger her urethra, but could not do so and push simultaneously. I decided I would help her.

I began removing my clothing. She gazed at my muscular body with lustful eyes and then noticed my huge member. She almost shrieked with excitement. When hard, my cock is about two feet in length and four inches in diameter, much larger than those of humans. Saliva dripped from Angela’s mouth and milk streamed from her engorged breasts. I approached her such that the half-breed was between my legs, I had almost perfect access to Angela’s loose pee hole. Her breathing was heavy, her eyes opening wide in rhythm with her contracting body.

I pushed my hard cock against Angela’s urethra. Her breathing became louder, almost musical. I thumbed her clit as I entered her wet pee hole. It was tight, but welcoming. It tightened further with every contraction. Between pushing she tried to move closer to me, such that I might fuck her more deeply. I plunged my cock deeper with every thrust until the sensitive tip of my cock felt warm liquid. I was in Angela’s bladder. There was much pressure with the child still inside her, but no urine could escape passed my cock. She continued pushing the larger horse half of the child from her womb. Her eyes were bright with both pleasure and pain.

As I thrusted in and out of Angela’s bladder I became overwhelmed with needing to pee myself. Humans canlı bahis siteleri don’t usually talk much these days, but still seem to understand what we say. I asked Angela, “Would you like a surprise?” She nodded with a smile. I then started peeing inside of her already quite full bladder. At first, she felt nothing and continued pushing out the child. Then, as if she had completely forgotten, she looked confused and looked deeply at me unsure of what was happening. I told her I was peeing inside of her and everything was fine. She felt the warmth filling her and her eyes sparkled. She smiled at me as if she wanted to jump into my arms and kiss me. I emptied myself completely and resumed fucking her tight pee hole, pulling and teasing her clit as I did.

Angela was near orgasm and so was I. I used my magic to keep her at the edge of climax while I got closer to cumming as well. She shook her head, going crazy at the shear pleasure of being on the verge of cumming, but needed badly its release. I thrusted harder and deeper, slamming into her bladder wall. Angela was lost in pleasure and knew not what to do. She tossed and squirmed, screeched and moaned, clenching hard to push out the half-breed child.

I was near climax. As I shot my load into her bladder, I coincidentally released Angela from my magic spell and we both shuttered and slammed our bodies together in bursts of pleasure, again and again. While blinded by ecstasy, Angela clenched harder then before and squeezed out the half-breed child, which slid onto a soft tray. I could see a lump in Angela’s lower abdomen. It was her overfilled bladder which I still was fucking. I reached behind me and snipped the child’s umbilical cord, then pulling out the waste from Angela, all while still fucking and shooting my seed in her bladder. Elves have much longer orgasms than their human counter parts. The half-breed made cute and quite noises as it slept while Angela convulsed and shook with agony and pleasure.

I finally finished and as I removed my member from Angela’s pee hole, pee and semen gushed out. Thinking quickly, and playfully, I lifted Angela’s ass by pulling on the huge cylinder still deep in her bowels and used my other hand to redirect the piss and semen into her huge, gaping, ruined cunt. When she realized what I had done, she smiled at me as if to say “you jerk!” and “that is SO. FUCKING. HOT!” all at the same time. A pool of piss, semen, and clear liquid from birthing (there is no bleeding with these unconventional births) filled her hollow cunt hole. I reached for a pint jar nearby and filled it half way with this liquid. I then walked around to her side. She looked at the jar of liquid and smiled at me, I smiled back. I then milked her ample breasts, filling the jar to the brim. I would occasionally pull very hard on her nipples while milking her and she would scream and laugh.

I brought the jar of piss, semen, and breast milk to her mouth. Angela pushed out her tongue, greedily reaching for the liquid. I moved it then closer so she could drink. She gulped the liquid down her throat, frequently holding it in her mouth, tasting it. She closed her eyes, who knows what she was thinking about. The half-breed child would grow and, once it is strong enough, would be given to Mr. Ettington fulfilling my obligation to him.


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