Along Came My Neighbor

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My name is Claude Simmons and this is my story. I’ve been reviewing my past a lot lately and have come to the realization that I’ve had some fun times. Now I want to share another one of my priceless memories with you. I will tell the story using the best of my abilities. So without further delay I will begin.

Three days had passed since my eighteenth birthday. My life was once again becoming the mass of darkness it had always been. There had been a brief light though. That happened on my birthday-June 2nd. My father had paid one hundred dollars for the services of a prostitute named Kitty. She was his birthday present to me. I am an embarrassment to my father, that was his reason for doing what he did. I was an eighteen year old virgin and he was ashamed of me. At first I drove Kitty around the city of Chicago. We shared some laughs and some memories. I began to like her. We drove to a giant plaza and I parked in dark, abandoned parking lot. There Kitty and I looked at the stars together. Well one thing led to another and I ended up losing my virginity to Kitty. I guess I was the weirdest customer she ever had. I miss her, prostitute or not. She was forty year old and the only person who ever listened to what I had to say.

The weather outside was hot and cruel. It must’ve been in the hundreds and it wasn’t even summer yet. I was in the house as usual. I didn’t have much of a life. I spent much of my day reading and watching ESPN. On that day I was reading a James Patterson novel, “Along Came A Spider.” I was in my room sitting on my bed just turning pages and skimming at the words. I never got past page four, my mind was on Kitty and my pathetic life. I constantly had to re-read paragraphs. It took over an hour, but I did finally give up. I put the book on the shelf with the six hundred paperback novels I owned and lied down for a little while. While resting my eyes I dozed off. I woke up an hour later to the demanding sounds of a knock. I wiped the remains of sleep out of my eyes and went to the front door.

I looked through the peephole and saw a woman’s face. It took me a long time to figure out who the woman was. I rubbed my eyes and thought real hard. Than the name came to me. Josie Myers. The next-door neighbor. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. Her husband is an abusive alcoholic who doesn’t ever let her leave the house. Her husband was a lot like my father. I hated both men.

I unlocked the door and opened it up. “How can I help you?” I asked. I offered her a smile.

“I came buy to ask if you had some super glue,” she said.

“Super glue?” I asked. I didn’t know how to respond to such an odd request.

“I broke a plate while I was doing dishes,” Josie said. She sounded frightened. I wondered what the penalty was for a broken plate. “I want to fix it before Marshall gets home.” Marshall Myers, I thought to myself. There’s the perfect name for a serial killer or mass murderer.

“I think I got some in my room,” I lied. I knew had some in my room, I just did not want to get her hopes up. “I’ll go check. Take a seat if you like.”

“Thanks, sweetheart.” Now she was smiling. Her face was quite lovely when she flashed a smile. She was almost model worthy. Her teeth were perfectly white, her cheeks were rosie red, her eyes were green, but sad, she was a gorgeous woman who married the biggest asshole in Chicago. She was wearing a blue blouse and a pair of jogging pants. She wore slippers on her feet. I could see the nice shape of her tits through the blouse. I was lusting over my neighbor, but I couldn’t help it. I never had a woman this beautiful standing in my house. Her neck was elegant and lips so ripe. She looked to be about thirty years old. She had no kids, I wasn’t even sure she had a sex life anymore.

When I entered my room I sat down on my bed. The super glue was on the shelf on top of some books. I needed to take a seat and rest my heart. It was pounding in my chest and my cock was shooting up like a rocket. I remembered the times when erections came every three or four weeks, but since Kitty they’ve been coming three or four times an hour. The previous night I had masturbated for the first time in a year. I jerked off to a picture of Madonna. She was the only material I could find at the time and she worked out just fine. I shot a huge load of cum all over the damn picture. I ripped it out of a National Enquirer. I threw it away when I was done with it. But Josie Myers was no page from a trashy newspaper. She was real person and she was in my living room. I wanted her bad. I didn’t know what to do though. This was a married woman, not a prostitute. Hell, I had trouble fucking my paid for prostitute.

I grabbed the super glue from the shelf and ventured off into the living room. She was sitting on the couch looking nervous. Her hands and legs were shaking. The broken dish had her terribly worried. I saw the bags under her eyes, the cuts and bruises on her hands and neck. Where ever flesh showed there were bruises. I felt bad for this woman. My mother was married to a drunk, and he was abusive, but he wasn’t this bad. My dad had only hit my mom göztepe escort bayan a few times. From the looks of Josie Myers, she was beaten a couple times a day. That broken dish would most likely put her in the hospital.

“I found what you need,” I said. I went over to her and handed her the super glue. The super glue was in a pen shaped container. She held the thing in her hand as if it were a magical wand. In many ways it was.

“Thanks,” she said relieved. “You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“It’s just a plate.”

“Yeah, but you don’t know how Marshall is. He don’t like things he buys to turn up broken.”

She put her head down. She didn’t want to talk about her husband any longer and I didn’t want to press her. I stood there for a long time, together we shared the silence in the house.

“Where’s the family?” she broke the quiet.

“There gone. Mom and dad are working. Sisters are at school. I’d be at school to, but I’m not graduating so I’m not even bothering to go.”

“Not graduating,” she said. “Why not? You seem like you’re a regular smarty pants.”

“I just made some mistakes,” I said and left it at that.

“Join the club,” she said and began to cry.

I was frozen where I stood. I was too afraid to move and support her and afraid that if I did she’d just run away. I found courage at the pit of my stomach and sat down next to her. I stroked her long brown hair with my nervous hands. She must have liked my touch. She buried her face into my chest.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“You know what’s wrong. Everybody knows what’s wrong. I’ve just been to naive to realize it.” Her tears were seeping through my T shirt. “Marshall’s such a rotten asshole. He’s drunk all the time. He never spends anytime with me, unless he’s beating me. I just can’t take it anymore.” She sobbed louder. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ll never have freedom with him around. And I’m afraid. I’m afraid that one day he’ll hurt me real badly or…kill me.”

I was hugging her now, trying my best to support this shattered housewife. I put my hand on her bag and she winced in pain. I had touched one of her many bruises by mistake. “Why don’t you leave him?” I asked.

“If it were only that easy. I was seventeen when I met him. We had a lot of good times. And we loved each other. When I was eighteen I got pregnant, but I had to get an abortion. He told me his parents wouldn’t approve of him getting a girl he wasn’t married to pregnant. I did it because I loved him. We never fought back in those days. We calmly discussed the abortion and I agreed with him. We were married a year later. We tried to make a baby during the honeymoon, but it never happened. For the next two years we tried to have a baby. We tried hard too, but nothing was happening. Finally I went to a doctor to see what was wrong. The doctor told me I wasn’t capable of having children.” Josie groaned miserable. I listened to her every word. “After I told him the news he was supportive. At first anyway. But he started visiting more bars and coming home drunk. I don’t even remember when he start hitting me. All I remember is it happened one night with no warning. He woke me up at three thirty in the morning and start smacking me around and blaming me for him not being a father. Year by year it got worse. He hates me, but he don’t believe in divorce. Instead he beats me. He says he does it because I ruined his life. Sometimes I believe him.”

She was silent for a long time. She laid perfectly still on my chest and took slow breaths. She looked up at me and wiped the tears out of her eyes. “I wet your shirt. I’m so sorry,” she said.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “The important thing is what you’re going to do.”

I put my arm around her and held her clothes. I noticed she was still holding the super glue pen in her hand. I noticed how small and delicate her hands were.

“I can never leave him,” she said. “He’ll kill me for ruining his name. His family don’t know he’s an abusive, drunken asshole, and if they find out they’ll vanish him. They’ll never speak to him. He’ll blame me and kill me for sure.”

“But you can’t stay with him,” I pressed. “Staying with him will kill you. What happens if he comes home to a broken window or a muddy floor. Is he going to take a knife to your gut?” Or beat you till you can’t move? Both ways you’re at the losing end.”

She wiped at her eyes once again. I looked at her face. She reminded me of Demi Moore. Her face and body structure almost matched Demi’s perfectly. I thought Josie was prettier though. Her voice was softer.

I wanted her very badly. Holding her this close was torture to my body. My penis was begging to released from my pants. I tried successfully to hide the erection from my neighbor, but it was a hard job. I looked around the front room to take my mind off of sex. I looked at the many plants my mom had on the window sill. The forty-five inch television, the two VCRs, the radio, the speakers, the many movies, the brand new DVD all displayed nicely in halkalı escort bayan the entertainment area. My dad was a bartender who stole money from his drunk boss. My dad stole 60 percent of the money that came into the bar. We lived comfortably.

The couch Josie and I sat on was pure leather and bought cheap. The bug was brown and clean. My mother was a waitress and a very good housekeeper. Not a great mother though. She let my father get away with a lot of crap, in the process she neglects the needs of her children. I was eighteen, she really neglected all of my needs. As far as she was concerned, I was already packed up and moved out. She couldn’t wait till I was gone. The feelings were mutual.

“It seems all the pretty girls end up with jerks,” I said.

She looked at my with a stunned smile. “Do you think I’m pretty, Claude?” Josie looked like a woman who hadn’t been complemented in many years. Her rosie cheeks were hot red.

“Don’t you believe you are?” I asked. “I guess maybe all the negatives in your life made you forget how attractive you actually are.”

“Stop,” she said and slapped my wrist. I finally liked the way things were moving. I did feel bad for the poor woman, but I was also horny. That being said I still would not have deceived her into having sex with me. “You’re sweet. I’ve been a called ‘bitch’ and ‘ugly’ a lot these passed eight years. You’re the first person to treat me like a human being in a long time.” She kissed me cheek. It was innocent enough, but she blushed more intensely. “Sorry,” she barely managed.

“For what?” I asked.

A smile came on her face. “My lips haven’t touched another man in a long time,” she said miserably. “My husband won’t touch me. Since we can’t have children, he believed that sex would be unnecessary. I just hold back anymore.” She kissed my neck desperately. She sucked on my flesh and felt her hungry tongue on my skin, licking the salty taste. Her hands explored my chest. He felt the powerful erection in my pants. I hid the smile on my face by burying my head in her shoulder. I felt her body too. Her breasts felt so firm. I took off her ugly blouse and felt them through her silk bra. Her nipples were already erect.

She moaned softly into my ears. She tried to take off my shirt, but her hands were shaking too badly. She ripped it at the center, so I took it off myself. Her mouth kissed up and down my chest. My hands were sinking into her jogging pants. I slid passed the panties and planted two fingers into her tight pussy. She was already wet. I wondered if her whole intention was to get me in this position. Was she thinking about this the moment she knocked at the door? Did she want me because she was desperate? Or because she needed me? It didn’t matter. Thinking about it now, using your brain to fire up the memories makes you ask the tough questions. But in the heat of the moment nothing matters.

“Commit adultery with me,” she said. A devilish grin formed on her face. I did not think I’d ever see her like this. She was horny though. She also had some demons to get rid of.

“I’d be honored,” I said. I removed her bra and began sucking her ripe titties. Her breasts were the size of cantaloupes. They barely fit in my hands. Josie was unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out. The full nine inches was out in the open.

“You’ve got a nice one,” she said. We looked at each other eye to eye. We moved toward each other slowly and start kissing. Her hand was stroking my cock. Her hands were silk pressed against my cock. In the midst of all the action, the super glue pen fell to the floor.

While we kissed Josie had pulled my pants and underwear down my ankles. Her hold on my cock got tighter. It grew harder in her milky hands. Her eyes were blazing with a passion I never knew about. “I wonna taste your cock,” she moaned. “Be patient, I haven’t done it in many years.” She offered a laugh. I offered her my silence. Josie slid off the couch and between my legs. “God. I haven’t ever seen one this big.” She kissed my balls. “It’s so hard and big.” She kissed up my shaft. When she got to the head of my penis she stopped. She was softly running her fingers over my balls. She slurped my head into her mouth. Her tongue grinded between my pisshole. I know she could taste the pre-cum. I could her tasting it with her tongue. She let my penis pop of her mouth. I strand of pre-cum hung to her tongue. She wiped it away with her fingers.

“Is this wrong?” she asked.

I wanted to say something clever, but I wanted her to finish what she started. My words wouldn’t come out right because I was so horny. I just said yes.

It was all the convincing she needed. Josie went down my cock like she was made for it. She took my entire nine inches down her throat. When she sucked she slurped. She made a lot of noise. Her tongue explored all my hardness. I watched her head bobbing up and down between my legs and thought heaven couldn’t be to far away. My own darkness was again lifting away. And I couldn’t help wondering if Josie’s life would change ikitelli escort bayan after this. Was the first act of betrayal the first step in getting rid of Marshall Myers forever.

She sucked down to my balls. I felt her nostrils blowing soft air against my pubic hairs. I placed my head on the back of her head. I began pumping into her mouth. Fucking her sweet mouth. She didn’t object. She wanted is badly as I did. I got off the couch and start driving my cock down her throat. She pressed her lips around my hard penis and looked up into my eyes like the horny angel that she was. My balls slapped against her chin. Her forehead was buried in my stomach. I felt her titties on my knees.

“Marshall don’t know what he’s missing,” I pointed out. My cock was buried deep in her mouth, so she could not respond. My cock was planted so far down her throat that she began to gag. I stopped then, lifted my cock to my stomach and asked Josie to suck on my balls. I asked nicely at least. She listened, sucking one nut into her mouth and using her tongue to play with it. She repeated this with my testicles for about a minute.

She sat back on the couch. She was holding her titties in her hands, pushing them to her face. She sucked on her own nipples. Never before had a seen a thing so hot. I never dreamed of this. This slutty housewife, abused for the last time, with a look that reminded me of Demi Moore, sucking on her own nipples. “I want you to fuck between my titties,” she said.

She held them together perfectly. I slid my nine inch cock between those two amazing fun bags. Squeezed together they reminded me of a tight little ass. It took some strength to my cock between her titties, but I managed. I made slow steady thrusts and Josie licked my cock every time it slid toward her. I was finger her pussy during all this. My hands were free. Josie had become very wet.

I titty-fucked Josie for three more minutes. My cock needed some of her tight pussy now. I looked into her eyes. I felt eye contact was my best weapon. I asked her if could fuck her. She seemed reluctant at first. My cock stopped sliding between her titties. Tears formed in her eyes.

“I never thought I’d be doing this with anyone else,” she said. “I always thought my husband would start loving me again. I want you, Claude. And I don’t know if this is the right thing to do. I’m nervous. Nobody’s fucked me in a long time. If you do it, I want you to be careful. Go slow.”

I assured her that I would. Nobody how horny I got, I never forgot how hurt this woman was. I hoped after are fun was over, her life would get back on track. She climbed on top of me. I kissed her breasts and her neck. She wrapped her arms around my neck. She looked at me. Her face was filled with many emotions. Fear and excitement were two of them. I slid three inches of my cock into her pussy.

“It’s too big,” she moaned. “You’ll hurt me.”

“Relax,” I said. Pretending to be some kind of expert. Not wanting to let her know I was an eighteen year old with one sexual experience. My cock slid four inches into her. Five. Six. Seven.

She winced through her lips. She bit into my shoulder.

My cock was eight inches in. I put some effort to get the last inch in. Her pussy almost too tight to break through. I held her firmly by her ass and began pumping my cock into her pussy. She was breathing hard at first. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Her juices were dripping madly.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. “Oh my God. It hurts. It hurts so much and feel so good.” She started jumping and down on my cock. Her brown hair danced in the air. Her mouth was opened wide. She groaned louder. I sucked on her nipples, biting down.

“Did anyone ever tell you, you look like Demi Moore?” I asked.

“Never,” she moaned. Her titties were slapping my face. Her pussy juices were leaking down my cock.

Josie through her head back and grunted through her teeth. She was trying not to make to much noise. She worried about the neighbors. Josie continued to move back. Soon her arms were touch the floor and her head was dangling off the couch. I continued to pump my cock into her, suddenly hypnotized by her bouncing tits.

“Fuck me good,” she screamed. The neighbors were becoming less of a factor. I got off the couch. I spread her legs wide apart. My cock continued to slam into her pussy. Josie was standing up with her arms. Her hair brushed the floor, but her head was still in the air. She looked like a capital T in this position. I rammed my cock into her pussy. Her titties brushed against her face. She took advantage of the situation by grabbing on to her titties and sucking them. I fucked her in like this until my back got nice and sore, then I gently lied her on the floor. Her legs were still spread. I held onto her ankles. My cock never left her pussy. I start fucking her once again.

I could feel the cotton of her slippers brushing against my wrist. I wanted to take the thing off, but something stopped me. There was a large gash, barely visible, and it on her foot. If I took off the shoe I might ruin the mood. I didn’t want know what the thing was anyway. It looked very painful though. I wondered what her husband did to her foot. Seeing the gash made me more determined to show Josie a good time. I rammed my cock into her tight cunt even hard. I pushed her legs to her head and fucked her until she had the best orgasm of her life. She screamed and screamed. She was loud enough to wake the dead.

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