Alone With Her

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My husband was away on business for three months! We had a girlfriend at the time. A girl I met in a chat room of all places. She lived in Seattle, which is only 3 hours north of us. Anyways, my husband and I have an agreement that we’ll never sleep with our girlfriend when the other isn’t there.

She came down for the weekend to keep me company since I was alone. We had planned to go shopping that Saturday and stuff. She arrived Friday night and we lazed about the house watching TV. A spicy movie came on Cinemax and we were watching it. It was pretty dumb plot, but the actors were hot!

Anyways, during the movie we were holding hands. Sort of snuggling close, and she starts to kiss me. I knew where she was headed so I reluctantly reminded her of the rule. I was a bit aroused and could tell she was too! Anyways, she stopped for a few to comply with the rule. Then later she tried again. She laid her soft hand on my thigh and began kissing my neck. Oh my god how that drives me crazy. She knew that of course. But I resisted, acting playful, but stern.

So she says. “Ok, that’s fine.” Then asks if it’s ok if she takes care of herself, because the movie had her going. I laughed and said I didn’t care. That wasn’t against the rules. So she stands up and slips out of her shorts and pulls off her tank top. To describe her. She is 5’5″ , slender, and very tight. She has a hint of a six-pack on her stomach and has some of the loveliest toned legs you’ve ever seen. Her breasts are smallish. Barely canlı bahis a b cup, but very pert.

Anyhow, she drapes one leg over mine, and the other over the side of the couch. She starts sliding her finger over her nicely trimmed pussy. Massaging it gently at first. I tried not to look but really couldn’t help myself. Her leg was burning hot against mine. She kept asking if I wanted to relief myself. That she didn’t mind. But I knew I couldn’t resist her if I did that. She kept on going, flashing me wanton smiles, knowing I was deeply wishing I could join her. Her fingers circled her clit slowly with wetted fingers. Then she started fucking herself with two of them. I was mesmerized.

She was moaning softly, her leg trembling against mine and I could tell she was close. She started to shudder with orgasm and suddenly grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me to her. She kissed me forcefully as she came. I could feel the heat of her body through my clothes. And was so tempted. But still I resisted. I started to push away, trying to laugh it off, but she was insistent, holding me firmly against her as her body began to shake with orgasm. I dropped to my knee’s to slip under her arms that held me, and found myself face to face with her gleaming pussy. Just inches from my face.

Well. I lost control then. I forgot about the rule. I couldn’t stop myself and lowered my head quickly. I buried my tongue deep inside her, just in time to trigger a multiple in her. Her fingers grasped my hair tightly. bahis siteleri Not so gently, and grinding her pussy against my tongue and face. It was too late to stop now. I didn’t want too either. So I let loose. I’m not a rough person, but Teri always liked it rougher than I did. But I can be rough if I know they like it. So long as they aren’t too rough with me.

I wet a finger and slid it around the pudginess of her anus as my tongue attacked her clit. Slipping the finger into her anus, like I know she loves so much. I also moved two more into her pussy. Deeply and with forceful thrusts I fucked her. She gasped her delight and I continued to fuck her with my fingers and tease her clit with my mouth and tongue until she came yet again. She was breathing very heavy and raggedly as she pulled me up to kiss me. Our tongues met and her hands found my tee shirt, pulling it up, over and off. My breasts crushed into hers and I thought we might meld together.

She moved her hands down my sides to my shorts and slipped them over my hips. I stood to make it easier to remove them, which she did without hesitation. Then she stood with me, pressing her body into mine. She is a bit taller than me, and I loved the way she would pull the back of my hair firmly to move my head back as our lips met. I was aching for her touch and she moved me to the floor. Parting my legs and kneeling down between them. She ran her tongue slowly along the inside of my thigh and I was quivering with anticipation. Finally her bahis şirketleri lips closed over my pussy. Kissing it deeply before letting her tongue dart inside me. She eased a finger inside me, knowing I don’t like more than one or two at a time. Slowly she fucked me. More gentle than I did her. As she knew that’s how I like it. She sucked my clit into her wet warm mouth and massaged it with her tongue as she fucked me. I was shivering. Ready to explode and she stopped.

I gasped and looked down at her, like ‘what the fuck’? She laughed and turned around, straddling my face. Lowering that sweet pussy of hers to my mouth. Pinning my arms with her shins. Then I felt her mouth against me again. Flicking her tongue softly. Like one time every five seconds or so. Keeping me on the brink of orgasm. I slipped a finger into her pussy and fucked her with it while my tongue slurped all over her sweet pussy. She tasted so good. I was so close to cumming I could barely stand it. She kept me like this for about fifteen minutes. Then as she was ready to cum again. She let me have it. She bit at my clit and thrust two fingers deep into me. Fucking my aching pussy quickly and deeply. I exploded as she began to shudder herself. Trembling we came together. Tongues and fingers buried deeply. And finally we collapsed.

After a few minutes of catching our breath, we curled up on the couch together, snuggling and kissing softly. Holding hands until we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I was feeling very guilty, and called my husband. I admitted what I had done. He laughed and said he didn’t think I could wait 3 months and knew I would. He said as punishment, we both owed him a blowjob when he got back. I think I got off easy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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