Alone With an Imagination

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I walked in late that night and dropped my purse and keys on the table. It had been a long day in the office and I just wanted to relax in a hot bath before crawling into bed.

I stepped into my room and kicked my shoes towards the wall. I walked into the bathroom, undressing the whole way. I turned on the water and finished undressing. While the tub filled up, I examined my body in the mirror.

I was very slender, but still curvy. Nice full C breasts, tight, waxed pussy, perfect round ass, and not a blemish or a freckle on my whole slightly tanned body. My exes used to tell me I was every man’s, and woman’s, dream girl

Maybe it was conceded, but the sight of my own body turned me on quite a bit. I ran my hand down my side and then back up my inner thigh. I shuddered as my thumb grazed my clit.

I noticed the water still filling up, and decided not to take a bath. Instead, I turned the water off and walked back into my room. I saw myself again in the full length mirrors that were my closet doors. I paused to admire my body, canlı bahis and caressed my ass while doing it. By now, I was quite aroused.

I crawled into bed and instantly summoned up the vision of my fantasy man in my mind. He was perfect. About 6 feet tall, slightly tanned, perfect set of abs, and best of all, a perfect cock that was always hard and ready for me. I called him Jeremy. If only he was real. But still, I could imagine.

I slipped my hand under the covers and started pinching my nipples and twirling them in my fingers. In my fantasy, Jeremy kissed me while his hands slid down my back until they cupped my ass, he squeezed and I giggled a little under his kiss. After kissing for a bit, he let go of me and i ran my hands down his chest and lightly grazed my fingers along his long, thick cock. By now, I was lightly rubbing my clit with my middle and index finger, and I was unbearably wet.

Jeremy nudged my left foot with his and I spread my legs a bit. He dropped to his knees, in my fantasy and out, I let out a little moan. bahis siteleri I now slipped my index finger into my pussy, moaning as I did it.

I imagined Jeremy’s tongue lightly flicking my hard, swollen clit. Each movement made me shudder. I slowly pumped my finger in and out of me and my palm rubbed my clit. The perfect combination. I imagined Jeremy now sticking his tongue deep inside of me, moving it in and out and wiggling it around. After a bit of this, I pushed him down so he was laying on his back and I lowered myself onto his throbbing member.

Just imagining the way it would feel inside of me, I came a little. With that, I inserted two more fingers into my sopping wet cunt. My hips moved up to meet the rhythm of my fingers as they moved in and out of me. I was getting close.

The fantasy was going great as well, I was rocking very slowly on his cock, driving him and myself crazy. Finally, when it was too much for him to bear, he lifted me up and bent me over a desk and slammed himself into me from behind.

I bahis şirketleri was now furiously fingering and rubbing myself. So close to an orgasm now. I loved the thought of being fucked doggie style, especially by a cock that was so glorious. I was moaning loud, nearly screaming in both my fantasy, and for real.

As I pictured him slamming his hard cock into me from behind, he slowed and pulled nearly all the way out, then hard and fast back in, making me yelp in pain and pleasure, “Pull it out.” I moaned, “Pull it out and stick it in my ass.”

He did as I asked, and it hurt. I loved it when it hurt. I knew it was tight for him. All for him. He rammed me, hard and fast until he was groaning too.

My hips were off the bed now and I took my fingers out of my pussy and rubbed my clit hard and fast. Seconds later the orgasm hit me. Cum was spraying everywhere, making a large puddle on my bed and in my fantasy, Jeremy pulled out and jacked himself off for a few seconds until he released his sticky load on my ass and the back of my thighs.

I let the orgasm subside and I laid in bed trying to get my breathing skills back. When I finally was back to normal again, I rolled over without bothering to clean anything up. I’d worry about that in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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