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The flight had been uneventful. You had made sure to go see the doctor before I even came home, knowing our trip was soon to come, wanting to be ready. Your Valium had started wearing off only half an hour before we touched down in Maui. As we pulled to a stop at the gate, I looked at you and smiled, seeing the relaxation in your entire body, glad you had your pills, glad we had shared a few cocktails on the flight, glad to be finally there.

As we sit anxiously waiting to get off the plane, your eyes light up. The doors had been open less than a minute and yet we could both smell the wonderful aroma of the plumeria permeating the plane. You turned to me with a smile across your face and didn’t even have to say a single thing; I just leaned to you and gave you a passionate kiss. Pulling back I look at you and smile. I tell you how sexy you look in those Capri pants and Hawaiian print shirt. Your face reddens slightly as you kiss me again.

Finally it is our turn to get off the plane and you rise, taking my hand and pulling me with you, hurrying as fast as possible to get off the plane and into our getaway. Walking up the jet way I release your hand and put my arm around you, pulling you close. Walking towards the baggage claim area, I let me hand slide down to give you a playful squeeze of your sexy butt. I realize you have worn those sexy little panties I bought you. A smile and look of surprise pass over my face as you turn to me and give me a playful grin.

After getting our luggage and heading to the car rental buildings, we finally get to our silver convertible Mustang, just like you wanted. I walk around and open the drivers door for you, handing you the keys and giving you a quick kiss before you sit. I close the door and rush to get into the passenger side so we can go.

We make our way to our condo, top down, enjoying the breeze through our hair, the scent filling our lungs, the stress left behind us. As we arrive at our home away from home, I come to open your door again. As I reach for your hand you rise into my arms. I pull you into a tight hug, kissing your sweet lips at the same time. Pulling you tighter to me, I slide my hands down to grab hold of your sexy butt, tracing the outline of those sexy panties through your pants.

Breaking our kiss we grab our things heading inside to find our spacious condo, the huge king-size bed and oversized soaking tub grab both of our attentions. Putting out stuff down in the bedroom we come to each other again. I slide your sunglasses off of your face so I can look into your beautiful eyes. We pull each other tight, kissing and hugging, hands roaming slightly we share our passion with each other, glad to have it again after so long of being apart.

I ask you what you want to do first and with a twinkle in your eye you say you want to go to the beach, to catch some sun before the sun sets in about an hour then we can go from there. We leave and grab a drink from the store that is right next door and walk across the street to the public beach. As we reach the sand we both take our slippers off, letting our feet take in the pleasant texture of the sand between our toes, almost welcoming us back.

I grab our slippers in one hand and take your hand in the other as we make our way towards the water, stopping every so often to kiss and hug, smiling the whole time, knowing we are finally back here to enjoy both the island and each other. We near the water and I sense you pulling me closer. Without you even having to say a word I know you want to just get your feet wet, to feel the warmth of the water on your toes. We go about ankle deep and you stop. I move behind you and take you in my arms from behind, taking your hands in mine as we stand gazing out into the beautiful waters.

Wrapping our arms around you, I lightly kiss your ear as I tell you how happy I am we are here, together after such a long time apart. Your body shivers and you giggle at the sensation, pulling your head away.

After a few minutes, we slowly start walking down the beach, right at the edge of the water so the waves sometimes submerge our feet in its warmth. Holding beşiktaş escort hands as we walk I give you some squeezes to your hand: 1 4 3. You look at me and smile, telling me you love me too. After walking for about 15 minutes we decide to turn around, wanting to make our way back before the sunsets completely for the night. After another few minutes of walking and talking I ask you what you want to do after we get back to the condo. You say you want to jump in the shower really quick and go to dinner. I agree, telling you how I feel the need to shower after the stuffy flight and since we have been up for quite awhile by this point.

We stop walking and turn to watch the skies colors changing almost magical colors right before our eyes. Holding each other we take a few pictures of the beautiful sight and of each other before we watch it vanish for the evening. Just standing there kissing and holding each other, we see the light slowly disappearing and the night approach. We turn and walk back towards the street, stopping at the shower area to rinse our feet before sliding our slippers back onto our feet. We walk back across the street to the condo where I pull you to me as you try to put the key in the lock. I kiss you passionately. I teasingly squeeze your sexy butt, making you giggle again.

Making our way inside, you go in and grab your things as I grab a beer from the fridge. I hear you go into the bathroom and get into the shower. I come in asking if you want me to wash your back or if you need help, trying to pull the curtain open as you keep it shut and tell me to wait for later. I regretfully walk back out to the bedroom and get my things together and put them in the bathroom, once again trying to sneak a peek of you. You playful tell me to stop and that you will be out in a minute.

I go back into the living room to finish my beer and sit to catch the local news on TV. Finishing my beer I grab another and sit back on the couch, glad to finally be in a place where I can relax and watch the news while enjoying a beer. I must have been really into it because the next thing I know you are kissing my ear. I almost jump at the sensation, turning to see you running towards the bedroom, naked. I jump up to follow and make it to the door right as you push the lock, giggling the whole time. You tell me through the door there will be plenty of time later to play but to go and get into the shower so we can get moving.

Reluctantly I get in the shower, my cock semi hard from the sights I had just seen. I really love it when you tease me like that….just wishing we could have taken it further. I relax as the water runs all over my body, washing even more stress away. I get out of the shower and go to get dressed, noticing my clothes are missing and only the small bikini underwear you like me to wear are sitting there waiting for me. I slide them on and go to see what you think you are up to.

As I near the bedroom, I see the door slightly open with a soft glow coming from inside. As I open it I am greeted by the sight of you laying on the bed waiting for me. Candles on both nightstands gently light the room without making it to bright. I stop in my tracks as I see you have a sexy new light blue silk and lace sexy outfit on, similar to your purple one but without the stockings. You smile sexily at me asking if this is okay.

I don’t know if my feet even touched the ground the rest of the way over to the bed to meet you. Pulling you into my arms we kiss passionately, pulling each other together tighter than we have in quite awhile. After a few minutes I sit back slightly to look at you more. I have a huge smile on my face as I watch you. You teasingly run your hands up your sides and take your sexy tits in your hands. Squeezing them and the material you look at me licking your lips seductively. I can’t take it anymore and almost dive into your arms, pulling you to me, taking your lips to mine, our tongues meeting with sincere passion.

As we continue to kiss and touch, I slide my hands all over your sexy outfit and body. I pull you tightly to beylikdüzü escort bayan me, sliding my tongue deeper into your sweet mouth. Sliding my hands across your breasts you let out a light moan into my mouth…you pull me tighter towards you. I slide my hands down your body to find the panties that go with your outfit have easy access since they are crotchless! Now a moan comes from my lips!

I stop our kiss and look at you with a HUGE grin on my face as you just smile and reach towards my cock. You find how hard it is and let a mmmmmmmmm escape your lips. Taking me in your hands and stroking me lightly, I reach down to play with your wet pussy, gently going in circles all over your hard clit and wet lips. I take you back into my arms for more kissing as we play with each other.

I know I cannot possibly last much longer at this pace and turn you onto your back, sliding your top down so I can suck on your hard nipples. I take first one and then the other between my lips, sucking it harder and gently nibbling on it, hearing you moan more and more. I keep this up and reach down to play with you some more…causing you to squirm under my touch.

Kissing my way down your body…I kiss right past your waiting pussy, hearing a playful protest from you. I continue down your right leg to your toes, sucking them into my mouth one at a time hearing you moan even more. As I finish them off, I turn you over so you are on your stomach and take your left foot in my hands. Sucking your toes on this foot like I did on your other, I slowly kiss my way back up your leg…bringing you to more squirming. I kiss all the way back up, sucking your earlobe into my mouth, kissing your neck…watching you squirm, hearing you moan more.

As I kiss my way back down your sexy body, I bring you to your knees at the same time, sliding back behind you, between your legs. I keep kissing, down your sexy ass, sliding my tongue through the opening in your panties to your waiting, throbbing, soaking wet pussy.

As my tongue licks along your tasty wet pussy, you let light moans out. My hand sneaks under to play with your hard clit as I slide my tongue into your waiting pussy. Mmmmmmm I have been waiting for this, your tight pussy gripping my tongue as I taste you. I try to slide it in deeper but with my fingers at the other end of the hole in the panties, there is no room, so I slide them off, revealing your waiting pussy to me bare.

I slide my tongue all the way into you, rubbing your hard clit harder now, feeling you getting closer to cumming for me. Slowly I slide my tongue in and out of you…putting more pressure on your clit the whole time, going in big circles as you squirm and moan on my tongue. As your orgasm finally comes, you push back harder into my tongue, pushing it deeper into you. I feel your pussy spasm on it, pulling it into you further. I stop rubbing your clit and grab your sexy ass, pulling you back on my face even more, tasting your cum on my tongue, feeling it all over my face.

As you come down from your orgasmic cloud, you roll onto your back and I am there kissing you. You smile and tell me how good it felt…and how you can taste that sweet lips. I continue to play with you as we kiss, sliding over between your legs. I look into your eyes as you tell me how bad you want me right now, how bad you need to be filled up with my hard cock. As I continue to look in your eyes, my cock slides along your wet pussy lips, causing a moan from both of us.

Gently I slide back and forth on you, teasing you, teasing me. I lean down to kiss you and you try pulling on my ass to get me into you. I keep teasing and you let me know it! Telling me how you want me right now.

When you see that I am not giving in, you quickly turn, catching me off guard. Quickly you have me rolled over and are on top of me, my cock in your hand. You slip it into your waiting pussy, sliding all the way down my hardness. My mouth is wide open, no sound can escape though. I am in awe at the feelings I have right now. Your tight, wet, hot pussy gripping my on my cock bostancı escort bayan as you hold me all the way in you. We look into each others eyes, seeing the pleasure we are both receiving. Playfully you tell me see, I wanted it now!

Suddenly I roll you onto your back, my cock staying in you the whole time. Your mouth drops open in reaction to the quick move, as well as my cock pushing all the way into you. Holding all the way inside of you I take your lips in mine, our tongues meeting again.

Slowly I start moving my hard cock in and out of your tight pussy, feeling every movement inside of you. Kissing you more passionately, almost making it hard to breathe as we take each others breath away with the way we are making each other feel. Our kiss stops so we can breath, moaning with pleasure at the feelings we are creating. Looking into your eyes I see the passion on your face, the desire inside of you.

Slowly speeding up…I feel you tensing beneath me. My cock is hard with desire, feeling your pussy grasping my entire length. I feel my hips moving faster now, almost on their own. They, like I, are driven by desire to feel you cover my cock with your fresh cum.

I feel you grabbing my shoulders…then my back…pulling my deeper into you. Looking in your eyes, I see your feelings in them, the glazed look telling me how much you need this, as bad as I do. Feeling you starting to cum, I give a few more deep thrusts and then bury my cock in you, feeling you cum on my entire length. Looking into your eyes, I reach between us to tease your hard clit as you cum even harder. Feeling the satisfaction of having you cumming on my cock, the pleasures you give me, I look into your eyes. I see you looking into mine, the expressions on your face show just how wonderful you are feeling.

As you gradually stop cumming, I stop playing with your hard clit. I bring my lips to yours as you kiss me passionately, pushing your tongue into my mouth with the intensity of your recent climax. Slowly moving in you, our kiss breaks. I look at the glow you are creating, nearly outshining the candles you had lit earlier.

You tell me how good that felt, how bad you needed my cock in you. I tell you how good it felt to have you first cum on my tongue and then on my cock. As I slowly slide in and out of you, you tell me you want it hard, from behind.

I slide out of your tight grip, knowing the feelings that are about to come yet almost feeling a loss at the sudden release from your tight pussy. You quickly take the remainder of your sexy clothing off and get on your hands and knees.

Seeing you like that is like a magnet for me and my hard, ready cock. I get behind you and slide right into your awaiting, throbbing pussy. My cock feels even harder now than before, not that it is possible, just feeling you even tighter gripping me. Sliding into you faster and faster, feeling the tightness of your pussy gripping me harder than ever.

After a minute we are both breathing heavier than ever, knowing our release is coming soon. I reach and grab for your ass, pulling you back to meet my every thrust. Suddenly I let go with my right hand, slamming into you just as hard I spank your ass as my cock is buried in you. You let out a moan of unexpected shock as I continue to fill you, my balls slapping into you I am moving so hard, so fast. Your tight grip on my cock suddenly grows tighter, as you start to cum all over my cock again. Feeling the sensation of that tight pussy cumming on me is to much this time and I send my full load of cum into you, holding my pulsating cock all the way in you as I fill you, as you cum with me.

As we come apart and catch our breath, you lay on your side and I come up behind you, my softening cock tight against your sexy ass. I put my arms around you, pulling you tightly to me. You turn your head and we kiss passionately once again, telling each other how wonderful that felt for both of us. We turn and look at the clock on the nightstand to find that we had been making love for over an hour.

Cuddling with you, I pull your hair to the side, kissing your ear and neck, whispering in your ear how wonderful you make me feel. Holding each other, I caress your soft skin, loving how you feel in my arms. Within minutes, I hear your breathing slowing even more; I know you have drifted to sleep after out passionate exchange of our Love for each other. Gently I kiss your cheek, holding you all the while. I lean over and whisper in your ear “I Love you baby, Aloha.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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