Allie’s Fantasy

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“Time to sleep,” I said to myself. I turned off all of the lights in my apartment and walked into my bedroom. I stripped out of the robe that I had put on after my shower and laid down. I couldn’t help but bask in the feeling of freshly shaved and washed body against freshly washed sheets. I snuggled up to my fluffy pillow and fell asleep.

“Allie.” I opened my eyes and saw that I was laying in the park on a nice big soft blanket. “Allie.” I turned my head and saw Lucas, the hottest boy in one of my classes, standing there naked as the day he was born. He was a sight for sore eyes. His body was tan and sculpted by gods. He was much endowed. “See something that you like?” He licked his lips and walked over to me. He sat down and pulled me to him. “So fucking beautiful.” He grabbed my face and gave me a passionate kiss. His lips were so smooth that I really wanted to feel them on my pussy. I trailed my hand down his body to his cock. His cock felt so smooth and warm. I heard him suck in the breath. “Your lips taste so delicious. I wonder how your pussy tastes.” He gently pushed back on my back. “Let’s have a taste shall we?” His tongue trailed down from my neck down to my pink pussy. “Look at this pretty pussy.” He trailed kisses from my knees to my pelvic bone. “Who does this pussy belong to?”

“You,” I whispered out in shock because I felt his tongue lick me from my knee to my pelvic bone on the other leg.

“Say it louder. I couldn’t hear you.” He licked all around my pussy mound purposely not going near my slit.

“You,” atalar escort bayan I screamed out louder.

I felt his smirk on my mound. “Good girl.” His tongue found my slit. I moaned out. “Such a good girl.” His mouth found my clit, and he started to tease my clit with his tongue.

I put my hands through his hair to give him the hint that I want him to stop teasing me. “Suck my clit. Fuck baby, suck it.” I cried out.

“Sit on my face.” He laid next to me on the blanket. I immediately got up and put my legs on either side of his face. “Such a wonderful sight.” He then slammed my pussy down on his face.

His tongue immediately went into my tight pink hole. I moaned loudly because his tongue found my g-spot. “Fuck. Right there.” I cried out. “Don’t stop.” He replaced his tongue with three fingers. “Fuck.” I cried out. I started to fuck his fingers swirling my pussy around them.

“Such a good girl. Are you my good little girl?” He gave long licks to my clit.

“I’m your good little girl.” He stopped my swirling and started to rapidly fuck my pussy with his three fingers. “Your pussy is so fucking tight. I can feel it tightening. Cum baby.”

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I could feel it build up in my stomach. “Suck my cunt, baby. Suck my cunt.” His mouth immediately started to suck my clit. His tongue swirled all around it. “Don’t stop. Fuck. Don’t stop.” I threw my hands into his hair and shoved his face closer into my cunt. I screamed ataşehir escort bayan out. “Fuck.” I started to get off of his face, but he wasn’t allowing me too. He quickly attached his mouth back to my cunt again. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” He gently bit on my clit. “Shit.” I cried out. I felt is tongue pay a little more attention to my clit. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” He tongue started to lick up from my ass to my clit. “Keep doing that. I’m close to cumming all over your fucking face again.”

He added four fingers to my tight cunt. “Your pretty little pussy is taking my fingers so perfectly.” He moved them in and out of my pussy at a fast pace. “I want you to cum on my tongue.” He pulled his fingers out and inserted his tongue. His tongue found my g-spot, and I lost control. I came hard. When I was done, he licked up all the drops that he missed. “Good girl.” I got off of his face and put my mouth to his face. I cleaned up all of the cum that he missed on his face. “You’re a dirty girl,” He said shockingly.

“You don’t know the half of it.” I licked down from his neck to his belly button. I dipped my tongue in the belly button and licked his beautiful V. I grabbed his huge cock in my hand again. “Such a big cock. I can’t wait to feel it in my pussy.”

“You’re such dirty girl.” He wrapped his hands in my hair. I took the tip of his cock into my mouth, and I heard him suck in a breath. “Fuck. Dirty girl.” He let go of my hair with his hand and spanked my ass. avcılar escort I moaned around his dick. “You like being spanked. Don’t you?” I took more of his cock in my mouth at a time. “Fuck.” I watched him throw his head back. My hands made their ways to his balls and massaged them. “If you keep doing that I’m going to cum.” I massaged his balls a little more, and I started to suck his cock faster. “Fuck. Fuck.” I teased my tongue around his member. “Don’t stop that.” I went a little faster and took more of his cock in my mouth, and I didn’t stop until I could feel it in the back of my throat. “I’m cumming.” I tried to get all of it, but some leaked out. “Good girl.”

I immediately went on all fours. “Fuck my pussy with your cock.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I felt it cock tease my entrance, and it made me wetter with every second that he teased me. “One day, I will take over this pretty pink puckered hole.” He slowly started to enter his cock into me. I heard him mutter something under his breath.

“Fuck.” I cried out. Once we found a rhythm, I was on cloud nine. “Feels so good.”

“Who does this pussy belong too?” I couldn’t answer him because of how good his big cock felt fucking my pussy. He fucked my pussy harder than what he was. “Take all of my cock.” I took all of his dick in my pussy. “That’s a good girl.” He kissed my lower back.

I somehow moved us, so that I was riding him. “So deep this way,” I whispered huskily out. I started to swirl my pussy around his cock. “I’m going to cum.”

His pinky finger started to play with my anus. “Cum on my cock,” he said while fucking me hard. “You feel so good tightening around it.” I came all over his dick.

“Fuck,” I moaned loudly as I opened my eyes. I moved my covers back to see that I had a big cum stain on my newly washed sheets. “I guess that I should wash these again.” I grudgingly got up to wash my sheets again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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