All We Knew Ch. 10

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All Characters are aged eighteen or over, sex is consensual, this is a slight departure from the main story, I hope you enjoy. Again non UK English lovers please accept that the story is set in the UK and uses the root tongue of English for spelling, if you can’t take arse or Mum, then best you skip this story. Enjoy.


“Pull over, pull over,” screamed Jane Carpenter from the rear seat of the car, She and Julie Chambers were bobbing up and down in the seats but were totally out of sync with the beats from the cars sound system. “Kevin please pull over, we’re desperate, pull over NOW”.

Kevin Chambers pulled over to the side of the road near a short stretch of grass, bordering a small wooded area. The girls leapt out and sprinted for the trees, as the boys laughter echoed from the car. They made the tree line and entered along a track used by dog walkers. After a few seconds they ran into an opening between trees to the left into a small clearing, but which was hidden from the track by the scrub and trees. Moonlight gave just enough light to allow them to pick a clear spot, as they frantically tore at their clothing and squatted down opposite each other.

The hiss and splash of two very full bladders emptying drifted off into the trees around them. Despite their modesty each girl stared at the bare mons of the other and the thick stream of liquid jetting down onto the grass. they smiled at each other and then resumed their fascinated gaze watching intently until the streams fizzled out.

Julie stood and began to adjust her clothing, as she finished Jane was standing too and tucking her blouse back into her tight jeans.

“Wow, I’ve never seen another girl pee before, is that what we look like?” she smiled at Jane.

“I expect so I’ve never seen a girl pee before either. Hey and you know what, despite the pain getting here, that was fun to watch.” said Jane, walking over to Julie and grabbing her arm. “I’ve only ever peed in the toilet before, I didn’t know it could be quite so exhilarating. The feel of the air around you and the pee sort of making a small stream or river in your case.”

“I was so full, I thought it would never stop, and as for you “Miss pees like a hosepipe”, you must’ve had a lake inside you by the way it kept coming out.”

“Have you seen Kevin pee, I like to watch Chris without him knowing. I just find an excuse to pop into the bathroom when he goes, I know he’s going to be peeing because you can hear him lift the seat up.”

“No, well I’ve been in there, but he always has his back to me. But it sounds like he always has a lot because it really makes a noise when it hits the water and it goes on for ages.”

They giggled as they emerged back onto the grass area by the road and saw the car sitting there, engine idling. They gripped each others linked arms and laughed as they enjoyed the relief from the full bladders that they had some minutes earlier.

Later back at home, as Kevin had a pee in the toilet Jane walked in unannounced and went to the medicine cabinet. Because of it’s position in the room, as she opened the door she could see Kevin in the mirror He had his dick in his hand, readying to empty his bladder into the toilet. She glanced in the cabinet, but her eyes strayed back to the mirror and Kevin. Suddenly he gripped his dick and turned his head towards her.

“Look if you want to see me pee, why don’t you come here and stand by the toilet and get a better view, it can’t be that easy where you are!”

Busted she blushed and shut the cabinet. Wandering over to him she looked down at his hand holding his dick hard to prevent the pee escaping.

“Fine,” he sighed and relaxed his grip making the pee shoot out abruptly then steady to a fast stream.The water in the toilet began to splash and bubble, Jane gasped and watched in rapt admiration.

“Wow Kev, that is just awesome, is it always that thick and fast?” she asked moving a little closer and stooping slightly to get nearer the head of his dick where the stream burst out of his slit. The stream slowed and finally reduced to a few drips which Kevin flicked off with a twitch of his hand, before stuffing his dick back into his pants and sliding his zipper shut.

“Not always but it’s been a couple of hours since I last went. I expect you’re the same, the longer you leave it the stronger it gets and the longer it lasts.”

“Yes I don’t like to be too full because it stings a bit as it comes out, but I do like to feel it coming out.”

“Do you need to go now?” Kevin asked and stepped back from the toilet.

“Do you want to watch me do it?” she asked, glancing up then away from him, a blush rising from her chest to her face.

“Yeah that would be interesting, because despite the fact I know every inch of your gorgeous body I’ve never seen you pee, well not up close.”

“How close are you planning to get?”

“How close will you let me get?”

“I’ve always wanted to try standing up, I’ve read how to do it but never tried, do you want me casino siteleri to try now?”

“Wow, that would be amazing, where do you need to stand and where would you like me to be?”

“Well I need to stand in front of the toilet like you, but I’m not sure of the mechanics of aiming so I might need to step back or forward a bit, it’s guesswork this time round.” She bit her lip lightly and tried to imagine where she needed to stand and shuffled round Kevin to take his place at the toilet.

“you could sort of stand to the side but you might not see a lot.”

Kevin moved round then knelt down by the bowl of the toilet, facing Jane. She quickly shed her jeans and knickers and placed her feet slightly wider than her shoulders. Arching her back slightly to thrust her pelvis forward she reached down and gently drew back her outer lips, giving Kevin a very intimate view of her. Suddenly a burst of pee erupted from her peehole, splashing down into the water.

“Oh, that was amazing,” said Kevin, feeling his cock tighten in his pants.

Jane relaxed again and a slight hiss announced the arrival of her pee. The pee came out in a solid stream and almost reached the rear of the pan before falling into the water in the bowl with a splashing tinkling sound. Jane pushed harder and the stream eventually hit the rear of the pan, deadening the sound and sliding down the china into the water. She rotated her hips slightly from side to side and the stream made a lazy snaking dance before dropping into the water. Kevin mouth open watched his sister piss, as his cock stiffened in his jeans.

Jane stared in fascination at the stream of piss coming from between her legs. She swayed slightly to make patterns of waving piss into the bowl. She smiled and turned to Kevin, making the stream hit the top section by Kevin’s face. The pee hitting the flattened edge instead of dripping into the bowl. splashed Kevin’s face. A bit startled by the sudden spray in his face Kevin turned towards Jane. His mouth opened and Jane looking towards him gasped as her pee stream came down onto his mouth. Kevin felt the warm salty stream and moved to open his mouth wider and stretched his face forward to take it straight in.

“Oh Kev, sorry, I didn’t mean that to happen.” Jane tried to turn back towards the centre of the bowl.

Kevin’s arm came out around her bum and held her there as the stream started to drop away. Stretching forward, Kevin made sure his mouth collected as much of her piss as he could reach. As it stopped he pulled her towards him and began to lap at her pussy, cleaning up the drops of pee that dripped from her peehole. Jane gasped in pleasure as his tongue and lips probed and explored her pussy, feeling the rise of an orgasm as his tongue settled on her clit and flicked the bud with its tip.

Using his other hand Kevin tried frantically to undo his trousers and get his prick free from his underpants. Sensing his need somehow Jane managed to twist and bend to help him shed his trousers and pants. Both now naked from the waist down, Kevin picked her up and settled her down onto his stiff organ. They fitted together and he placed a hand on each of the cheeks of her arse, initiating a slow comfortable rise and fall off his dick, supporting her as he lifted and allowed her to fall back onto him.

His mouth closed over hers and Jane tasted the salty tangy odour of her own piss in his mouth. She exploded around his cock, rushed over the edge by the whole episode, seeing in her minds eye her brother pissing and then drinking her pee. Feeling her cum around his dick Kevin grunted into his own quick orgasm, shooting streams of sperm deep into her womb.

“Baby, that was so good, I came so fast, I was so exited, God I love you,” gushed Kevin as he lowered Jane to the ground. Then held her tight as he realised she was unable to stand up on her own.

“Kev, I’ve never, ever come as quickly or as hard as that, you were amazing, I was so worried when I peed in your mouth, I am so sorry.” She dropped her head on his shoulder and he slipped his arm under her body and picked her up again, carrying her towards their shared bedroom.

“Don’t be sorry, it was so cool, your pee tastes amazing, sort of warm and salty and earthy, I was so turned on. Your pussy was inches away and I had to taste more of you.”

They arrived in the bedroom and steadying her with one arm Kevin pulled the duvet down across the bed. Kevin laid her on the bed and helped her take off her blouse and bra, then he pulled the cover over her. He turned and winked at her, clenching his buttocks and waggling his arse, as he left the room.

“Better clean up in the bathroom and grab our clothes before M & D get back,” He walked out and closed the door. Five minutes later he came back to find Jane fast asleep. He undressed and slipped into bed beside her, she purred and wrapped herself round him,

“‘night lover,” she mumbled and drifted into a deep and trouble free sleep.

Next Day

“Nooo! you never did?” squealed Julie canlı casino Chambers, covering her mouth with her hands, “you actually pissed in Kevin’s mouth. You dirty animal, what did he do?”

She clenched her thighs together feeling a familiar tingle, her nipples hardening in excitement. They sat together in Julies bedroom and hugged each other, laughing and giggling. Jane blushing, as she looked her friend in the eye,

“As I tried to move it away he moved forward and keep it spraying into his mouth, then as I stopped he started to lick my pussy. He was amazing, he nearly brought me off right then, but he managed to get his clothes off and we did it standing, well he was standing but I was balanced on him with his hands holding my bum cheeks. I came in seconds it was over as soon as he kissed me and then he came so strongly inside me. I was exhausted, I couldn’t stand up. Kev had to carry me to bed, and he undressed me then went to clear up, I fell asleep and woke up this morning wrapped round him, it was heaven.”

“Oh wow, wish I’d seen that, that must have been awesome!” Julie began to wiggle on the bed. “I’m wet thinking about it, oh I wish I could get Chris to try it, I want to hold his dick when he pees that would be so good.” She sighed and wiggled clenching her thighs together feeling her pussy rubbing against the crotch of her knickers and jeans.

“Well I gotta pee, if you don’t mind,” said Jane, “I’m bursting, it’s all the laughing and giggling.”

“Can I come too, I want to see you do it standing, then I might try it too. I want to surprise Chris one evening when I’ve had a chance to perfect the technique.”

“Course you can, luckily everyone else is out and we have the place to ourselves”.

They scampered to the bathroom and undressed from the waist down. Having seen each other the previous evening they were now not embarrassed by their nudity.

“Go on then where should I be to get a good view?” Julie asked glancing towards the toilet.

“I think I want to try something different, are you game for an experiment?”

“What are you thinking of?” Julie asked apprehensively.

“Well if you do want to try doing it standing up, why don’t we stand in the bath facing each other and then I can show you how I do it and you can try it too!”

“Ok, be careful though, I might not have a good aim, I’m a virgin at this you know!”

“OK come on, stand at that end and move your feet apart and tilt your pelvis up, now put your fingers on your pussy and pull the lips back so the pee holes showing, that’s it. OK relax and let it come out. You can move it side to side by gently swaying and up and down by relaxing or arching your pelvis.”

Jane began to pee, the stream arcing up and dropping down in front of Julie, splashing her toes, she giggled and relaxed too. Julies stream shot forward and hit Jane’s leg above the ankle. Jane giggled and wobbled sending her stream onto Julies leg. Julie screeched and lost grip with her fingers, before she could recover her stream covered her inner thighs then as she pulled her lips apart and pushed arced back towards Jane. Jane had moved forward slightly and Julies stream landed on her thigh, she laughed and pulling her lips further apart tilted her pelvis and sent the last of her piss directly onto Julies mons soaking it. Julie stepped up to Jane and pushed the last of her stream directly at Jane’s exposed clit.

They giggled and held their bodies together so that their pussies pushed against each others thighs, they swayed moving their arms around each other and humped as they lost control and pushed each other to a climax. Gasping and clasping each other their faces met in a lovers kiss, tongues reaching around each other as the began to push their breasts together. Finally as they came down they stepped apart.

“Oh My God,” said Jane, “I’m so sorry I lost control completely that was the most insane thing I have ever done, please, please don’t be ashamed or offended…” her words trailed off as she looked at Julie, who seemed on the verge of tears.

“Oh God Jane, I am so ashamed of myself that was completely unexpected, I don’t know what came over me, please, please say you’re still my friend, please!” She burst into tears and sat on the edge of the bath sobbing uncontrollably.

“Julie, My God, you’re always going to be my best friend, why would I not want that, I love you and Chris so much, I couldn’t turn away from you ever. Look whatever happens we are still best mates, ok, we need each other, come on please stop crying.”

Jane sat next to her friend and put her arm round her shoulder pulling Julie into her, laying her head on her chest. She used her other hand to sooth her friend by stroking her hair and made shhhing noises as she held her tightly. Julie slowly stopped crying until with a few last gulps she pulled herself together. her arm snaked round Jane and she pulled herself against her friend.

“I’m not gay, at least I don’t think so, but that was one of the most exciting things that has kaçak casino ever happened to me sexually without Chris.” She kissed Jane’s breasts through her jumper and blouse, “Thank you.”

“Welcome, anytime, and if it helps, that was the most unbelievable experience I’ve had sexually without Kevin, you are gorgeous my friend, and if I was gay, or undecided that would clinch it for me.” She kissed Julies hair.

“I think I need to clean up a bit, I’m sure I must look a real mess, I’ve smudged just about all my makeup and my eyes feel really puffy.” She sat up and sniffed, turning she smiled at Jane and held her hand, squeezing it and nodding.

“You’ll do girlfriend, but you do need to touch up the face a bit, here why not have a bath, there’s plenty of hot water and I’ve got loads of smellys you can use. Pop out and I’ll rinse the tub to get rid of the last of our mess, then I’ll fill the tub.”

Jane stepped out the bath and helped Julie out. Running some cold water she swiftly sluiced out the bottom of the bath before levering the plughole closed and turning the hot tap on and adjusting it to a warmer temperature, She turned and walked to a cabinet and extracted several bottles. She passed them to Julie who placed them on the side of the bath. She pulled her jumper over her head and unbuttoned her blouse, then removed it and unhooked her bra.

“Look at the risk of straining our relationship how about I join you in there and wash your back?”

“I thought you’d never ask, I’ll do yours too.”

Jane swiftly undressed and they tossed all their clothes in a heap by their jeans and knickers. Turning back they stepped into the water and sat down and decided on the right bath lotion which Jane tipped into the rising water.

Jane pulled Julie towards her and got her to turn around. Lying back, she felt Julie lean back into her, so she wrapped her arms round her and kissed the back of her head. She felt her nipples harden and a familiar tingle start in her pussy. As she lay there she realised some hard little points were digging into her arms.

“Are you horny again,” she asked moving her hands over Julies small firm breasts, “you are sweetness, you’re horny again.”

“And I suppose those two little bullets in my back are gnat bites then?” Julie laughed and wiggled in the bath, “Stoppit you’re making it worse, my nips are really sensitive, ohhh nooo stop it.”

Julie squirmed round in the bath and grabbed Jane’s hands, leaning forward she sucked Jane’s left nipple into her mouth as she tried to stop Jane pushing her away. Jane began to relax into the hold and allowed Julie to run her tongue over her nipple. She mewed with pleasure and freeing her hands pulled Julie closer. Julie obligingly swapped nipples and went to work on Jane’s right teat. then she moved up until both their sets of nipples came together and her mouth found Jane’s. their legs entwined they began to move together again as the soapy water allowed them to glide against each others flesh. Soon they were pushing their pubes hard against each others thighs as they sought the crest of the orgasm each was mounting. Suddenly they hit the top and thrashed together in harmony, slurping and slavering at each other pushing their breasts into each others and shuddered to a monumental climax.

“Oh my God, that was so unbelievable, I can’t stop coming, my clit’s on fire.” Jane mashed her mouth on Julies and they clung together in the soapy warm water.

“MMMMMMMMHHMMMM, stop, please stop, I can’t come any more I can’t, it’s hurting now.” Julie lifted herself away from Jane, but held her hand as she squirmed round and sat back away from Jane.

The two girls stared at each other, holding hands in the water, each exhausted by the experience. they sat back for some minutes before Jane began to lather a cloth with some spa lotion. Quickly she ran the cloth over Julies arm, reached for the other and gently began to wash her. Julie moved closer allowing her friend to clean her body, twisting round to allow her to scrub her back, standing to allow her to wash her bottom and legs. As she finished Jane handed Julie the cloth and Julie returned the favour for her friend, They stood and helped each other out the bath, found towels and bundled up their clothes heading for Jane’s old bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom they dried each other by gently patting each other with the towels. Finally they dressed and Jane went out to empty and clean the bath. Julie sat on the bed and thought through her recent experience. Jane returned and looked at Julie anxiously, biting her lip and blushing.

“Julie, we need to talk, but I don’t know how you feel, because I also need to think through what happened and sort out my head.”

“Jane I can’t begin to tell you what’s going round in my head, but yes I know we need to talk this through. What worries me is if either of us blurts this out to the boys before we have time to really sort our heads out.”

” Look, we could hang out here for a while, or go over to your place, whatever, but at the moment, I don’t want to be alone. Kevin is going over to his friends after work and I don’t know when he’ll be back. I can ask Mum to cook for you too, then Kevin or Dad will take you home later, is that ok?”

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