Alex Takes a Trip

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Alex opened the door and carefully got out of his parents’ car, lifting one of his heavy balls out of the way so that they wouldn’t get stuck. His underwear audibly creaked and groaned as it resumed holding up the weight of his package. The staring began immediately. In his 18 years of experience, there were four main types of reactions to his bulge: incredulity, disgust, fear, and intrigue. Of the four, the first three were easily the most common.

His parents handed him his luggage and hugged him goodbye, nearly doubling over to hug around his massive bulge. He took his luggage and walked into the airport. With two pieces of luggage, he was able to somewhat hide his bulge from the front and from the left. But this wasn’t nearly enough to prevent the gaze of practically everyone there. Since he had his boarding pass on his phone already, he proceeded toward the security line.

When you have a big bulge in your pants, airport security can be annoying. When you have a huge bulge in your pants, airport security can be really annoying. With a bulge as big as Alex’s however, he was just praying that no one would make a big deal out of it. Trying to look as calm and inconspicuous as possible, he made his way through the security line. People stared. A few accidentally bumped into it and either blushed or gave him a dirty look. Mostly the latter. Finally, he made it up to the front of the line. To his luck, the podium that the security agents stood behind hid his bulge pretty well. The agent seemed to pause for a moment when looking at his ID, probably trying to guess why it said that he weighed 270 pounds. But without a word, he handed Alex back his ID and waved him past.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Alex walked past as quickly as possible and put his luggage on the belt for security screening. As soon as the pieces of luggage left him, he couldn’t help but feel… naked. Everyone could see his bulge in its full glory. As he walked up to the metal detector, the security agent’s eyes widened. Without saying a word, he motioned Alex over to the x-ray machine. Alex wasn’t surprised. To be honest, he didn’t know why they pretended like they weren’t going to have to pat him down anyway.

Lo and behold, he was right. As Alex stepped out of the security scanner, one of the security agents walked up to block his path. “Sir, I’m going to need you to take out whatever it is you have in those pants and go through again.”

Alex thought carefully about how to proceed. He hadn’t flown in many years, so his bulge was much, much smaller back then (though still big enough to make even a porn star extremely jealous). He also had his parents last time, who helped shield him from situations like this. “I can’t.” He said, frankly. “It’d be inappropriate.

Especially with the families around. Do you have like a private room in which we could do this?”

The agent nodded and turned. He whispered something into the ear of a man that was probably the guy’s supervisor. “Do you want a guy or a girl, kid.” The supervisor asked him.

Alex thought about it for a moment. He didn’t really want a guy poking around down there, as they tended to be the most outwardly mean about his immense size. But at the same time, he knew having a girl poking around down there would just be asking for trouble. The last thing he needed was to be arrested for sexually assaulting an airport security agent… “Um… a guy, I guess.”

The supervisor nodded toward the other security agent and the guy motioned for Alex to follow him. He swore he saw the supervisor grinning as he walked past, and he was almost positive he heard laughter when they thought he was out of earshot. Alex rolled his eyes. He had long ago learned not to care what other people think. It didn’t always work, but it did most of the time.

The screening room was cold. “Okay, Mandingo. Drop ‘em.” The agent said to him, not seeming too pleased to have to do this. Alex did as he was told and began pulling down his sweatpants and briefs at the same time. He couldn’t help but notice the guy’s eyes widen as he saw the first bit of cock flesh sticking out. It took him a minute to fully undress, struggling to get around the widest part of his balls, but he finally stood with his lower half exposed in front of the agent. His balls looked like medium-sized yoga balls, blocking his legs from view until past his knee caps. His massive cock hung down to about midway between his knees and his ankles, despite having to travel over his balls to get there.

The agent stared at him for a moment before regaining composure. “Nice fake, kid. Though I’m not sure why you’d want one that ridiculous…” He finally said. “So where is the seam? I just need to check the inside for traces of explosives.”

Alex tried not to chuckle canlı bahis at the fact that the guy was asking to check his balls for traces of explosives. “There is no seam. It’s real.” He said, trying his best be blunt while still sounding courteous.

“Uhh… okay… I guess I’ll just have to… check?” The agent said, very unsure as to how to proceed. It would appear he hadn’t been trained on how to deal with people with gigantic genitals. Then again, the biggest cock he could find next to his was only 13.5 inches… and that was hard! So it wasn’t all that surprising that they couldn’t handle it. The agent crouched down in front of one of his massive balls, carefully examining the areas in which they joined with the rest of the body. Alex bit his lip when the guy gave his balls a squeeze, trying not to let it arouse him.

Finally, the agent began poking around his cock. With his fingers at the base, he gave it a few tugs. “Man, this thing is attached really well!” He said, still not seeming to believe that it was real. Alex could feel the warmth from the agent arm radiating into his cock. In contrast to the extreme chill of the room, the guy’s arm felt incredibly warm. This… caused some new issues.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s getting bigger!” The agent exclaimed. “I don’t know what you thought, kid, but I don’t play that way.” He said, watching the massive tube of flesh before him lengthen.

“Don’t worry, it’s not getting hard. You just… warmed it up.” Alex explained. “You know, like when you step out of the pool…”

The security agent looked dumbstruck. He’d probably never seen a cock un-shrink several inches like that before. “…you can go, kid.”

It took Alex a minute to stuff his cock and balls back into his briefs and pants. As he stepped out of the screening room, he found his luggage had been left right outside the door. Situating his luggage around his bulge again, he was off. He studied his boarding pass carefully and followed the signs directing him toward his gate. On the way, however, he felt the urge to pee.

Luckily, there was a bathroom nearby and he rushed in. Much to his dismay, all of the stalls had been taken! With a cock like his, Alex always used a stall even when he just had to pee. He thought about trying to go find another bathroom, but he didn’t know how much longer he could hold it. Noticing that no one seemed to be around except for the stalls, he decided to try using the urinal.

It had been quite a while since he had last used one, so he wasn’t prepared for the fact that his bulge didn’t fit in between the dividers. Standing with his bulge pressed against the front of the divider, he unzipped his pants a bit and pulled out a little over two feet of his soft cock from his pants. Holding it like a firehose, he aimed it at the urinal.

“Holy shit, dude! Don’t fucking flood the place, okay?” A voice to Alex’s right said. It was a very common misconception that his giant cock magically peed more than normal people. It didn’t. It just peed faster.

“Don’t worry about it, I won’t.” Alex rolled his eyes as he peed quickly, shaking off his cock head before beginning to stuff it back into his pants. He walked over to the sinks, washed his hands, and headed out without another word.

Alex arrived at the gate just in time. They had just started the boarding process and invited anyone who needed extra time to board. He rushed up to the gate and handed the gate agent his boarding pass. Making his way down the jetway, it looked like he was going to be the first person on the plane. “Perfect! This way I won’t hold anyone up.” He thought to himself. As he entered the plane, one of the flight attendants greeted him with a wide-eyed stare. “Hi there!” Alex smiled, not waiting for the woman to come to her senses.

Rounding the corner, he realized he had a problem. His balls were much too wide to squeeze their way through the aisle! Alex thought about how to proceed. He knew he didn’t have much time… Thinking quickly, he tried to shift his balls around in his sweatpants, but his tight briefs didn’t allow him to move them at all. Sighing, he had another idea. He reached into his sweatpants and freed his cock and balls from his briefs, allowing him to almost stack his two balls on top of each other within his sweatpants. “Ugh… I’m so glad no one is on here to see this…” He thought to himself.

As soon as he got to his row, he quickly stuffed his luggage above and began squeezing his way into his seat. He made sure the divider between the window and middle seats was up, and then sat down right in between the two seats. By sitting in the middle, his balls just fit in the two seats. “Phew!” He sighed, really glad that he decided to buy two seats. As soon as he got settled, others began boarding the plane.

One bahis siteleri by one, people boarded the plane, walking past his row. Some didn’t seem to notice, some stared. Alex just minded his own business and waited.

“Welcome aboard, everyone.” A cheerful voice said over the plane’s speakers as people were still boarding. “We have a completely full flight today, so we’d appreciate it if you put only one piece of luggage in the overhead bins.”

Alex cursed his luck, having hoped that he could have the entire row for himself. Soon enough, a short, thin man came and sat down in the aisle seat. He looked rather uncomfortable, trying not to touch the side of Alex’s bulge. The flow of people boarding the plane slowed to a trickle, and then stopped. A few minutes later, it seemed like they were ready to go. Alex put his headphones on and got ready for takeoff.

It wasn’t until the guy next to him tapped him on the shoulder that he realized something was up. Standing about a row in front of him and looking directly at him was a girl. Alex took off his headphones. “Umm… excuse me?” The girl seemed incredibly nervous. “I… think you’re in my seat.” She pointed at the middle seat.

“This seat?” Alex asked, pointing at the middle seat. “17E? No, that can’t be. I have both 17E and 17F.” He pulled out his phone and showed her his two boarding passes.

The girl looked incredibly confused. Just as she seemed like she was going to say something, a flight attendant appeared. “Excuse me, miss. Is everything okay?” The flight attendant asked.

The girl showed the flight attendant her boarding pass and Alex’s phone. “I’m flying standby and the woman at the gate gave me this boarding pass. But it’s for a seat that this guy has already. Do you know how that could happen?”

The flight attendant thought for a moment. “Did you scan both boarding passes when you went through the gate?” She asked. Alex shook his head. “That’s it then. They probably thought the middle seat was a no-show.” She explained. “Sorry about that, miss. There aren’t any other seats on the plane. You’ll just have to wait the night to see if you can get on a flight in the morning.”

“Okay, thanks anyway…” The girl said.

Alex felt bad. He didn’t want this girl to have to wait all the way until the morning just to see if she could try to get a flight. An idea popped into his head. He figured she’d most likely say no, but offered anyway. “Umm… I know it probably wouldn’t be comfortable at all, but if you really want this seat I can try scooting over and sharing it with you…”

The girl thought about it for a long time before answering. “I, uh… I’ll give it a shot.” She said. The guy next to him stood up and he scooted over as best he could as the girl took a step forward. This was the first time he’d gotten a real look at her body. A huge pair of breasts seemed to dominate her torso, her shirt looking incredibly tight around them and incredibly loose below. Below that was a set of very wide hips, encased in a pair of black yoga pants. As she turned to her side to scoot into the row, she revealed a very large shelf of a bubble butt. Suddenly, he didn’t think this was such a great idea!

The girl slid into her seat as best she could. Her large breasts pressed into the left side of his bulge, which now filled her lap. Her massive right hip pressed against his leg, seemingly too big to be contained to just one seat. “Oh, wow… this is much heavier than I imagined!” She said to him once she had finally gotten settled.

Alex was in agony. Growing up, he had learned have excellent control over his arousal. It was more out of necessity than anything else. But having this cute girl’s curves pressing right into him and his bulge was not a scenario he was prepared for! “Uh.. yeah. They’re a lot heavier than people think. The entire thing is probably about 130 pounds.” He explained.

“Whoa! And I thought I had it bad. At least mine are just 12 pounds each.” She laughed. “I’m Emma, by the way.” She held out her hand for him.

“I’m Alex. Nice to meet you.” He said as he shook her hand, finally getting his arousal just the slightest bit under control. It was going to be a really long flight…

“Nice to meet you too! I figured we’re going to be stuck like this for a while, we may as well get to know each other!” She said. The guy next to her didn’t seem amused by the thought of them chatting for the entire flight.

“So are you visiting friends? Seeing family?” Alex asked.

Emma shook her head, her breasts wobbling against his bulge. “No, I’m starting my first year of school!”

“Oh really? Me too! I’m going to Westford University.” Alex said.

“What a small world! So am I!” Emma grinned.

“Well, that’s a relief.” Alex smiled. bahis şirketleri “It’ll be nice to have a familiar face amongst the sea of new people.”

They spent the entire flight chatting about absolutely everything. Turned out, they had a ton in common. Near the end of the flight, Alex realized he’d made a huge mistake. He’d had to much water!

“Oh no….” Alex said quietly.

“What’s wrong?” Emma asked.

“I, um… drank too much water…” Alex shifted in his seat a little bit.

“Oh! That’s no problem. We can get up so that you can go.” Emma shrugged.

“No, no. That wouldn’t work.” Alex shook his head. “Even if I could make it through the aisle without everyone staring at me, I’m, um… too big to fit in the bathroom on the plane. I’d have to stand outside of the bathroom and then people would DEFINITELY stare.”

Emma nodded and thought for a moment. “What if I go with you?” She asked. “I could stand in front of you while we walk down the aisle, and then block people’s view while you do your thing. These curves have to be good for something, right?” She giggled.

Alex didn’t think it was a good idea. He knew it wasn’t a good idea. But he was desperate. He felt like he was going to explode! “Okay, let’s do it.”

The guy next to Emma begrudgingly got up. Emma followed, struggling a bit to get herself out of the seats. Finally, Alex scooted toward the aisle, his bulge (and cock in particular) rubbing against the seats in front of him. Biting his lip and trying to keep himself from getting hard, he stood up. He situated his balls like he had done the last time walking down the aisle.

The two of them walked toward the bathroom. More than once his cock accidentally pressed against Emma’s huge ass, which wasn’t helping keep him soft. .The first time it happened, he swore he heard Emma say “Oh god….”

Eventually, they made it to the bathrooms at the back of the plane. But there, they had a new problem: they had to switch places. Alex attempted to make himself as narrow as possible as Emma moved past him, her massive breasts squeezing against his arm as she did so. Why was life torturing him like this?

Once she was on the other side of him and facing the other way, Alex opened the door to the bathroom and began pulling his cock out of his pants. He tossed his cock head into the toilet, feeling it touch the cold metal on the bottom, which caused him to shudder. Soon after, he began to pee. As he peed, he couldn’t help but check Emma out. Her shirt, despite not intending on being terribly revealing, showed at least 8 inches of cleavage. But it was obvious that there was a lot more where that came from.

He closed his eyes, thinking about what it felt like for her cock to press against her giant ass. Feeling a bit of pressure against his cock head, he bit his lip. It wasn’t until a few moments later, when his cock head began to slide upward and out of the toilet seat, that he realize what was happening. Luckily by then, he had already finished peeing.

“Oh god. Oh no. Not right now…” He said quietly.

“What’s going—” Emma asked as she turned around and stared at the lengthening, thickening monster in front of her. “—on?” She stared at it for a few moments. “Holy shit… what are we going to do with that thing?”

“Well, staring at it isn’t going to help…” Alex said, closing his eyes and trying to concentrate. This was a task that he was very familiar with, yet it seemed much more difficult with Emma standing next to him. He began thinking about everything he knew would turn him off. It seemed like two steps forward, one sexy thought back. But after a few minutes, he finally seemed to have things under control.

“Okay, let’s get back to our seats before it comes back.” Alex said as he stuffed his cock back in his pants with a bit of difficulty.

Emma was still staring at him trying to shove himself back into his pants. “Hm? Oh, okay. Let’s go.” She began moving back down the aisle in front of him. The two of them got back to their seats and squeezed their way back in.

Alex spent the rest of the plane ride trying to make himself as small as possible, while Emma couldn’t help but bite her lip thinking about all that she had just witnessed.

“I think I’ll wait until everyone else is gone before I get up.” Alex said as the plane landed.

“That’s a good plan.” Emma nodded. “Want me to stay with you? You know, to help?”

Alex thought about it for a moment. He wasn’t used to new people being so friendly to him, especially girls. “Um, sure! We’re going to the same place, right? May as well stick together.”

Emma nodded and they waited until everyone was off of the plane. The two of them squeezed out of their seats and into the aisle. Halfway there, she stopped short for a second, her ass bumping into his bulge.

“Oops! Sorry about that…” Emma said from in front, but Alex wasn’t so sure that it was an accident.

Alex hoped that he had the willpower to make it to the school in one piece…

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