Aiko and Her Seven Brothers

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My name is Aiko and I am the only daughter of a family with eight children. My father was a strong-willed man who ran a rather successful bakery which required a lot of employees to do the baking, packaging and distributing of the goods, and manning the store. In his mind, the best employee for his business was a relative, and that the best relatives were his own children. With that business plan in mind, he went about making his future employees.

Fortunately, my mother was an obedient and supportive wife who accommodate my father’s desires by having his children, one right after the other. The first was my eldest brother, Ichiro (26), who as my father’s heir and learned from an early age all of the aspects of the family business starting in the bakery by mix and baking the dough, processing the goods, then progressing to the counter for sales experience and distribution. Ichiro swiftly became the family’s brains and possessed the needed business acumen especially in terms of financial management and gauging supply and demand for our family’s baked goods.

A year later, Jiro (25), my second oldest brother, was born. Whereas Ichiro was the brains and upon whose shoulders the future of our family rested, Jiro was its face. He clearly dominated the front end of the business, interacting with customers and vendors as he sold our goods in our storefront and through various outlets. With a cheerful personality and likable persuasiveness, Jiro made sure that a customer never left the store empty-handed and the vendors always promoted our baked goods.

I (24) followed Jiro in the subsequent year and then Taizo (23), the strong-willed one, was born after me. He was the family business’ backbone as the no-nonsense foreman of the production operations. He was forceful and had no qualms bucking heads with his two older brothers. While they argued with Taizo, they were aware that he knew what he was talking about when it came to baking goods that distinguished our family products from the competition. After making his point, Taizo readily acknowledged and Ichiro’s overall management and Jiro’s salesmanship. If things became stymied among three, I was called in to soothe ruffled feathers and lower manly testosterone levels.

Shiro and Shinji (22) were identical twins and thought so much alike that they often acted as one in silent dedication and efficiency. As such, they were the arms and hands that made the perfect bakery workers who took to Taizo’s directions and worked long and hard to produce quality bakery goods needed by Jiro to sell and for Ichiro to work into his grand scheme of profitability.

Rokuro (21) was the sixth son of the family. He was the family jokester and had a restless crazy streak in him. As such, he could not stand the monotonous back-end production factory nor the mind-your-manners front-end of the operations. Rokuro was therefore designated as the legs of the operations, making deliveries and picking up supplies. His job had him on the road with different destinations to make, and this kept him alert, engaged, and out of trouble.

Shichiro (18) was the baby of the family and pampered by all. Because he was deliberate, reserved and studious, our parents decided that Shichiro would become the lawyer that the family lacked. This task was widely supported by his older brothers since none of them had the inclination nor aptitude to endure the necessary years of education. From an early age, Shichiro was encouraged to further his education and was groomed to become the legal expert who would protect the family in contractual and adverse legal actions. He was viewed as a long-term family invest and Shichiro accepted his lot in life.

And so, it was that everyone had a role to play in the family’s business — to include me. From an early age, my mother ingrained in me that the sole purpose in the life of a Japanese woman was to serve her menfolk. In the beginning, I tended to my younger siblings whether that involved feeding them, changing their soiled diapers, or bathing them. As I grew older, my obligations included washing, drying, and ironing their clothes, cooking for them, and providing them a warm and loving home life… something that I would continue to do as time went on but in the most unexpected way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I can vividly recall my twenty-first birthday when my mother took me aside on one of our infrequent private sessions. “Aiko-chan, you are a young woman who is pleasing to the eye. Because of your sweet charm and manners, I have seen many young men…and even older ones…adore you with hopeful hearts. They are like bees swarming around honey, hoping for a sweet taste and for an even sweeter poke with their sharp stingers.

“Before his passing, your father and I gave your future a great deal of thought regarding the role you would perform in this family and our business. The plan that he devised and instructed me to tell you at the right moment, was not made lightly. However, before I tell you what your father’s and my wishes are, I must tell you something…Aiko-chan, casino siteleri I have just learned that I have terminal cancer. Now, now…stop that fretting for my cancer is too far along and there is nothing you can do. I do not have long to live so you must but listen to your parents’ wishes for you and obey.

“I am worn out having birth eight children and by the pain that I suffer, Aiko-chan. Since your father’s passing, I have shouldered the burden of the family’s business until my children were mature enough to assume their familial responsibilities as they are now. As soon as I tell you what I must, I will be free to follow your father as I did in life, always three steps behind him and one to the side.

“Ah, but I digress. Aiko-chan, do you honor this family, your parents, and our dying wishes? Do you wish our family business to prosper? Are you willing to selflessly serve and contribute to the good of all as your brothers are doing? Do you love your brothers above all others?”

“‘Hai’ (Yes), mother, I do.”

“Good, you must remember that in the years to come. Tomorrow I will take you to Doctor Fujiwara in the city and will ask that you be put on birth control pills which you will take daily as directed. Why? Well, as your father prepared your brothers to assume their adult roles in our bakery before he passed away, so I must prepare you for you to assume your most important adult role in our family’s business.

“I must tell you of the two tasks set for you by your father and agreed upon by me. The first is that you shall sacrifice yourself by not being seeking marriage or being open to love outside of the family.”

“But, why mother…” escaped my lips before a sharp slap to my cheek was decisively delivered.

“Hush, you silly girl! Listen! You do not need to understand this obligation that your parents have placed upon you. You do, however, need to accept and fulfil your responsibility to the family. Your primary purpose in life is to keep your brothers happy and working together as one. You cannot do so if you are torn between a demanding husband, maintaining his house, and tending to his offspring.

“Aiko-chan, your second task is to be the glue that holds the various pieces of my womb together…for the purpose of your father’s legacy, our business, and this family. After I am gone, you will become the woman of the family who will maintain the house by doing all household duties and tending to your brothers.”

“Mother, I promised will do the cleaning, washing, cooking and other household chores. I will remain single as you ask and dedicate myself to caring for my brothers and our family business. But…I still do not understand why I must be the pill.”

“You are the only girl in a family with seven boys who are entering manhood and eager to explore life as young men do. However, Aiko-chan, they must not stray to find female companionship. Girlfriends and especially wives are often petty, distracting, and divisive. They will set brother against brother and disrupt the harmony needed to work as one. You are to prevent your brothers from marrying so that they will be able to focus on the family and their business responsibilities.”

“But…how will I do this, mother?

“Aiko-chan, your name means ‘beloved child’ and you are ‘kawaii’ (pretty). It is natural that your brothers especially the older ones, should be drawn to you and desire something beyond a usual brother-sister relationship. And this is good for it will make the second task much easier to accomplish. Your second task, Aiko-chan, is to serve your brothers’ needs and manly urges…and satisfy them. If you are truly selfless and sacrifice yourself willingly, then your brothers will find comfort in your arms and between your legs. They will have no cause to stray and shall remain contently in this family.”

I sat there stunned at what my mother had just said and was asking of me. Finally, I to stammered, “Mother…do I…understand you…correctly? Are you speaking of…incest? Sex between my brothers…and me? Is it not illegal? If others found out…it would bring great shame…”

“Silence, foolish girl! Those who are outside of this family will not know what happens with the walls of this house if you and your brothers are discreet. Pay the outsiders no heed for they do not matter. All that matters are our family and our business. Aiko-chan, you must seduce and make a lover of each of your seven brothers. With you as their live-in sister-wife who freely shares her bodily delights to all and available to them all day or night, your purpose in life will be achieved. Do you not agree?”

“Ahhh…hai, mother. I mean I do love my brothers…and must admit that I find them to be handsome and physically manly. It is just that I have never thought of them as… lovers. It would seem so…strange…to ‘pillow’ (make love) with my brothers. Yet…hmmm…I guess — no — I know that father and you know what is best for me and what role I must perform within the family and our business. Mother, canlı casino I shall do my best to discharge my great responsibility. But…please advise me as to what I might do.”

“Good, now listen. You will start with Ichiro since he is the eldest and it is his birthright to be the first even when it comes to deflowering his adorable sister. He has always been protective of you and has a special affection for you. Play to his feelings for you and on his desires to lay with a young pretty woman…who will be you.

“After you have seduced him, share with him of your two tasks as set forth by your parents. Ichiro of all the brothers understands family obligations. Tell him that by coupling with you, he honors his parents’ wishes and protects the family and its business. As an incestuous partner, he will add a sense that what is done within the family is for and will stay within the family.

“Then go to Jiro. Of all your brothers, Jiro is the one who looks at you in more than a brotherly-sisterly manner. You must be coy with him…flatter him…tempt him with your innocent bodily delights. Then at the right moment, let it slip that Ichiro has already had his way with you. Jiro is an opportunist who besides not wanting to miss out on your sweet body, will also try to steal you away from his eldest brother. However, once ensnared by your feminine charms, he will prove an able and willing accomplice to ensure an incestuous family environment.

“Taizo may prove to be a problem. Because of his stubbornness when it comes to his eldest brothers, he may oppose communal incest just because he may not wish to share you with his older brothers. Should this happen you must use your feminine wiles to convince him that you must be shared by all of your brothers since not doing so would result in family disharmony and a breakdown needed cooperation. If there is one thing that Taizo understands and values, it is teamwork.

“Shiro and Shinji will do whatever Taizo tells them to do and as such, they will look forward to sexually enjoying you. Rokuro is a rascal, but he is too smart to pass up a willing older sister who will take care of his excess masculine urges. Do not be surprised if he beds you often for it is in keeping with his chaotic nature.

“Shichiro is but a boy; however, seeing his older sister coupling with his older brothers, he may grow up quickly. Yet, do not seduce him. Be tender and understanding with your youngest brother for of all of the brothers, he has the longest road to tread. Aiko-chan, Shichiro is shy and unsure of himself except for his studies. For his confidence and sense of masculinity, it is important that Shichiro, not you, initiates any incestuous intimacy.”

“Hai, mother, I shall take your advice and figure out the best way, time, and place. For Ichiro, I may offer to bathe and massage him and then let him ‘seduce’ a nude and acquiescing sister who only seeks to please her oldest brother. As for Jiro…hmmm… perhaps when I am nonchalantly changing clothes before him. And Taizo…perhaps when I need help in the storage shed in the back of the store. Yes…I will work it out, mother.”

“One last word of advice, daughter. When you couple with your brothers, you must do so willingly and shamelessly. Do not hide or seek privacy when you are taken by your brothers. Coupling with you must become as normal as eating and drinking. After a while of having others watch you engage in sex with one brother or another, all will come to accept such activity as a normal part of the day and that you belong to all. Why would they seek another woman when they have a pretty sister who may be willingly be ‘taken’ any time, place, and way, ‘neh’ (okay, right)?”

“Hai, mother, hai!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As planned, I became intimate with all of my brothers except Shichiro. Once we quickly got over the initial awkwardness of being sibling-lovers and the forbidden nature of our acts, my six brothers and I coupled freely and openly. They were always eager and excited to explore and penetrate my feminine body, and I was always willing to let them. Our often-spontaneous sex occurred whenever and wherever the urge happened to seize one of my siblings.

When our ailing mother stumbled across us while I was sexually engaged with one of my brothers, she would ignore us and in so doing, lend her approval of our incestuous intercourse. However, to ensure that we explicitly understood and kept our parents’ final wishes, our mother while lying on her death bed, gathered children and made us swear that our incest would be a family secret.

With her passing, I became the woman of the house and sister-wife to my brothers. The night after her memorial services and observed mourning were held, the six brothers with whom I had laid, visited me and, one after the other, had their way with me. Shichiro, the youngest, was the last to come to me and just shyly crawled under my futon clothed in his pajamas to snuggle next to me before falling asleep in my comforting embrace.

Before the morning light kaçak casino of the next day came, I gently slipped from under a slumbering Shichiro’s arm and rose achy. My raw womanhood freely oozed with the accumulated seed of my siblings and having made my way to the bathroom, I squatted to expel as much semen as possible, then washed my ware-me (pussy slit) before wiping with a damp towel to rid myself of any sweat and semen. After performing my morning bathroom ritual, I put on light makeup and pinned my long hair up before donning on panties, a bra, a thin house dress, and a light kitchen apron.

I had prepared a sumptuous breakfast for my brothers who had gathered and were eating before going to work. I was surprised by Ichiro coming behind me to cup my household dress and squeeze breasts. “I want you, Aiko-chan…” was all he uttered as he pressed his tented trousers against my behind. Looking back at him and then at those who watched was happening, I nodded slightly and murmured a soft breathless “hai.”

Ichiro took me with my house dress pull up about my waist and my panties pooled around my ankles. “Ahh, Aiko-chan. You feel so good,” slipped from his lips as I was bent over the kitchen table and felt his manhood enter my chitsu (vagina) that was still semen-moist from the night before. Ichiro vigorously humped me and no one in the dining area said a word as they went about eating their breakfast and slyly watched us.

When Ichiro finally came and shot his seed into me, I dropped exhausted to my knees only to have my hair grasped and my head lifted and tilted back. His slimy organ filled my open mouth and before long I was sucking on Ichiro’s spent manhood. I then felt strong hands gripping my waist and when I was on my hands and knees, being suddenly filled with Jiro’s full erection. Looking over my shoulder as my gripping fingers and slid up and down my oldest brother’s member, I saw my other brothers milled around us, waiting for their turn with their hands thrust into their tented pants. When I returned to sucking on Ichiro, I saw out of the corner of my eye, Shichiro quietly slip out of the house.

That morning, we set in place a new unspoken morning routine in which all who desired, were ‘serviced’ by me when I aroused them from their futons, served them their breakfast, or bid them goodbye. I made up for my resulting sexual exhaustion with short naps in the early afternoons. However, these sessions were often interrupted by Jiro and especially that scoundrel Rokuro would stop by during the day to relieve themselves of their manly seed into my accommodating body.

The after-work afternoons and evenings fell into distinctive periods. A few of my brothers chose to couple with me immediately after work to relieve their work tension and relax. Some treated me as dessert after a satisfying dinner, and then there were those who used me before relaxing in the ‘ofuro’ (bath/hot tub) next to my bottom floor bedroom or before falling to sleep in their bedrooms upstairs.

While I slept in my own bedroom, it was not unusual to be visited by my bashful Shichiro. Because of his shy nature and his ‘hesitation’ to make love to me, his older brothers teased him terribly, embarrassing him to no end. The only refuge he could find was in my bedroom and snuggled on my comforting shoulder. However, remembering the advice given to me by my mother, I let Shichiro determine the degree of intimacy which so far had been limited innocent sweet kisses of gratitude and peacefully sleeping with his older sister.

I had thought that during my menses that I would be given some respite from my brother’s carnal demands. Yet this proved to be a faulty assumption. While most were satisfied for relieving themselves into my sucking mouth, rascal Rokuro made no bones about coupling with his bleeding sister while describing the act in vulgar humor and gory detail to all present.

It was during one of my monthly flows that Jiro discovered my anal orifice and after lubricating it well, proceeded to ‘break it in’ as he sought to go one up on our older brother. For the ensuing period, being taken in my behind was the rage among brothers; however, with the exception of Jiro and the twins, the novelty of anal sex eventually wore off. Still, I needed to be prepared at all times to accommodate the amorous desires of my brothers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This particular day began with me getting up before all others and feeling amazingly refreshed. Surprisingly, no brother had visited me during the previous night and I could not help but wonder if the good sleep as a fortuitous portent of things to come.

Having lived three years as my brothers’ sister-wife, I had added other preparations to ready myself for the possibilities of a new day. After my regular bathroom routine, a morning douche and cleansing of my anal track were done before I thoroughly lubricated my nether orifices, the inside and outside. I had learned to forego panties so I did not have to replace those that were torn from me by an overly eager brother, and I wore no to give better access to my modest breasts that need little support. My loose cotton house dress and simple thin apron were fell to my mid-thighs and could easily undone, pushed up, or simply removed.

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