Ah, The Holiday’s…

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Double Penetration

“Hurry up!!” I yelled up my wife. “We are going to be late!!”

My wife, Mary, and I, were heading to dinner with friends. The holidays were here, and it’s always fun to share them with friends. We are both 50, and in our second marriage. Our oldest is a sophomore in college, our youngest a junior in high school. We have a pretty average sex life, but I’m always looking for ways to make it more exciting. We’re both looking forward to spending an evening with friends; but this time, I have a surprise for my wife. A “gift” I know she will enjoy..

She came down the stairs from our bedroom and was wearing my favorite Black Dress.

“That dress always makes you look hot”, I say to her.

It’s a very, short tight dress that accents her body perfectly. It makes her tits look incredible, not to mention her ass. My wife is 5′ 7″, 135 lbs, 34c, jet black hair. When she wears this dress, she reminds of rocker Joan Jett.

I squeezed her ass, and could tell instantly she wasn’t wearing any panties. I was hoping she wouldn’t wear any. Otherwise, my plan wasn’t going to work. The blood flow to my manhood was raging and my average size cock became hard instantly. She reached for my cock, kissed me and said, “ENJOY!!” I just squeezed her ass again acknowledging her comment. We jumped in the car, and headed to the restaurant.

As we entered the bar of the restaurant, our friends Dale, Sue, Jeff, and Erica were already sitting at a table waving us over. Everyone noticed my wife’s dress, especially the guys. Jeff couldn’t take his eyes off her. Of course, he couldn’t help it. He knew what was about to happen.

Earlier in the week, I proposed a plan to Jeff about giving my wife an early Christmas present. However, I’m not sure if she was the only one getting a gift.

We sat down at the table. Jeff was sitting on my wife’s left side, and I was sitting on her right. Conversations were happening when the server brought ümraniye escort our drinks. Half of my drink was gone, and that familiar euphoric feeling hit me. I moved my hand under the table and squeezed my wife bare thigh.

She acknowledged my gesture with a kiss to my cheek, and a soft, “I Love You” in my ear.

I continued massaging her thigh, as the second round of drinks arrived. The conversation was becoming louder as everyone was feeling the effects of the alcohol. Off and on, I would move my hand closer to my wife’s unprotected pussy. I didn’t touch it; instead, I just teased her. I could tell she was getting aroused. The closer I would get, the wider she would open her legs. Everyone was oblivious to what was happening, except Jeff. He was anticipating my signal.

I could tell the constant teasing was driving my wife crazy, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She leaned over and whimpered in my ear, “Do you know how wet I am right now??”

I just smiled and continued my assault, edging closer and closer to heaven. Once again, she leaned over and begged me, “MY GOD!! Please touch my pussy.”

As she spoke, she opened her legs wider. She spread them so wide that we banged knees. She banged Jeff’s knee as well because she quickly turned, and apologized to Jeff. Of course this was Jeff’s signal.

As she turned back towards the conversations, I nodded to Jeff. At this point, he started my plan. I knew the second he began, because my wife let out a slight gasp. It was audible enough for Sue, Dale’s wife, to hear.

Sue asked, “Are you alright Mary?” My wife responded with some excuse about the drink being “too cold”. But I knew different…

I took a sip of my drink and noticed my wife was staring straight ahead. She looked a little flushed. She just sipped her drink and carried on conversation at the table like everything was normal, üsküdar escort but her face gave her away to me.

By now my hand was very close to her wet pussy. I could feel the heat. I was hoping Jeff’s hand was close too. My plan was to move our hand’s up and down her thigh for about 10 minutes. Then, we were to move our hands as close to her wet pussy as possible, without touching it.

I could tell it was working, because occasionally, my wife’s eyes would close momentarily. Each time we approached her wet, hairy mound, her breathing would change. She was very aroused. My plan was working perfectly.

I leaned forward a bit to get Jeff’s attention. It was time. My wife didn’t even acknowledge me. She was forming words to answer a question from Erica, but you could tell she didn’t really care about the question or answer. Her arousal was so intense, that she started to tremble slightly.

Jeff caught my eye, and we both moved our hand from where ever it was to her knee. At that point, we slowly inched our way up my wife’s thigh to her wet, aching pussy. As we reached the apex, I could feel Jeff’s hand. The hair on her pussy was teasing the back of our fingers. I moved my head a little towards my wife. The instant we touched her pussy, not only did her eyes close momentarily, but she was gently biting her lower lip.

There was no way she could stop what was happening even if she wanted to. She was ours. She quickly opened her eyes as not be caught. She showed amazing composure. She carried on conversation like everything was normal. Occasionally her voice would change fluctuation as we stroked her.

She was in another world now, but only Jeff and I knew which one.

She spread her legs as wide as they could go without ripping her dress, which gave us great access. Jeff found her wet tunnel first. I could feel his middle finger moving in and anadolu yakası escort out of her wet hole in a slow rhythm. Her breathing was becoming more shallow and deep. She was on the brink of cumming hard. I was stroking her thigh, and as Jeff was slowly finger fucking her, I put my index finger to her clit. I could feel it was engorged. I began making slow circles around her clit with my finger. Her pleasure was intense, and she was about to explode. She managed to laugh at a joke, I could tell she just wanted to close her eyes and enjoy the pussy fingering and clit pounding she was getting.

I took a sip of my drink and noticed that her hands were squeezing her drink glass tightly. She was moving her thumbs up and down the glass at a quickened pace. She was beyond the point of no return and was going to cum. I know she wanted to scream!!

She quickly picked up her drink, brought it to her mouth, and pretended to take a drink. She wasn’t thirsty; she was trying to hide the sounds of ecstasy. She came hard. Her knees were pushing so hard against Jeff and I, we almost lost our balance. Her legs were shaking. She was breathing so heavy, she was making bubbles in her drink. This went on for at least a minute before the pressure stopped. Once the shaking stopped and her knees relaxed our legs, her orgasm was over. She chugged the rest of her lemon drop.

She then excused her self to the ladies room. She was gone a long time. When she returned, Erica asked her, “Are you alright?” Sue then commented, “Yeah, you look flushed.”

My wife just smiled and said, “Nope, I am perfect!”

That told Jeff and me “mission accomplished!!” The bar winch brought another round of drinks. We all held our glasses up and said, “CHEERS!!” She took a sip of her drink. After a couple minutes, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Thank you. I love you.” I whispered back, “Anytime babe”.

She kissed my on the cheek, and whispered in my ear again. “I can’t wait until we get home and get your hard cock in my mouth.”

She continued, “by the way, I’ve got Jeff’s cock in my hand. I’m thanking him now…” I looked over at Jeff. He had the biggest grin on his face. And why not, he fingered a wet pussy to orgasm, and now was getting a handjob. Can it get any better??

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