Agent Amanda Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter about British secret service agent Amanda. It will probably make more sense if you read the previous chapter first.


My mobile woke me up early.

“Hi it’s Hamid.”


“Sorry to call you so early but I have meetings all day and Hasna said she’d kill me if I missed you. Would you like to come for dinner tonight?”

Suddenly I was waking up. I knew what ‘dinner’ meant. We agreed I’d be at their hotel room at 8 pm. I looked at the time on my mobile. 7.35 am. It was early. But I was already excited about the evening and my fingers somehow found their way to my pussy.

My mobile rang again. This time it was Saida.

“Hi Amanda. Sorry to call you so early.”


“I’ve just bumped into Aliyah on my way to college.”

I did not know who Aliyah was but I could guess. It must be her friend, the one who had never had sex, but really wanted to.

“She’s really busy at the moment but has this morning off. Can she come and see you at 10?”

Bloody hell, that’s keen I thought.

“Yeah sure.” This girl must be really horny.

“She’s really horny. I think she’s wet already.”

I smiled and felt a familiar tingling in my pussy. She’s not the only one I thought. I don’t know what’s happened to me in the last couple of days. I phoned into work and left a message cancelling my meeting with my boss. I said I had an important lead I had to follow up and that it might take all day.

Eventually I got up, had breakfast and waited for 10.00am. Right on time there was a gentle knock on the door. I walked up to the door and true to my secret service training I grabbed a paper and held it up against the spyhole in the door as I stood to the side. Satisfied I wasn’t going to get my head blown off I looked through it. As soon as I saw the woman in burqa my thoughts went to Hasna, but then I realized. Of course Saida’s friend, Aliyah would be wearing a burqa too, coming from a strict muslim family. I opened the door to let her in.

“Welcome” I said. I got no reply but Saida had told me she spoke no English so it didn’t bother me. I motioned for her to step into my lounge. I had just prepared some chai and poured some in a cup. She could probably smell the chai before I even handed her the cup and she accepted it quietly. I thought I could see her eyes smile inside the burqa. I went up to her and grabbed the hem of the burqa. I didn’t lift it until she nodded, almost imperceptibly. I lifted the heavy veil and was greeted by the most beautiful young Pakistani face I’d ever seen. Her long dark hair fell down her back. She smiled uncertainly so I smiled back as warmly as I could to reassure her. Words seemed superfluous.

I sat down on the black leather sofa next to her, half facing her. I smiled to myself as I remembered she was sitting on the slightly soiled patch where Saida’s juices had leaked onto my sofa yesterday. I was wearing nothing more than my white dressing gown. It slid apart slightly across my chest and I saw Aliyah take good look. She seemed reserved and hesitant but not apprehensive. I wondered if she was going to go through with this. Hell, I wondered if I was going to go through with this. She was such a sweet young innocent looking thing. But as she raised her cup to drink some chai I saw the outline of her nipple poking through the material of her clothing. That was enough. I wanted her alright. I gestured to her to finish her chai and waited patiently.

As she put the cup down on the side table I moved closer to her. My dressing gown slid apart a bit more revealing one of my nipples. I made no move to cover up and Aliyah let her eyes rest on my chest. I put my hand underneath her chin and pulled it up so I could give her a kiss.

It was a soft gently kiss. Aliyah again seemed hesitant at first but followed my lead very well and the kissing got more and more passionate. I broke off the kissing and pulled the gown down over my shoulders baring my breasts. I pinched my nipples hard, it always excites me. I reached for her hand and after letting her caress the shape of my breasts briefly I put her fingers on my nipples.

She quickly got the idea and squeezed my nipples hard. I put my hand around her head and pulled her towards me. She soon took my nipples in her mouth and sucked hard on them, pulling on them, even using her teeth. Good, this girl was catching on quick.

Keen to see more of her I stood up and pulled her up to standing. I gestured to her to get rid of her robe. She pulled it off in one swift movement and stood before me wearing only her black underwear. I walked around behind her and opened the clasp of her bra sliding my hands forward taking her breasts in my hand. They were small but firm and crowned by lovely, almost conical areolas with hard, pointy nipples. She leant her head to the side and kissed me as I fondled her breasts. Her tongue was getting more adventurous and I was really starting to enjoy myself.

I sat bursa evi olan escort down on the sofa again and pulled her towards me pulling down her knickers myself. To my surprise she was clean shaven. In fact it only just occurred to me that she was actually completely hairless all over apart form her long hair and her immaculately plucked eyebrows.

I pulled her right leg up on the sofa next to me to get a closer look. She provided no resistance and showed no shyness or reluctance. She had slim body with a flat stomach and long slender legs. Her pussy was small and I could see the pink wetness within, her pussy almost overflowing. Her inner lips were poking through her outer, forming a pout just begging to be touched. I couldn’t help myself. I let my fingers run along those lips, feeling her juices seep onto my fingers. She was so wet. She just stood there giving me hardly any reaction but she certainly wasn’t resisting, just looked at me expectantly. I could hardly contain my excitement but didn’t want to rush things.

I turned her around to check out her bum. Like the rest of her it was brown, slim and firm. I pushed the small of her back gently holding onto her hips and she got it straight away. She bent forward, showing roundness of her hips despite her slimness and bent way down. She pushed her legs apart a bit and looked up at me through her legs, smiling. She was obviously a very flexible girl too.

I slapped her arse softly and leant forward, no longer able to resist those wet lips, pregnant with juices. The wetness spread over my chin as I let my tongue forage around in her pussy. I nibbled her soft lips and sucked them into my mouth, then let my tongue find her clit. Aliyah whimpered softly. To sit there and nibble at her virgin pussy was sheer delight. I took one of her lips between mine in turn and pulled them out even further. Then I sucked both into my mouth and let my tongue slip between them. The feeling of those soft slippery lips in my mouth turned me on so much.

I think I could have carried on like that for eons but I was woken from my reveries by insistent tugging on the belt of my gown. I let her turn around and sit down on the floor in front of me. Getting rid of my gown I threw it on the floor.

“I could get used to this” I thought to myself as Aliyah sat there between my legs staring at my pussy, thinking back to how Saida had sat in exactly the same position just yesterday. Aliyah’s breasts were smaller but just as pert and those nipples just begged to be sucked. I spread my legs wider and patiently waited while Aliyah tentatively explored my pussy with her fingers. She let her fingers run through my soft trimmed bush and slid them along the outline of my lips. She gently played with my clit with her fingertips. I soon wanted more though and I leant forward to put my hand at the back of her head. Aliyah just smiled at me, clearly knowing full well what I wanted and happy to comply.

She bent down and put her lips and tongue to work on my pussy. A bit tentatively at first but she knew what to do and soon had me on the verge of an orgasm. I tried to relax and enjoy it for as long as I could but soon I was going to come or explode.

“Oh god, yes baby, yes, yes, that’s it baby, yeeeees.” I couldn’t stop myself from shouting.

“Yeees, yes, fuck yes!” Feeling the orgasm wash over me I could see Aliyah’s eyes smiling as she kept her tongue on my clit. ‘Your turn is coming up baby, don’t you worry’ I thought to myself.

As soon as I felt my legs would hold me I stood up and took Aliyah’s hand. I took her over to the bedroom and sat her down on the bed. I let her lie down and pulled her over onto her tummy. Her bum was tight but beautifully rounded. Wetness glistened in between her cheeks. I softly caressed her back and bum, then put my tongue to that lovely wet crack. She immediately responded by lifting her bum to meet my tongue and spread her legs slightly to give me better access.

I lapped up her the juices spread between her butt cheeks. Her musky smell was divine and the skin of her bum was flawlessly smooth. I licked her bum clean and parted her bum cheeks with my hands. Her puckered arse winked at me. I couldn’t resist putting my tongue to it. I’d never done this before and I was sure Aliyah had never had it done to her but she just whimpered gently pushing her arse up to meet my tongue.

My hand found its way down to her pussy and two fingers slipped inside. Her juices were so plentiful my whole hand was soon all slippery, which gave me an idea. I turned her over on the bed so she lay on her back. All her initial hesitation had now turned to eagerness and she shuffled up close to me her thighs spread wide open. I wiped the juices on my hand down the crack I’d just licked clean and put my fingers in her pussy again drawing out her juices. When there was a nice thick trail of wetness from her pussy to her arse hole I put two fingers to it, gently massaging it. I wasn’t altıparmak escort sure how she’d feel about my fingers going up the ‘wrong’ hole but Aliyah seemed completely relaxed. One of my fingers slipped in easily, followed by the second.

I looked up at her face. She just smiled at me, perfectly content for me to be fucking her arse with my fingers. She shuffled her bum around slightly, trying to get my fingers in deeper. ‘Horny little monkey’ I thought. Pushing my fingers right in I reached up with my thumb and started playing with her clitoris. Aliyah wasn’t very vocal but started giving me soft aaah’s or oooh’s every time I did something new.

I slipped my thumb inside her and replaced it with my tongue. Aliyah pulled her legs even wider with her hands on her thighs to give me better access. Her little clit was gorgeous, responding beautifully to my tongue. Eventually I looked up at her face and could see that the smile was gone, now replaced a much more urgent expression. As she caught my eye she went:

“Aaah, mmmmmaaaah, aaaaaaaahhhh. Ooh, ooh, ooh, aaayyyyeee.”

One of her hands grabbed the duvet, the other the hair at the back of my head. She couldn’t lie still. The whole bed was shaking as she was suddenly in the throes of coming.

“Aaarrr, aaahh, eeeeyyyyeeeoooohhh, oh, oh, oooohhh.”

As she finally grew quiet I couldn’t resist smothering my face in her wetness, spreading it all over my lips and cheeks. She was panting and giggling quietly.

Suddenly was a knock on the door. Most people would probably have ignored it but as a secret service agent I couldn’t afford to. I did my usual checking routine. Didn’t bother to put any clothes on as I had no intention of opening the door, but when I saw Saida standing there I just impulsively opened it.

“Is she here?” she asked.

“Who? Aliyah? Yeah she’s here.”

“I’m sorry” she blurted out. “I just had to come. I was… I’m… I’m jealous I think.”

“Jealous? Of me or her?”

“You. I mean her. I mean… I don’t know.”

She then suddenly seemed to register that I was naked and seemed to get quite embarrassed. Next she noticed my face was all wet.

“Is that…?”

“Yes it is. She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” I put one hand on her arm and to try to reassure her but I’m sure she would have turned and run had Aliyah not suddenly bounded into my hallway like an excited puppy. She grabbed Saida’s hand and dragged her into my lounge, blabbering away in their own dialect. I didn’t understand a word but it looked like Aliyah had saved the situation.

Aliyah sat Saida down on my sofa and kept talking to her, giggling as she went on. Saida was slowly starting to smile and visibly starting to relax. I went and sat down next to Aliyah who was sitting with her knees bent facing Saida. As they kept talking I watched Aliyah’s beautiful back and bum. I couldn’t help myself. I slid one hand under her bum, my finger between her cheeks. Aliyah never stopped talking but she immediately responded by raising her bum a little so I could reach her pussy. ‘She really is one horny little minx’ I thought to myself.

Eventually I slid off the sofa and knelt on the floor next to Aliyah.

“Everything OK” I asked Saida. She smiled embarrassedly.

“Yeah, everything’s fine. It sounds like you two have had a great time.”

“We have. And I don’t think Aliyah has had enough yet. Neither have I.” I dropped my eyes and checked that Saida did the same. I had stopped moving my hand between Aliyah’s legs but she was now gently moving her hips, fucking my fingers.

“Why don’t you join us?”

I don’t think Aliyah could understand what I was saying but she certainly agreed with the sentiment. She started tugging on her friend’s T shirt and Saida let her pull it up over her head.

They both just sat there for a moment looking at each other breasts. Aliyah bent down to kiss Saida. She was also the first to start fondling her friend’s breasts but Saida soon followed suit. When they were both squeezing each others nipples I said:

“Suck them.” I said it to either really but of course Saida was the only one who understood me. She leant over and took the slimmer girls left nipple in her mouth.

“Gorgeously suckable little breasts aren’t they?”

Saida gave me a muffled affirmative continuing to suckle her friend’s nipple. Aliyah started grinding my fingers more urgently. Seeing how much Saida enjoying nibbling her friend’s breasts I said:

“Just wait until you taste her pussy.”

Saida groaned loudly as soon as I’d said it. I felt her fingers meet mine on Aliyah’s pussy. I think she’d decided to join us.

I let Saida play with those gorgeous slippery lips for a while then started pulled her legs until her bum slipped down onto the floor. She looked very disappointed having Aliyah’s nipple slip out of her mouth but I knew that wasn’t going to last long. I put Saida’s head back onto the sofa and didn’t even have to tell Aliyah what I had in mind. She was already holding onto the back rest and swinging one leg over Saida. I pushed her bum back a bit as I leant up to Saida’s face.

“This is what you wanted all along isn’t it? To lick your friend’s pussy?”

Saida looked at me a bit sheepishly and nodded. I just smiled at her.

“Well enjoy it honey, it’s gorgeous.” I took hold of Aliyah’s hips and pulled her back slowly towards her friends face. When she was just above Saida’s face I held her there. Aliyah’s lips were hanging down tantalizingly a couple of inches above Saida’s eyes.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” I whispered to Saida. “See how wet and horny she is? Why don’t you put just the tip of my tongue on that drop of fluid hanging from her lips and just let it seep slowly into your mouth.”

Saida craned her neck up and did just that. A movement of her hand caught my eye and as I looked down I could see her holding her left breast, lifting it up as if she wanted me to kiss it. I bent down and took it in my mouth. Her breast was gorgeously soft to lips but the nipple was hard as a nut. I got quite carried away nibbling the nipples on those lovely round globes of hers.

When I looked up again Aliyah had let her pussy sink a bit further down, but not further than Saida still just nibble at her pussy if she wanted. She was raising and lowering her head taking those beautiful lips into her mouth, letting her mouth slide down them then sucking them back in again.

“Oooooh” I groaned, “that looks so good. I bet those lovely juices are just filling up your mouth.”

“Mmmmm” Saida agreed, new letting her tongue slide up and down Aliyah’s pussy like it was an ice cream cone.

“Aaaaah” Aliyah sighed when her friend hit her clitoris. I could just see Saida’s tongue disappear between the folds of Aliyah’s pussy as she sank down fully onto her friend’s face.

Saida groaned in pleasure, but she wanted more. Her hand found my head and pushed it down her chest and stomach. I slid down between her legs, quickly unbuttoned her jeans and swept them off with her knickers in one swift movement. I looked at her sex. Sucking her friend’s pussy had clearly excited her, she was already as wet as she’s been yesterday. She didn’t have the spectacularly exciting looking lips of Aliyah’s, but her pussy was still a very tasty substitute. I could hear a muffled

“MmmmMmmmmMmMmMmMM” from Saida as my tongue started working on her clitoris. She was definitely the noisier of the two. Looking up I could see Aliyah’s hips swaying slightly erratically as she ground her pussy onto Saida’s face. ‘She’s not far from coming’ I had time to think before she started:

“Aaahh, eeeeyy, eeeoooohhh, oh, oh, ooooooooooooooohhh” She collapsed forward onto the backrest of the sofa. Saida grabbed her arm and dragged her down so she could kiss her. Aliyah murmured something to Saida but her reply didn’t sound very coherent. I think my tongue on her clitoris might have had something to do with that.

Aliyah quickly cottoned onto this and joined me on the floor.

“I think your friend wants to eat your pussy too honey” I said looking up at Saida.

“Oh I don’t care who does it, just make me come. I need to come.”

I moved to the side and let Aliyah move in between Saida’s thighs.

“Why don’t you tell your friend. I think she’d love to hear it.”

Saida spoke in her dialect and Aliyah had a broad smile on her beautiful face as she let her tongue sink into her friend’s pussy.

“And that goes for me to” I said and swung my leg over Saida’s face. I didn’t mind giving up the prime spot as long as got my own pussy seen to. I did it facing Aliyah though so that when she realized what I’d done we could put our heads side to side and both let our tongues play over Saida’s clit. I was quite enjoying seeing how enthusiastically Aliyah went at it though so after a while I just sat back watching her eat her friend out.

I enjoyed being eaten out too, Saida was doing a great job again. I lifted her hands to my breasts and she started playing with them.

“That’s it baby, squeeze those nipples, I love it.”

I must say, for two young inexperienced girls they were catching on quick. I looked down and saw Aliyah working her fingers into Saida. Not sure if they were going into her pussy or her arse, as the tongue working her friend’s clit was in the way, but I suddenly felt I wanted something up my own bum. I loved what Saida was doing to my breasts though so I just slipped one of my own fingers back and started fingering myself.

I could believe how horny I was, kneeling on my lounge floor with a finger up my arse, sitting on this gorgeous 18 year old’s face, who was squeezing my nipples while I was watching her friend eat her pussy out. We were all groaning and moaning now. Saida was the loudest despite being muffled by my pussy. It all brought my orgasm on really quickly. I think I even came before Saida, who was now thrashing around underneath me like she didn’t know what to do with herself. In a crescendo of wails and moans we both came and we all collapsed in a heap. We all held onto each other for a while before I slowly extracted myself.

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