Afternoon Stretch

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Bright sunlight was streaming in through almost worthless mini-blinds when I first realized I was awake. Painfully bright sunlight. I groaned and rolled over putting my back to the window, pulling a pillow over my head. I groaned again, in a somewhat reversed stretch, pushing my right hand between my thighs to grab the back of my left knee and pull myself into a tight fetal position before I reversed that into a full-out sweeping stretch.

As I uncurled into the stretch, my hand swept from my knee along the inside of my thighs, brushed past my still sleeping cunt with no notice and traced from my pelvis, across to my naked side, past my shoulder and reached the full length of my already outstretched left arm where it interlaced delicately manicured fingers with its counterpart and together they drew themselves into a high and fast arc over the now cast aside pillow then plunged down beyond it with enough strength or enough surprise to draw my shoulders into the same path, setting off a chain reaction: the arc of my hands pulled my shoulders into arching my back into stretching my legs and I drew in a breath as deep as my fully stretched lungs could accept. When that breath reached it’s limit, my bare body seemed almost suspended as it held the almost erotic limits of it’s stretch, and I hovered there, a series of long arches, only my heels, my hips, my shoulders and the top of my head touching the mattress. Hands pushing against the headboard they more often pulled against, my plump nipples straining for the ceiling, tightening atop my small round breasts. Then I was released.

With a great sigh of relief, I slumped gently back to the mattress. My hands traced and chased each other back to my shoulders and in sweeping circles on my stomach and across my now fully aroused tits until the left one settled on my right breast, pinching, pulling and gently thumping against my hardened nipple. My right hand, in turn, settled into the hollow between my thighs, just in that crease where my legs become cunt becomes hips becomes me. That place where, despite the uproar caused by the unexpected stretch, my shaved and sweet little kitty was still napping. And she was warm, too.

But why wouldn’t she be warm? I could tell even before I dared to peek through my eyelids that the amount of light in my room meant that it must be close to noon, probably a little later, and I had been sleeping in the sunlight under my favorite “binky” for several hours…

“Nice try,” I thought to myself grinning and pulling again–harder–on my right nipple before reaching for the left one as well. “Binky has nothing to do with why this nasty little cunt is so fucking hot or why she’s still casino siteleri sleeping, either.”

I had been gently cupping my smooth, soft, pudgy cunt since I reached it, enjoying the way she felt to my touch when I found her like this. This morning there was just a tiny bit of fuzzies just around the edge of lips, getting softer and softer closer to my gently puckered ass-hole. I delicately tickled from front to back along that little trail of cunt hair, teasing my ass with the tips of my fingernails when I reached it. But the feeling I liked the most was the way my cunt lips were pushed together almost like they were sealed over my very sensitive clit and only parting the slightest bit between my clit and my ass. I softly and tenderly slid one fingernail into that slit where it was the most open and inviting–near my now awake, teased and completely eager ass. I only let my fingertip gingerly brush the fine, dark pubic hair that almost seemed to be snuggling the fat pussy lips beneath it as I began to draw my fingernail from the back of my lips toward the little clit that I now knew was only pretending to be asleep. Chills shocked through me as my blood-red painted fingernail sliced open my dark lips to reveal the moist pink treasure inside. Once the delicate seal was broken, I held my lips apart with two fingers on one side and my thumb and forefinger on the other side, so that my clit could to nothing but swell eagerly to meet the only finger I hadn’t occupied as it hovered and teased just out of reach.

My left hand worked its way from one tit to the other, to my navel and back in random circuits pinching, scratching, teasing, pulling, almost abusing as eagerly and patiently I waited for the perfect moment to go on.

The bed shifted a bit as I reached the breaking point, the point where my cunt needed to be be violated, but I hadn’t yet moved a muscle beyond the torture I inflicted with my left hand.

A deep breath, and just as I plunged my middle finger deep into my aching cunt, a rich, thick wetness covered my cunt and slid down across my puckered ass. As I buried my finger to the knuckle in my eager cunt, another hand, another finger, another knuckle rammed itself home in my equally aching ass-hole. The shock was so great that I forgot that I had intended to get myself off with a quick, well timed frig, and my hand froze in my cunt as the finger in my ass began pumping into me again and again and again with no hint of gentle teasing like my cunt had enjoyed. In and out of my ass a half dozen times to the one good push I gave my now drenched cunt was all I could stand before I released my cunt–or it released me–and abandoned my tits as well canlı casino in favor of pulling my knees up to my sides, pulling my feet farther back with my hands to raise my ass higher and higher off the mattress. Warm chills were already being drawn from every part of my body toward the base of my spine and wrapping around my waist toward the place just between my navel and my clit. Warm chills only meant that there was a screaming orgasm was on the verge of cresting. I pushed and pulled and flexed and clenched and rocked and bounced… I quivered as I felt the first wave of ecstasy reach the shores of my now abandoned cunt, but just as I felt the first wave break and begin to crash, the pounding in my ass slowed and eased to a stop deep inside me.

That didn’t stop me, though. I came, just like I knew I would, with a deep, guttural groan. Primitive sounding. It was a sound that was almost scary to me, and I almost hate to hear it, but FUCK! I love _making_ that fucking sound. And as I roared against it, a hand gently raised my bucking hips higher into the air and the pillow was pulled away from my head, folded tightly and shoved under my ass as my hips were pushed back further so that my knees took position where the pillow had been. And all I could do with my ass and cunt elevated and exposed as they were was keep trying to fuck at the finger now pulling out of me.

Not completely out. Just to the first knuckle, but no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get more. Then it was out of me. Out of my ass.

As my wailing subsided, I realized that my eyes had been squeezed shut ever since the moment I plunged my finger into my cunt, and I started to open them just as a faint whirring buzzed into the silence my groans had left between my heaving breaths. Expecting the sunlight, I was surprised to realize that instead of glaring harsh light, my eyes instead opened to the cool blue shades of a fabric I had come to know very well. I hadn’t even felt it draped over my face as my ass was being assaulted moments earlier.

The buzzing grew louder and I shuddered as the cool metal egg that I also knew well dangled gently between the fleshy mounds of my ass, barely touching my slightly gaping ass-hole. I spread my legs wider, expecting more of the egg on my ass, when it suddenly bounced forward to dance on my swollen clit. I screamed and my knees reflexively tried to close, but I held them wide with my arms, arching my back to give the egg better access to my soaked cunt.

“Take a deep breath” I heard, but before I could, the thick wetness was again sliding from my asshole down the crack of my ass and puddling in my cunt, slipping across my clit and running down my kaçak casino stomach to my tits and my neck. Before I could take that breath, my ass-hole was stretched wide by the rock hard cock I was unknowingly waiting for and the egg was pressed firmly against my engorged clit.

And again the screaming. Deeper, longer, lower. “OH, No!” I kept screaming, but I didn’t want it to stop as I was coming so hard. And it didn’t stop. I was getting the fucking of my life, cumming and cumming. I felt a hand close over my mouth to muffle the cries, and just as the cock in my ass began to convulse, it pulled out of me. A strong hand closed around my throat as the cock plunged into my twitching cunt and filled me with cum just as I thought I was loosing consciousness, but then the grip relaxed, then released.

Gasping for air, I rolled onto my side as the cock withdrew and a body, slick with sweat collapsed behind me and pulled me into a strong, warm embrace. “I wish you mother had been here to see what a cock slut you became to make up for her walking out on us.”

“Thank you, Daddy, I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

I pulled my fathers handkerchief off of my face to see that my twin brother had found Daddy fucking me. His pants were around his ankles so that he could step out of them, while spitting into his hand and stroking his engorged 18 year-old cock. I could tell by the look in his eye what he wanted…

“Well, come on!” I lifted my cunt into a more beckoning position, my back rolled forward and my hands on my ass with my elbows on the bed to support the offer I was making for my twin. Then I turned back to Daddy just in time to see him beginning to grow hard again. “I’m not the only cock slut Mommy would be proud of” I said to Daddy as my brother crossed from the door to the bed in only three long strides.

As the last words left my lips, my brother sunk his shaft into my deliciously wet pussy and I thought the combination of words and walls could have made him spill his seed directly onto me on entry, but he toughed it out even when I again turned to Daddy….

“Daddy, give your cock slut son some of that stretching you just gave you baby girl.” But I was too late with my suggestion. Daddy was already on his feet, stepping behind my brother.

I saw my father’s massive hand gently come to rest on my brother’s shoulder, my brother’s face became peaceful for a moment, but pease left his features soon enough.

As my brother began to echo my own, earlier screams of ecstasy as Daddy’s fingers closed like a vice on his son. Just one of Daddy’s long, slow thrust into his boys hungry ass was all my brother needed to go over the edge and I felt his seed pumping into my own convulsing cunt. Within a couple of minutes, my father released the hold on his shoulder and they both collapsed onto the bed beside me.

What a way to end an afternoon nap…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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