Afternoon Fun

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I come in and see you on the couch, rubbing that wet pussy. Your pussy is nice and meaty, puffy with nice little lips. You see me and smile. That’s all I need. I kneel down for a closer look. You smell so good and your fingers are slippery. There’s a little droplet of juice running down your ass, spotting the couch. I lift your leg up, licking the droplet off of your ass, licking up to the source. You feel my hot breath on you as my big, warm, wet tongue folds open your lips and dips into you. I wiggle my tongue, hearing the wet noise it makes in you. You let out a moan and grab my hair, pulling me up and down. I lick you from top to bottom, stopping to suck your pussy lips into my mouth and nibble them. You taste so good.

I put a finger in you: just the tip, easing open your tight hole as I probe the opening. I spread you with my fingers, looking at that hot pink hole. I spit on your pussy, a long string of saliva lands on your clit and my warm spit runs down your pussy. I go down and lap it up. We taste really good together like that. I ease another finger into you, just the tip. Your pussy is really tight with two fingertips in you. I suck at your clit, wrapping it in my soft lips. It pops in and out as I suck it. I pull my fingers out of you and your hole stays open for a second, then slowly closes.

I unzip my fly. I haven’t come in days. My nuts feel like golf balls in my tight sack. A droplet of precum is oozing from my cock, hungry for you. It dribbles down the side as I sit down, pulling you up by the hand. You know what to do.

I brush your dark hair aside so I can watch you work zeytinburnu escort my dick. I tell you I want you to look up at me. My dick throbs in your hand. My nuts feel so good in your mouth. You lick up from my balls, up my shaft and swirl around the head. Then you take me in. Yours lips brush my shaved patch as you fuck me with your mouth. My balls tighten up, my dick twitches and throbs. I’m close. I ask you where you want it. You open your mouth and jerk me fast and furious. I let out a moan and my balls squeeze hard. My dick jumps in your hands and I shoot a long pearly jet of hot cum into your open mouth. It hits the back of your throat and splashes onto your tongue. One little glob misses your lips and hits your cheek, dangerously close to your eye. I run my finger down, wiping it off and I put it into your mouth. You suck my stud gravy off of my finger and you look up at me with those beautiful eyes.

My dick is still twitching from coming so hard. You bend down and suck it for a bit, then you stand up. I sit up straight on the couch and you come to me, kneeling on top of me. Your tits bob in my face and I lick out at them as you fumble for my dick. I grab your ass and the small of your back as you guide my rock-hard cock to your pink opening. You grab my dick and tease me, rubbing it up and down your soft meaty pussy; wetting the head with your juice. I pull you down on me and you arch your back. Putting your hands on my shoulders, you throw back your head and moan. I suck on your exposed neck, sucking and biting as I pull you down on acıbadem escort my pole. You wiggle your hips as you hit bottom. My hard cock refuses to bend. It is like fucking a piece of wood. I’m filling you up. Your pussy squishes on my dick. You are taking me all in. It’s tight but not uncomfortable.

You bounce up and down on me, slow at first; then faster. I put my hands on the inside of your thigh to help support your frenzied fucking. I look down and see your pink pussy swallowing up my cock. It expands and contracts as it rides up on my dick. Your pussy hole bulges a bit as the head is dangerously close to popping out. Then you slam back down on me. Your breathing is short and your heartbeat is strong and fast. You let out a little cry every time you come down on me. Your ass slaps on my thighs. Your tits are bouncing; the perky pink nipples brush my cheeks. I turn my head to suck on one but your pumping pops it out of my lips. You arch your back and moan. I feel you getting really slippery. You stop and shudder as you let out a cry. Your pussy wrenching down on me like a velvet clamp. Your legs twitch and you muffle your cries into my shoulder as you come. You stay there for a moment, your pussy clamped down on me. Then you wiggle your hips and slowly ease me out of you.

My dick is rock hard. If it was softer you might not have gotten me out. I stand up and kiss you hard, brushing the hair out of your face. I turn you around and bend you over the couch. You look at me over your shoulder as you arch your back. That sweet pussy tucked between anadolu yakası escort your thighs pops out at me. I kneel down to lick the juice off of your ass and thighs. I grab your hips as I lick your asshole and your still-gaping tight little hole. I stand up and press my head to your pussy. You ease back on me; pushing. My head flattens as you mash it against your pussy, finally it pops in. You let out a little yelp. God you’re tight.

I let you take control for a minute as your slowly expanding pussy accommodates me. When I’m all the way in I grab your ass and spread your cheeks so I can watch. I use long, slow strokes in and out of you. Your pussy flares a bit as it reaches the head, then tightens up as the shaft goes back in. My dick glistens with your wetness. I can smell your hot pussy as I spread your ass and fuck you. You work your hips against me and I fuck you with harder, shorter stokes; my balls slapping your waxed mound.

You’re going to come again. I feel my balls stirring. I slow down before you come; you look back at me with a scolding look. I slap your ass and laugh at you. I back off so you won’t come yet. My balls start tightening and my dick starts twitching and throbbing. I fuck you hard hard and fast, bottoming out in you. Your pussy quivers and tightens on me. I lick my finger and put it in your asshole, easing it into you. I can feel my dick through the wall of your pussy as I hammer you. I put my hand between your shoulders and mash you into the cushion. You moan like a crazy woman as you come on me. I feel a hot gush as you splash my balls and my shaved patch.

I pull out of you and your pussy juice squirts out on me. I spin you around and grab your hair behind your head and kneel on the couch. I pull you down on my dick and you choke for a second before you swallow. I mash your head down as my balls let go. You gulp me down, feeling the warm sticky goo slide down your throat. We both collapse in a hot sweaty heap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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