Afternoon Delight

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We had a busy morning: the gym, running some errands, visiting family, and visiting with our tax accountant. We did nothing sexual, in fact quite the opposite. We finally got home and just chilled for a while, catching up on TV shows that we had recorded and doing much of nothing. We were sitting close to one another as we watched TV. Occasionally we touched each other’s arm or leg, or maybe we’d share a little kiss, nothing much. As the afternoon wore on the touches became a little more lingering and the kisses started getting a little more sensual until finally something had to be done!

She went into the bedroom first while I finished up what I was writing. When I came into the room she had our incredibly soft blanket on top of the bed and she was on top of the blanket, nestled into the pillows, naked. She had me pull one of the bedroom chairs to the foot of the bed and had me get naked. I was hard already!

She then laid back, spread her legs, and started up her vibrator…lightly rubbing it up and down along her clit. That’s how she primarily uses her vibrator, only occasionally slipping it into her pussy. She kept doing that with increasing pressure and ümraniye escort tempo. Sometimes she would caress one of her breasts, pinching a nipple now and then. Her breathing started getting heavy and she was moaning.

Meanwhile, I was on the chair with a view straight between her legs. My focus was on the vibrator and her pussy, but I could also see her tits and her face. She wasn’t looking at me much. She was totally lost in her own moment. I was stroking my cock, doing my best not to cum, but to last as long as her. I volunteered to make her wet. She said, “Yes”, and I crawled up onto the bed, sliding my tongue into her pussy. She was already very, very wet! She had me suck some pussy juice off the vibrator like I was giving head, a job that I truly enjoy, and then she sent me back to the chair.

She continued to slide the vibrator up and down her clit and pussy lips. It was obvious that she was approaching climax because her hips were humping the vibrator and she was starting to quiver. Her moans got louder and louder…finally she began groaning and groaning and cumming. I can’t believe I managed yenibosna escort to not cum myself, but I wanted to be able to enjoy even more. She finally slowed down and got a satisfied look on her face, that “just came” look! I was so pent up that I was quivering!

Lucky for me she wasn’t done with herself just yet. She started up the vibrator again and asked me to move to the head of the bed. I stood by the bed with my hard cock near her mouth. She started up the vibrator action again and turned to suck down my cock. She began sucking me and again sliding that vibrator up and down the outside of her cunt. There is no doubt that she gives the best head when she’s being fucked or when she’s fucking herself!

My hands were roaming softly over her tits, between her legs and sometimes around the back of her head. She asked me to pinch her nipples and I willingly complied. One of my hands strayed to her pussy. Most of her slit was occupied by the sliding vibrator, but I can just touch the bottom of the opening. There, I got my finger wet with her juices and I rubbed a little, just between her pussy and her asshole. yeşilköy escort My finger was wet with her love juices and it appeared that it was having a great effect as she began sucking even more aggressively. She turned her vibrator on high and her hips began humping and pumping. She came again, in a big way, trying to yell, but her mouth was full of my cock. I was on the brink of cumming but again held hold back, still hoping for even more fun.

My hopes were spot on because after a brief respite she said, “I need that hard cock in my pussy.” I told her to get into whatever fuck position she wanted and I’d do my best. She got on her knees on the edge of the bed. Her beautiful ass was cock-high and her head was on the bed. Her legs were spread so I had the perfect view of ass, asshole and open pussy. This is what I live for! I stepped up to the task and quickly slipped my cock into her wet pussy. Immediately, she started pumping, setting the pace. Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow. Sometimes deep. Sometimes shallow. I was simply following her lead and loving every second of it.

She raised up and arched her back, giving me the opportunity to cup her breasts, while still pumping. Then she reached back and cupped my balls with one hand and that did it for me! I couldn’t control myself anymore and I spewed my cum into her hot hole like I had never cum before. We were both spent and couldn’t move from that position for several minutes.

I can’t wait to see what’s on tap for tomorrow afternoon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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