After Work Delight

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After a long day at work, you come home finding me in only a t shirt and a teasing smile. I tell you to sit down on the couch and relax. Climbing onto the couch behind you I begin rubbing the tension out of your neck and shoulders in slow circles, massaging your day away. As you begin to relax, I gently nip your ear. The feeling of the warmth of my mouth sends shivers down your spine. You feel your cock growing. I’m kissing down your neck as far as I can. Upon reaching your collar I whisper in your ear, “Take your shirt off”. Your hands reach up and begin to unbutton each button on your shirt. My hands are easing down your chest and back toward your shoulders, pulling the shirt off as I continue kissing your neck. My hands are moving down your torso untucking your white undershirt. I pull it off slowly, to expose your bare chest and stomach to the cool air of the house.

Getting up from behind you, while still touching your shoulder, I move around to face you. I run my soft hands up and down your arms. I feel your muscles tense beneath my touch. I gently run my nails down your chest, circling each nipple makes you shiver. My hands slide down to your belt. I slowly unbuckle it for you. My hands move closer to your package. I can see your cock becoming hard and beginning to strain against your clothes. Watching your body react to my touch excites me. I look at you with a teasing grin. I feel my nipples hard against your shirt, begging to be touched, licked and teased. You reach to touch them, but I stop you. “It isn’t your turn yet.”

I finish unbuttoning your pants. You stand, letting them fall to the ground, now your erection is free from its prison. maltepe escort Biting my lip, I gaze upon your long, hard, thick cock, my mouth and pussy are beginning to water at the sight of your strong, masculine form before me. I almost give in and let you have your way with me, but I want to prolong the pleasure and take my time enjoying your cock. “Sit back down.” I tell you, and you obey.

I begin running circles around your balls with my little, smooth fingers, making your erection grow even more. Wrapping my small hand around your cock, I begin moving up and down, slowly at first. You lean back into the couch, enjoying the feel of my skin on yours. I begin moving faster, while you enjoy watching and feeling me do what I want with you. I lick my lips, smiling at you before taking your head in my mouth swirling my tongue in circles over your sensitive tip. I take you deeper in my mouth, I use my tongue to tease and taste your length while my hands play with your balls. Licking over every inch of your thick cock, you begin throbbing and swelling even more. Feeling my warm mouth over you, you can’t contain yourself anymore. You need to feel your hands touching my skin and feeling me shiver, reacting to your touch.

I feel your hands removing the shirt I am wearing. I lean my body into your hands, nearly pleading with you to bring me relief. I moan with delight and your cock quivers at the sensation. Playing with my boobs makes me feel the fire igniting in every nerve I have. My desire for you building as my pussy is getting wetter, the tight hole begging to be stretched and filled by your maslak escort engorged cock. You get my shirt off of me. Pulling me up to my feet, you’re taking my body in with your eyes, seeing my pale skin, soft supple breasts that fill your hands just right, down my stomach to my smooth mound. Pulling me onto your lap you begin massaging my boobs in your hands.

While I continue to work your hard cock with both hands, you pinch and squeeze and tease me with your masculine hands, intensifying the need to get you deep inside me. You move one hand down to my clit and you begin moving in circles around it. You make me tremble beneath your expert touch. Moving your fingers inside me, you feel how wet I am for you. Your cock reacts, stiffening even more. You move your fingers deep inside me playing with me, watching as I enjoy the pleasure. “Please, let me ride you”, I beg, my breath quickening. “Please I need your cock inside me.” Granting my wish, you get up and bend me over the couch so my butt is in the air. You can see just how wet and ready I am. You want to watch your big cock disappear inside my petite frame. Grabbing my hips in your hands, you slam yourself inside my gushing pussy as I scream with pleasure. “Oh yes! Oh god yes!” We move in rhythm with you as you continue thrusting your cock inside me deeper and faster. I hear your deep voice demand I stay still and I try my best.

You pull my hands behind my back so I am completely in your control. I fight and squirm to be able to move and control the pleasure, but you have a tight grip, forcing me take each intense inch of you, feeling every nerve mecidiyeköy escort on fire with the need to cum. Your cock has my pussy stretched and so full. I can feel every ridge of skin and every movement you make. I beg for release. “Please, I am so close, I need to cum!” Hearing the pleading in my voice just encourages you to continue thrusting in and out. You start slowing down, torturing us both as you delay our orgasms. I am begging with every thrust that I be allowed to cum. You pull yourself completely out of my pussy and slam into it again taking me deeper and ravaging me, making me scream and fight for control. I am trembling uncontrollably with need. Letting go of my hands, you push my head to the couch cushions. My hand immediately goes to my clit which is begging for attention. Grabbing my hips once again, you put just the pulsing head of your cock inside my pussy and circle my opening a few times before pulling out and slamming yourself into my tight, pleading butt. I cry out “Oh god! Yes yes yes, oh god! I need to cum, please, please! Let me cum!” pleading with greater desperation to be allowed to cum.

Removing my hands from my clit, you use your own masculine hands, massaging my clit as you move deep inside of me, feeling my body tighten and draw you in, and not wanting to let you go. I reach for your balls, massaging them, intensifying your own need to cum. Slowly you pull out feeling the tight muscles begging you to stay. Sliding in again, more gently this time, you enjoy feeling every inch of your cock enter me. I am dripping with need, and begging, pleading you to let me cum. You relent enrapturing me in nothing but pleasure and sensuality as I feel nothing but your hand and your cock causing me intense pleasure with every minute motion. Feeling my body release the tension around you, you slam inside of me one more time giving yourself over to your own release. The pressure of your explosive orgasm giving me even more pleasure as we collapse onto the couch spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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