After School Snack

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“You’ve got a detention. That’s final. I’ll see you at 2:15.”
It was my first detention in high school. I really didn’t do anything at all; it was only a joke to a friend about how his video gaming was horrible. It wasn’t bad, just a “dude you suck at life.” Those comments were rampant in school. I didn’t mind the detention though. Ms. Amy was hot.
I showed up at 2:17 because I got stuck in the “traffic” that jammed the hallways.
Ms. Amy was looking fine. It was a hot day and she was sweating, so you could almost see through her shirt. Her C-cup breasts were nice and round, and her bubble-butt was amazing. “You’re late. I expected better of you.”
“I got stuck in the hallways, there wasn’t an easy way around it.” She looked at me long and hard, like my shaft was getting looking back at her sexy body. Suddenly she broke the staring contest.
“Go see if my computer screen is working.” Ms. Amy was my math teacher. Her computer was always shutting itself off when it got too warm and we would end class with a cheer. As I approached her front desk I saw her disappear behind her back desk. I noticed the comp was running and that it was in sleep mode. Just to make sure I flicked the mouse to wake it up.
I read the screen with shock when I suddenly felt illegal bahis soft warm arms wrap around my waist and brush up against my concealed cock. “How ‘bout it? I need a good dick in my pussy. You gave me the perfect excuse to get one today.” I turned around in her arms and grabbed her ass.
With a tug she leaped up into my arms her legs wrapped around me. I walked us over to a wall and pressed her against it. We hooked up for about 5 minutes before she pulled my shirt off. I ripped her button down shirt open and attacked her tits. She had a black lace bra on and her tits were hidden just under the top lip. I pulled her bra down and sucked her right nipple.
I played with her left nipple with my free hand. My right hand was down her pants and I played with her wet cunt from behind as I dry humped her. She suppressed her moans as a pleased appearance crossed her face. The fact that we were in school with teachers and “extracurricular students” walking around outside the room added to the excitement. She panted faster as my fingers continuously penetrated her pussy and I started working on her left tit with my tongue.
She started shuddering and she started moaning aloud. I planted a deep kiss on her and the suppressed her moans as she fell limp in my arms. I placed her on a table illegal bahis siteleri and looked down upon this goddess of 26. “Oh my god…oh my god,” her breathing was deep like she had just sprinted for 100 yards, “I guess it’s your turn.” Before I could respond she had my shorts and boxers around my ankles. She gave me an excellent blow job.
She moved my rock hard 8 ½ inch cock in and out of her warm mouth with ease. Her tongue lapping the underside of my dick as my head hit her throat wall. She got one of my balls in her mouth and her tongue worked furiously on the lightly haired sack. I was in heaven. I knew I was about to explode, and she too knew I was gonna. She ripped down her jeans and turned around on the table top. She placed the head of my dick at her asshole and stroked it once.
I started cumming like a mother fucker. I shot my load all over her rose bud and that nice bubble-butt. I knew what she wanted and started to rub my dick up and down her ass crack. Every time I came to her anus I would push a little bit and tease her. Finally after savoring the moment I pushed my head into her ass.
“Wow! That’s great,” I couldn’t say much more than that. I watched as my dick disappeared into her ass. It was amazing, nice and tight as well as warm. I could feel her canlı bahis siteleri muscles relax and tighten each time I plunged in and out. Her moaning started up again and I leaned over her to kiss her. We lay there for a long time, our lips locked, my dick going in and out of her ass. I felt myself begin to erupt.
I shot about 8 times into that candy ass before I pulled out. I smacked my cock on her ass a few times before I sat down in a chair. Ms. Amy just lay there on her stomach. She had climaxed a few times, the table was covered in her cum. I looked up at the clock casually before I noticed it was about 3:30. I was going to miss the late bus if I didn’t hurry. I pulled my pants up and was just about to leave when Ms. Amy grabbed me.
She pulled me close and passionately kissed me. Then she broke the kiss and issued me a warning. “You can’t tell anyone about this. I don’t want to lose my job and I don’t want to see you suspended.” She pushed me out the door and I ran for the bus. I looked back to see Tina walking out of a room, I couldn’t tell which one without my glasses but she waved to me which was unusual. Without a thought I barely made the bus.
Later that evening as I sat in my room playing my guitar, playing the images from my encounter back through my head, my phone rang. “Hello Chris, I know what you did today. I was wondering what would happen if the school found out? Or I could keep this a secret…with a little persuasion…”

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