Afro-Caribbean Hookups

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“Eat my ass real good and I may grant you the pleasure of my fucking my pussy,” Madeleine Cosgrove said, and she began grinding her thick brown ass against her lover Israel Etienne’s face. The burly Haitian stud grasped Madeleine’s thick ass cheeks and worked his tongue into her butt hole. Inside Israel’s apartment, located in the Overbrook area of Ottawa, Ontario, things were most definitely heating up.

Israel Etienne has a thing for big-booty women of all races, and he definitely doesn’t apologize for it. Nowadays, Israel is dating a tall, sexy Jamaican sister named Jasmine Thompson. While Jasmine has a foul mouth and something of a temper, Israel puts up with her bullshit because she has some bomb pussy. Israel was loyal to the difficult and bossy Jasmine until he met Madeleine Cosgrove, a woman with a much bigger ass, and the face of an angel.

What’s a brother to do when opportunity comes calling? Madeleine Cosgrove has the kind of ass that might make a man lose his damned mind. Israel started fantasizing about tapping that ass as he spotted Madeleine walking around the mall, wearing a pink tank top and some Yoga pants on a bright day in late July. Israel went to holler at Madeleine and even though she tried to act coy, he knew they were going to end up in bed together.

“Give me that big booty,” Israel paused to say, and he smacked Madeleine’s big brown ass, causing the curvy amazon to giggle. From the moment Israel first laid eyes on Madeleine, one fine day in the Place D’Orleans Mall, he wanted a piece of her fantastic ass. Five feet ten inches bostancı escort tall, curvy and sexy, with curly dark hair and dark brown skin, Madeleine is bodacious and hot, with a big ass tailor-made for freaky sex. How could Israel resist her?

“Shut up, you talk too much,” Madeleine snapped, and she smothered Israel’s face with her thick derriere. Madeleine, who was born in the town of Orleans, Ontario, to a Jamaican immigrant father and a white Canadian mother, is definitely a unique gal. Indeed, she grew up being told that she wasn’t black enough by the black girls at school. Madeleine has made a hobby of targeting dark-skinned black girls and stealing their black men. It’s the biracial BBW’s favorite thing to do…

From the moment Madeleine Cosgrove first laid eyes on Israel Etienne, she knew that the six-foot-two, lean and athletic, dark-skinned young Haitian man would be a good lay. That’s why Madeleine was getting her ass eaten by Israel, whose girlfriend Jasmine Thompson, a big-booty Jamaican slut, would definitely not approve, if she knew. Madeleine is a man stealer and there is no shame in the biracial lady’s game. None at all. Israel cleaned Madeleine’s butt hole with his tongue until her backdoor was positively shiny. Is the Haitian stud talented or what?

“Hmm, that feels good,” Madeleine cooed softly, loving the feel of Israel’s tongue in her butt hole as he fingered her wet, hairy pussy. The bed shook as Madeleine shuddered violently, nearly overcome by the intense pleasure which Israel büyükçekmece escort was coaxing out of her. When Israel buried three fingers in her pussy and twisted them around, Madeleine let out a sharp squeal. This was most unexpected on his part but oh-so welcome. A wicked orgasm gripped Madeleine, causing her to cry out her lover’s name…

“How was it?” Israel asked Madeleine with a wicked grin, after she calmed down somewhat. Madeleine looked at the grinning Israel, and pursed her lips. Israel is definitely the kind of cocksure, smirking fool that she typically avoided most of the time. Brothers like Israel tend to follow big booty women around the mall and usually tried to holler even if the lady in question had a man, or whatever. Tonight, though, Madeleine was horny, and exceptions were to be made…

“Show me your dick,” Madeleine demanded, and Israel unzipped his cargo pants, freeing his piece. Israel’s dick was both long and thick, and uncircumcised. It stood like a snake as Madeleine looked up and down. The curvy biracial beauty licked her lips and reached for the dick with both hands. Israel smiled as Madeleine stroked his dick and then gently took him into her mouth. Bossy mixed chicks suck the best dick, everyone knows that. Israel knew he was in for a treat, and Madeleine did not disappoint…

“Hot damn, you’re good,” Israel groaned, as Madeleine’s lovely head bobbed up and down while sucking his dick. In his twenty-something years, Israel has been with his share of women. At çağlayan escort first, Israel chased the lovely Haitian ladies in his hometown of Jacmel, Southern Haiti, and when he moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, the brother expanded his hunting game. White women, Hispanic women, East African women, Israel has bedded them all. Mixed chicks remain his absolute favorites, though…

“Let’s do this, got a condom?” Madeleine demanded, and Israel nodded most eagerly. She’d sucked his dick until he was hard as a rock. Madeleine got on all fours, and Israel watched as she shook her big beautiful brown ass for him. Madeleine is that rare sexy biracial BBW with a huge ass who can do the booty clap. Israel rolled a condom on his hard dick and caressed Madeleine’s big booty. With a swift thrust he entered her. Madeleine’s pussy was as slick as butter as Israel buried his manhood in her. Gripping her wide hips, he began fucking her…

“Hot mama,” Israel groaned, playfully smacking Madeleine’s big ass as he rammed his dick into her. Madeleine moaned deeply and rocked against Israel, grinding her big shapely ass against his groin. He fucked her with deep, passionate strokes. Madeleine let loose, riding him for all he was worth and Israel did not hold back, banging her roughly. The two of them melted into each other, and it was a grand old time. Hours later, they parted ways.

Madeleine Cosgrove headed back to her lovely townhouse in Orleans, Ontario. Israel Etienne might be good in the sack but he wasn’t on her level socially. The Haitian brother attended La Cite Collegiale because, unlike her, he didn’t have the goods or the grades to get into the University of Ottawa. Madeleine might hook up with Israel a few more times, but they would never be boyfriend and girlfriend. Afro-Caribbean ladies like Madeleine can and do enjoy casual sex with handsome brothers, without getting attached. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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