Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 20

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NOTE: I hope you enjoyed Wiley’s adventures. Next story is the Treasure of Juan Carlos Garcia.


It was a boring rainy day on the farm. The girls all were on the period and I was horny as hell. Bobbie and Madeline were absorbed in being mommies and Debbie was out a lot with new friends.

I was so horny that my ass hole was itchy. It had been many months since I enjoyed the pleasure of anal orgasm. Then I remembered Queenie talking about a gay bath house in town.

Too bad Queenie was busted by vice cops and her place shut down. I missed having a large cock in my ass occasionally.

I went upstairs and gave myself a big enema. Then I drove to town and found the bath house. I pulled into the back parking lot and entered the rear entrance.

I paid a twenty dollar membership fee and signed a waiver. The attendant showed me the rooms and sauna. One side of the sauna was marked for bottoms and the other tops. Each of the small rooms had different size tables in them with condoms and lube but no doors.

I put my clothes in a locker, and entered the sauna. It was mildly hot and steamy. There were several men on the top side and no one on the bottom side. I sat on the bench labeled for bottoms. I spread my towel on the bench giving the men on the other side a good look at my small tight butt.

In less than a minute several men came by to speak to me. Each one complimented the size of my fat cock that was semi hard. We talked some and I explained my sexual preference was to have a nice big hard cock up my butt not just give and receive a blowjob.

The third man who approached me was a stud with brown curly hair. He had a nice fat limp cock and we clicked immediately. He understood exactly what I wanted and he was eager to fuck me. His limp cock was at least seven inches and huge nut sack hung down.

“I have a friend with me—is that ok?” He asked. He explained that they liked to fuck a man’s ass but not receive. I understood completely.

His friend was a tall bald man with a cock the size of a small baseball bat hanging between his legs.

“Sure, let’s do it,” I said excitedly.

We went to a room and he sat in front of me on a cushioned table about three feet tall and three feet wide. I saw we had an audience of two or three men at the doorway watching, stroking their cocks.

The curly haired man grasped my semi hard cock and expertly sucked until I was hard. The bald man began to massage my bottom hole expertly with lubricant. I thrust my ass back and forth and groaned loudly.

“Mmmmm—aaaaagh—aaaagghh—yessss,” I moaned loudly.

I grasped his enormous semi-hard cock in my left hand and my right hand on the curly head sucking my fat cock. The girth and weight of the bald man’s cock sent a shudder through my body.

The bald man pinched my hard nipples and sucked each one with his mouth. The sensation sent ripples through my hard cock.

There I was standing in a room with a stranger sucking my cock and a tall bald man sucking my nipples with his long fat finger in my anus and me stroking the biggest cock imaginable.

Baldy took his time nibbling and sucking each nipple while pinching the other one hard. His finger wiggled deliciously inside my rectum causing fire to race down my cock. I felt my ass stretching as two fingers worked their magic inside my butt.

He soon had two fingers to the knuckles then three fingers stretching and fucking my nether hole while his friend pumped my cock with his mouth and groped my balls. I hoped he would fuck me and I was not disappointed.

“O’ God that’s good—yes—yes—oohhhh—ugghhhh—gawwggg—that’s so good,” I moaned out.

The curly man released my spit drenched cock and stood up. I grasped his half hard cock. It was the perfect size about two inches thick. The bald man pulled his fingers from my rectum and I sat on the bench and returned the favor taking turns sucking each cock while frigging both.

Curly’s cock head was big as an egg and smooth and I sucked it and took about three inches down my throat. I massaged his huge nuts that were big like mine. He pumped back and forth in my mouth and throat moaning and groaning. His cock oozed so much pre cum that I was afraid he might cum early so ardahan escort I released it and told him to slip on a condom.

His cock grew to about nine inches and stood straight out with a slight curve upward. He pulled out with a pop and the second man with his huge cock took his place. My mouth stretched tight over the head. That was all I could fit inside my mouth.

I frigged him with my left hand while sucking on his huge cock head. My right hand frigged the curly man long hard cock. I could feel my jaw extending over his head to my throat but no further.

The huge monster swelled and my hands grasped the thick shaft. His cock was thicker than my own. It was enormously thick. I knew it would painfully stretch my little hole. He swelled and the length was at least nine inches but twice as thick as his friend.

The first man rolled a condom down half way down his long cock and directed me to kneel on all fours on the padded table.

I could feel fingers pull my ass cheeks apart and prod at my nether hole. They both clucked and commented on my small brown orifice. My cock was thick and hard straining to feel a hard cock in my ass.

“Agggghh—that’s so good—fuck my ass,” I exclaimed as two fingers fucked furiously in my rectum.

The first man with curly hair said that he better go first to open me up for his friend.

I was on my knees with my bottom up as his cock nestled at my hole. The head popped in with no problem and half of his cock was quickly buried in my ass. I pushed my ass back relishing the intense full sensation of my hole filled with hard cock.

“Awwww—yes-yes-aww yes—hmmmm—awwggghhh—fuck-fuck,” I let out as his cock stretched my ass hole.

The tall bald man sat in front on the padded bench in front of me and directed my mouth to his thick cock. I held it with my right hand frigging it with his huge cock head in my mouth. He also let out considerable pre cum so I let his cock out of my mouth not wanting him to cum too soon.

“Oh yes, fuck me fuck me,” I exclaimed as the long cock plowed deeper and deeper in my hole. I wanted to feel it all the way inside me.

My cock throbbed each time his cock stroked in and out. The ripples caused a fiery sensation in my cock and balls.

“This is some good ass—smooth and tight—awwww—hummph,” he exclaimed.

His cock was buried all the way in my rectum and I could feel it penetrate my bowel. He then began a pounding that caused my cock to drip with pre cum. My cock was flailing away as he pumped over and over.

“Holy shit—he’s got all of my cock in his ass,” he exclaimed as his balls slapped my balls. His pelvis slapped my ass—smack-smack-smack—rang out in my ears as my cock was cumming.

After a three or four minutes, he pulled his long cock out, removed the condom and his partner traded places. I sucked Curly’s cock with glee while the bald man rolled down a condom and placed his enormous cock head to my ass.

I felt its enormous head spread my cheeks as he prodded for an entrance. I reached back directing his enormous cock to my stretched opening. I could feel the huge head nestle against my opening as my hand urged it to my hole.

In two or three pushes, I heard the squishing sound of his thick cock stretching my hole. I pushed back onto his cock encouraging his penetration. My mouth was full of cock and my ass was stretched tight over his huge cock head.

Soon he pumped half his cock inside my tight bottom and it felt so good. My cock spasmed as he fucked my hole deeper and deeper until I felt the head knocking on my bowel entrance.

“Mmmmmmmm—gawwwkkk—awwwgghhh,” I moaned with a mouth full of hard cock as the bald man’s thick cock pounded my hole over and over.

The nice looking man turned under me in a 69 position and sucked my cock as his friend pounded my ass.

I could feel my cock begin to cum and I told the man that I was cumming. He continued to suck me and I sucked harder on his cock. I could feel my cock spurt jism over and over and his cock began to cum in my mouth. I swallowed his cum. It tasted like salty cream.

The big man humped and puffed and said he was cumming and then he pulled out. My ass was stretched and my ardahan escort bayan balls were sore and tight from cumming so hard.

The big man pulled his softening cock out and pulled the jism filled condom off. I sucked on his huge cock-head tasting his cum when I noticed we had an audience. Since there were no doors, two men had watched the fuck scene while masturbating.

Both men had respectable big cocks about seven inches long. One man asked me if he could fuck me. I said ok and laid on my back as one held my legs back and the other rolled a condom down his cock. He was soon plowing deep in my well fucked bottom.

The first two men stayed to watch.

“Yes, yes—fuck—fuck me harder,” I yelled. My cock spasmed on each stroke but my nuts were spent and empty. In one minute or less he groaned and came in the condom. His friend did likewise and my bottom was quite sore and I felt like I had enough.

After showering, the first two men said that they were roommates and gave me their telephone number and invited to come over anytime. I said great and looked forward to fucking again.

George and Jeff:

Two weeks after the bath house encounter, my ass was achy and horny so I called the number to speak with the two men who had fucked me so good before.

George answered and said he would really like to see me again. I suggested we meet at the bath house and he said great.

That afternoon, I drove to the bath house with a hard on thinking about being fucked in the ass. It was the best cum ever.

I undressed and entered the sauna on the bottom side. George and Jeff came over immediately. I was excited seeing their nice cocks and my cock throbbed in anticipation. They began to tease me by pinching and sucking my nipples and each man took turns sucking my hard cock. I grasped each man’s cock feeling them get stiff in my grip.

I was soon in a small room playing with two stiff cocks. Jeff rolled a condom onto his long cock and had me bend over a padded table about four feet high. He applied lube to his cock and began to fuck my achy hole. The pressure was so good and the stretching was not painful.

“Ugghh–Awwwgghh,” I exclaimed taking a deep breath as half his cock buried up my ass.

Jeff blurted out, “O gawd your ass is so tight.”

I could feel his whole cock in my rectum causing my cock to spasm as he slowly fucked back and forth. My cock oozed cum out as his cock hit a sweet spot.

“Oooooohh—yes—that’s good—gawwdd-fuck me good,” I cried out as his cock began stroking inside my rectum. My cock felt like it had a fire inside. The fullness and friction of his hard cock sent spasms through my cock.

George got on his knees on the bench facing me holding my head to his huge cock. I managed to take the head in my mouth and used my tongue to caress it while frigging him with my left hand. I remembered the intense sensation of his cock inside my rectum.

“Awwwgghh—fuck me harder—harder—I’m cummminnngg,” as my cock dripped cum onto the floor. His cock penetrated my bowel and I could feel it squeezing his cock head.

Jeff pumped hard then soft over and over. He pulled out and swapped places with George. George sat on the bench and turned me around to sit on his massive cock.

My cock was rock hard and Jeff stroked it while George rolled a condom on his donkey size cock.

“Your cock is so big—I want it in my ass,” I suddenly exclaimed.

I reached back and held his hard monster to my ass—pushing past my ass cheeks to the fresh fucked hole. The head slowly penetrated my nether ring with a squishy sound.

“Awwwwggghh—that hurts—gaaaaggghhh—it’s splitting me open,” I cried as tears rolled down my cheeks. The pain gave way to sweet pleasure.

I didn’t stop—instead my ass rested firmly onto the head struggling to impale myself. The shoulder of his huge cock was stretching me and eventually my hole gave way as his cock head stretched my prostate.

George laid back and my legs straddled his hips with half that monster up my rectum. The sensation was wonderful. My cock oozed in anticipation of cumming hard.

I rose up and down a few times allowing my weight to gradually encompass another escort ardahan inch. George grabbed my hips and assisted me in fucking his cock.

It took maybe two minutes to feel his cock head penetrate my bowel. My ass was resting on his pelvis fully engorged onto his massive member. My balls touched his balls. I leaned back as his hands supported my back and he began pumping his cock inside me.

“Oh yes that feels so good—hmmmm—yes—fuck—fuck,” I exclaimed as his cock filled me and my cock oozed cum.

Jeff commented on how big it was inside my ass. My ass writhed and shook on his cock. My ass was full and my cock was straining to feel George fuck me.

George pushed me off his cock and had me lay on my back on the bench. His cock squished out and I was on my back with my legs up as he re-penetrated my ass.

Jeff held my ankles past my head and his cock dangled in my face. I grabbed it and began sucking on it eagerly as George began to plow my ass with his huge cock.

George was pounding my ass and Jeff’s cock was so deep in my throat that his balls touched my nose. George frigged my cock and I could feel the jism begin to pump.

Slap, slap, slap went his balls on my ass as his strokes were strong and steady. The feeling of my rectum stretched and pounded by his monster was exquisite. I could feel my jism oozing onto my belly.

His big hand wrapped around my fat cock squeezing and frigging it in time with his own thrusts. George tensed up and hit hard in my ass and my own cock spurted over and over.

My nuts were tight and sore from cumming. I got up on all fours on the bench as Jeff rolled on a condom and quickly poked my ass with his cock. He fucked my ass and my cock was still cumming and dripping cum as he fucked me hard.

Two or three minutes passed while Jeff pounded my ass with his long cock. Finally he grunted and came in the condom.

We showered and decided to have lunch. We got acquainted and decided that I would visit their home and we could fuck there. I relished the idea of being fucked once a month.

One week later, I was so horny. My cock throbbed thinking about anal orgasm. I fucked all three girls but could not cum.

I called Jeff and he invited me over for a visit. I had to be in town anyway and dropped by his house.

George wasn’t home but that was ok with me. Jeff showed me around and once in his bedroom, I stripped my clothes off. Jeff sat on the bed and admired my cock and ass.

“I love to suck a fat cock like yours,” he said. And he commented on my firm hard butt and small nether hole.

I laid down on the bed face first and his face kissed my ass cheeks. His fingers spread my cheeks and his tongue licked my anus.

He used his tongue to tease my anus. He seemed to relish the taste. Then he penetrated my hole with a finger. He wriggled it around causing a stirring in my cock.

I noticed his cock was hard even though I had not touched it. It was magnificent jutting out and up at a slight angle. It was not as thick as my cock but more than enough to satisfy my need.

He slipped on a condom and lube and spooned behind me. His cock prodded at my anus and I reached back directing his stiff shaft to my small entrance.

I let out a moan as his head entered and began thrusting small strokes in and out. I could feel his cock bumping my swollen prostate and suddenly filling it in an attempt to bury all nine inches in my rectum.

“Oooohhhh–yes that’s so good,” I moaned.

“You’re so tight and it really feels good for me too,” he added.

He slow fucked me for five or six minutes. My cock was on fire. My nuts were tight and bursting with cum.

He had me get on top of him riding my ass on his hard cock. The feeling of his cock stroking my sweet spot caused my cock to ooze cum onto his belly.

His fingers pinched my nipples and I returned the favor. Then he had me get on all fours on the edge of the bed while he stood behind me.

His cock re entered my tight hole and he began to pound my ass. After only a minute we were both cumming. Jism spewed out of my cock onto the large beach towel on his bed.

I felt like I was cumming for an hour. Each time his long cock fucked in me my cock spasmed as if ejaculating. He pulled his spent cock out of my ass and removed the cum filled condom. We took turns gently sucking each other’s cock.

Afterwards, we sat in his hot tub for a few minutes that relieved my tight nuts. I excused myself and left promising to return another time.

The end.

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