Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 11

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Gus got out of bed around 5am, having tossed and turned without much sleep. “Fuck it,” he thought, and put on a pot of coffee. He opened up his computer and scrolled through some news and social media. Gus plugged his camera into his computer to download his pictures from his past few adventures. He watched as the pictures appeared on his computer, he’d captured some amazing sunrises, stunning sunsets, images of bodies of water that had treated him well, a few nice fish, and then there was Aaron. The last picture was of the two of them kissing. Gus smiled looking at the picture and grabbed his phone. He transferred that picture over and sent it via text to Aaron.

“Good morning handsome.”

“You’re up early,” Aaron replied. “That’s a sweet picture bud, thanks for sharing.”

“I didn’t get much sleep last night. Been thinking about you. Hope you have a great day,” Gus responded.

“Hope you do too. Getting Mark some breakfast and all packed up for the long weekend. I’ll call you later furry man.”

Gus turned back to his computer and opened up the Facebook invite from Jake and Bill to join them at their cul-du-sac party on Saturday. He’d been in a group message with the two of them discussing it and had let them know back on Monday, that he’d be glad to come. He re-opened the group message and typed:

“Hey guys, hope your weeks are going well. Just wanted to see if I could bring a friend with me to your party this weekend. His name is Aaron, he’s one of my fishing buddies and I think you guys would like him. Let me know. See y’all Saturday either way. Cheers!”

Gus posted a couple sunsets to his Facebook page, then hit the shower and headed into the office early. When he arrived and got set up at his work station, he’d received a message from Jake. “Your friend, Aaron, is more than welcome, these parties are pretty low key and come and go, look forward to seeing you on Saturday.”

The work day proceeded in run of the mill fashion for Gus. He checked off every item on his to do list and left the office right at 5pm to head home. On his way, his phone rang, it was Aaron.

“Hey Aaron, how are you?”

“Doing well bubba, how bout you?”

“On the way home from work, hey, I reached out to my buddies about their little get together in the burbs this weekend, if you still want to be my date they’re all for it.”

“I’d love to join you – what time on Saturday?”

“Starts at 2pm, maybe we could get some lines wet before then?”

“I’d love to get some fishing in this weekend, Gus, we could head down to the river and see what we can hook up on if you like.”

“Sounds good to me – did you get Mark all packed up and prepared for his family reunion this weekend?”

“Sure did, his mom and sister came and picked him up this afternoon, he should be on the porch relaxing by now. I’ve been getting laundry done, and the house in order. Just wrapped up with chores. What are you up to this evening Gus Wolfe?”

“Just headed home, probably ordering some Chinese take out for dinner and and having a low key evening. Care to join me?”

“I’d love to, send me your address and I’ll head your way in an hour or so if that works.”

“Will do – see you in a little while, Marine.”

Gus got home and immediately began to clean his place. It had been a while since he’d had anyone one over. He emptied the sink of the weeks worth of coffee cups and dirty dishes, wiped down his countertops, and fluffed the pillows on his well worn couch. He opened up his windows to let in the cool evening breeze and even ran a vacuum over his living room rug. Gus ran upstairs and put a fresh set of sheets on his bed, and wiped the countertops in his bathroom as well. He emptied his trash cans and took a bag out into his alley, and right as he came back in, his doorbell rang. Aaron was there.

Gus smiled from ear to ear as he opened the door, and the Marine pressed his smile right into Gus’ kissing him as he entered his home. “Hello handsome,” Aaron said.

“Hi there, Marine,” Gus responded, kissing him one more time on the mouth.

Aaron looked around Gus’ place. Inside the front door was the living room, with a fireplace, long couch, recliner and coffee canlı bahis table. Above the mantle on the fireplace was a large mounted red drum hanging over the top of ten or so picture frames that were perched atop the hearth. All of the pictures were of sunsets in different landscapes. Through the living room was the kitchen and dining room. A large butcher block island with a couple of stools around it separated the two open rooms. Across the dining room wall were five more mounts: a small mouth, a rainbow trout, a striped bass, a silver salmon, and a tarpon. “Those are some nice fish, Gus Wolfe.”

“Thank you, each of them has it’s own story,” Gus replied, “I’m hungry, here’s the menu of the place I order from, let me know what you want and I’ll call in the order.”

Aaron decided on his choice and Gus called in the order, then opened the fridge to grab each of them a beer. The two men stood around Gus’ butcher block and talked.

“So, I don’t see any pictures of people in here, do you have a family Gus?” Aaron asked.

“I do, but I don’t see them or speak to them often. When it became clear that I wasn’t going to marry a woman after college, they got the picture that I was gay. While we’ve not spoken about it directly, my parents have always been religious conservatives, and have often spoken poorly about gay people so we pretty much avoid each other outside of an obligatory holiday or birthday call. It never fails that when we speak, they always asked if I’ve found a nice woman yet. When I say no, they change the subject to the weather, or family happenings. I have one brother, who lives out in Alaska with his wife and two kids, who I’d be closer with if we lived closer. That silver salmon right there came from the last trek I made out to Alaska to see him. He’s a good guy and has a caring family. He knows I’m gay, and has never treated me differently,” Gus responded.

“I’m sorry to hear that your parents aren’t supportive of you, I definitely know the feeling. My parents were the same way when I first came out. They wanted to send me to treatment camp, but I avoided that by getting a girlfriend in high school who I brought around often to keep the closet closed. Her name was Valerie, and she’s now married to her wife of 10 years and happy as a clam. We both needed each other as cover, and so it worked out perfectly for a time. I enlisted the day I turned 18 to get on with my life. I have one brother too, he lives not far from here, he’s a local cop, but we don’t speak. When he found out that I married Mark, he sent me a bunch of religious pamphlets and begged me to repent and save my soul from the abomination of homosexuality and the eternal damnation that awaits me. I speak to my parents on important dates briefly and at a surface level, and they’ve come around somewhat, but are no where near as supportive as Mark’s family has always been with me. They accepted me the day they met me, and have been the family I never had,” Aaron shared.

“Wow. Religion sure does some fucked up shit to people, doesn’t it? I’m glad Mark’s family has been kind. After I got out of college, I decided to live the life I wanted and do what I needed for my own happiness. I’ve been in and out of two longer-term relationships with men that I learned a lot from, both about myself, and about other people. When the second one ended, a few years back, is when I started my naked fishing adventures. And now, here you are Aaron Green, standing in my kitchen, having me acting like a giddy school girl, wanting to have a relationship with a married man,” Gus said as he smiled, and leaned across the island to steal another kiss from Aaron.

“Aww, you like me back,” Aaron replied, “I’m glad to hear that, sexy man. You know my circumstances, so what does this look like to you?”

“I’ve been thinking about it, too much probably,” Gus responded, “And today at work it hit me. It looks just like this, like you and me spending time together, getting to know each other, having hot hairy man sex, going fishing, and seeing how things continue to proceed. I enjoyed meeting Mark, and would like to continue spending time with the both of you, understanding y’alls routine, and being with you with Mark to make sure I get a sense bahis siteleri of how he’s responding to all of this as well. If last night is any indication, he doesn’t seem to have any anger toward me, and that’s a good thing. I can’t get you out of my head, no matter how much I try, and I’m just going to accept that. I want to be around you, to learn about you, to eat your cooking and your ass, both, as often as possible,” Gus chuckled.

“That sounds like a plan to me,” Aaron responded, undoing his belt and pulling his pants down. His furry ass plopped out of his jeans and he smacked it a couple times jokingly and rested his elbows on the island. Gus walked over behind Aaron and grabbed two large handfuls of Aaron’s butt, squeezing and caressing him. Aaron sighed as Gus played with him and said, “If you want any of that you better get to it Gus Wolfe, I can’t vouch for myself after Chinese takeout,” Aaron laughed.

Gus dropped to his knees and spread Aaron’s ass cheeks apart, and began repeating some of the techniques that had been used on him the night prior. He was glad that Aaron enjoyed eating ass as much as he did, it truly was one of his favorite things. Gus ate Aaron’s hole for ten minutes, until the ring of the doorbell interrupted them. Aaron stood there, pants around his ankles, and watched Gus wipe off his face and beard as he made his way to the front door. Gus reached down the front of his jeans and pulled his cock up behind his belt to hide his bulge from the delivery driver. Aaron was still standing naked, hard on fully erect, when Gus walked back into the kitchen with the paper bag full of food. Gus set the food on the counter and made his way back to Aaron’s sweet hole, “I’m not quite ready for you to eat yet, Marine, give me a couple more minutes.”

“By all means,” Aaron replied, and resumed his accepting position. Gus tongued him some more, and used his bushy beard to tease Aaron’s ass hairs and the back side of his ball sack. Gus inserted one finger into Aaron, and after a few probes, a second. Aaron was moaning softly in delight as Gus rose to his feet behind him and undid his belt and jeans, still working Aaron’s prostate with one hand. Aaron felt Gus’ fingers escape and the tip of Gus’ throbbing manhood replace them between his cheeks. Gus spit on his cock right where it connected with Aaron’s beautiful asshole and pushed carefully into him. Aaron moaned loudly, “Yeah buddy, fuck me good,” Aaron said loudly, looking up to notice that all the windows in the house were wide open. He didn’t care, and Gus’ didn’t seem to mind either.

Gus proceeded slowly, making certain he’d cause Aaron no pain, and that he’d enjoy his time inside of his Marine. Aaron’s ass encased Gus’ dick perfectly, offering a softness and warmth that felt like home. Gus picked up the pace and within a couple minutes he was pounding Aaron over the side of his butcher block island. Aaron’s dick was dripping lines of sticky pre-cum down onto Gus’ wood floor, and his deep voice grunted moans of passion each time Gus bottomed out inside of him. Gus backed off his deep pounding to stave off orgasm, and popped out of Aaron. “Why don’t you hop on up there, Marine, I’ll join you,” Gus encouraged.

Aaron quickly kicked off his shoes and stripped away the rest of the clothing he was wearing, Gus did the same, and joined Aaron on top of his island re-inserting himself in him missionary style as their lips met. From afar the two men appeared as if they were up on a sex pedestal between two rooms, embraced in a deep passionate grasp of each others making. Connected mouths, inside of each other in more ways than one, and writhing in passion. Their grunts and groans could be heard well out into the neighborhood. It wasn’t just passion or lust, though there was plenty of both to be sure. Their fall was complete. “Aaron, I think I love you,” Gus uttered.

“I think I love you too, Gus,” Aaron responded, clenching his ass tightly around Gus’ dick as he spoke. Their mouths reconnected and their probing tongues reached as forcefully into one another’s mouths as they could, and Gus pumped a load deep into Aaron. Simultaneously Aaron’s dick spit streams of cum between them as the moans and grunts reached their peak for bahis şirketleri all passers by to hear.

“God I love the way you feel inside me fisherman, it’s perfect, you hit my prostate with such precision,” Aaron sighed.

“Feels just as good to me, Aaron, as I’m sure you can tell from all my cum you’re now carrying,” Gus replied, “I’d love for you to keep that load in you the rest of the night if you can.”

“No promises,” Gus said chuckling, pointing to the Chinese food beside them, “But I’ll give it a go.”

The two men got off the butcher block island and Gus used his t-shirt to wipe the cum out of Aaron’s chest and belly hair, raising it to his nose for a long sniff afterward. “Essence of Aaron,” he cracked.

Aaron laughed and the two men prepared plates, deciding without discussion that neither of them needed clothes for dinner, or anything that may happen after. They made their way to the couch to eat, and talk, and the subject of the party the coming weekend arose.

“So, this cul-du-sac thing we’re going to on Saturday, what should I be expecting?” Aaron asked.

“Not fully certain, but it will likely just be as boring as it sounds. We’ll have a few beers, some food, meet some suburbanites. Jake and Bill could have something in mind, but they haven’t said anything about it if so,” Gus responded.

Gus grabbed his phone and pulled up pictures of Jake and Bill to show to Aaron. As Gus had known, Aaron thought Bill was a hunk as well. “Damn, he’s a nice side of beef isn’t he,” Aaron said.

“Yep, he is, and you should see the meat he carries. It’s the thickest dick I’ve ever seen, I had some trouble getting it into my mouth,” Gus said, looking at Aaron for a response, “His beefy ass is a site to behold as well.”

“So what if they do have something in mind? Do you want me to be a part of it, or should I keep mingling with the housewives?” Aaron asked.

“If they do, and you’re up for it, I’d say we’re a package deal, no me without you,” Gus replied. “Do you want to get into anything like that?”

“I don’t see what it could hurt, we’re taking this as it comes right? Why would I want to put the brakes on anything I haven’t even experienced yet. Plus, I can’t take the naked fisherman out of his happy place by starting to put parameters on what he can and can’t do,” Aaron grinned.

“Both of those guys are married with children, and I know neither of them has plans of being anything other than who they are. They just like a little man sex from time to time it seems. I don’t have feelings for them the way I do for you, hell, I don’t have feelings for anyone the way I do for you, would it make you jealous you think, to see me pleasuring or being pleasured by another guy?” Gus asked.

“I don’t know, I haven’t yet experienced it, but when I do, I’ll let you know exactly how it makes me feel, Gus. It makes me kind of excited, actually, the way your story about the man piles at the beach did. I think we could get into a lot of trouble together,” Aaron smiled.

“You’re probably right. Just to be clear though, I have no intention of bottoming, for anyone but you, Aaron, you feel too right, and the way treat my ass has no equal. I won’t be upset with whatever you’d like to get into either, and, like you, I’ll tell you exactly how it makes me feel if and when we do cross that bridge with other people. Look at us preparing for a sexual encounter when we’re likely walking into nothing more than shitty hot dogs, and some canned beans in a cul-du-sac. Haha.” Gus smiled.

The two men finished dinner and kept talking, entangled with one another on the couch. They planned get up early on Saturday and make a run to one of Aaron’s favorite local spots along the river to try for some bass. While Aaron wasn’t sure if they could be naked while they fished, he thought there was a chance and they’d have to see if anyone else was around when they got there. Gus was happy and comfortable. The hours flew by and before they knew, it was midnight. “I haven’t slept much since I met you, Marine, I gotta get some shut eye, come to bed with me.” Gus suggested.

Aaron stood up with Gus and took his hand, allowing himself to be led upstairs to the naked fisherman’s bedroom. Gus had an extra toothbrush he gave to Aaron, and after brushing and a piss, the two men crawled under the fresh sheets and found their embrace once more. Within a few minutes both men were snoring.

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