Adventures of Kitty Cat , Sharon

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Everybody said Cat was an unusual young woman and they were right. Cat was unusual looking: she was five foot, seven inches tall and slim with long black hair and a white complexion, as if she had been carved from a piece of ivory. Her facial features were almost Elfin in character: large and strange icy blue eyes and thin arched brows, delicate upturned ears, high cheekbones and soft full red lips. She was strangely beautiful and extraordinarily sexy, many men and women thought, even though she had developed shadows around her eyes and generally looked worn from too little sleep and too much time going out and going home with others.

Cat said the unusual as well, expressing opinions in her soft high voice which made some people uncomfortable. She was regarded as self-centred and narcissistic – a self-absorbed artistic type who liked to shock people with her frank opinions about life, politics and sex. She seemed to quietly enjoy contradicting peoples most cherished beliefs about religion and morality, quietly arguing for atheism, amoral behaviour and promiscuity. Many older people were annoyed by Cat, when she raised her points and stated her views in her dreamy and distracted way. She was regarded as pretentious by some.

And finally Cat did the unusual as well. When Cat turned 18 and went to college she began hitting nightclubs every weekend, pursuing men aggressively, never waiting for any male to make the first move and ending up in bed with a different guy every time she went out. Then at 20 Cat’s tastes began to change and she started focusing on handsome older males, guys twice her age, who were at the clubs trying to get laid and having very little success with the younger crowd. Cat liked to hunt these older guys down, getting herself quickly invited back to the guy’s place, where she could fuck him. This taste in older guys set Cat apart from her friends and the most of the other girls who went clubbing – that and the fact that she never slept with a person more than once.

In fact Cat confused her friends and she lost most of them through her behaviour. Cat’s friends were out to have fun, like she was, but they were looking for young guys and prospective boyfriends and only rarely went home with someone for a one night stand. Cat was screwing a different guy each night and they were all older guys, the types who managed to get into a club and then stand out against the background of young people. Cat’s friends began regarding her as a slut and Cat ended losing friends because of who she was.

But then one night Cat met Sharon at a club. Their eyes locked across the crowded room and Cat smiled as if she had just encountered a kindred spirit, though they had never even spoken. Cat pushed her way through the crowd, slapping away the roving hands of young males until she was face to face with Sharon. The two girls then moved out onto the balcony to sip their drinks, chain smoke and sum each other up. Cat learnt a lot and she said more than she usually would to a near stranger.

Sharon was a beautiful 24 year old, three years older than Cat. She was five foot, eight inches tall with long dark hair like Cat’s, and like Cat, Sharon looked almost anaemic, her skin flawlessly white. Unlike Cat, however, Sharon’s body was curvaceous, where Cat’s was slim. Sharon had a heart shaped face, full soft lips and large brown eyes. Cat loved Sharon and decided very quickly that this girl was her next good friend. Sharon liked to talk and had difficulty stopping and she was a perfect match for the more softly spoken and anti-social Cat. Sharon was social, adept at organising and manipulating people.

Cat told Sharon that she liked older guys and Sharon admitted that she liked her men older as well. It was a strange topic to bring up during their first conversation, but Sharon explained to Cat that she had recently broken up with a 53 year old man named Doug, who was an old friend of her father’s and now Sharon was just fucking around. Cat grinned and admitted that she was just fucking around and Sharon grinned back.

Sharon said that she liked married guys and Cat said she had never slept with a married guy before. The older girl told Cat she had to try it at least once because it was so taboo and therefore so worthwhile doing. Cat asked and Sharon told her that she had slept with at least five married men and extra-marital affairs had developed with two of the guys, one really serious. Cat told Sharon that she had been with two boyfriends but they had been immature and the relationships had ended after just a few months.

The two women exchanged phone numbers and met for lunch a few days later. The talk turned from study and work back to men again. Cat was curious about Doug, Sharon’s last boyfriend.

“Yeah he was married,” Sharon said quietly, picking at her salad.

“Did his wife find out?”

“Eventually and she has filed for divorce.”

“Why did you break up with him; you got rid of her out of the picture?”

“My casino siteleri parents stepped in Cat and put a stop to it.”

Cat looked confused.

“Doug was my dad’s brother Cat,” Sharon said.


“Doug was my uncle,” Sharon said, interrupting Cat. “I lied about him being my dad’s friend.”

Cat tried to change the subject, but Sharon felt like telling her new friend everything. The young woman sat there looking bitter as she conveyed the tale. Sharon had seduced her favourite uncle, a man she had known all her life and was convinced she loved. She had called Doug, shown up at his office unannounced, invited him out but he had said no, clearly flattered by his niece’s attention, but managing to keep her at arm’s length. But Sharon had refused to give up, determined to have Doug.

There would be family barbecues at Sharon’s parent’s home and Sharon would be wearing her bikini, showing off her delicious white body for Doug to look at. Or else she would sit at his side at the dining table and rub Doug’s thigh with one hand while she ate with the other hand, keeping up a conversation with her aunty, Doug’s wife as well. Sometimes Sharon would just put her hand on her uncle’s erect penis under the table while he covered his gasp with a hastily picked up napkin.

The phone calls were endless and the emails. Finally a thoroughly horny and confused Doug gave into his desires and invited Sharon out to lunch, and then brought his niece back to an apartment he kept in the city and fucked Sharon all afternoon long.

The relationship had boiled along for months without Doug’s wife or anyone else finding out. Sharon began working in the city and meeting her uncle for lunch at the city apartment and having sex with him nearly every day. Then the two of them began to meet after work, both of them making excuses to their families and spending hours together in bed, their groans of pleasure carrying through the apartment door and into the corridor.

Finally, Sharon wanted more – she wanted her uncle to leave his wife for his niece, but Doug tried to put Sharon off, asking for more time. When that didn’t work Doug tried to reason with an emotional Sharon, explaining that she was his niece and that what she was asking for was impossible. Finally, Sharon had become hysterical and quickly grown enraged, threatening to tell her aunty and her father about the affair if Doug didn’t tell Sharon that he loved her and didn’t do something to end his marriage with his wife.

Doug had tried to put an end to the relationship and told Sharon clearly that it was over. The enraged and heart-broken Sharon had spent hours on the phone calling him constantly for days on end, refusing to accept that he had ended their relationship. She sent him email after email, drunkenly proclaiming her love and sat outside his house in her car refusing to come inside, or talk to her aunty, when her aunty came out to see why the clearly upset Sharon was there.

She then tried a new tact – promising to give Doug the sort of sex he could only every dream of while living with his boring wife – she promised faithfully to worship Doug’s penis. She said it all with a twinkle in her eye and a smile playing across her lips. For a moment she almost had him again, but he regained his senses and rejected her and a furious Sharon began stalking her uncle again, convinced she could get him back. Finally the story came out: Sharon’s disowned his brother, Sharon’s aunty filed for divorce and Sharon’s horrified parents sought professional help for their daughter.

Cat thought it was an amazing story and it gave her a glimpse of just how obsessive her new friend Sharon could be. Cat loved her.

They were out clubbing the next time they met up. The two of them ignored the irritating and persistent approaches of every young man, as they looked for even one good looking older guy. They were almost ready to give up and go home when they spied a good looking forty-something guy at the bar. It happened so naturally – Cat and Sharon seduced the man together, all three of them left together and Cat and Sharon fucked the man together, having a great time and driving the guy crazy, making him cum three times.

The two girls laughed about it afterwards, but the threesome had given them a real thrill. From that time on they played as a team whenever they went out. Sharon would approach the lucky guy and break the ice with her conversational skills, getting the surprised guys attention and then Cat would saunter up. The lucky guy, always old enough to be the girl’s father would try to ignore the glares from the hostile males around him, his arms around each girl, as they all left together.

Sometimes Sharon and Cat would take turns kissing a guy, barely letting him get a second before the next girl was sealing his mouth and slipping her tongue in. The two girls could really work a man up that way. Other times they would dance close with a guy, rubbing up against him, moulding canlı casino their body to his, trying to get him to cum in his pants. Sometimes they actually succeeded.

Later, back at a guys place the two young women would force the naked guy to lie back on the bed and they would share his engorged penis while he watched amazed. Sharon would kiss the tip softly and then offer the penis to Cat and she would lick the underside of the knob, dragging or flicking at the dick with her tongue. Then they would take turns sucking the oozing penis relentlessly and aggressively, daring the man to maintain his composure and keep himself from cumming.

Cat loved watching Sharon being fucked. The excited guy would have the sexy brunette on her back, her legs open and forced back and be pile driving Sharon with deep firm strokes while she squirted, groaned and giggled up at the horny guy or looked at Cat. Then sometimes the guy would have Sharon on her hands and knees, the girl’s body rocking hard, her breasts swinging, and her head colliding occasionally with the bed head or bedroom wall.

Sometimes Cat was crazy for it, particularly if she had been watching Sharon fucking some older guy and reaching a powerful orgasm. Cat would screech at the guy, reaching out to claw him as the guy pushed Cat on her back, roughly spread her legs and mounted her. Cat loved dick and she would roll her hips madly, gripping his sides or his ass and urge him on.

Sharon first met Cat’s father Tony six months after the two girl’s friendship began. Tony had wanted to have a lunch at his new place and had invited his daughter and a few old friends. He had recently ended his marriage to Cat’s mother and his life felt as though it had been turned upside down. He wanted to see Cat and spend some time with her – Cat agreed, but decided to bring Sharon along.

Tony noticed the strange and beautiful girl staring at him from across the dinner table as he spoke with his daughter over lunch. Sharon had caught his attention and Tony neglected his other guests and spent most of his time talking with the two girls, trying to find out more about Sharon.

Sharon was dressed in a rich dark green dress that ended at mid thigh, but plunged at the neckline revealing the tops of her breasts. She wore her long dark hair down so it framed her pale face. Tony also noticed his daughter Cat and thought she looked sexy, just like Sharon – Cat was wearing a blue dress even shorter than Sharon’s, with a similar plunging neckline. Both girls wore sheer stockings and the highest heels they could find.

They had a great conversation, talking for the rest of the lunch and then into the evening about Sharon’s work and her interests, and then about Cat and everything going on in her life, and also about Tony and his momentous life changes. Tony opened up a few bottles of wine and all three of them drank too much. Cat noticed her friend was interested in Tony and at first it shocked her. Sharon was leaning well forward in her seat, inviting Cat’s father to look straight down her dress while she chattered on, and then leering at Tony while she paused to listen to his reply.

Cat quickly got over her shock and watched the conversation silently. Sharon was grooming him as if Kat’s father was one of their nightclub targets and Kat was amused by what she saw, but she also felt a touch jealous. Then slowly Kat leaned forward as well, allowing her dress to fall open so her father could see more of her breasts if he wished to. Was it too much drink which caused Cat to do what she did or a desire to shock her father or something else? Cat wasn’t sure, but she felt a thrill of pleasure run down her spine when her own father’s eyes dropped to look at Cat’s breasts as if he were a robot and Cat had just pushed the right button.

Then just to top it off Cat began giving her distracted father her best “I’m ready to fuck you now” expression causing Tony to jump when he saw it. Finally, though, the two girls left, climbing into a taxi for the drive home.

Cat and Sharon laughed uncontrollably in the back of the taxi.

“Sorry Cat, but I really want to fuck your dad.”

“I know, I know,” Cat said, still laughing. “I thought he was going to jump you at one stage, just leap across the table!”

They laughed again.

“I thought for a second he was going to jump YOU Cat.”

“Are you serious – no, he’s my dad.”

“I saw it Cat, he wanted to fuck you Cat, he wanted to fuck you senseless,” Sharon exclaimed as Cat covered her ears, shook her head and shrieked to block out Sharon’s voice.

Cat was so drunk she passed out when she landed in bed that night, but the next morning she felt horrible and gloomily ate her cereal recounting the events from the day before. Cat couldn’t believe she had flashed her cleavage at her dad and given him some of her flirtiest looks. She blamed all the wine and her wild child friend Sharon, who always seemed to lead her into trouble or some sort of compromising kaçak casino position.

Meanwhile, twenty minutes drive away Tony was lying in his bed, sick on the stomach, miserable and horny. He lay there working his penis by hand, groggily thinking about the end of his lunch. Sharon was on his mind and he wished the sexy young 24 year old were there with him, right now in his bed to help him with his erection. Tony wanted to lay the girl back on his bed and get on top and put it inside her. The idea of it made him sigh with pleasure as he stroked his dick faster.

Then without warning Cat flashed into his mind and Tony gasped with surprise: Tony could see his stunning daughter leaning forward once again and he was looking down her dress at the shape of her pert breasts. And then he pictured Cat as she looked at him – she looked sleazy as if she was all ready to fuck him and all he had to do was just ask. Tony couldn’t handle it – he shot his load hard, feeling his semen fire into his cupped hand as his murky mind flashed on first Sharon and then on his daughter. Then it was over and Tony felt bad.

Tony had always tried to live a moral life – he had married early, straight out of college and moved to the suburbs. He had gone to work and clawed his way up, slaving hours and hours per day at the firm to get ahead, only to come home and work more hours there. He just worked the best years of his life away. There had been good times – his marriage had been good and he had his beloved Kitty Cat, but the marriage had turned slowly bad and he had been cut off from his wife’s body several years before the divorce finally came. Kitty Cat had also finally gone, getting her own place and there seemed to be nothing left for Tony.

Now Tony wanted women, he wanted sex and plenty of it. He had moved out into his own apartment, feeling out of step with the world around him and wondering what sort of life he could expect. And now he had just gone through last night – drinking too much and staring at his own daughter and Cat’s young friend. He felt like a pervert and a fool, rather than a smart guy with a sex life going on.

It was a few weeks before the three of them got together again. Sharon grabbed Cat’s arm one day and led her to her father’s apartment unannounced. The two girls caught him horny, ready to go out for the evening by himself.

“Hi,” Tony had exclaimed with surprise, as he opened the door.

“Hi Tony,” Sharon said, already in flirtation mode.

Tony looked sheepishly at his daughter, who looked him in the eye and grinned. He of course welcomed the two girls in, dropping his plans. The two young women came in, circling him. They were both dressed in their usual short tight dresses, stockings and heels.

“You two are bad for me,” Tony said, pouring more wine, two hours after they had arrived.

“We are – bad that is, but you love us cause of it,” Sharon said.

“I should put you over my knee Sharon and smack you.”

“Well maybe you should Tony, maybe you should.”

Cat abruptly spoke up. She had polished off a few wines and was feeling good. She wasn’t drunk, but she suddenly felt like stirring her dad up as well. The lunch three weeks ago was three weeks ago and she set aside any embarrassment or guilt she had felt. He was her dad, but he was also a guy she was attracted to, very attracted to.

“You used to spank me dad, didn’t you. You really gave it to me as well.”

Sharon looked at Cat and gasped and then turned back to look at Tony with a huge grin on her face to see what he would say and do. Tony blushed. He promised himself that he wouldn’t look at his daughter’s body, nor flirt with her while she was there, but he was sorely tempted to.

“Did it hurt Cat?” Sharon asked, after not getting any response from Tony.

“Oh yeah Sharon, he would go to town on me.”

“It wasn’t that bad Sharon, Cat’s exaggerating,” Tony finally said.

Sharon watched father and daughter. Tony was clearly affected by Cat, trying not to stare at her beautiful body but stealing glances at Cat’s legs and her chest. Cat meanwhile was looking across at her father brazenly, letting him gaze all he wanted. He did try keeping his eyes on Cat’s, but he couldn’t keep his eyes from dropping. Sharon realised he was very horny and probably hadn’t been laid in a long time.

Cat looked across at her friend and Sharon could see Cat was going to proposition her father. Sharon gasped again, surprised that Cat would go this far. Sharon had taunted Cat in the taxi on the way home three weeks ago, after Tony’s lunch, about how Tony had wanted to fuck Cat. On that occasion Cat had refused to hear Sharon’s stirs, but now three weeks later Cat was considering a night of incest. Sharon marvelled at her friend – she could be so crazy and such a rule breaker.

Cat stood up and walked around the table. Tony watched his daughter with some alarm, wondering what she was going to do. Cat reached his chair and wriggled between the edge of the table and her father and sat down in his lap, curling up, her behind pressing right down on his erect penis. Tony looked at Cat with surprise and then looked across at Sharon.

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