Adventures of Amanda Kane

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All characters or places in this and any following stories in this line are fictitious any similarity to actual persons are purely accidental.

Amanda is a well built 40+ female with long blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a all over tan. She was also very lonely, and very horny all the time. Life had been good to Amanda in that she had just about everything a woman could ask for. She had a nice house, a cute little sports car, all the clothes she could possible want and the jewelry to go with them. But even with all of this she was not satisfied. Amanda had one problem and that was her husband. He was kind and gentle and for the most part a good husband. His only downfall was that he seemed to have very little interest in sex. That unfortunately was all Amanda seemed to think about.

Life had become rather mundane of late. Her days were filled with her work, club activities, getting together with her friends, etc. It was during one of her lunches with her best friend that she finally opened up about her frustration.

“What’s been bugging you lately” asked Sandy while sipping her second Martini and picking at what remained of her salad.

Amanda hesitated and then answered very softly “I am soooo horny I could jump the next man that crosses my path.”

Just then a rather large man walked past them to the salad bar and the girls giggled. “Well almost the next man” Amanda giggled.

Have you ever thought of getting a lover to help out? Sandy asked.

Amanda was shocked and then said ” I couldn’t do that, Adam might find out and then I would be out in the street with nothing. Right?”

“Not if you were careful and picked a discreet man.”

“Where would I find one”

“Let me think. It would have to be someone that doesn’t run around in the same circle we do. Someone from out of town or a different social group. Or just a different club.”

“He would also need to be some one in a business that we would not come into contact with.” Amanda added.

Just then a tall good looking new member walked by their table and noticed the girls deep in conversation. He smiled as they looked up and then giggled.

“Wow! Who is that?” Amanda asked.

“That’s Jack Carlson the token minority member. The law says we have to be equal in the selection of members so the old fuddy duddies had to let him in. They about had a cow. Everyone of those guys are sure their wife is going to be raped by him any time now. They are all so bigoted. I talked to him the other day and he seems to be very nice and well spoken. He is an Author.”

“What kind of books does he write?

“Romance, can you believe it? I read one of his books and it should have had an X rating. He is really good at describing the love scenes.”

“Oh really! Amanda said with interest. “He would have been a great lover for me, but alas I would get caught for sure with him. It would be convenient though”

The girls finished their lunch and went shopping. Later at home Amanda couldn’t get Jack out of her mind. She kept thinking about how he walked with so much confidence, and how his butt twitched as he walked. She wondered what he looked like under all those clothes. She had never been with a black guy and had always been curious to find out if what they said about black guys were true. “Oh well I guess I will never find out” She said to herself.

The next day she was sitting by the pool at the club when the object of her thoughts walked by. As he did he looked at her straight in the eye and she shivered. His look was so intense that she was instantly wet. Amanda stood up, kicked off her shoes and dove into the water to cool off. When she came to the surface there was the very man that had heated her up with a look. All she could do was stare. He was even hotter up close.

“Hi!, Fancy meeting you in a place like this” He laughed, “Would you like to get out of the pool and get a kadıköy escort drink?”

“Yes” she stammered. ” that would be nice.”

As they got to the side of the pool Amanda started to push her body up when all of a sudden hands where lifting her free of the water. And then he was standing and helping her up to a stand also. He was so agile she thought to herself. They walked to the pool bar and ordered a couple of drinks and sat to chat like old friends.

“So what do you think of the club? Amanda asked making small talk.

“It is very nice, and they treat their token members almost as good as the real ones.” he laughed.

“You weren’t supposed to realize that.” she moaned thinking of how he must feel. “I’m glad you are here. We need some new blood around here”

“What do you say we get out of here and go someplace less public?” Jack whispered in her ear.

“People would talk. Wouldn’t they? Besides where would we go?”

“I know a quite little place downtown. We could leave in separate cars and meet in say an hour.”

“Okay, give me the address and I will meet you there in a hour.”

A hour later as planned they meet, and over coffee Amanda asks why he wanted to meet her. To this Jack replied “I saw a look in your eyes of longing and loneliness and felt that I wanted to explore that look more. Are you interested in that?”

Amanda hesitated for a minute and the answered “Yes, I would like that very much”

“Then lets find a place to get to know each other better. Today is not good for me. Unfortunately I have a business meeting in a hour and can’t get out of it.”

“That’s okay I need to get back home anyway. How about tomorrow? We could meet someplace and go from there.”

“Ok, Do you know the cafe by the motel in Lucasville there on the highway? I could go early and get a room and then meet you in the cafe at noon.”

“Yes I know where you mean. Make sure it is far from the office. I don’t want anyone to see us.”

And with a touch they went their own way to things they had to do. Both dreaming of what it would feel like to touch and feel the others body.

It was 10:00 and Amanda was having second thoughts. What was she getting herself into and what will happen. Then a smile came to her lips and she realized that satisfaction was what she was going to get, nothing else mattered. She fantasized about how he would feel as he entered her body. She wondered if he liked to suck and be sucked. Her mouth watered thinking of what he would feel like in her mouth and how he would taste. Then she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle it, the size. Feeling nervous she grabbed her car keys and decided to go shopping to calm her nerves. Besides that way if Adam asked what she had done today she could say she shopped and it would be the truth.

At the same time Jack was thinking some of the same thoughts. He too smiled at the thought of making love with her, that is what he was determined to do with her. He wasn’t doing this just for sex he wanted to please her, and she looked like someone that needed pleasing. He hoped she enjoyed oral sex as much as he did.

Jack arrived at the motel at 11:30 and quickly got a room on the backside far from the office, and then went into the cafe to wait for her. He didn’t have to wait long. Her face was glowing as soon as she saw him and he knew this was going to be great. He stood as she approached the table and hand reached out to touch her arm. With a smile she touched his hand as he pulled the chair out for her to sit down. Amanda couldn’t believe that she was really here. She was so nervous and excited.

There was a moment of silence as they both just sat and looked at each other across the table. Then slowly Jack’s hand reached out and took her hand in his. Amanda was overwhelmed by the contrast in their skin tones. She could only imagine what it would kartal escort be like to see him sliding into her body. Suddenly a shiver ran through her body and she smiled.

Jack asked if anything was wrong and she smiled, leaned in towards him and whispered “Lets get out of here.”

Soon they were at the door to their room and Amanda was suddenly hit by doubts. She had never cheated on her husband and wasn’t sure she could go thru with this. Jack noticed her hesitating and took her hand to reassure her that all would be okay. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” He whispered. She smile and visibly relaxed.

They entered the room and fell into each others arms. As they kissed their clothes fell from their bodies and soon they were on the bed locked in an embrace. It was so natural for both of them, as if they had done this many times before. As they pulled apart to catch their breath Amanda looked for the first time at his body in all it’s glory. She was amazed at the lines of his body. How it flowed so smoothly from one point to another, She never imagined that he would be that perfect, not a flaw on his body. Suddenly she was overcome with doubts again. And then he smiled and all the doubts washed away.

Jack had been struck with the beauty of her body and wanted even more to feel her give herself to him. He was rock hard and wanted to take her, but he hesitated letting her take the lead.

Slowly she reached out to touch his face and then allowed her hands to roam all over his body. Touching him, exploring every inch, she wanted to feel all of him. Her hands travel on down his body until reaching the most powerful part of him, she nearly came just touching it. By this time Amanda was so hot that she doubted she would ever be able to put out the flames of desire. She knew she would never be the same again. This was defiantly a monumental experience.

Jacks hands were also roaming and exploring her body. He was amazed at the contours of this body that was his for the taking. As he nuzzled her neck he heard a moan of delight. Then licking a trail he slowly traveled down her body until he found her core. His tongue reached out and just flicked her nub. This made her jump and he smiled. She was dripping already and he decided that it was time to see if they fit together like two puzzle pieces. He maneuvered around still touching and caressing her body until he was in position. His cock bounced as it touched her sex. He only meant to tease it a little but she had other ideas. Suddenly she thrust up and captured him inside of herself. It was like a glove. The fit was perfect.

Amanda was surprised at how well he filled her. She had never had so much meat inside of her and have it feel so good. She had had what she thought at the time to be big cocks, but this was different. This was more. Not that he was bigger necessarily, just that he was so hard, and so warm. She lay there for a moment not moving just savoring the feel. Looking into his eyes and grinning she saw that he too was overwhelmed by the sensation. Slowly they both started to move. Moving in sync with each other like it was meant to be. She could feel every ridge on his cock and he could feel every fold in her. It was like a dream. They “dance” like this for awhile until Amanda pushed on his shoulder and rolled the two of them over. Now she was on top and the depth she was able to get was awesome. Slowly she raised up till only the head was still inside and then down hard till he was hitting the top. This almost made her cum but she resisted. She wanted to see what he could do with her body before letting go completely. Besides she liked being in control. He was her stallion and she wanted to ride him till she could take it no more.

Jack was enjoying the look on her face. All the emotions and desires written there. He wanted her to lead so that she wouldn’t regret what kurtköy escort was happening. She felt so good sliding up and down on his cock. Every stroke brought new sensations to his body. He loved how she would raise up only to plunge down again. Every once in awhile she would grind a little on the down stroke and sigh. Her body by this time was in a constant state of quiver. He knew she was holding back and decided that it was time for him to take control. Grasping her hips he began to help her rise and fall. Each time grinding a little deeper. He could feel her loosing control. Then all of a sudden the flood gates opened and he was drenched which caused him to let go and reciprocate in kind. She screamed as she came and he was glad they were far from the office. He hoped that no one was in the rooms close by or they might have the cops here soon.

Exhausted they lay there savoring the feelings still rushing thru their bodies, all the shivers and tingles. As soon as she was able Amanda moved from the bed and went to the bathroom to get a warm wash towel. On returning she saw what had just impaled her and decided that he needed more than a wash with the wash towel, he needed her tongue. Bending over appearing to wipe him off she took him instead in her mouth and started to lick him clean. At the same time using the warm towel to caress his balls and clean the residue from them. She heard and felt his moan of delight, and then felt him guiding her to turn and straddle his face. His lips reached up and gently kissed her nether lips. His tongue soon found her opening and licked all of his fresh spent cum from deep inside of her. This brought new shivers to her body. His tongue was reaching deeper and deeper with every stroke. He would suck and lick deep and then come back to the surface and tease her clit then go deep again. Every time he would tease her clit she would suck in a breath and cause the back of her throat to massage him. He was nearing an explosion but wanted to wait for her. It was getting harder and harder with every stroke when suddenly he was rewarded with her cream and at that time let go so that she to could have a drink also. Swallowing it all Amanda came again even more than before.

The two lovers collapsed like that, mouths at each others centers still licking up the last of the others cream. Now it was with little effort only meant to keep in contact not arouse. And then they both dozed off.

After about an hour Jack awoke and saw that the sun was beginning to set. He realized that her story would be useless if they waited to much longer. Her husband would never believe that she had been shopping if she didn’t get home soon. He gently picked her up and carried her to the shower. Setting her down for a moment he adjusted the water till it was at the right temperature and then picked her up again and stepped into the shower. The water woke her and she smiled when she realized that she was in his arms. Jack stood her on her feet and proceeded to wash her from head to toe. Never in her life had anyone ever pampered her so well. Amanda not to be outdone reached for the soap and began to wash him. As she got to his cock she realized he was hard again and couldn’t help but bend over and kiss it. Jack let her suck and lick for a little while and then turned her around to face the wall and entered her from behind. Amanda placed her hands on the wall and closed her eyes so that she could focus on what was happening. Jack grasped her hips and with one long stroke entered her to the hilt. He couldn’t seem to get deep enough. He had this urge to become one with her. To blend their bodies until there was no him or her just them. With every thrust she let out a moan and pushed back to meet him. Soon they both came together in a flood.

Amanda couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Not since she was in college did she enjoy sex as much as she was with this man. There were no regrets only plans to make sure it happened again and soon.

They quickly showered and then dressed. Time was going way to fast. They had to find a way to be together for a longer time. With a promise to get together soon they went their separate ways both dreaming of the next time.

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