Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 09

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Chapter 1:

The sun rays of a new dawn filter through the windows of my trailer. The day is just beginning as I open my eyes and feel Angela resting against my side. Her large breasts are pushed against my skin. They feel so nice. She opens her eyes and smiles, “Good morning. I slept so well the night through. I didn’t wake at 2:00 AM, so I guess I missed your hard cock poking me.”

“If you’d like to feel it now, I think I can muster up a stiff cock.”

Angela sighed, “Oh I wish we could. I would love to have seven inches buried deep in my pussy right now. But I need to get moving, I need to be behind the desk by nine.”

I move around and stretch my arm over Angela drawing her in for a morning hug. Our lips meet and we enjoy a lingering kiss. I press my tongue against her lips and she opens her mouth welcoming me in. Our tongues tango as our lips are mashed together. I feel a stirring in my cock and I know I can get hard in an instant. Angela feels it too.

“I really need to shower before work. I tell you what; let’s go shower together and I’ll give you a parting handjob as we wash each other. I’ll take a rain check for our next fuck session.

Reluctantly, I agree. We sit up in bed and stretch our tired bones. Angela flexes her shoulders which push her magnificent tits into me. I reach down and grab the bottom of each orb, lifting them and feeling their weight in my palms. I squeeze them and jiggle their mass. Oh how I love big boobs, especially hers.

Angela moves off my bed and I lose my grip. I start moving myself and gather towels and soap for our shower. Angela grabs her backpack and retrieves her flip flops for the short hike to the showers. The air is warm as we walk over. We are using the showers right behind the office. I’m sure these are the same showers that Madeline and Sandra shared the other day. I’m sure a fair number of sexual exploits have been recorded in these rooms.

We hang up the towels and turn on the water. The hot water fills the small enclosure with steam and we step into the spray. Angela is in front. She turns a few times in the spray and dips her head into the water wetting her hair and applies shampoo. I stand behind her with the wash cloth and soap applying lather to her shoulders, back and ass cheeks. I use my soapy fingers to wash her crack and massage her anal ring. I resist the urge to press my finger deep into her anal cavity. Instead, I soap up the wash cloth and reach around to clean her boobs. I run the wet cloth over nipples and up under her pendulous breasts. I move down to her pussy and clean her inner folds. I finish washing her meaty thighs and she rinses thoroughly.

We trade places within the tiny confines and the hot water washes the grime from my skin. Angela now has the soap and wash cloth. She lathers up the cloth and cleans me from head to toe. With us both clean and fresh, she makes good on her early promise. Angela presses her tits into my back and reaches around my body with soap in hand. Her target is my cock. She runs the bar of soap around my groin and cock creating a nice lather. I respond to her touch as my cock stiffens. Her soapy hand grabs my shaft and strokes back and forth. I grow in her hand and soon I am rock hard.

Angela reaches around my body with her other hand and grabs my balls. I feel her nipples harden against my back. Her hands have me completely in her grip. One hand strokes my shaft while her other massages my balls, squeezing them like a bag of marbles. Her hand wraps around my cock, grips me tighter and strokes me faster. She is on a mission to make me cum quickly. I grind my ass back into her thighs as I get closer to a satisfying climax. Her hand is a blur stroking me. That familiar sensation rises from my balls up through my shaft to the tip of my glans. I am so close. Angela grips me tighter and I erupt. Several ropes of sperm shoot out from my cock onto the tile floor of the shower. My cock throbs. My legs weaken. Angela continues her stroking. She coaxes a few more drops of jism before releasing me. Once again I am spent physically and emotionally.

Angela is my dream lady and I wish to return the favor. I tell her so.

“No worries my dear. We’ll pick this up again real soon. You satisfied me to no end yesterday. I really do have to get over to the office now.”

We grab our towels and dry each other. We promise to continue our liaison in the coming days and seal it with a kiss. Outside the shower we hug for a final time and part ways. Angela, with her backpack in tow, walks around the building to begin her daily schedule.

I walk down the path toward my trailer, wondering what today has in store. I know Madeline and Sandra won’t be back until the end of the week.

Chapter 2:

I walk out to the gravel road leading up to A18. Before I arrive, a Class B camper van buzzes by me traveling much faster than the posted 10 MPH. I wonder who could be in such a hurry. I see the camper pull into A19. Now I’m intrigued and need to investigate. casino oyna

I arrive back at my trailer and put my towel on the drying rack. I throw my backpack on the bed and rummage around the refrigerator for breakfast. I need a quick pick-me-up to revive my senses after my morning orgasm. After breakfast I spend time tidying up the trailer. I make the bed and relive last night’s encounter with Angela. My BBW with the sensational tits was so hot. I can still taste her sweet pussy. I can still feel the inner walls of her womanhood grab and hold my hard cock. It was truly a night to remember.

After cleaning up, I grab a cup of coffee and a good book and sit outside. The sun’s rays warm me as I finally relax around my site.

I peer over at the van in A19, the one that nearly clipped me, and wonder.

Several minutes pass by. I see some activity through the van’s large side windows. After several minutes the rear door opens and an older lady emerges. She is wearing a tie dye shift and sandals. Her silver grey hair is tied up in a long ponytail cascading down her back. She looks my way, makes eye contact and waves. I set my coffee and book aside; stand up and walk over to A19.

I reach her, hold out my hand to shake her hand and introduce myself.

“Hello, I’m Paul. I’m setup over here in A18. Welcome to our little piece of paradise.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you sonny boy. Sorry for almost hitting you. I got distracted watching your cute buns move from side to side. People always tell me that I drive too fast.”

I do a double-take. “Did you just call me sonny boy? I haven’t heard that in a while, since I’m pushing 63.”

“You are so cute. I left that number behind several years ago. By the way, my name is Gail. That’s a very nice cock you have there. I bet it grows to a super length for the ladies. I just arrived from Pasadena. The 200 mile drive was exhausting. People are always telling me that I drive real fast and real hard for someone my age. But, I just can’t wait to get settled and start enjoying some sun.”

I suggest to Gail that I give her a hand setting up her rig. She is so thankful and seems genuinely pleased with my offer. We walk around to the backside of her van and open the auxiliary door. I see the power cable and water hose. I tell her I’ll take care of the hook-ups while she levels her camper. I keep having a sense she is checking out my cock as I go about connecting the water and electric.

The random thoughts flowing through my head cause my dick to waken. I look down to see that I have developed a semi hardon. I’m trying to think of other things, but I keep wondering what this little old lady looks like under that shift. She looks like she just emerged from the summer of love wearing that tie-die dress.

It didn’t take long to get her situated. Since it’s still early in the morning, I offer Gail a cup of coffee and a camp chair to rest her weary body. I’ve driven 200 mile clips with my trailer and it does wear on you.

She accepts my offer, so I go into my trailer and return with the pot of coffee and an extra cup. She emerges from her van and heads over to my site. She left her hippy dress in the van and is now completely nude aside from a floppy hat and sandals. Now it is me who is staring. Gail has a rather lithe body for an older woman. Her breasts have a teardrop shape, perhaps B cup capped by pink pointy nipples. Her pubic mound is prominent and covered nicely by a thin layer of trimmed grey hair. Her body is quite toned and doesn’t show many wrinkles as one might expect on an older woman.

Gail sits and accepts my cup. “Thank you for being the perfect gentleman and helping me get setup. And don’t think I don’t notice you eyeing the goods. I know you love big tits and are used to sliding that seven inch shaft between them. But let me tell you that smaller breasts are equally fun to play with and my nipples are most sensitive.”

“Huh, wait. What did you just say? Big tits? Seven inches? I haven’t told you anything. We just met. What gives?”

Gail was smiling and giggling, “Well before we go any further, I have to confess. I am Pamela’s aunt. I spoke with her on the phone the other day to let her know I’d be up for a few days. I always ask her to find me a site next to hunky man with a nice sized cock that I might be able to seduce. Pammy told me about you and your love of huge boobs. She said you enjoyed a lovely massage the other day and have a glorious cock and know how to use it. She said you have a nice girth, especially when wearing a cock ring.”

“I think I’ve been setup once again!”

Gail looked puzzled, “Setup again?”

I explained how Madeline and Sandra over in A17, got me to check out their broken refrigerator. Later I found out it was a ruse they used to reel me into their clutches. Gail laughed and told me that is a common occurrence in the land of RVing.

She has been a vagabond her entire life and enjoys the freedom a camper van provides. As for her age, she just canlı casino turned 70 which astounds me given her lithe body. We enjoy the sun, coffee and talk throughout the morning.

Gail continued,”I hear you spent the day with Angela over in the Rancho Arroyo creek. Good for you. That’s a favorite spot of mine. I’ve seduced a few lovers underneath the green fern canopy. And the water is deliciously warm. She has huge tits, I bet you were in heaven.”

I felt myself blushing. This lady, whom I just met, has me pretty well sized up.

“Pammy and Angie are dolls. They are my special ladies. I never had children myself, but I regard Pammy as my daughter. I helped them buy this place and they have turned it into the most popular park along the Central Coast. I am so proud of them.”

I agree they are special people and have done a wonderful job with the park.

“So, Mr. Paul, care to hang out with an old lady with small boobs? I know we will have a great time. After all, who do you think taught Pamela all of her moves? Oh, and by the way, I’ve been blessed with super sensitive nipples. I orgasm quite easily and often with just a bit of nipple play.”

I look Gail in the eye and say,”What you are telling me is that you’re a little old lady from Pasadena who drives real fast?”

“And I cum like crazy,”she adds.

“I bet you are the terror of Colorado Boulevard. OK, I accept your invitation to hang out. What’s your pleasure?”

Gail tells me she wants to take me to Avila Beach. It’s a nude beach over by Pismo and has been for decades. We can chill, have a picnic and see what pops up.

Since it’s not quite noon yet, I suggest I make some sandwiches and we take some wine coolers to drink. Nothing fancy. Gail agrees, hands me her cup and heads over to her van to get ready. I busy myself for the next 20 minutes preparing our lunch and packing a picnic basket. I throw in some Viagra just in case we find a secluded place and she really is an amazing fuck buddy.

I throw on some shorts and a tee shirt with a Redondo Beach logo on the back. Being a SoCal gal, she’ll recognise the image. Baseball cap and flip flops finish off my ensemble.

I head out to the truck. Gail is already waiting, wearing the same tie-die print dress.

“All set.”

I open the truck door and Gail hops up and in. By the time I move around to the drivers side and get in, she has already moved to the center of the cab. She is not a shy lady. It’s a short drive over to Avila. Gail has her hand on my thigh the whole time. She moves it up and down, squeezing and rubbing me. Her hand comes oh so close to my cock, but she never commits. I guess she enjoys the tease. I look over and see her hard nipples poking out. Little bumps beneath her dress lead me to believe she is not wearing a bathing suit underneath. Yes, I do believe she is enjoying the ride.

Chapter 3:

We find a place to park and head down to the beach. The nude section is a bit of a walk down the sand. Gail grabs my free hand and we head in that direction. We walk a half mile or so and finally come to the area. It’s marked by a sign warning this is a clothing optional beach. There are a few people laying around, soaking up the sun. They are mostly young people, possibly students from near by CalPoly. We move further down the beach to a less crowded area.

I ask Gail if this will do and she nods yes. I retrieve my big blanket, towels and a couple of wine coolers from the backpack. I spread out the blanket as Gail steps out of her dress. Well, that didn’t take long. I was right, she is completely naked under the dress. This reminds me so much of my adventure with Madeline and Sandra at the creek. Same blanket, towels and wine coolers.

Gail plops down on the blanket and leans back supported by her elbows. She spreads her legs a bit. The sun shines down on this beach goddess. Her breasts don’t sag at all. Her hard pink nipples stick out drawn to the sun’s ray. My turn to disrobe. It’s easy, I unbuckle my shorts and they fall to the ground. My cock is semi-hard from Gail’s teasing on the drive over. Thankfully I am not rock hard pointing straight ahead. That might be a bit much on a public beach. But I’m sure, I will be sporting my full seven inches if Gail has her way. My cock is in her direct line of vision. She smiles up at me and licks her lips. That small gesture causes my cock to flex. I quickly remove my shirt and join her on the blanket.

“So stranger, you come here often? That’s a nice package between your legs. I don’t think I’ve seen you on this beach before. Do you mind if I feel the merchandise?”

“You’ killing me Gail. Are you trying to get me hard?”

Gail continues her teasing,”Well yeah, that’s the point. I want to see that hard cock. I want to play with that hard cock. I want that hard cock buried deep in my pussy.”

I try to change the subject by pointing out a sea lion drifting in the ocean off in the distance. Gail looks out for a moment, but then returns her kaçak casino gaze to my cock which is getting stiffer. It’s a good thing we are quite removed from other sun worshippers. I don’t need to be hauled in for lewd and lascivious behavior .

Gail tells me she brought sun screen and wants me to cover her body with it, paying particular attention to her tits. But first, she wants to apply it to me and my cock. She doesn’t want a sunburnt cock to spoil the day. Gail sits up and hovers over my body. She dribbles sun screen on my chest and uses both hands to spread it around my upper body. Next she moves down to my legs and pours more on each leg. As she works the lotion into my skin, she massages my legs and then up around my thighs coming close to my privates. She looks me in the eye while pouring more block into her palm. Keeping eye contact, she reaches out and grabs my cock. She moves her hand slowly up and down my shaft coating me with sun protection. While one hand is jacking me off, her other hand grabs my balls and rolls them around. Her fingers rub each one pulling on my sack. I am fully protected and hard as a rock.

Gail hands me the tube of block and lays back down. It’s my turn to sit up and add protection to her body. I pour a generous amount in my hands and start applying it to her smooth stomach. I look around to see if anyone is looking in our direction. I’m satisfied we are not being spied. With new found confidence I rub my hands all around Gail’s tummy and then up higher to her breasts. I rub her small tits with her pointy nipples. As my palms glide over her skin, Gail gasps with the contact.

“I told you my nipples are super sensitive. That feels amazing.”

Now I am intrigued. I wonder if I can make her cum with just massaging her tits. I move up to her shoulders and work the sun block into her skin. I refill my hand with some more block and move down to her legs and thighs, making sure she is protected from the sun. I purposely avoid her pussy even though she spread her legs for me. I see her pretty pink inner labia peeking out from beneath her grey pubes.

Now for the test. I pour a little more sun block into my hand. I spread the cream between both hands and apply them directly to her boobs. I begin a gentle stroke around her nipples. Gail moans with the initial contact. I palm each breast and press on her nipples. They are really hard and poke into my hands. I rub her nipples with a circular motion and watch Gail squirm. I use my greasy fingers to circle her nipples and rub them back and forth. As I increase the pressure and speed over her nipples, Gail’s breathing intensifies. I watch her spread her legs and push her hips up in the air. I press harder, concentrating my touch directly on her hard little nubbins. Her response to my touch is amazing. It’s looks like she really is climbing toward an explosive orgasm.

I look at her pussy again as she spreads her legs even wider. Her inner lips flare out and I see her pink flesh shine with moisture. She is really wet just from nipple play. Gail is breathing heavy and flexing her cunt. I look around to see if we are drawing any prying eyes in our direction. We are not. I think Gail is close to cumming so I pinch hard on each nipple which are now cherry red. This sends her over the edge as Gail moans and cries out in pleasure.

Her juices leak from her pussy and drip down her thighs. I move one hand down to her pussy and rub the moisture around her outer lips and mound. She jumps and spasms at my touch. I spread her inner lips and dip two fingers into her gash. They slide in easily because she is so wet. I move my fingers in and out. Gail grabs my hand and presses it against her quim. Her thighs shake and her legs flail back and forth. It’s so erotic watching her climax from my attack on her tits. Wow.

“Geez, I told you my nipples are sensitive. That was such a good cum. I need some time to calm down, but I want you to eat my pussy. You see how wet I get from playing with my boobs. I really get off with lips sucking on my clit.”

“I will be happy to take care of your every wish.”

Gail remains flat on her back with her legs spread and breathing deep. I lay back next to her staring up into the deep blue sky. I move my hand over and cover her mons. I feel her damp pubes and rest my hand between her thighs. I’m amazed by the amount of her female juices still oozing from her folds.

She looks in my direction and smiles. Then she looks lower and sees my hard cock laying against my abdomen with a bit of pre-cum dripping down. I flex my cock and it raises toward the sky. Gail reaches over, gathers my liquid on her finger and sucks it between her lips. She reaches over again and wraps her hand around my shaft. Gail holds me with a tight grip squeezing, releasing and squeezing again.

“Gawd, you are so hard. I can’t wait to have this between my legs. Not bad for an old guy.”

I reply,”Sexy older ladies have an effect on me. Especially when they have hands or lips wrapped around my cock. I guess I don’t need my Viagra this afternoon.”

Gail looked me in the eye,”I think you should take a couple. I have some serious plans to use you today.” With that she squeezes my shaft again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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