Adult Education

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Double Penetration

Kelly watched his fingers flying over the piano keys as the children in the assembly hall sang God’s praises. Her thoughts were far from holy as she pictured those broad hands with their long fingers playing over her body with passion to equal his playing.

Mark was a new teacher to the school and immediately she had been struck by his blue eyes as they were introduced by the headteacher. His firm grip, as they shook hello made her nipples harden as she noticed her hand engulfed by his. He was put in the classroom next door to hers and over the coming weeks she found every excuse to pop in and talk to him. As time went on, the talking became more tactile, brief touching at first – brushing past him as she reached for a pen, then more suggestive- touching his arm when he made a joke, pinching his bum jokingly as he bent over. Kelly wanted him and she had to have him. But it had to be done right, she didn’t want to spoil their friendship.

She waited some weeks until there was a late meeting at work and invited him for a drink afterwards. Everyone left straight after the meeting and the caretaker wouldn’t be locking up for at least another hour.

Kelly smiled to herself as she walked into her room and flicked off two of the main lights, leaving the room dimly lit. She undid a couple of buttons at the top of her shirt and reached under her short pencil skirt to her already damp knickers. Hearing Mark’s door opening, she removed them and quickly shoved them into her bag. Her classroom door opened.

“Are you ready?”

“Nearly, why don’t you take a seat while I just sort a couple of things?” she gestured towards her teacher’s chair.

Mark kartal escort walked over and took up the invitation to sit down, Kelly perched casually on her desk, crossing her legs so her skirt rode up her thighs.

“I hope you feel you’ve settled in here Mark, has everyone made you feel welcome?” she trailed a finger casually up her leg as she spoke and was satisfied to note Mark’s eyes following its journey.

“Um..yes. Thank you. Everyone has really been very friendly, particularly you,” his trousers were feeling tighter and he shifted in his chair to get more comfortable.

Kelly slid off the desk “We should go if we’re going to meet everyone at the pub.” She walked over to pick up her bag from just in front of his chair. As she bent over just in front of him, she felt his hand on her leg and froze, willing it silently to move further upwards.

“I don’t think anyone will notice if we’re a little late, do you? Turn around Kelly” his voice was low but there was no mistaking the command. She did as he asked and turned to face him, legs slightly apart. He reached forward with his other hand so he was touching the calf of each leg with both palms. He looked her in the eye as he started to move his hands upwards to her knees, then back down. Slowly he stroked upwards again, this time getting a little higher. Her nipples were hard, standing out from her braless breasts in line with his face.

“Undo your shirt”, that low voice again.

Her fingers shaking slightly, she did as he ordered, enjoying the feeling of the cool air on her naked skin. Mark leaned forward kurtköy escort and outlined her piercing with his tongue, making the already peaked nipple tighten even more. Her body shuddered. His hands were higher now and Kelly could feel the wetness in her pussy as she willed his fingers to touch her there. He seemed in no hurry as his hands made their now familiar descent down her legs, she moaned aloud in frustration.

“Something wrong?” his hands stopped, hovering teasingly above her skin.

“No. Please. Touch me.” she gasped. Kelly reached forward and touched his head with both hands, she bent down and pressed her lips to his. Mark stood up and pushed his body against hers, his tongue darting between her lips, his cock straining against his trousers as it pressed into her belly. Her hands roamed over his body undoing buttons, pulling at clothing, baring his skin.

Mark stepped back, breaking all contact.

“I want to look at you” he stared at her now naked body in the dim light. Her lips were swollen, her nipples stiff, her skin smooth.

“Sit down” he ordered gently. She sat.

“Open your legs.” She watched his cock grow even harder as she parted her legs for him. He knelt down in front of her and lowered his head.

Mark’s tongue traced the outline of her wet and swollen lips, teasing her, gently brushing over her clitoris then moving away, kissing her thighs.

“Please Mark,” she needed more. His tongue began to move rhythmically against her clit and she could feel the pressure building inside her.

“Fuck Mark!” she swore as she came. He moved maltepe escort his head away and she could see her come on his lips. “Kiss me.” She tasted her juices mixed in with the taste of his mouth. It wasn’t enough, she needed more. She needed to take control.

Kelly pulled away and stood up.

“Sit down,” she ordered, echoing his earlier words. He sat. She stood and looked at his straining cock, its tip glistening in the light. She needed to feel that thick, hard cock inside her. Kelly moved forward, walking her legs either side of his thighs and lowered her body so her pussy was resting just on the tip. She could feel Mark’s hips lifting upwards, wanting to be inside her.

“Not yet,” she whispered against his lips, but he had other ideas. He placed his hands on her hips and pushed her down. Kelly could feel all eight hard inches sliding inside her, filling her up. As she reached the thick base of his cock, they both stopped, staring at one another.

“Fuck Mark” she’d never felt anything like it, she needed this man inside her, wanted to make him come.

She rode him on her chair, her wet pussy easily accommodating his length. As she moved back and forth she could feel her orgasm building and then the ensuing contractions of her pussy around his cock.

Wordlessly she stood up, watching his hard wet cock throb. Kelly walked over to her desk and bent over, legs spread. Mark came up behind her and began to fuck her hard, enjoying the feeling of his balls hitting her clitoris as he thrust into her. He brought his hand down in a slap onto her buttock. Kelly moaned in pleasure.

“Please Mark, fuck me more,” he thrust harder into her, moving faster and faster, until finally…

“Oh god Kelly”, his hands gripped her hips tighter as he pumped his come into her.

Breathless, he pulled away and turned her to face him. He lowered his head to kiss her, sealing their union.

“I think work could be a lot more interesting from now on…”

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