Adam and Steve Ch. 03

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Author Note:

Thanks again to k5vreed for his constant rereading of this chapter every time I would make a correction or addition. I truly appreciate your help and direction and for keeping me focused, 🙂 you are finding out how hard that is to do. 🙂

I hope that I have all the, I AM’s changed to I’m for the edit police. I am (did that because I use I am in normal speak) sure there is things I have missed but, again as I said on my Dave and Leroy chapter, this is a free story you don’t have to read it.

Again I do appreciate all the comments public or private. Thank you.


After hearing Adam and Steve in the kitchen that morning Ben went back to the bedroom he was sleeping in and sat on the bed. He didn’t know how he was going to do it, but he needed to get his things from Jack’s house but was fearful that he would run into Jack. “I’m going to be alone.” He kept repeating and he started to cry again. He didn’t hear Adam walk back in and was startled when Adam put his arms around him.

“You aren’t going to be alone Ben. I will be here whenever you need me, I just can’t be in a relationship with you. I told you, I will always love you.” Adam held Ben tighter to him because Ben was sobbing. Steve heard him, looked in from the doorway and Adam motioned for him to leave them, which Steve nodded his head and walked away.

When Adam finally calmed Ben down, he talked with him about turning over his apartment to him, and even said he would stay there with him for a few weeks to get him settled. Ben asked how he was going to get his belongings from Jack’s and Adam stated that Jack is now in London that whenever he would like to go and collect his things that all he has to do is say the word and Steve will have everything of Ben’s moved to Adam’s apartment. Ben asked if they could go and collect a few things that evening.

Over the next few days, Adam helped Ben pack his things and sat all the boxes in the living room of Jack’s. Steve was true to his word, when everything was pack, he had a moving company move all of it to Adams, and Adam over the few weeks after getting Ben settled, packed his things up to move back his house.

Adam had to keep reassuring Ben that he will always be there for him, because Ben seemed to have started to fall into a depression. Adam finally told Ben he needed to see someone because Jack had messed with his head too much. Ben went back to work two weeks after he was beaten. Most of the bruises were gone, but he still had his cast on and his ribs were still healing. The higher ups knew what had happened to Ben and until he was physically able to go back out on patrol he was desk bound.

The last night that Adam stayed in the guest room of his apartment Ben came in the middle of the night and crawled into bed with him. Ben didn’t do anything inappropriate, he knew Adam would get mad at him if he did, he just snuggle up to him and slept. Adam woke sometime later and realized that he was there and just spooned him and went back to sleep.

Over the next month, Adam try to stop in and see Ben as much as he could but between spring training starting up and going out at night with Steve it was becoming less often that he could stop. Ben was healing and seeing a counselor, so Adam hoped that he was on the mend. He hated splitting his time between Steve and Ben.


Teddy was riding with Adam to school, since Adam had moved back into his house, he has been taking the responsibility from Steve. Steve told him it was ok, that he would do anything for his nephew, but Adam insisted that it was stupid that he was heading that way anyways. Adam knew it always took Steve twice as long to get to where he needed to go in the opposite direction after dropping Teddy off. He also didn’t tell Steve but he liked giving him a hug and kiss every morning before he took Teddy with him to work.

Teddy was sitting in the seat debating if he should ask the question that has been on his mind, he knew it is none of his business but he wanted to know. “Do you like my Uncle?” He decided to ask while Adam was sitting at a red light, just in case it threw him a little.

Adam looked over to Teddy with his coffee mug stopped halfway to his mouth and smiled, he took a drink and started up again from the traffic light before he answered. “Yes, I do a lot.”

“Good, because he seems to like you a lot too.” Teddy stated with a smile. They were quiet for a long time before Teddy spoke again. “Thank you, Coach.”

“What for Teddy?”

“For staying at Steve’s these past few days, while he has been out of town. I prefer to stay there than at my grandparents, I love my grandparents but I never quite feel comfortable there.”

“It is no problem, if I had an extra room at my place I would prefer you there, but since it was just easier for me to move in while Steve was gone.” He thought for a second. “Plus this way you have all your things available to you. I don’t think you would have been able to get your gaming system back from Matt if you had come to my place.” Adam chuckled.

“Is antalya escort he into gaming?”

“Yeah, a little too much, his girlfriend has to take his controllers away, just to get him to leave the house.” Adam laughed, then it was Adams turn to get a little nosy. “Teddy, it is none of my business but why don’t you feel comfortable at your grandparents?”

“Honestly, you have been there. The place is huge, I don’t like being served by staff, I think that is so weird. When I do approach my Grandfather or Grandmother, it is like I’m taking valuable time from them, my Mother is the same way. It’s like I don’t fit or belong there, I feel comfortable with Steve, I know he is my Uncle but he is more like my Father than anyone else. I know he is from that environment but he doesn’t act like it.” Teddy chuckled. “He can though, when he needs to, it is like a switch with him, he can go from down to earth guy to richly snob in a second flat.”

“I have never seen that part of him, but I’m sure when he has to be with the family he has a persona that he needs to project. We all have that in some ways.”

“Yeah I know, I just wish sometimes we didn’t have to associate with the family, that it could just be Steve and me and no one else. Anyways that is my feelings.”

“I can understand that Teddy, your Uncle is a good man, and sometimes I can’t believe he is from the Ames family. When I first met Steve and I heard Ames, I didn’t associate the family with Steve, because he didn’t act like a rich snob. Thanks Teddy for answering me.”

When they arrived at the school, they both walked into the sports complex. Adam walked to his office and Teddy went to the weight room after throwing his things in his locker. It didn’t bother Adam to step up and be a guardian for Teddy while Steve had to fly to London to conduct some business with his family’s company. Steve’s sister was also out of town, and Steve asked Teddy if he would like to stay with his grandparents or if he wanted him to ask Adam to watch over him, Teddy begged for Adam.

When Steve first asked Adam, Adam just looked at him and stayed quiet for a bit. Adam was having an internal battle with himself, he didn’t mind taking Teddy to school, but should he step into the role of temporary guardian? He knows it is none of the schools business what he does when he isn’t at work, but to be responsible for one of his own players. Adam took a bit to figure out if he should take the responsibility on, then he finally looked over at Steve and responded yes.

Steve sat there and waited he didn’t want to push for an answer, he knew when Adam went silent that he was processing things, he had seen it before when he had asked other things of Adam. When Adam agreed, Steve thanked and kissed him. A poor reward for responding correctly to his request, but he thought to himself that he will make it up to him later.


In February baseball practice began with the season starting in March. Because of this Adam started showing up at the school again at six-thirty in the morning, of course with Teddy in tow. He likes to be around if any of his players need anything. Of course he would never tell them that, he growls about being there early staying the kids don’t appreciate it. He has to keep up the persona of being a hard ass to the player, even though Teddy has started to see through the mask.

The more that Adam hangs out with Steve, the more Teddy gets to know Adam and that he is just a big teddy bear, instead of the grizzly bear that he tried to project. But Teddy knows that he can’t tell anyone what Adam is like outside of school or off the field. A few of the players know because they come over and see Adam and Steve together but Adam is careful not to touch Steve too much in front of them. When they do want to be intimate they will go to Adam’s, to do so.

Steve doesn’t like that they have to hide their affection but he can understand why they need to. He knows that Adam doesn’t mind displaying it in front of Teddy but when Teddy’s friends are around Adam will keep his distances unless it is around a certain few, but still than he won’t do a whole lot. At least Adam does stay the night now, when Teddy has friends over, in the beginning Adam would just head home late making sure the boys saw him leave.

Adam and Steve still have not pushed their relationship past touching, mutual masturbation and oral, not that they haven’t wanted to, but they still think they need to wait. They haven’t broached the topic of top, bottom or versatile, which may be the reason why they haven’t ventured beyond oral or masturbation and it doesn’t help having a teenager in the house.

“Adam?” Steve was lying with his head in Adams lap while they were just lounging around one Sunday morning. Teddy and Jeff were asleep in the living room after crashing sometime in the middle of the night of gaming, so Adam and Steve were in the family room.

“Yeah.” Adam was unconsciously stroking Steve’s hair while he was laying there.

“Come antalya escort bayan away with me next weekend? Do you have any games?”

“Games are Monday through Friday, you know that. Depending on it if goes into extra endings, should be finished by eight at the latest nine. Where did you want to go?”

“It’s a surprise. If I arranged it all, could you be ready to leave after the game?”

“Yeah.” Adam smiled. “What about Teddy?”

“I think he can stay with my parents for the weekend. We can drop him off there on our way out.”

“Ok, what do you want me to pack?”

Steve laughed. “Just don’t mind that, I will go and pick out some of your clothes from your house before I come and watch the game.”

Adam smiled. “As you wish.”

They continued to lounge there, Steve turned over on the couch, he was facing away from Adam, now he was facing Adams crouch, he smiled. Adam had turned on the TV and was watching some preseason spring training game and wasn’t paying attention to Steve, until Steve tugged at his shorts and exposed his cock.

“Steve, Teddy and Jeff are just in the other room.”

“And they are completely out cold.” Steve responded as he took Adams cock in his hand and licked the head, producing a moan from Adam. Steve had Adam at attention with just that one lick, Steve smiled and started sucking on Adam, getting him harder.

Adam had his eyes closed he was on the verge of cumming when they heard, “Oh shit.” Adams eyes popped open to a retreating Teddy and Steve stopped mid suck and turned beat red. Adam instantly went soft and he stuffed himself back into his shorts, while Steve sat up to go talk to Teddy.

“Teddy I’m sorry, I thought you two were asleep.”

“No problem Steve, do we have to talk about this?”


Adam walked into the living room. “I’m going to go home.”

“No, please Adam, stay.” Adam looked at Teddy, Jeff then back to Steve. “Please Adam.”

Adam doesn’t know what it is, but Steve has a control over him that makes him want to do anything that Steve asks, so he turned around and went back to the family room.

“Steve go and talk with Adam, I know you want to. It is ok what I just walked in on. Weird but ok, I know you thought we were asleep or you wouldn’t had done that.”

“What did I miss?” Jeff asked, he was absorbed in his game.

“Nothing.” Both Steve and Teddy responded.

Steve walked back into the family room, he sat next to Adam, and Adam had already turned the TV back on. Steve held Adam’s hand in his and waited a few minutes before talking to him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think he would wake up anytime soon. But I should have known Murphy’s Law.”

Adam just smiled and pull his hand out of Steve’s and put his arm around him. “I know.” Adam kissed the side of Steve’s forehead and they just sat like that for a while, Adam holding Steve and watching baseball.

The week went by pretty quickly, Adam and Teddy were tired every day they would come home. Steve would try to make it to Teddy’s games when he could, but when he couldn’t he tried to at least have food on the table with Adam and Teddy walked in. Steve was glad that Adam would stay most nights, he liked curling up with him at night, even though Adam was generally asleep long before Steve would come to bed.

Between practice and or actually playing a game, Adam and Teddy were up from five in the morning and sometimes they would not get home ’til nine at night. So when that Friday came, Steve took the day off so he could take Teddy and Adam to school, and then he stopped off and packed Adam a bag for the weekend.

Steve was going to make this weekend together as perfected as he could. He packed his bag as well, having both in the trunk, he asked Teddy to have what he wanted to take to his grandparents ready. So all Steve had to do was watch the game and wait.

Steve took dinner to Adam and Teddy, before the game. Steve didn’t want Adam to be hungry when they were on the plane. When the game ended at eight, Steve asked if Adam needed anything at home before they headed to drop Teddy off at his grandparents and then Steve drove them to the private airfield owned by his family.

There was a small plane waiting for them to arrive, and when Steve pulled up he popped the trunk and someone took their bags and loaded them onto the plane, then Steve and Adam walked up the stairs and seated themselves.

“Sir, it should be a smooth flight there, just call when you want us to come back for you on Sunday, the Range Rover is waiting for you when we arrive and the fridge was stocked to you specifications.”

“Thank you.” Steve looks at Adam.

“Are you still not going to tell me where we are going?”

“To my cabin at Lake Tahoe, I thought that we would snuggle and try to stay warm this weekend.” Steve said with a smile.

They sat in seats that were next to one another and when the Captain came over the intercom telling them that they could remove their seat belts for a bit. Steve did at once and straddled escort antalya Adams lap and started kissing him. There were both hard within seconds of kissing and Steve grind his cock against Adam’s and Adam moaned.

“Steve you are so cruel.” Adam said with a smirk. “How long is the flight?”

“Not even an hour.” He continued to rub his cock against Adam’s, than he got off his lap and got between Adam’s legs on the floor. He undid his belt, pants and pulled his ragging hard-on out and started licking and sucking it.

“Steve, I’m not going to last.” Adam had his hands on Steve head and started to push him down a bit more when he would go down, he wanted his cock completely in Steve’s mouth. Steve pulled Adam’s hands off of his head. “I’m sorry, got carried away.” Steve continued to suck and take Adam’s entire cock in, when Steve reached in and caressed Adam’s balls, that pushed him over the edge and he started shooting his cum into Steve’s mouth. Adam had his eyes closed and just panting for a few minutes, Steve was looking up at him and smiled.

“Does that make up for last weekend?” Steve said with a chuckle, Adam just nodded his head and smiled. The Captain came back over the intercom and told Steve they will be landing shortly. When they landed at the little airport at Lake Tahoe, Steve thanked the pilot and another guy had grabbed up their bags and put them in the Range Rover.

Steve opened the door for Adam to get in and then he ran around and got into the driver’s seat, the SUV was already running and warm. “What is with all the special treatment, Steve?”

“Just want my guy to feel special this weekend.” Steve said when he pulled away from the airport.

Steve drove through the little resort town and into the mountains, he turned off a little road onto a dirt path and drove another couple of minutes until a cabin came into view. The lights were on, it was a little rustic looking cabin as they drove closer to it.

“Here we are.” As Steve pulled up. “Sorry we don’t have valet service here.” Steve laughed at his own joke and got out of the SUV. Adam met him at the back and took both of the bags before Steve could grab them up. “Are you hungry?” Steve asked as he opened the door to reveal the interior of the small cabin.

In the main room there was a couch and chair, a little table with two chairs and a small kitchen. Off of what would be the living room was a small bedroom and bathroom, there was no divider between the bathroom it was all open. “When I bought this cabin it was all one room, I had the wall built to section off the bed and bathroom. I didn’t like the possibility of someone just being able to walk in and seeing me in the bed or on the toilet and there was just a curtain around the bathtub.”

“It is a nice little cabin, Steve.” Adam walked over to where Steve was standing and kissed him.

“You look like you could fall asleep on me at any minute.”

Adam smiled. “Let’s see, I have been up since five this morning, my boyfriend was great to me, and cause me to have a wonderful orgasm and it is now after ten at night. Yeah I’m a little tired, but wouldn’t mind making you feel good.”

“Nope, this weekend is for you.” Steve wrapped his arms around Adams neck. “And for me.” Steve kissed Adam on the neck and then on the mouth. “Plus we have some talking to do.”

Adam continued to kiss Steve, then lifted away but still continued to hold him. “Talking? About?” As he kissed him again.

Steve stopped, pulled Adam over to the couch, straddled his lap and sat on Adam’s knees. “Well we have never discussed the subject of who is a top or a bottom and then Teddy is always around so I know you would never do anything when he was in the house. It is hard enough getting a blowjob in.” Steve smiled.

“Well to be honest, I have been reluctant to bring up the top bottom issue, myself.”

“Adam, have you ever been a bottom?”

“A few times, have you?”

“Yes and I do enjoy it, but I can’t always be the bottom, I do like to top occasional.”

Adam smiled. “I think we can work on that.” Adam kissed Steve but Steve pushed away again. “What else did you want to talk about?”

“Next question is condoms.” Steve looked Adam in the eye and saw him raise his eyebrows.


“Yes condoms. We have done the testing thing, we are both clean, which is why we don’t use condoms for giving blowjobs, but.”


“Do you need them for making love?”

Adam smiled. “Steve, do you want them for making love? When I’m in a relationship with someone, I prefer to go bareback but if you need them I will wear them.”

“No, I don’t need them, I was just checking if you needed them.” He smiled. “And in case you are wondering, I have packed plenty of lube for the weekend.”

“MMMmm, that is good to know.” Adam responded and kissed Steve, he could feel Steve getting hard, he was already hard the moment Steve sat down on his lap. Steve got off Adam, walked to the door, locked it, and turned the main room’s lights off.

Steve stepped back to Adam, pulled him off of the couch and towards the bedroom. “Let’s just snuggle tonight, I know you dick is saying one thing but your body is screaming that you are tired.” They started removing their clothes down to their underwear, Steve looked at Adam and smiled. “You didn’t change out of your jockstrap?”

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