Aayra Gets Eaten for the First Time

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This is a story of one of my closest friends. She shared this story with me in one of our intimate moments and I took the liberty to pen it down so that I could share it with all of you. I have of course taken her permission before putting this on this forum. I have written this story in first person because that was how I heard it too. I hope you enjoy it.


It was a great conference and I had made a lot of good contacts. It was almost the end of the night and people were satisfied with the yummy dinner that was served to us and they had slowly started retreating to their respective rooms. Only the few people who were either bored to stay alone in the rooms or the ones who wanted to get drunk were staying back. I was satisfied with how my day had gone and was picking up my papers to go to my room. I would of course be bored to be alone, but since I didn’t have company and I don’t enjoy drinking, I preferred to go to my room and read something by myself.

As I was picking up my bag to go, I heard a voice call out…

“That was a brilliant presentation Aayra!”

I felt it was a familiar voice but was puzzled who it was because everyone I knew had left for the day. I turned around eager to know who it was and there he was standing. Looking sharp and handsome as ever… in his blue suit… Alex. I always wondered how he looked so sharp even at the end of a long day.

My face lit up looking at him and an involuntary broad smile came on my face.

“Heyy!! Alex!! What a pleasant surprise??!! I didn’t know you were going to be in this conference. How are you?”

He smiled back and said “Yeah Yeah.. busy people! Where will you have the time to notice me when you have so many people around you seeking your attention!”

He was back as his usual teasing. He walked closer to me and we shook hands. He said “It is so nice to see you after so long. I am good by the way and looking at the way your presentation went I am guessing you are rocking in your new role!”

I smiled and said “You are kind! But thank you for your compliments. So, how come you are here? Where are you staying?”

“I am staying at this hotel itself; our entire team booked this hotel for our accommodation. I was a last-minute addition to this conference; hence my name may not appear on the attendee list. But it’s amazing to see you here. After our last meeting, you never got back to me with your coordinates and we lost touch. We did make a good team! remember?” and he winked at me.

I laughed and said “Yes yes! I am to blame. I am sorry I really got busy with a few things. But I am happy I met you here. When are you heading back?”

“I have extended my stay for 2 more days. I have some work. So, I will be going back on Saturday. What about you?”

“I am flying back on Saturday too. Good. We have three more days here.”

“Are you heading back to your room?”


“So Soon?”

“Haha! You know me! I don’t enjoy drinking and this time I don’t have company too. What about you? Headed back to your room?”

“Yes. I am”

“How come? Your team is here, and you are the life of the party! Come on!”

Listening to this I saw a hint of hesitation in his voice and he said “No. Not anymore. I don’t feel like it.”

It was surprising to see him like this as I had never seen him so low ever. I didn’t want to coax further and thought of leaving him at peace and said “No Problem. Get some rest. We shall meet tomorrow morning in the conference again.”

“Yes. Definitely. At least now give me your number.”

I laughed and as I was typing my number in his phone, my phone rang, and I picked it up.

“Hi Honey! Yes. Yes. It went well. Thank you. Did you have dinner? Yes, I did too. I am heading back to my room. Must wake up early tomorrow. Good night!”

He asked “Husband?”

I smiled and said “Yes. His usual time to call me when I’m travelling for work.”

We exchanged numbers after that and entered the lift. He asked, “Which floor?”

I said “18th”.

He said, “My! My! Ms. Aayra! we are on the same floor! and you still didn’t notice me” and we laughed and headed to our rooms.

As I entered my room, I freshened up and got naked and wore the bath robe. My usual way of retreating for the day whenever I am travelling for work- getting naked and sleeping nude. I just loved doing it as I couldn’t do it at home. I didn’t feel like reading and hence I walked over to my bed, took off my bath robe and snuggled into my blanket naked.

As I lay blank on my bed, my mind started wandering and I was reminded of the first time I met Alex.

It was two years ago. We met in one of our overseas conferences and had instantly hit it off. We had similar thoughts on solving a few of our company’s business problems. We were paired together in one of those random teams during a team activity and we had a blast working together for 3 days.

He was a handsome man and super smart too. casino oyna I, being a sapiosexual, liked him very much. Not just that, there was something about him that was so attractive. He was a chivalrous guy and he carried a charm around wherever he went, that made people comfortable with him. He had his way around women and had the most infectious smile. During one of our activities, I watched him extract information from a receptionist just by giving her a smile and talking to her with such a strong eye contact that everybody was stunned by him as nobody was able to break her before.

I still remember after this victory how he looked at me and winked, showing off what he had done and I gave my usual proud smile of having such a great team member to work with, internally feeling for the girl who had melted away around his charm. Such was the rapport we shared, a very friendly and professional bond, lot of respect for each other’s work and knew when to break the formality and have fun. Five days of ultimate fun and it flew like hours.

We had an amazing time on and off work too. Hilariously laughing and teasing people during our casual team dinners and late-night drunk gossip sessions with everyone. We had built such a great friendship in five days that we could pick up each other’s cues and I felt confident and liberated around him because he let me be me and was not intimidated by a powerful strong woman. He was a happily married man (why wouldn’t he be? any woman would be super happy with a guy like that for a husband) and I was happy in my marriage too. While he knew girls around him were hitting on him and going out of their way to do favors to him, he never took advantage of it and used to use me as his shield when a girl got close because unlike others, he would not get any special treatment from me.

The day we were departing, we took some time to have a cup of coffee with each other. I remembered that day very vividly because that was the day, he told me he had started getting attracted to me. He said that he felt I was an incredibly beautiful, strong and confident woman. But what he admired most was the way he felt around me. He said I made him feel exactly how his wife had made him feel when they first started dating. I remembered he had told me that as a respect to our newfound friendship he felt he must confess this so that he does not feel guilty later. We both were married, it’s not like something would happen between us.

I was surprised at the way I reacted cause instead of feeling awkward, I realized I had started enjoying what he was telling me. That was when I realized that somewhere deep down unknowingly, I was attracted to him too.

He shared his contact details with me and gave a casual hug and as he was walking away, I felt my heart sinking. I could not understand what was happening to me. I tried to distract myself with other stuff. But throughout my flight back home I caught myself thinking about all the amazing time we had together. This was very unlike me. Even after I reached home, I realized I could not stop thinking about him.

After three days of this, I realized it was getting out of hand and I must put a stop to this. That was when I deleted his contact details and told myself never to contact him for the sake of my sanity. I felt it was just a crush and I must not let it grow. As I kept reminiscing and realizing why I lost touch with him, my phone beeped and got me back to present day.

When I checked myself, I realized that I had been touching myself all this while thinking about him. This was nothing new to me. Considering the way things were going with me for the last one year. I had been extremely dissatisfied sexually and it had started eating me up from within. I love my husband and he love me too. But the passion had been missing for years now. I kept telling myself, things will improve but he had been more and more disinterested in sex.

Initially I felt maybe I am at fault. But I checked myself and realized it’s not me. As I never let myself go. I still looked as hot as the day he met me. And I had made every possible effort to spice things up in bed, even going out of my comfort zone to please him. Giving him an amazing and surprise blow job in the middle of day, dress up like a stripper and give him a lap dance, tie him up, blind fold him and have at it, role playing… I had tried every trick in the book. But nothing seemed to work with him. There were tons of times when I communicated my dissatisfaction to him, and we ended up fighting. But then, nothing changed. I had given up, like how a faithful wife would do, thinking that why should I spoil the friendship we have for a few moments of physical gratification.

But I had underestimated how dissatisfied I was. I never felt sexy anymore no matter what I wore, and this feeling has crept into my mind. I had started getting hot dreams during the night and I would wake up extremely wet every single day. I had started daydreaming about strange men pleasuring canlı casino me on bed and using me like a fuck toy, I would unknowingly touch myself while asleep and I was surprised how much satisfaction that gave me. So, this was nothing new to me. But the newness was in the fact that as I was thinking about Alex, I was dripping profusely. I decided not to waste my arousal and my ‘alone-night’ and please myself to this feeling. After all, nothing was going to happen between us…

The next morning, I got up and got ready as usual. But I observed that there was an unusual jump in my gait. I was happy and excited, and I didn’t know why. I spent more time in front of the mirror and realized I had picked up a hot red lipstick to apply. I checked myself and realized it would be too bold for a conference. What was happening to me? What was I doing? Come on Aayra! Wake up. You are losing control. Stay strong.

As I walked over to the conference hall, my eyes seemed to be searching for Alex. I kept checking myself and telling myself “Aayra! Stop behaving like a teenager. You are married for God’s sake!”

As I was torturing myself with this pep talk, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I turned around to face Alex. Aah! As sharp as ever. He looks so sexy all the time. Wow! Aarya! Stop it. This is a professional environment. Stop staring at him and greet him.

“Hey Alex! Good morning! How are you today?”

“Why are you so formal? We just met last night. Chill!”

I laughed at his response and he said “It’s the last day of the conference. What are your plans post lunch?”

“Nothing much. I was thinking of going back to my room and finishing some work.”

“Work! Work! Work! All the time! You have not changed one bit! ohh! It’s been two years since we spent some time. Let’s meet up post lunch. We will catch up, talk and spend some time together buddy! Where did your fun side go?”

I laughed nervously thinking how I will get out of this now. While I was thinking of an excuse, it felt like he read my mind and said “No excuses! You are keeping me company and that’s it!”

Before the mature Aayra could respond, the impulsive one inside me said “OK. Sure”.

I could not focus one bit during the entire conference, and I was secretly waiting for this to get over so that I could spend some time with Alex.

Finally. It was lunch time. People were saying their goodbyes, exchanging business cards and leaving. Alex walked over to me and said “Let’s go to the room, change up, get comfortable and meet at the reception in 30 mins. I know a nice cozy place we can go to.”

I said ok and we headed to our rooms.

I went to my room and I got dressed in comfortable wear. My hands reached to the hot red lipstick again. It was time! The impulsive Aayra needed a bashing now. The mature Aayra took over “Aayra! This is nonsense. You know nothing is going to happen. He is married. You are married. Think about your husband for God’s sake. You love him. You need to be in check. Alex is a good friend. If you behave weird today, he will notice, and it might get awkward. You don’t want to risk your friendship with him. Do u?”

The impulsive Aayra understood after being given a threat of losing Alex’s friendship. She reigned it in and she was in the best behavior for the next few hours.

Alex and I were foodies and we went on an eating spree, cracking jokes, reliving the past time and had an amazing time together. After all the fun, when we finally sat down on the riverbank to witness a beautiful sunset, my phone rang. I picked up.

“Hey honey! Yes. Today was good. I just stepped out for some food. I am with a friend. I will go back in a while. Why don’t u get some rest? You seem tired. We will talk tomorrow. Bye!”

Alex said “Your husband is pretty sweet. Never fails to call you everyday.”

“Thanks. Yes. He is a sweetheart.”

I paused and said “Hey By the way, how is your wife? Is she doing well?”

Listening to this, that sad expression came back on his face. That same sad face I had seen the previous night. He gave a faint forced smile and said “She is no more. I lost her in a car accident almost two years ago”.

My heart sank listening to this and I could not believe what I had heard. I was shocked. I saw him wipe a small tear from his left eye and I felt bad for him. My left hand instinctively reached out and held his hand that was resting on his knee and said “I am sorry Alex. I had no idea. I don’t even know what to say. I am sorry I have not kept in touch with you but if you want to talk about it, I’m here”

That was cue enough for him. He poured his heart out about what had happened. How it took him months to even get out of his house. This was the most vocal I had seen him, and it felt like his heart was screaming to be heard. Just sitting there and sharing his experience brought me to tears and after a long time when he finally calmed down, he held my hand tighter and leaned towards me and rested his head on my kaçak casino shoulder.

I felt so warm inside and we stayed like that for quite a few minutes, jus soaking the warmth, enjoying the silence and the peace he had achieved after pouring his heart out. His phone beeped and it got us out of our brooding. He checked his phone, smiled and wiped his tears again and said “Hey! check this joke out. you will enjoy this” and he read out a sex joke which amused him.

For the love of God, I can’t remember what the joke was, but it instantly made me sad as it reminded me of everything I had been missing in my life. I lost my cool and started sobbing. He was taken aback.

He got worried and said “Hey!! What happened? was that offensive to you? I am so sorry. I didn’t think it would affect you.”

That didn’t stop my tears. He knew something was wrong. He lifted up my chin, looked at my face and said “Aayra, something is wrong. What is it? Tell me please.”

And I poured my heart out. I had been keeping all this inside me with nobody to talk to and just the thought that somebody would want to know about it broke my dam and everything came out. I had never thought I would share this with anybody, but I just could not stop. It was like, the huge pressure in my chest found a small hole to escape and everything came gushing out.

He silently kept listening to me with an expressionless face. He knew anything he would say would make me feel bad as he knew I loved my husband and I would not want to hear anything against him. At the end of it, he just calmly put his hand around on my shoulder and pulled me closer and gave me a side hug. I lay my head on his shoulder as he gave me a small peck on my forehead and rested his head on mine.

We stayed silent for a long time without speaking, jus staring into the open and listening to the soothing sound of water flowing in front of us. He lifted his head up and said “If it makes you feel any better. I have not been touched for two years too” and we both smiled and shared a small laugh. We realized it was late and we needed to head back to our rooms.

We silently walked towards the road, got into a cab and reach the hotel. Not once, during this entire time did he let go of my hand. I felt like I was around a true friend and I was feeling lighter after getting things off my chest.

As I lay on my bed that night, sleep was far far away, and I could not stop thinking about Alex. The pain he went through losing the love of his life and the amount of courage it would have taken him to get out of it. And I knew he was still not out of it. My phone beeped and startled me. It was Alex’s message which read “Are you still up?”

I replied “Yes”

He responded “I can’t sleep either. Do you want to talk?”

I replied “Would love to”.

He texted “Awesome. Is it ok if I come over to your room? We can sit down and talk?”

I saw the message and kept thinking what to reply and I got another text “Only if you are comfortable”.

I replied “Sure. Come over.”

Since I realized I was nude, I got up and started putting on my undergarments and the bell rang. I thought oops. I didn’t even get time to dress. So, I put on my bath robe and went to open the door. He smiled and I invited him in.

He saw me and said “Hey! we have the same costume on” and lifted his hands by his side. He was in his bath robe too. I blushed a bit and confessed about my habit of sleeping nude and how he had not given me enough time to dress up.

He said “Chill man! Don’t worry about it.” he paused and said, “I knew you had a naughty girl inside you” and winked.

To lighten up the awkward moment, he lifted up his right hand and showed me a bag of chocolates and said “See? I brought you chocolates. So that we can binge on it while we talk” and he smiled.

We walked inside and I sat on my bed while he pulled a chair closer to my bed and sat down. We started chatting about nonsense things, while we munched on the chocolates and gossiped about the people we hated in office. By this time, I was leaning on the headboard on my bed and he was still sitting on the chair. He got up and stretched himself and said “Ugh! How do you guys sit on these chairs for so long? My back is strained.”

I said “Why don’t u lie down here beside me and stop torturing yourself.”

He came down and lay beside me on the bed while we continued to chat away.

The conversation started getting a bit serious when out of nowhere we started talking about our spouses (his late spouse) and we started getting more and more comfortable on the bed. There was a moment when both of us were sharing our pain and his eyes filled up again. I just could not see that anymore and I involuntarily opened my arms and he came close to me and hugged my tummy and lay his head on my chest. He hugged me tightly and started crying. I hugged him back and kept caressing his hair while kissing his forehead out of affection.

After some time, he calmed down and said “You know I have not hugged a woman since Sara died? This feels good. Feeling the warmth of a woman’s hug… after ages.” and he nuzzled further into my chest getting comfortable.

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