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Big Dicks

For the last 2 hours Aaron had endured the noise of 3 small boys and older twin girls constant arguing. Their mother seemed to have given up trying to control her brood, apart from an occasional glance she seemed disinterested. To start Aaron was annoyed but as he watched the women it was obvious she was feeling the strain of 5 kids, the eldest was probably 8 or 9, the youngest maybe 3.

As the train rattled through Flitwick, Aaron pulled the heavy NATO style bag from the overhead rack and put his tunic on. Seeing the women struggling to reach her bags, he reached over and lifted them down for her. As the women thanked him, Aaron noticed her ice blue eyes, pretty face and greasy blonde hair.

Feeling a tug on his arm, he saw the 3 boys lined up, standing to attention and saluting him. Grinning, he returned their salute, turning to pack his magazine he felt the young boy tugging at his tunic.

“Sarge, we would like to thank you for your service” the eldest boy said.

“Idiot, he’s a Sergeant Major, you can’t call him Sarge,” chortled the middle kid.

Aaron had spent 32 years in the Royal Marines and could deal with just about anything, looking at the wide eyed kids he had no idea how to respond. Smiling Aaron looked at the middle kid.

“Well spotted kid, yes I am a Sergeant Major.”

“You been in the Gulf?” The youngster persisted.

“Yes, I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said grimly.

“Did you kill many Rag heads?”

Grimacing at the youngsters choice of words, Aaron picked his heavy bag up and crossed to the door as the train slowed into Bedford Station. Getting onto the platform he was about to walk away, thinking better of it he turned and helped the young women unload her buggy and luggage. Flashing him a huge smile, she extended her hand.

“Thank you so much, I’m Pauline.”

“That’s ok Ma’am I’m Aaron.”

“Why is an American wearing a British uniform?”

“Canadian, came to UK when I was 14, became a British citizen when I joined up.”

Helping Pauline lift her cases and buggy up the steps and over the bridge they continued to chat.

“So what brings you to a god forsaken place like Bedford?”

“Well dad died a few months ago, mums on her own, I’m done with the military so………”

“Wow a brand new start, where’s your mum live?”

“Right here in Bedford, someplace called Wooton”

“Oh yes, I know it, not far from us. We live in Kempston.”

“I have never been there, they moved here from Biggleswade couple of years ago.”

Getting through the station, Pauline thanked Aaron again and started to walk towards the taxi rank. Thinking of the big Marine, she shyly asked if he wanted to share the cost of a cab.

“No, I need to get to the Ford dealer for 1500 hours.”

Seeing her confused look he smiled.

“Sorry, meant 3pm. Do you know where the dealership is?”

“Yes, it’s on the other side of town, 15 minute car ride.”

Aaron looked at his watch, 11.30,

“Pauline, have you and the kids eaten?”

“Not yet, will make them lunch when we get home.”

“Well can I buy you lunch? Then I will give you a lift home if you want.”

Pauline was about to decline, thinking of the £15 taxi ride and wondering how much food her cupboard had, she accepted.

“Great, lets go eat, I am starving. Can you recommend some where? A steak house or good Chinese.”

Over lunch the kids were well behaved, the twins helping the youngest one cut his dinner up. Aaron really enjoyed chatting with Pauline, he started to understand her appearance as he learnt her husband had left a few months ago, leaving her with 5 kids and a stack of bills. After lunch they got a cab to the dealership. Aaron completed the paperwork and inspected the new Mondeo they all climbed in and headed for Kempston.

“You will have to excuse my driving, it’s been a while since I drove a car.”

Following Pauline’s directions he parked outside her home in a quiet side street. Letting the kids out, they all thanked Aaron as they excitedly scampered into the house. Unloading all of Pauline’s stuff he helped her to the front door.

“Come in, would you like coffee?”

“Sorry, haven’t got time, told mum I would pick her up at 16.30 to do her shopping, have put her post code in sat nav, says 12 minutes.”

“Grinning at his punctuality, she scribbled her mobile and landline number on a piece of paper.”

Slightly embarrassed.

“Give me a call, will cook a meal for you, really enjoyed this afternoon, thank you.”

Assuring her he would, he got in the car and drove to his mum’s house. He hadn’t seen her in almost 3 years and had never been to her new home. Pulling into her road he was amazed, he had assumed his dad had sold the house in Biggleswade and moved here to finance another of his half baked projects. Number 24 was a smart 3 bedroom detached house with a double garage. Parking on the drive, he was barely out of the car as his mother nearly knocked him off his feet as she casino oyna hugged him.

Betty, Aaron’s Mother was 68 but thanks to a rigorous daily work out her body was shapely and firm. Aaron suspected her youthfulness had been helped by a surgeon as she looked to be in her early 40’s. Hanging around Aaron’s neck she wrapped her long legs around his waist.

“Carry me over the threshold, she asked. Your father wasn’t strong enough when we moved in.”

Picking his heavy kit bag up he walked through the front door, his mum clung to him like a limpet, her 125lb frame moulded onto his hip as she rained kisses on his cheek and neck. Directing him to the lounge Aaron was sure his mum was moving her hips and grinding herself on his hip, enjoying the feeling of her body on his he walked into the lounge. Untangling herself, Betty smoothed her dress.

“Would you like coffee or tea? If you prefer I have Beer, Whisky, Rum or Vodka and all kinds of mixers!”

“Thought I was taking you shopping?”

“Oh honey I have been so excited, I did it this morning. Had to do something to pass the time, thought I would burst waiting for my baby boy to come home.”

“Yeah sorry haven’t been home, been TDY a lot, you know how it was”

“It’s ok baby, I know you disliked your dad, he’s gone now, it’s just you and I now.”

Chapter 2.

Betty chatted happily, telling Aaron how, just before he died, his dad had sold shares he had bought a year before, making almost 100,000 quid. His life insurance had paid the small mortgage with almost 25 grand left over.

“I sold some other shares he left and cashed some bonds, basically the old bastard has left me set for life.”

Aaron was shocked to hear his mother talk about her husband of almost 50 years like that. Seeing the shock on his face.

“Sorry son, you wasn’t the only one that disliked the fat useless prick. We had separate bedrooms for years, would have left him years ago if I had the courage. Anyway enough of bad memories, would you like dinner? Bought fresh sea Bass for you and I will have Salmon. Done your favourite, “Bread an Butter pudding for afters.”

Aaron had to smile, he hadn’t had bread and butter pudding in over 20 years, the thought of sea bass made his mouth drool.

The dinner was exquisite, his mum had always been a good cook. The bass was served on a bed of broccoli with new potatoes and mushrooms, smothered in a creamy sauce. Recognising the smell of bread and butter pudding was fantastic, served with whole milk Aaron wondered how many miles he would have to run to burn the calorie loaded sweet off.

After helping his mum load the dishwasher and clean the kitchen, he flopped on the sofa, feeling stuffed and sleepy. Noticing his mum looking sheepish as she stood in front of him.

“What’s up Mum, you ok?”

“Oh yes, never better…….wondered if you would tell me honestly what you thought of some clothes I bought, haven’t had anyone to ask.”

“Yes of course, always liked watching pretty women at fashion shows”

“Well not sure about pretty women, I bought quite a lot, honest opinion ok?”

Over the next hour or so, Betty paraded various skirts, blouses and dresses. Aaron was amazed, some of the dresses and skirts were quite short and showed his mothers legs to full advantage, the various blouses and tops seemed to be tailored and showed her breasts and flat stomach perfectly.

The last item was a short form fitting dress that took Aaron’s breath away.

” Wow mum, that is really hot, will you put the patent leather high heeled shoes on, you wore earlier, think that would be perfect.”

Doing as she was asked, Betty strode confidently back into the lounge. Alex could not believe he was looking at a 68 year old women. The heels made her legs look even longer and perfectly shaped.

“Wow, fucking amazing,” was all Alex could manage to say.

“Take it you like,” his mum said with a huge smile, as she eyed the growing bulge in his trousers.

“I have a few more things to show, am a bit embarrassed though.”

“Why would you be embarrassed?”

“Well it’s all under wear, wanted to completely change my wardrobe, new clothes, new me.”

“Wow, well if you want to show me I will gladly look.” He chuckled.

Taking a deep breath Betty stepped out of the dress revealing a black bra and pantie set. Aaron was amazed her body was incredible, nicely sized tits encased in the skimpy bra, flat stomach leading to skimpy panties that just about covered his mothers pussy.

After several more parades of skimpy sheer underwear Aaron was shifting uncomfortably trying to make his rock hard cock comfortable.

“Ok, last one”

Aaron gasped as his mother came into the lounge topless. Guessing her tits were a c cup he could see her nipples were swollen and hard.

Leaning towards him he watched her magnificent tits sway slightly as he took the remote control she gave him. Tearing his eyes away from his mothers body he looked at the canlı casino remote and pressed the green button marked on. Hearing a slight buzzing he watched his mum start to sway her hips and move seductively around the floor. Seeing a button marked with an up and down arrow he pushed it.

Almost immediately his mum spread her legs slightly and closed her eyes as her hips took on a back and forward motion. Holding the button for a while he saw another button marked +and -, pushing the + button his mother cried out as her legs buckled under her. Aaron realised he was seeing his mum having a massive orgasm, when she stopped shaking he hit the red off switch.

Before he could say anything his mum stood up and pulled her panties down to just below her arse cheeks. Spreading her legs Aaron could see her lightly thatched pussy and the black dildo built into her panties, wedged deep inside her.

Slowly pulling her panties down allowed Aaron to watch the dildo slide out of his mums pussy, as it fell out of her the scent of her sex filled his senses. Walking towards him, she dropped to her knees in front of him and started to undo his belt. Lifting his arse for her she pulled his trousers down, releasing his rock hard cock. In total disbelief Aaron watched as his mum took a few inches of his cock in her mouth and started to give him the best BJ he had ever had.

As his mums head continued to bob up and down, her tongue was busy on his bell end while her hand stroked his shaft.

“Oh god mum, I am going to come, please don’t stop.”

As his cock twitched and jerked he shot several ropes of cum, Betty swallowed all of it. Slumping back in the chair he enjoyed the feelings her mouth were giving him as she cleaned his cock.

“I’m sorry Aaron but I have wanted that for such a long time, please don’t think badly of me.”

“Oh mum, that was wonderful, where do we go from here?”

“That is entirely up to you, I am yours to do with as you please.”

Reaching for her they kissed deeply, before Aaron made his way down her body. Pausing at her tits he swirled his tongue around her nipple, grazing with his teeth caused his mother to groan with pleasure. Working across her flat muscular belly, he ran his tongue through her pubes. As his tongue dropped into her slot he moved round as she spread her legs wide for him. Running his tongue over her clit and into her hole he tasted the nectar running from her.

Moving up to her clit he reached up to her tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers, as his tongue flicked and swirled around her little nub. Soon his mothers hips were moving to meet his tongue and her breathing got faster, pushing 2 fingers into her sopping hole caused Betty to go rigid as she tipped over into orgasm.

“Oh god I am coming ummmmph”

Allowing his mother to calm down Aaron studied her pussy. Her pubic hair looked as if it had been manicured it covered the bulge of her mons but left her sex bare and exposed. Her outer lips were quite long and thin, her clit was the biggest he had ever seen, he could see the whiteness of it against the dark pink of her swollen cunt.

“Like what you see hun? Mummy really needs your fat cock inside her.”

Sliding his cock between her legs, he hesitated as it’s tip touched the wetness of her sex.

“It ok son, if your not ready to fuck your mother, I will blow you again.”

In answer he forced his 9″ of rock hard cock deep into the hole that had birthed him 50 years ago, as his pubes mashed into hers she screamed as the biggest cock she had ever seen battered her sopping wet pussy.

“God, you are so much bigger than your father. Use me baby, smash your cock into my pussy.”

Aaron soon felt her cunt start to flex and squeeze around his cock, as she had her 3rd orgasm her cunt dumped girl cum on his sensitive bell end, it was all to much for Aaron as he pumped a huge load deep inside his mum.

“That was fucking incredible mum, your cunt is so responsive and tight.”

“Thank you Aaron, it is yours when ever you need it. Your cock is huge, so much bigger than your dads. I have missed so much, I just assumed that sex was a lot of hype. Your father was a lousy lover with a small dick, lol You was only 2lbs when born. Although at the time I was worried to death you wouldn’t make it, that’s why I haven’t got any stretch marks. It only took 10 minutes for you to be born, such a tiny little mite. I had never had a proper orgasm until very recently, my female fitness trainer knew what I needed. Until today your father was the only man I ever had sex with.

Coming out of the shower he had shared with his mum, she asked him to stay with her. Saying he wasn’t ready to sleep in the bed his father had, he went to the guest room and was asleep in seconds.

Chapter 3.

Aaron woke at 05.00, realising his mother had joined him during the night, he got up quietly. Grabbing a robe from the back of the door he went downstairs, and made coffee. Sipping the strong black brew sharpened his mind kaçak casino and he thought about the last 24 hours, his mum had certainly surprised him. He was sure that he didn’t feel any regrets or guilt, but worried how she would react when he moved on. Lost in thought, he cooked himself poached eggs on toast and made more coffee. As he ate, Pauline popped into his thoughts, thinking he would give her a ring later he put his plate and cup in the dishwasher.

Going to the lounge he flicked the tv on to watch the 06.00 news. Catching the main headlines, he settled in the chair to read a car magazine he assumed his mum had bought for him. Around 07.00 he heard his mum moving around, putting the kettle on he made her tea and took it upstairs for her, just as she came out of the bathroom.

“Good morning Aaron, you should have woken me. I hope you didn’t mind me coming to your bed last night, just wanted to be close to you while you are here.”

Looking at his mother she seemed even more beautiful without makeup, looking at her firm almost sculptured body he felt his cock filling and he was soon rock hard.

“Oooooohhh is this for me, you are a good boy, would you like me to take care of that, she giggled as she gently stroked his length.

Going back to bed they kissed and fondled each other, moving down the bed she started to suck his cock. Asking her to turn around she straddled his head and lowered her pussy onto his willing tongue. Aaron had always liked 69, girl cum was like nectar to him. Betty was dripping wet and as he nuzzled her clit she exploded into an orgasm, literally spraying him with cum.

“Oh my god did I just squirt? I have never done that or been so wet before. Do I taste nice?”

“Oh yeah, love your taste, felt you cumming, love to watch so pulled back and watched.”

“You like to watch ehh, would you like to watch me finger myself till I cum? You could wank yourself as well, think I would find that a big turn on.”

“Yeah that would be fun, I won’t cum though as want to be inside you!”

“Ok, well if you want to you can lay between my legs if you like a closeup”

Laying against the headboard Betty lifted her knees pushed her arse forward and spread her legs, hoping to give him the best possible view. As he laid between her legs his face just a few inches from her saturated cunt he watched as she gently rubbed her clit on the sides by spreading 2 fingers. Occasionally she would dip into her streaming pussy he rightly assumed for extra lubrication. She worked her clit slowly and methodically, because of the position she was in, her outer lips were pulled wide apart, Aaron could see inside her. As she started to come she increased the pace of her fingers, Aaron watched as her muscles worked, wishing they were working on his sensitive bell end.

“Put 2 fingers in me get them well coated then finger fuck my arse”

Doing as he was asked he forced his slippery fingers into her arse and pushed in and out as fast as he could. The result was incredible his mothers hips bucked, her cunt flared wide open then snapped shut as she screamed.

“I’m cumming.”

Juice poured out of her and soaked the bed sheet as she had one orgasm after another or maybe just one massive cum. Greedily licking and sucking her nectar, Aaron decided to tongue her swollen clit. Betty howled as her sensitive clit sent waves of pleasure through her body. Grabbing his head she held him onto her cunt. Furiously licking her clit, he sucked it into his mouth and gently nibbled it with his teeth. This launched his mum into orbit and she let go of his head as she bunched the bed clothes with her hands. Pulling back a few inches Aaron watched in amazement as her hole twisted and flexed as a huge amount of girl cum poured from her gaping hole.

Spreading his fingers as he had watched her do he rubbed and tweaked her clit, she came 7 or 8 more times before she begged him to stop.

“Push your cock into me, I need you.”

Ramming his cock balls deep into her velvety softness he was amazed as he felt her cunt gripping him, he had thought she was so wet and loose he wouldn’t be able to feel much. As Betty launched into another series of orgasms she begged.

“Please Aaron fill me with spunk, shoot your seed into my womb” she shouted.

Feeling his cock swell inside her, she bucked her hips and pulled him deep inside her as his cock spurted rope after rope of hot spunk into her slippery depths.

Collapsing onto the bed they waited for their breathing and hearts to slow to normal. Coated in sweat and cum they showered together. Soaping his mothers body he washed her tits and belly. When his finger strayed on to her pussy she begged him.

“Not to touch her there as it was glowing sensitive, promising she would be good to go again, but she needed to just calm herself a little, her arse and mouth were his to use if he needed more sex!”

Drying each other, they walked to the kitchen nude, watching his mother as she bent to get the coffee machine he glimpsed the pinkness of her pussy. By the time she had set the machine up and clicked it on, his cock was raging hard. Seeing his hard cock, Betty simply asked.

“Cunt, arse or mouth?”

“How about all 3”

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