Aaron and Diane Ch. 01

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Summary: The two managers have fun while doing overnight inventory.

Author’s Notes: This is a continuation of Birthday Delight Chapter One with Aaron and Diane. No plagiarism or infringement is intended. Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.


It’s been a couple of weeks since my birthday and my promotion on my job. So far I think I’m catching on really well and I’m well liked with the employees. Diane McKinney, the store manager, has told me that she’s never been more prouder of me that she is now. I’ve thanked her a few times for giving me the opportunity to show her what I can do.

I’m Aaron Kinkle and I turned 26 years old two weeks ago. I have brown eyes with dirty blonde hair and I’ll leave it at that. The store manager is a busty 40 year old with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Due to me not asking, I’ll say that she doesn’t have any kids. If she has any, they would have her beautiful good looks.

I was taking a register to the office to be counted when Diane approached me. “Hey Aaron, how’s it going?”

“I’m fine Mrs. Diane. Just counting the register to make sure it’s not short.” I told her as I continue to count the register.

“Good. I need a favor from you.” The mature blonde told me.

I stopped for a brief second and looked at her. She continued. “I need you to come back tonight to help me do inventory. The guy that supposed to have done it had to go out of state for a funeral.”

I resumed counting. “Sure no problem. That’s the only thing I need to learn now Mrs. Diane.” I told her. She had a grin on her face from ear to ear.

“Thanks Aaron. I know I can rely on you in a pinch. When you’re done counting that register, you can head home. Be back tonight at 8pm.”

I nodded while not taking my eyes off the money in my hand. As she turned to leave the office, I glanced at the beautiful mature blonde as she walked away. Wow she has a nice ass in those jeans. I quickly turned back to the money before she catches me staring at her… again. It took another 10 minutes to finish counting the register due to the fact I had her on the brain.

If I ever were going to finish, I need to concentrate on this paperwork. Doing that paperwork took another 10 minutes and soon I was done. I went towards the front to clock out and Diane approached me again. “You’re heading home?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m going to head home for a nap and then be back later on.”

“Okay. See you tonight.” Diane smiled at me as she turned and walked away again. I noticed the smile this time. It was much more of a smirk than a smile. I’m thinking she has something planned but I’m not going to question it. Not right now anyway.

After I made my way to my vehicle, I entered, started it up and went home for a few hours.

It’s taken me at least 20 minutes to get from my job to my apartment due to the afternoon traffic. I pulled up in the parking lot of my apartment complex and made my way to my place.

(Couple of minutes later, I was in my bedroom on my bed minus my work uniform and clad in boxers. I set my alarm for 7pm to make sure that I wake up on time. When my head hit the pillow at 5pm, I went fast asleep.

My alarm went off at 7pm and my eyes open to the world for the second time that day. I reached over and turned off the alarm and slowly got up. I made my way to my bathroom to shower up and shaved. After attending to those needs, I got dressed my work uniform and made my way to the kitchen. I grabbed a quick snack and went out the door to my vehicle to head back to work.

It’s taken 15 minutes to get to my job this time with light evening traffic. I enter the restaurant to find the place busy. I quickly made my way to the register to clock in and immediately went to work. It has taken 2 hours for everything to slow down again and it was closing time.

Diane walked up to me with an inventory sheet in her hand. “Thanks for coming back Aaron. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem Mrs. Diane. Glad to be of help. Is that the inventory sheet?”

She nodded. “Whenever you’re ready to begin, here you are. Don’t worry I’ll help you with it.”

I take the inventory sheet from her and give it a look over. “Okay Mrs. Diane. We should start closing up the store before we start with the inventory.” I suggest.

“Good thinking Aaron.” Diane turns around. “Okay everyone. Let’s start closing this place up. Grab a broom or mop and let’s get started.”

While Diane start to pull the register and take them to the back, I roll the inventory sheet and place it in my back pocket. I went over to a near by closet and grab a broom from it and start to sweep the surrounding area. Twenty minutes later, I have the entire lobby swept with the trash in the trash can.

Just when I were going to put the broom away, I see Diane approaching to me again. “Aaron, let the lobby personnel handle that. I need you in the office to help me with the registers.” I nod in Diane’s direction as she turned and walked back to the office. After returning the broom to the closet, I made my casino oyna way back to the office to help Diane with the registers.

After entering the office, I already seen that Diane has started on one of the three registers. She glanced at me briefly and smiled. “Thanks.” I’ve taken my place in front of one of the registers and started to count. “No problem Mrs. Diane. Glad to help.”

Twenty minutes later after all three registers has been counted, I pulled the inventory sheet out of my back pocket with a pen and made my way to the storage area.

As I entered the storage area, I left Diane to entering the register information into the computer and as fast as she can type, it wouldn’t take her long to enter all of that.

Thirty minutes into the counting, I felt someone’s presence. I turned around and saw Diane standing there with a smile on her face.

“The restaurant is empty and all of the employees went home. It’s just you and me here now Aaron.”

I had to notice the smile on Diane’s face. I think she may be planning something. “Anything I can help you with Mrs. Diane?” I asked her as I continued with inventory. I wrote down on the clipboard I felt Diane’s hand sneak around and immediately went directly to my crotch. I couldn’t help but to smirk at her antics.

“What do you think you can help me with Aaron?” she asked me in a seductive voice. She started to rub and squeeze as she continued.

“You know Aaron, you’ve been doing a really great job since you’ve became manager.”

I withheld a moan while Diane continued her groping and rubbing. “I do what I can Mrs. Diane. I love working here and it’s been a real blast.” Diane squeezed my member through my pants again before speaking.

“Good to hear that Aaron. Hopefully you’ll be here for a long time.” Diane moved her hand up to my zipper and started to unzip my pants. “Put that clipboard down for a second.”

I set the clipboard on top of one of the boxes just as Diane took her hands away. After turning around, I was treated to a gorgeous sight.

Diane had her manager shirt open showing me her big bust in her black lacy bra. Diane smiled as she saw my gaze were upon her big breasts. “Aaron.” My eyes snapped up to meet hers as she made her approach to me.

“Mrs. Diane?” My mind was wondering on what Diane was going to do now. It all came to me as Diane placed her slender finger on my lips. “Shhh.. don’t talk. Let me enjoy this for a minute.”

Diane slowly dropped to her knees in front of me as she ran her hands down to my crotch area. I looked down as she reached in my pants and pulled out my semi hard member.

“Looks like you’re almost ready to go.” Diane mentioned as she looked over my member. She leaned forward and kissed the tip before taking the head of my member in her mouth. Diane sucked on it for a few seconds until she got the full length she wanted.

“There we go.” She immediately said after she released it. She jerked on it for a few seconds as she looked up at me. “Look likes you got some new benefits here Aaron.”

Benefits.. I’ll say these are some excellent benefits. I kept my eyes on Diane as she resumed her oral ministrations. I bit back another moan as I enjoyed Diane’s warm mouth surrounding my member.

Instinctively, my hands went behind her head wanting her to take more of me in her mouth. Diane must’ve have known what I wanted so she happily obliged my unspoken request.

Relatively with ease, she took all of me and held it. No gagging. No struggling. The busty mature blonde looked into my eyes before she winked. After a couple of minutes, she slowly released my cock out of her throat and mouth. It was completely covered with Diane’s saliva. With a smile on her face, she took a couple of minutes to observe her work. Satisfied with it, she kissed the tip of my cock.

The mature blonde stood up as she gripped my slick member. “In case you’re wondering Aaron, I have an oral fixation. I love giving blowjobs.” Diane started to slowly jerk me off to keep my hardness at its maximum. I looked into her blue eyes as she gazed into my brown ones. Diane leaned forward and gently brushed her soft lips against mine.

After breaking the kiss, she resumed speaking. “I’ve always had my eyes on you Aaron.”

“You.. have?” I was dumbfounded by this confession.

“Yes. I think you’re cute in your own way sweetie.” Diane told me as she continued to jerk me off.

She gave me another soft peck on the lips before she resumed speaking again. “I know I’m rambling a little bit like a crushing schoolgirl but it’s the truth Aaron.”

A big smile crept across my features. I couldn’t believe that Diane called me cute. In a way, I guess I should feel honored for this. I wanted to ask this busty mature blonde why but I figured don’t question it, just enjoy it. Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Aaron. I want to do something else for you.”

A confused look made its presence known. What else could this beautiful lady do? I wanted to find out. Diane released my slick member and took canlı casino me by the hand.

“Follow me.” With my cock leading the way behind Diane, I followed her into the office.”Have a seat on the couch.” She commanded.

I did what she asked as she closed the door. The busty blonde turned around as her busty juggs jiggled a little. My eyes went down to them as they were there proudly on display. As I continued to look at them, they started to get closer. “Glad you like them Aaron.” I looked up at Diane’s face as she smiled. Busted again.. but I couldn’t help it this time.

“Don’t worry sweetie. You’ll get a better view of them.” Diane told me. “But first, these pants must come off for awhile.” Wait.. did she say pants? She’s actually going to take her pants off?! My question was instantly answered as Diane started to dance from side to side as her hands started to unbutton her pants.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. This beautiful 40 year old is doing a striptease for me. Hypnotized by her moves, I continued to look on.

She moved so fluidly and gracefully. With the button opened, she turned around. Diane bent over and slowly slid the pants off giving me a view of her big mature backside clad in a black lacy thong.

With her pants around her ankles, she stepped one foot out of them and kicked them away with her other one. I looked on as Diane continued her dance. She ran her hands through her long blonde hair as she shook her hips. She followed up by bending over slightly and shook her big thong clad butt. My gaze went directly to her butt as she shook it.

Diane stopped for a second and turned around. Her gaze went down to my even harder cock. “I can tell you love the dance.” Yes, I sure do. Beautiful, graceful, and really knows how to shake what the Good Lord’s given her.

“Yes I did Mrs. Diane. You really know how to dance.” Diane smiled from my complement. “Thank you. I had some dancing experience before I became a store manager.”

She looked down and seen that I still had my uniform on. “Want to get comfortable?” Truth be told, I was comfortable but I could be more comfortable if she wanted me to be so I nodded. “Go ahead. Take off your uniform. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dance.” She replied before she chuckling.

I smiled as I stood up and within thirty seconds, I was clad in my boxers. I sat back down on the couch and looked at Diane. She approached me again and smiled. I looked on as she turned around. I got another view of her big butt as she had her back to me. She surprised me by sitting down on my lap. “There we are. Much better.”

I wanted to say something but nothing came out. Diane leaned back against me laying her head on my shoulder. I lifted my hands for a second but quickly dropped them back down. She felt my hesitance for a brief second before saying “You can touch me Aaron.” I reached around the mature blonde and placed my hands on her bra clad breasts.

Diane moaned softly as I gently squeeze, rub and massage her love pillows. “That’s it Aaron. Keep going.” I did just that. After a few minutes, Diane brought her hands up and placed them over mine. “Hold on a second.” I stopped. Diane didn’t see it but I had a look of concern on my face. “Is there something wrong Mrs. Diane?”

“There’s nothing wrong Aaron.” Diane said. “I just want to get a little more comfortable and make sure this will be better for both of us.”

“How?” That question came out a little too quickly without thinking.

“You’ll see. Move your hands a second.” I did as she asked. She leaned forward before she reached around for the clip of her bra. She started to unfasten it but stop. “Aaron, can you get that for me?”

“Umm.. I’ve never..” I started but Diane quickly replied. “Don’t worry I’ll show you how to do it.” I reached at the clasp of her bra and gave it a gentle tug thinking it’ll come loose. That didn’t work so I pulled a little harder and nothing happened. “Mrs. Diane?”

“No luck Aaron?” She asked me which she already knew the answer to. “No.. can’t get the clasp undone.” I told her after letting it go. The mature blonde reached behind her and undid the clasp easily. She brought the straps down with one hand while holding the cups of the bra with the other hand.

Diane stood up with her back to me still holding the cups of her bra to her chest. I looked on and waited to see what was the gorgeous 40 year old going to do.

My questions were answered as she turned around and dropped the bra to the floor revealing to me her perfect bare tits to me. I received a glance of them two weeks ago for a present and here they are again for my viewing pleasure.

My eyes were glued to them again for a brief moment. “There’s one more thing Aaron.” I looked up from her breasts for a second to her eyes as she continued to speak. “My tits aren’t the only thing you’ll be seeing sweetie.”

She winked as she hooked her thumbs into the waistline of her thong and slowly slid them down.

She stopped just as she given me a view of her trimmed blonde muff. “Yes I keep it trimmed kaçak casino sweetie. Can’t have a hairy muff when I want a guy to go down on me.” She told me with a smirk. Another one of my questions answered.

Diane finished removing her thong and immediately picked them up. She grabbed my hand and placed her thong in them before saying “Here, another memento for your growing collection.”

Diane was right on that. She’s given me semi nude and nude photos of herself for a present and now I have her thong to go with them. I smiled as I took her thong and put them in my pants pocket.

Before leaning back on the couch again, Diane reached for my boxers. “Can’t have these on while I’m naked sweetie.”

“Okay.” I replied as I raised my butt off the cushion of the couch. Diane slid my boxers slowly down as my hardened member came out and remained at attention. She saw it and smiled. “Looks like he stayed awake.”

I smiled. “With a beautiful woman sitting on my lap for a few minutes, he’ll always be awake.”

“Good.” Diane replied as she finished removing my boxers. She placed them on my work pants before kneeling in front of me. I looked on as Diane gently gripped my hard member. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of it again like before. “It’s time to feel this bad boy in my mouth again.” Diane spoke before engulfing half of me.

A moan passed through my lips as Diane worked her oral magic on me. My hands went to the back of her head as she took more of me with each suck.

Echoes of her loud slurping and sucking filled the room before she took all of me and held it. The head of my member was in her throat as she looked into my eyes. Her warm wet oral prison felt so good and I didn’t want it to end.

Diane slowly released my member from her mouth with a loud pop. She gently gripped my member and slowly started to jerk me off. “I hope you’re still drinking lots of juice.” I nodded as she went down and sucked on my balls for a few seconds. I moaned when I felt one of them went into her mouth.

After releasing it from her mouth, she continued to jerk me off. “Are you enjoying yourself so far?” Diane asked me with a smirk on her face.

All I could do was nod. “Good cause it’s going to get better.” I smiled at the comment until I thought about the inventory.

“What about the inventory?”

Diane smiled again. “Don’t worry with it sweetie. I’ve already done it after you went home.” She stood up and slowly rubbed her cantaloupe sized tits. I couldn’t help but to smile at her answer. I opened my mouth again but Diane quickly placed her finger on my lips again. “Shh.. don’t question it sweetie. Just be glad you’re here with me now.” I nodded again as the smile crept to my face again.

“Now for the fun part.” Diane said as she straddled me. “Remember how I said that we couldn’t have sex a couple of weeks ago?” I nodded. “Well we’re going to now. And don’t worry with protection. I want to feel all of you down to the last drop.” After that, she leaned in and gave me a passion laced kiss. I returned the kiss with much passion as she put out.

She placed her arms on the back cushion as my arms went around her waist. My hands went directly on her bare butt and given it a soft squeeze. As we broke the kiss, Diane started to rock on my lap getting herself aroused and making my member slick with her juices. “Mmm..” she moaned out as I squeezed her butt more.

“I’m.. really going.. to enjoy this even.. more now.” Diane said between moans. “So will I Mrs. Diane.” I said as well. Diane stopped mid grind and looked into my eyes and said one sentence I’ve waited on since the oral in the storage. “Let’s get to it.” She raised up, reached under her and grabbed my slick member.

She placed the head of it at her warm entrance and lowered herself on my member getting a moan from both of us. Diane spoke first. “Mm.. you’re as big as I thought. So filling.” Not only she was warm, she was tight as well. I’m guessing she might not have had any of late. “You’re so tight Mrs. Diane.” I told her. She answered my question by saying “Haven’t gotten laid in a long time. Been busy with.. work and other things.”

Other things? What other things? Better not push it. Diane broke me out of my thoughts as she started riding me getting a moan from both of us. The sound of skin slapping on skin echoed the room with a few moans here and there from Diane. “So big.. so thick.. so full.” She repeated over and over. I squeezed her ass every time she came down making her moan more.

I looked down at her love pillows and they were bouncing up and down in rhythm with Diane’s motions. I leaned my head down and took one of the eraser sized pink nipples in my mouth and quickly closed my lips around them. I sucked on it gently before swirling my tongue around it. Diane moaned softly from my ministrations as she continued to ride.

After a few seconds, I released her nipple and rested my head on the cushion while watching Diane’s beautiful features as she continued to bounce up and down on my member. My hands squeezed her big butt more as I started to meet her thrust for thrust. Diane came down one last time and shuddered. I felt warm liquid surround my member as Diane leaned her head back while giving a loud sigh.

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