A Winter Wonder

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For any woman who has not discovered the joy and pleasure of masturbating, please realize it is natural, it is enjoyable; you were made to enjoy your body and it is well past time to begin… and many men are very turned on by knowing about it, hearing about it and even watching, especially if they know that you are fantasizing about them.

A cold, chilling wind blows outside… icicles dangle precariously from windowsills and porch railings… fresh, white, untouched snowdrifts cover the ground… warming rays of bright sunshine make trees and surfaces glisten… schools closed… another winter day. I’m unable to get out of the house because power lines are down across the road, denying any access to the outside world. With mundane chores completed and lunch behind us, I settle into my cozy bed, alone as usual under a thick, soft, worn quilt with a cup of my favorite cinnamon spice hot herbal tea and a historical romance novel to devour for the afternoon. Reclining back into a pile of soft pillows, I close my eyes, my mind briefly wandering back to memories of the previous night’s passion – thanks to a very special and exciting new friend.

Mmmmmm… a warm tingle surges through, thrilling my body as I recall our lustful exchange, wishing I knew he would contact me again today. I want him – I need him. I want canlı bahis to hear that sexy, husky voice, overflowing with passion and desire. Disappointed, I remind myself that I must wait until another promised chance exchange, trying to stave off the erotic sensations now rumbling throughout my body. But maybe – perhaps he’d like to hear that I’ve thought of him, that I’ve been aroused by the memory of chatting with him and sharing in those heated moments together. What if…No! It wouldn’t be the same without his voice – that incredible throaty, deep voice, his encouraging words, gently pushing me past all my inhibitions, coaxing me onward, allowing me to envision my utmost fantasies… oooooh… if only I could call him. No. It’s not possible and he’s definitely worth the wait… it even adds to my desire.

“But just a little pleasure – a little, uh, foreplay?” a newfound unrestrained vixen calls out from within my soul, impatiently demanding immediate satisfaction. I notice my extremely sensitive nipples have become hard as marbles, taut and poking expectantly against the knit fabric of my shirt. My hand wanders upward, my fingers toying gently with the unsatisfied rosebuds concealed under a lacy pink camisole. Sliding my hands underneath my shirt and pushing it upward, my fingers seek out the soft flesh, now formed bahis siteleri into hard peaks atop smooth, creamy aching mounds. As I massage my breasts and roll my nipples between thumb and forefinger, I close my eyes in pure enjoyment, still wanting more. My mouth opens partially as a soft moan escapes, my tongue sliding outward to moisten my tender lips. Instinctively, my fingers find their way to my hot, wet tongue, seeking to share the pleasurable sensation with my rock-hard nipples. As my saliva-dampened fingers moisten them, I pull and squeeze harder, feeling an increasing hot dampness between my thighs, waves of ecstasy surging through my body. Rolling my shoulders towards each other to press my ample bosoms together, I imagine my lover’s big, hard, cock caressing my breasts and squeezing his velvety hardness snugly within my cleavage as a drop of pre-cum glistens at the tip, awaiting my taste – my hot tongue moistens my lips again.

With my left hand remaining attentive to both breasts, my right hand drifts downward across my abdomen to the hot, neatly trimmed space between my thighs. Stroking gently, my fingers caress lightly before dipping into a pool of molten lava. Fingering my marble-hard clit carefully, slowly exploring my unfolding pleasure and desire, I begin to relax, closing my eyes, moving gently with bahis şirketleri the stroke of my hand. One finger delves tentatively inside my deep recess while I remain constantly fingering my throbbing clit, climbing higher and higher up a mountain of ecstasy. I dream of my lover enthusiastically plunging his stiff cock into me over and over, deeper and deeper, squeezing him tightly inside me. A second finger joins the first, pacing faster and faster, my hips moving in rhythm to meet every stroke, as faster and higher I climb, harder and deeper he pumps, pounding against my flesh, filling me so completely. In a breathless moment, I exuberantly reach the peak of the mountaintop, a hot spring of passion overflowing within me…

I open my eyes in amazement at the wonder and glory of it all…and then suddenly – “Mom, can I go outside to sleigh ride with the boys next door?” my young teenage son yells as he barges into my room unannounced. Smiling softly and sinking back into the pillows, I reply, “of course, son” and mentally thank my lucky stars for thick quilts and blankets that hide everything that is happening underneath! Opening my book, I whisper an unheard “thank you” to my cherished lover so far away, knowing I have a wonderful story to share with him! I am so glad he has opened my eyes, released my passions and made me comfortable enough with myself to do this – I have no idea why I ever waited so long… I only wish he were here to share in the extraordinary pleasure. He is my Prince of Passion, who has touched my heart and soul, forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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