A White Man in Africa Ch. 01

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A guy from Craigslist… I had been chatting on WhatsApp with him for some time. He’s into some pretty hard-core stuff, he’s totally wild, but scared to take the first step, he hadn’t been with another guy yet.

But two weekends ago on a Saturday evening I finally got him excited about letting me actually suck his dick for real… We meet in town, and the first thing he suggested we get was a Viagra pill! So we spent the next two hours looking for where to buy Viagra! We finally ended up going to Spiders Pub, of all places, and then his girlfriend shows up as well! He told me that he wanted to see what influence she’d have, plus the view of all the scantily dressed pro’s — would he still want to go ahead and have a guy suck his dick…

And what happens next, OMG…

The three of us were seated at the bar, having a drink… and he starts to get really nervous. His girlfriend clearly didn’t know what was going on, but she was starting to suspect something big time… and it’s becoming brutally obvious to people around, the Viagra is kicking in and his pants were bulging like mad… but he was too nervous and too horny to notice, and I wanted to suck his cock too badly to care! You could feel the women spitting poison… At that moment, it didn’t occur to us, both of us, not to go ahead, not for a second! I needed him in my mouth!

I persuaded him to come with me to the men’s room, leaving his girlfriend looking seriously pissed off! It was crazy busy as usual in the men’s room, so I slipped the attendant guy 1k and he gets us a stall; no one sees us go in luckily other than the attendant. The toilet is filthy! There is 2 days of pee in the bowl, the floor is awash in pee, the toilet seat is soaked… But I didn’t care, I freed his dick from canlı bahis şirketleri his jeans and it sprang to Viagra attention. He told me to lower my jeans, I did so, I wanted his dick so much I sat on the toilet bowl, pee and all… I grabbed him, pulling him to me, intense urgency to get his dick in my mouth…

I started to suck him, I knew this blowjob was going to be special; on the outside of the toilet stall I could hear men peeing, talking, drunk, laughing. There was the smell of pee everywhere… Of all things, suddenly, I loved the thought that his girlfriend was in the club as I was about to take her man’s cock, as I kissed his dick head, gently licked it! I was so turned on, his dick was now massive, bulging, throbbing, I could barely take all of him inside my mouth. He was dripping pre-cum, and I remember how good it felt and tasted in my mouth. My entire world was focused on his dick, it was hot, it was black, the aroma of man dick filled my nostrils, it was beautiful. I wanted it all inside, I wanted to service him like there was no tomorrow. I relaxed, supressed my gag reflex, tried to ease him all in, he started to fuck my mouth, holding my head, roughly forcing his dick deep into my throat — he was deep throating me! His balls banging onto my chin, he has in me tight, I could barely breathe through my nose.

It was too much, he started to cum, his hands behind my head, forcing his dick even further into my throat. I swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed… I couldn’t swallow fast enough and soon my mouth was filled with his cum, tangy, salty, delicious, and oh so much of it! Finally, he stopped ejaculating, but he was still thick and hard and bulging… I had to ease him out, reluctantly, to breathe… I licked him clean, canlı kaçak iddaa his glans, his shaft, every last drop… With the Viagra going strong he still had a raging hard on, it was totally amazing! His dick was still massive, veiny, and beautiful! I gently took his head back into my mouth, sucking on it, my tongue finding his urethral opening trying to coax any remnant of cum out. He gently rocked it in and out of my mouth, my lips providing a tight seal. He started to lose some of the rigidity.

But then suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and started to pee between my legs into the toilet! With the semi hard on he still had, he could not aim his pee very well, it was going everywhere, my t-shirt, my legs, he peed directly onto my dick… I started to cum!! All over the place, I was having a massive orgasm, shooting all the way to the door behind him between his legs…! When I was done I, my first coherent thought of the evening was realising there was no toilet paper! My dick was covered in his pee, my jeans were spotted with his pee, I was sitting on pee on the toilet seat… I stood up and pulled my jeans up, wet spots showing everywhere… He pulled up his jeans and thankfully he was completely dry, but his semi-erect dick was still massive and still bulged the front of his jeans, still showed his state of arousal! Very much showing! The thought that went through my mind was wanted to suck him again! In that situation that was all I could think of!

He saw me looking at his bulge and laughed which brought us both back to reality. We decided we had to rush out, I’d stay close behind him; it was dark in the club, we hoped not too many people would see the state of my jeans and his arousal. As we walked through the club, some guys noticed canlı kaçak bahis and realised what they were seeing… I heard angry tones… But they just turned me on more! We walked straight by his girlfriend at the bar, neither of us said even a word to her! I remember the look on her face, if looks could kill!

We made it outside of the club and to his car, and immediately as he sat down I reached over and grabbed his jeans front, my fingers scrabbling for the zipper, open his jeans! I took his dick into my mouth, mentally thanking Viagra for doing its thing… Distantly I knew people were walking outside, there were lights on, if anyone looked into the car they would have seen me sucking his dick… It’s another huge turn on! Sitting upright, he could clearly see everything outside, the people passing by; he pushed his dick deeper into my mouth. As I was sucked him in, feeling his shaft filling my mouth, his head pushing into my throat, it occurred to me that if any of the guys from the club were to come out and see us, we would have been in some serious trouble! But I didn’t pause for a millisecond, his dick felt so good in my mouth. I pulled back a little, his head was back in my mouth where I could savour it, my tongue all over it… the shot of lust had receded, I was giving him a blowjob with a clear mind, servicing him. When I close my eyes, weeks later I can still feel how his dick felt, how he tasted. After I had sucked him for ages, he started to cum again, but he was almost on empty, dry heaving, he was panting…

There was no way I was going to leave it at that, I wanted to taste him again, a full load! A brief discussion, it was easy to convince him, we drove to my place… We had headed straight to the bedroom, stripped, and my mouth had found his cock in record time and was soon sucking him again…

I sucked him that entire night! When he wasn’t fucking me that is… It was around 6AM on Sunday that I, and the Viagra, finally let his erection go down…

Sunday was, well…

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