A Welders Tale Ch. 01

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I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be, I have met almost the entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years, don’t know how, I asked he didn’t say.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are true for the most part. Still they are not biographies, artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long, most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short, I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, or any personal friend or relative.


“Please David just bring them, I know we have had our differences but I want to do this. I will have dinner ready when you get here.” Robin assured me for the umpteenth time.

The words still resonated in my brain as I looked over at the kids sleeping beside me on the seat. It had been a long drive and we still had another four hours to go. I was still uneasy about this, they were my responsibility, and they have been for more than a year, I just was not sure living with Robin was the best idea. My Aunt Rachel assured me it would be fine, she I trusted, but Robin was another story.

As the miles rolled past I thought back to see if there was anything that should change my mind. Was I being too hard on her, was I blaming her for what Kim did to me, to us? What is it about women in my life, if it weren’t for Rachel I might think all women are messed up? Then I thought about how Rachel must feel about men. It brought a smile to me. It was her brother, my dad that started all of this. Again I laughed internally, always looking to blame someone else aren’t we, take the easy way out. Dad had never met Kim how could I blame him for that? Just because he and mom bailed on me when I was an infant should not justify me blaming him when Kim bailed on the kids and me.

Not only did she leave me Kim left her kids behind, how can a woman do that? I’ve heard all of the psychological BS, really after nine months of carrying each of the two kids, you just leave? I’ll never figure that one out, never.

I pulled up to the pump and made sure the kids were awake before I got out. I filled the tank then pulled the truck up to the building. Chad grabbed his sister’s hand as he always did looking both ways before opening the door. He may not be the brightest but he is protective. I paid for the gas and we all used the facilities, Chad never budging from the ladies room door until Blair returned. I knew it would be another couple of hours before dinner so I let them split a candy bar just this once, I picked up a pack of gum.

They started in on another game of license plates from across the country. Myself, my brain went back in time to the day I knew we were on our own. Kim was a wild one when we met, extremely wild, even though she was six years my senior. I love that about her, at least then I did. When I shipped out at 18 and we needed to get married so we could have our own place, ok sign me up. Chad came along shortly after I got assigned to my base. Blair arrived less than a year later. I really thought after Blair she would want to settle down some. I think she tried, at least she said she was.

When she left the first time I just thought she was scared. My concern was after the second time she would really do something desperate, it has happened before. I asked to be reassigned to the base and with the help of my commanders I was able to stay around the kids more. It helped but after just a year I knew the third time she went AWOL it was over. I tried to make it work but a military base is no place for kids, especially with no mother. I got the divorce finalized and served the rest of my term. Getting a job was fairly easy, getting a job that allowed me to raise a family was almost impossible.

I looked at the sign another forty miles until we turned off. I looked over at the kids, they were oblivious to how their world would change, but I was apprehensive. We took the turn off and headed for town.

“Are we almost there?” Blair had noticed the change in the road Chad was still looking for license plates, I guess he figured we would not get there until he got them all.

“Real soon honey, just a few more miles?” I spoke softly.

“Tell me again what she looks like. Is she really pretty or is she just kind of pretty?” Blair picked up her doll and combed her hair.

I thought back to the only time I saw her, must be close to eight years. It was at her parent’s funeral, the grandparents that raised me. That was when I met Rachel as well. It was a sad time, one of the lowest of my life. I was in the service at the time Kim was pregnant with Chad, I went alone staying with a teenage friend. They were not that old but then fate casino siteleri does not look upon age as a factor. The only consolation is the accident took them at the same time. That sounds cruel but I know they both would have wanted it that way.

Mr. Douglas handled the whole affair as well as the estate afterwards. I was not sure if Robin would show up, rumor had it she would. I was pretty distraught but knew this was no time to make a scene. Fortunately the service was basic in that their remains had been cremated, there were no viewings planned just a simple but respectful event. There was no funeral procession, no gravesite service just a reception at the funeral home. The place was packed several hundred people gathered for the service.

The front row was reserved for family, my grandfather’s brother George was there and Grandmothers two sisters with a few of the nieces and nephews. I kept a look out for Robin almost hoping she would not come. Then two very nice looking middle age ladies came in. I felt cornered. I was not sure which was my mother? They both scanned the crowd then the one saw me and turned quickly to the other. Robin looked my way, I knew it was her I could see it in her eyes.

I was frozen to the spot, emotions I had buried years ago rose to the surface like a tidal wave. She started my way, I looked for and escape route ready to bolt at a moment’s notice if she got too close. George realizing what was about to happen gripped my arm.

“Don’t you move, I will take care of this!”

He approached Robin, stopped her and gave her a quick hug. Holding her for a moment he spoke to her. She looked to me and I could see that she was very upset. Fortunately the rest of the family approached her and her guest shielding them from any further contact with me. She sat at the other end of the isle, I refused to even look her way.

After the service there was not a dry eye in the place including mine. I had lost the only real family that mattered. I slipped into the hall to use the restroom waiting as long as I could before returning to the fray. I had lost sight of her during that time, everyone was leaving except the family and closest of friends. I did not see Robin so I stuck around figuring she had gone. When I felt the time was appropriate I said my goodbyes and headed to the front door to leave. Robin and Rachel were in a small side room with a couple of her cousins. Robin saw me walk past, I did not see her at first. Then just before the door I heard someone speak.

“David? Can we talk?” She said it very calmly, but still I could sense the apprehension in her voice. Talk? You want to fucking talk? What the fuck can we possibly have to talk about at a time like this? It was all I could think of. I dare not look at her.

“Sorry for your loss miss, I know how much they loved you!” I walked through the door and left.

It was not what I said but how I said it that I remember most. Either way it was not a memory I am particularly proud of. I have grown and matured so much since then.

Blair was waiting for an answer.

“I would have to say very pretty.” I replied with a smile.

We drove through the center of town past the court house and the bank and headed out the other side. When we reached the outskirts of town there was a small subdivision, in front was the old farm house Robin owned. It was large, stately but not opulent. It stood testament to the riches this farm once produced, now just a sentry watching over the fields of cookie cutter residences. I wondered how she could afford such a large place then reminded myself she was married for a time to a banker, no doubt picked it up for a song from some foreclosure.

The first thing I saw was two cars in the drive, my instincts went on alert before I realized one could be Rachel’s. Relieved I looked over at the kids to see how they were doing, so far so good.

“Chad, Blair, remember it is Miss Robin and Aunt Rachel, please be polite and remember not to run around.

“Yes dad!” They replied in unison.

I parked the truck and got out walked to the other side and helped them out. From the corner of my eye I noticed her standing there on the porch. We had talked on the phone several times but this is the first time I had seen her since the funeral. She looked better now than she did then, I dare not stare, keeping my emotions in check were key to my plans.

I huddled the kids in front of me and headed to where she stood. A quick glance and still no Rachel in sight, damn where was she? Robin held her ground waiting for us to reach her. I glanced again and still she was alone. I refused to meet her eyes instead I focused on the two kids in front of me. With a hand on each of their shoulders I guided them up the wide staircase until they were standing in front of Robin.

“Hello children, I am so glad you came!” Robin bent down to their level.

“Hello Miss Robin!” Blair proudly replied.

“Hello Miss Robin.” Chad added as I gently shook his canlı casino shoulder.

“You must be Chad and I am guessing this must be Blair?” Robin looked at Chad. He hesitated not sure if he should reply or move to protect his sister. Robin moved in for a small hug before he could decide but I could tell he was not letting this go too far just yet.

While Robin was looking and talking to the kids I was looking at her. She was very pretty, not gorgeous but pretty. Her rapport with the kids was instant. She was friendly and outgoing with them. She asked easy questions and waited for complicated answers kids have. Robin glanced up at me just a few times my heart skipped a beat each time but I dare not let her know. Chad pulled on my hand minutes into the conversation.

“Hello Robin.” I added as Chad made his move. She looked up at me I could see the dampness in her eyes. It hit me then how emotional this must be for her also. Still if she thought that was going to work, she picked the wrong sucker.

“Hello David, I am so glad you came.” Robin looked like she was going to step around for a hug but I headed her off extending my hand. The look on her face showed she was hurt by the cold offer but she took it just the same. The tears in her eyes began to run down her cheek, I was not sure if it they were tears of happiness seeing the kids for the first time or pain for my rudeness. Either way I did not care, I was here for one reason and one reason only.

“Where is Aunt Rachel, I thought you said she would be here?” Chad blurted out. Even I was not that cruel, damn kids have a way of saying things at the most inopportune times. Robin looked at me the sting of his words evident. That instant I thought she might think I was turning the kids against her as a form of punishment. Blair saved the moment.

“Dad you were right she is very pretty, even Barbie thinks so!” Blair held her doll up to show me the painted smile on her toy. Robin was taken aback with the outburst. Our eyes met a second time, I could see she was moved by the compliment.

“Dad, I gotta pee, bad!” Chad looked at me, he was starting to squirm. I looked at Robin with a questioned look.

“Down the main hall second door on the right.” I nodded and took Chad’s hand and headed in the front door.

“Thanks.” I hesitated making sure she was all right. She nodded in response, and off we went. I was not happy with this deal but in no way was out to actually punish her. Rachel was on the other side of the screen door and pulled it open as we approached. I quickly led Chad to the bathroom, once he was inside I closed the door. I walked back to the main room where Rachel stood.

“You were a little hard on her don’t you think? Rachel glared at me.

“It was not intentional I assure you. It is no excuse but it has been a day.” She held her arms out and we hugged. Just as she was going to let me go she whispered in my ear.

“It has been a hard day for her too.” Rachel released me and locked on my eyes making sure I got the point.

“I am sure it has, I promise not to make it any worse.” She kissed me on the cheek just as Chad exited the bathroom.

“Aunty Rachel!” Chad was running down the hall. I grabbed him just before he reached her.

“Hold on one minute young man. Did you wash your hands?”


“And put down the seat?”


“And hung up the towel?”

“Aw dad!”

“That’s ok little buddy you go get Aunt Rachel and I will get the towel.” Smiling he broke free and hugged Rachel around the waist his head tilted up smiling at her. I walked to the bathroom and hung up the towel and made sure he had done as he said. I was walking back to the front room Blair was now hugging Rachel and the kids were talking a hundred miles an hour. Just inside the door was Robin looking on as the three of them carried on. Robin looked at me, her eyes looking for some kind of bond, but I did not offer her comfort. Maybe it was time she saw how it felt. I was not proud of myself but I’ll be damned if I was going to give in that easy. Rachel saw the situation Robin was in and looked to change the circumstances.

“Come on troupes, let’s get you moved in and eat I am starving.”

“Me too let’s eat.” Chad responded.

“If we can get the truck unloaded I will do the trailer tomorrow.” I added.

We all went out to the truck. I opened the hatch to the bed cover, lowered the gate and started handing bags to each of them. Blair carried the light items like blankets and pillows Chad trying to show off wanted to carry the suitcases. Robin directed traffic after the first trip, in fifteen minutes it was all at least in the door.

“I thought I would put the kids in one of the rooms down here and we could take you upstairs for now. Like I explained it is still unfinished. David is that ok with you?” Robin asked. The last part was unnecessary and I was going to say so but a quick glance at Rachel changed my mind.

“Thank you, I am sure I can manage, kaçak casino I have slept in a lot worse places before.” I tried to smile.

“Great, why don’t we eat and then I will help you get settled.” I was going to refuse her help but once again Rachel gave me the evil eye.

The food was delicious and the mood at the table was surprisingly positive, maybe because I said very little. The kids talked nonstop but Rachel just kept asking them questions. Robin herself taking it all in, there was a calmness about her I had not expected. I had concerns if she really knew what she was in for, having never raised any kids before. All too soon it was time for Rachel to get home. She lives about forty five minutes away and it was just past dark. I am not sure if Robin or I was sadder to see her leave.

I helped unpack the kids clothes into the small dressers Robin had picked up for them both. I had ordered new beds and linens ahead of our arrival and they were already made. A bath and teeth brushing and soon the kids were tucked into bed. I myself was ready to call it a day but all of my stuff was still piled up on the living room floor.

“If it is ok with you I think I will move this stuff in the morning I am really beat. I am just going to take a shower and hit the hay.”

“That’s fine, if you want I will take it up for you.” Robin offered.

“It’s ok, it can wait.”

I took my duffel bag upstairs and looked around, the bed I ordered had been delivered and so was the desk. I thought she said there was a bathroom upstairs but like the rest of the second floor it was in total deconstruction. The walls had been stripped of the lath and plaster, wires dangling everywhere, pipes disconnected. I can see why she got such a good deal. I unpacked my duffel and pulled some clean clothes out for after my shower. I headed back down the stairs and headed into the bathroom. It was a time warp, all original and in excellent shape the bathroom was awesome. Bigger than what I would have expected in such an old house, these must have been some wealthy folks.

The hot water beating over me was refreshing but still spending countless hours on the road was winning out, add that to the mental stress and I was one whooped dog. I shaved and brushed my teeth making sure to clean up after myself before I headed upstairs. I rounded the landing at the top of the steps and who was there but Robin setting down what looked like the last of my belongings. I snapped!

“”I thought I said I would do that in the morning!” I glared at her.

“I am sorry I just thought I would help you.” She replied surprised at my outburst.

“Did I ask you for help? No! I said I would do it in the morning and I meant I would do it in the morning.”

“David I am sorry I just thought…”

“You just thought if you did something nice that I would forget all about the past? You thought because you opened up your house to me and the kids I would forget what I went through? If this is the way it is going to be then let me know because we will go right now.”

“David you promised!” Robin’s eyes welled up in tears.

“Oh and if you think that just because you shed a few tears I am going to forget, forget what you did to me, you are wrong I can be just as cold and uncaring as you can be.”

“But David the kid’s, you promised. I told you I would, I wanted to do this. I just brought up some things, that’s what mot…”

“What mothers do? You are not my mother you never were and never will be! Oh you might have delivered me into this world but you gave up the right to be my mother the day you and that worthless asshole of a father walked out on me. What mother does that…” As I looked at her she turned from helpless to defiant.”Oh forget it, I am too tired to argue with you again!”

“Oh no David Nichol’s, you do not get off that easy, you have been here what, six hours and already you have unleashed your fury? Let’s settle this once and for all!” Robin glared at me letting me know she was not backing down.

“Fury, you do not know fury, if you want to see fury I can show you how I really feel!” I raised my arm my fist balled tight, oh how I wanted to do it. I had cried myself to sleep for years waiting for my pound of flesh.

“Do it, hit me, but if you do you better kill me because I will not be your punching bag too. You think you know so much but you don’t. I could have taken this to court but I didn’t, Rachel begged me to give this a chance.”

“Court! How the hell would that work?” I lowered my hand waiting to see what this was all about.

“Ah smarty pants, haven’t you heard, grandparents have rights too. So you marry some tramp get her pregnant have a couple of kids and drive her away. Then you raise these kids on your own just to show me it can be done, to rub my nose in it? Did you beat her just like your father beat me? Well Mr. Fury are you just like your father?”

“I have never hit a woman in my life, I am nothing like my father, hell I have never met my father!” I moved back making it clear that I was not going to strike her.

“Well let me show you how easy it is.” Swiftly she picked up a piece of two by four about two feet long. As I watched in disbelief she struck the side of her head, HARD!

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