A Walk in the Park

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Keith was waiting in the shadows. He had his back against a tree and was stroking his cock slowly through his trousers, feeling the long, hard bulge of it. He was waiting for someone. A few people had passed him already, walking through the park on their way home from work, their heads down against the dark. None of them had seen him.

Now, he moaned deep in his throat, then took his hand away. He didn’t want to get too excited too soon. He eased the knife out of his belt, watching the blade shine in the low light. Only a few minutes later, he heard footsteps and pushed himself further back against the tree, holding his breath.

It was him. A slim, dark-haired teenager wandered out of the shadows to stop by the side of the river, looking out over the water. He couldn’t have been more than seventeen. Keith had been trailing him for weeks, never showing himself. Now, though, it didn’t matter if he saw Keith’s face.

Keith stepped out of the shadows, moving silently, the knife held low by his side. He stopped right behind the young man and, suddenly, grabbed his throat. The young man struggled, trying to scream, but Keith clamped his hand over his mouth and dragged him to the grass.

The young man’s struggles were arousing him to an incredible degree. Keith grabbed the young man’s neck and shoved his head down into the grass. He forced the knife under the waistband of the young man’s trousers and pulled. In a couple of seconds, he was half-naked.

Keith shoved him over onto his back and straddled him, the knife flashing as he cut away the buttons of the young man’s shirt. At this point, the kid obviously decided that it would be a good idea to co-operate. Keith didn’t dissuade him. He forced some of his shirt into his mouth and strapped it in. He didn’t want the kid’s screams alerting anyone.

His now naked victim pinned under him, Keith leant back and smiled. He kept the knife at the youth’s throat and used his left hand to tug his own trousers open, letting his painfully hard cock straighten. He was gratified as he saw the youth’s eyes widen.

‘We’re all animals inside,’ Keith breathed, stroking his cock. Pre-cum shone over the canlı bahis flared head and the veins bulged around the base. His cock twitched and swelled even more at the attention as Keith ran his fingers over the slippery head.

He slowly got to his feet. The kid didn’t move. Either he was in shock or he didn’t think he’d get very far. Keith kept his eye on him as he shrugged his own shirt off and stripped himself of the rest of his clothes. He sank to his knees by the boy’s side, the knife still in his hand, and stroked over his captive’s trembling belly. The skin was cool and very soft.

Keith forced himself to take it slow as he moved his hand down, past the kid’s navel. He knew that there was always the possibility of being discovered by a passer-by, but it was getting late and Keith knew from experience that the park was usually quiet at this time of night. Besides, he had enough confidence in his own speed and strength to take his time.

He squeezed the young man’s tight balls and fondled the soft length of his cock, feeling the muscle harden under his fingers.

‘I know who you are,’ he breathed. ‘I know that she’s with another guy. I can’t imagine how hurt you must feel. Tell me, where did you leave the suicide note? Is it in your bedroom? Is it?’

The kid stared at his, his eyes wide.

Keith smiled. ‘I know what you were planning. I know you’ve been coming down here a lot, casing the joint. But I know it’s quiet too, you see. We both need a little privacy. Were you really going to drown yourself this time or would you be too scared again? Would you run away from it again? No, I know you don’t want that. You shouldn’t kill yourself. There’s so much to live for. I know you think that no-one’s ever going to love you again, but they will.’

He bent and gently kissed the head of the young man’s cock. All the time he’d been talking, he’d been stroking it, so now it was a full six inches long, fully hard. Keith took the head in his mouth and licked over it for a moment before letting it go and sitting back.

He turned the young man over so that he was lying on his front and spread his legs. He kept the knife where he could see bahis siteleri it. Keith was well-muscled and a lot heavier than the teenager; he would be a fool to try anything.

Keith kissed the small of the kid’s back, enjoying the smell of the crushed grass mingled with his victim’s sweat. He moved down and licked along the base of the young man’s thighs. He spread his legs a little more and bent his back to let Keith’s tongue slide in to gently stroke his ass. As soon as he was wet enough, Keith sat over his legs and leant forwards so that the head of his cock was pressed to the kid’s tight opening.

‘You haven’t had sex before, have you, not really?’

The kid muttered something around the cloth. It sounded like a plea. Keith ignored it and pushed forwards, gently.

‘It’ll be easier if you relax,’ he murmured into the kid’s ear, forcing the head of his cock into the kid’s bowels. The young man thrashed around and tried to scream, but Keith held him down with a hand between his shoulder blades.

Keith paused to take a deep breath as the kid stopped struggling, then pulled out. He helped the kid to his hands and knees. The boy was hanging his head now, sobbing around his gag. Keith gave his cock a quick squeeze then lined up behind him again, his hands on the young man’s hips, pulling him back onto his cock.

The kid’s muscles tightened instinctively and Keith groaned as he managed to force almost a third of his length into the boy’s body. He was very dry, very hot, and very tight. There was no way he’d ever had sex. Keith lowered his head over the kid’s shuddering back and kissed him gently.

‘Just relax,’ he whispered again.

Eventually, the muscles clamped around his cock began to relax and Keith was able to push until his balls were right up against his young lovers’. He still had the knife in his right hand.

Keith began to gently fuck the boy until he could get his cock deep into him. The teenager was still crying, and when Keith pulled out, he saw thick blood coating the head of his cock. Keith was about eight inches long, but he’d never thought he would be too long for the kid to take. He pushed back in, and bahis şirketleri the blood lubricated his cock. As it dribbled out onto his balls and down his thighs, he began to move harder and faster.

Moving with his rhythm, Keith moved his right hand up under the boy’s now soft cock, pressing the tip of the knife to his belly. The kid tried, desperate now, to pull away, but Keith’s other hand was on his shoulder, holding him down.

Keith suddenly jerked the blade up and along, slicing open the kid’s stomach. With a muffled scream, the kid collapsed, Keith still on top of him. The young boy writhed around under him, but Keith threw the knife away and held him down as he neared his climax. His thrusts meant that the kid’s cock was sliding around in his own blood and guts.

Keith sank his teeth into the kid’s neck as he shuddered, still trying to scream. He was dying. Keith hoped that he could still feel his teeth, still hear his ragged breathing as he got closer to coming.

The kid bucked up against him. Keith shoved his cock deep into his bowels and held it there as the kid’s muscles jerked around him, squeezing his cock, milking him. Keith could have sworn then, as they lay locked together, the kid’s shudders were a dying orgasm, but his own balls were contracting. He groaned around the blood that filled his mouth as he emptied himself, shooting deep inside the dying kid’s bowels.

At last, the boy’s convulsions stopped and Keith felt the muscles that gripped his cock so tightly relax. He pulled out in a trickle of sperm and blood. He stood, a little unsteadily, and did his best to wipe himself off. He pulled his clothes back on, then flipped the body over. The kid’s sightless eyes stared straight up, faintly accusing. Keith smiled and grabbed him under the arms.

It was only a few metres to the side of the river, and the boy was so light that Keith dragged him easily. He dumped the body, then threw the kid’s clothes in after him. He didn’t bother to clean up the bank, the blood-stained grass, or the clear mark where the body had been dragged.

No-one would come looking for him. He paused for a minute, then threw the knife in after the body.

‘Wasn’t that worth the wait?’ he asked the river.

With a smile, he watched the surface of the water become calm again, then walked away.

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