A visit with Debbie

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A visit with Debbie
I should have known something was up when Becki asked me to take her to see her friend Debbie. Debbie is a sweet gal. She’s a chunky and plucky brunette who works at this gas station overnights. Becki explained that Debbie had been working a lot as of late, and they hadn’t hung out, and she wanted to intro me to Debbie.

I drove Becki to Debbie’s apartment. Debbie wasn’t fat, she just had a little chunk. She had shoulder length brunette hair. She was dressed in her work clothes because someone had called in, and Debbie’s boss asked her to cover the shift.

“So we’re not hanging tonight?” Becki asked.

“We can for a little,” Debbie replied, “Then I head to work.”

Becki introduced me to Debbie, and Debbie asked her if I was the special friend she was talking about. That brought a smile to Becki’s face as she said yes. I gave Becki a confused look as Debbie asked us to follow her to the living room.

Debbie is blunt, and she asked me how long me and Becki had been fuck friends. I said we’d just started. I found myself thinking I wanted to keep this secret, and here’s Becki blabbing to her friends. Becki went into detail about our last sexual adventure just a few weeks ago.

“The only cock I see is when I take one of the dirty mags into the back room and break bahis siteleri and masterbait.”

“See, this is why I brought you over,” Becki whispered to me, “I want you to help her.”

Debbie was a sweet gal, but I wasn’t expecting a fuck session. Becki began rubbing my cock through my jeans. She knew she was getting it hard. I looked deep into her eyes. We kissed, my tongue going deep in her mouth. We kissed as she rubbed my cock through my jeans. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Debbie rub herself. My cock hard, I pulled away from Becki. I got to my knees and made my way over to Debbie.

“Let me take care of that.” I said. Debbie undid her pants and lowered them to her ankles. For a chunky gal, she kept that pussy well groomed. And she tasted great as well. I rammed my tongue in her pussy and licked the clit for what it was worth. Debbie was groaning like crazy. I think I was the first dude to fuck her in a long time.

Becki was just sitting on the other couch, sipping a beer and watching the event. She was slipping her free hand down her pants. It was her goal to just watch. Debbie was getting more moist by the passing seconds.

“Cock….I want cock!” she moaned.

I’d barely stood up before she was on her knees, nearly ripping my erect cock from me pants. She gave bedava bahis me a sloppy sucking. She was clearly rusty. I motioned from Becki to join us, maybe give her friend a lesson, but she declined. Her pants her at her ankles, and she was shoving the beer bottle in and out of her pussy. That site alone nearly got me harder.

I wanted to take Debbie from behind. I told her that I wanted her to hold on to the couch. I gave her anus and my cock some spit. I slid my cock in her tight ass, causing her to scream loud. It looks like I was popping her anal cherry. I began with slow thrust, working my way up. Debbie buried her face in a pillow as I worked her ass.

It had to be at least three minutes later, but I gave the pussy some love too. I fucked that tight pussy good. Debbie screamed for me to pound harder, faster.

“I go faster, and I’ll cum to fast.” I explained. Tight gals always did that to me.

“Work, I need to be there..soon.” Debbie said, taking hold of my arms.

I kept pumping away. Within minutes, I knew I had to cum. I told Debbie, and her eyes grew wide and she smiled. It was if I was giving her a Christmas gift.

“Get ready…here it comes!” I said.

I pulled my cock out and Debbie was on her knees. I heard Becki scream in delight, as she’d bedava bonus been fucking herself with that bottle the entire time. I stroked my cock, and Debbie was there, mouth open, eyes closed. Before I could give her a second warning, cum burst from my cock like it was a fucking oil well. My goo was all in her face, and dripped on her shirt and name tag. I worked my cock some more when Becki appeared. She gave me a nice hand job to finish things off, and then let Debbie lick my cum off her fingers. I gazed down and saw Debbie’s face, covered in cum and with a grin.

Everyone got dressed and Debbie followed us out the door. She cleaned up well, and really didn’t seem to give a shit that my goo had left a stain on her blue golf shirt. She gave me a big hug, and then got in her car and drove off.

As me and Becki drove back to her place, I asked her why she didn’t join in. She explained that she always wanted to watch her friend suck a guy off. As I pulled into her driveway, she gave me a kiss and smiled.

“As for me joining in,” She said, with a cat like grin, “That’s for the next time we get together.”

She got out the car, and headed into her house. I just sat there for a second.

“She did it again.” I said to myself. I pulled out of her drive way and into my next door. As I walked to my front door, I heard Becki called my name. She was in her bedroom, at the window. She flashed her breast at me, and made a quick retreat.

I could only wonder what Becki had instore for the next time me, her and Debbie get together.

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