A Visit to Yukiko’s Place

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I walked up to the brick house on the corner and I walked up to the brick house on teh corner and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door slowly opened. It was Yukiko, a old college girlfriend of mine.

“Oh, Yukiko. I missed you so much. You are so hot, baby,”” I said, seductively, moving closer to her.

“I had no idea you were still interested in me,” she said, with a seductive little smile of her own.

“I’ve thought about you ever since last saw each other, all those years ago,” I said, lustfully.

“Well, then. Come on,” Yukiko said, grabbing my hand and escorting me upstairs to her bedroom; she closed the door behind us.

Yukiko slowly undressed, revealing her body, which was smooth, soft, and flawless in texture. She was somewhat thin, yet there was a sexiness about her, something I couldn’t put my finger on. Maybe it was because I was horny as hell and this woman before me was the object of my sexual desire. I wasn’t sure, but at the moment, she was the hottest woman alive.

Yukiko pulled back the sheets and laid down on her stomach. I looked at her hot little ass. It wasn’t the biggest, nor was it a voluptuous bubble butt by any means, but it was calling me, calling my dick, which slowly grew to stiff erection as she shook her ass from side to side, enticing me to anal intercourse with her.

I pressed my thick, rock-hard cock against her tiny, barely visible asshole, trying to force it in, but it would not even enter, not even the head, even as her asshole slightly stretched. Unable to get in in her asshole, I rubbed my dick on her ass crack, teasing her, and trying to get some sensation myself.

“It won’t go in, Yukiko,” I said, disappointed.

Yukiko reached for a bottle of baby oil that she had on her night stand. She then handed it me and asked to rub it all over her body, then rub some on my dick, then try to stick it up her ass again. I did as she asked. I took a handful of baby oil and slowly caressed Yukiko’s whole body. She squirmed and gyrated her entire body as I softly rubbed her body up and down, even softly kissing her as I gently caressed every spot of her hot little body.

At first, Yukiko may not have looked all that sexy, but every second I rubbed her, every second I caressed and touched her body, coating her body with this baby oil, she looked more and more attractive to me. It was like her body was becoming more shapely and voluptuous with each moment; perhaps it was my imagination, perhaps it was simply my desire to ram this sexy woman’s asshole with my cock. I couldn’t say for sure, but I ended up using the entire bottle on her, save for a small amount, which I squirted in her asshole and then rubbed on my dick.

“Oh! Yukiko,” I said as I slowly, canlı bahis carefully, sensuously slid my dick easily into her tight, tiny little asshole, watching it spread apart as my dick penetrated deep inside. I then laid on top of her, slowly and gently thrusting in and out of her, leaving only the head of my dick in her ass before thrusting it all the way in again.

“Oh! Yes, baby! You are the best!” Yukiko shouted as I began to ram her hot little ass into submission. My dick easily filled her tight, juicy asshole, and with each pump, more of her ass juices coated my dick until I was nearing climax.

Yukiko shook what little ass she had. It may have been little compared to my aunt’s ass, but it was no less sexy, no less desirable, no less making me want to jizz. The instant before I jizzed, I took it out and showered Yukiko’s ass, back, thighs, even her hair with a fountain of hot, thick jizz. It was so hot, in fact, that it made Yukiko squirm in unbridled, full-blown ecstasy. Her massive, multi-orgasms turned me on even more.

“Turn around, baby. Spread those gorgeous legs for me,” I said. Yukiko slowly turned to her side, then onto her back. She had her legs spread wide open for me, her arms outwards, ready to receive me.

My dick got hard again instantly as I stared at Kikuko’s surprisingly voluptuous legs and the small amount of hair covering her pussy. I slowly climbed on top of her and moaned in ecstasy as I stuck my dick deep into her tight, hot pussy. It was tighter, hotter, and wetter than her asshole and much more satisfying, so much so that I squirted 4 times inside before I started to softly pump her. She was also counter-pumping, slamming her pussy on my dick even as I rammed hers with repeated, forceful pelvic thrusts.

During our highly passionate, erotic union, she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, while delivering powerful pelvic thrusts of her own that seemed to be stronger than my own thrusts.

“I’m so sensitive in my pussy, and your dick is so thick, so big. I can’t get enough of you, baby!” Yukiko shouted in passionate ecstasy as the intense euphoria of fervent lust and desire overtook both us.

She didn’t seem to mind that I was filling her luscious pussy with jizz, or perhaps the squirts were so minuscule that she didn’t notice them. Nonetheless, the intensity of our sexual union prompted me to jizz every few seconds, even as Yukiko stopped pounding my cock and just softly gyrating under me as I strongly held her in erotic embrace while pumping her forcefully, yet slowly.

“Oh. Oh, Yukiko!” I said repeatedly every few seconds as I slowly reached climax. It came slowly, but it was noticeable that I was getting closer and closer to orgasm and ejaculation.

It felt that bahis siteleri she was already orgasming underneath me, as her body was trembling ever so gently and her pelvic thrusts were not in rhythm. My breathing intensified, as did hers. I pumped her harder, faster; she was still in an erratic rhythm, but was becoming more and more forceful and excited as she moaned and grunted with intensity and lust. Her breathing rate dramatically increased as I continued to pump her pussy.

In a final thrust, I shouted, “Yukiko!!” before quickly and forcefully taking my dick from her pussy and jizzing uncontrollably all over her torso and face; I stroked my cock continuously to help me release copious amounts of jizz all over as much of Yukiko as I could.

Yukiko seductively and sensuously rubbed my hot jizz into her body, as if it were lotion. She breathed heavily, pulsating. Soon, her pussy squirted forcefully. I positioned myself over her as to have her shower me in her juices. I also wiped it all over my naked body like lotion.

I laid back on top of her, however, Yukiko lifted up her legs and crossed them so that my dick went into her asshole. I didn’t thrust in her, but laid gently on top of her, kissing her lips passionately, while she wiggled her tongue inside my mouth. I slowly started to pump her asshole, involuntarily. It seemed automatic that I pumped her tight, juicy asshole as I kissed Yukiko’s soft, sweet lips.

Yukiko wrapped her arms gently around me and whispered into my ear, “Let me know when you’re about to cum.” I whispered, “OK.”

Yukiko pressed her ass gently against my dick even as I pumped her softly. This sex was more romantic than the forceful sex we had with each other previously. Climax wasn’t any slower in coming though. Yukiko’s asshole was incredibly hot and juicy. It was very, very tight as well, gripping my cock within it with such force that I could feel each stretch of her asshole as my dick rubbed against the anal walls of her rectum.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh, Yukiko!!” I shouted, momentarily breaking from kissing her lips. She then grabbed my ass and pushed me inside her, preventing me from pulling out. I released my full hot load of jizz right inside her hot, tight, asshole, while continuing to more and more passionately kiss her lips. It was the best sensation of my life, even better than with my aunt, even better with the previous two sexual moments with Yukiko. I was very slow in taking it out, too. I laid on top of her ass for a good 5 minutes before taking my jizz-soaked cock from her tight, little jizzed asshole, which leaked some out as I removed my dick.

We both rested a while, about half an hour. My erection subsided and Yukiko came down from her high, though, she didn’t bahis şirketleri even bother to wash the jizz from her body or her ass. I went downstairs for a moment while Yukiko rested in her room.

Yukiko came downstairs, oiled down, and naked. She wasn’t finished with me yet. She then leapt into my arms, my dick going deep into her pussy. She wrapped herself tightly around me and told me, “Take me around the block just like this. Continue walking until you jizz, only don’t wuss out and pull out. Release that hot load right into my pussy.”

“Yukiko? Are you sure?” I asked.

She kissed me on the lips and said, “Oh, yes! I’m sure!”

She rested her head on my shoulder as I held her ass and pumped her pussy by moving her on and off my dick as we walked. The sexual sensations were steady. I didn’t come any closer to climax with the first few times I walked around the block with her. I felt though, as if I was in a trance, as Yukiko’s pussy gripped my cock, getting hotter and wetter with each gentle thrust.

Yukiko now seemed much sexier. Her ass felt plumper, more robust, more round. What was relatively small and somewhat flat when I first started sex with her was now a fully voluptuous bubble ass. Her tits had also seemed to have grown some. I began to think it was more than me, more than my imagination. It had something to do with the oil, that not only did it make her more attractive, but it also made more sexually excited and active. This is our fourth sexual escapade, and neither of us wanted to stop.

I began to alternate between Yukiko’s pussy and ass, sticking it in her pussy, thrusting a few times, then sticking it in her ass and also thrusting the same number of times. I did this as I walked her around the block a few more times.

“You can bang my ass if you like, but I want your cum in my pussy,” Yukiko said, her voice choked with euphoria.

“Oh, Yukiko. I love you Yukiko,” I said. “OK, baby.”

Yukiko’s body seemed to develop as I held her. She seemed to grow a bit more robust each time I pumped her, for every second I carried her. She wasn’t getting heavier, though, even though I could see her body grow before my eyes. She wasn’t getting fat, only more and more voluptuous.

Each successive time resulted in a more voluptuous, more attractive, younger looking Yukiko. My dick was ready to explode and Yukiko’s gyrations easily helped it along. I didn’t grunt, but moaned in euphoric bliss as I filled Yukiko’s pussy with my hot load, before climbing on top of her and banging her pussy until I was sure my entire load was inside her.

I got up, helped Yukiko to her feet, and both of us walked back to her home, hand in hand. When he did reach her house, we had dinner, as we worked up quite an appetite from our sexual excursion; after a final passionate kiss, I left Yukiko’s house, returning to my house.

She and I continued to wave to each other until both of us were out of each other’s sight.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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