A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 19

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[This story involves bodily functions, including scat, and corporal punishment of various kinds. If any of these offend you, please read no further. All characters are well over 18.]

Jackson was definitely in the soup. He had accommodated himself to being the fourth wheel as Eleanor had first decided to take Annette as her wife and then invited Denise to live with them. They had been decent to him in including him in their bedroom pleasures at least that first time.

But now Eleanor had agreed that Sgt. Linda could join Denise in sharing her bedroom. As they were lesbians, they had no use for him whatsoever. They did behave civilly but he constantly was reminded (by himself, not them, he had to concede) that they had been drill sergeants at the Men’s Re-Education Camp where Eleanor had sent him when he angered her and then Denise had been his trainer at the Training Center where Eleanor had sent him when he spoke much too openly to a reporter about her.

Denise had disciplined him in each place and just the other day, before he was released from training—something that he figured Annette had arranged and for which he was grateful—she had inserted a suppository and watched him shit his pants, or rather, his panties that he had been made to wear during the training.

He had been drawn to the two of them, Denise and Linda, and last night, Denise had caught him outside their bedroom listening as they made love. When Denise had been in Eleanor’s bed that first time with Annette, Jackson had been there too, but she had not allowed him to fuck her or come near her. Last night, she had had a feeling that something wasn’t right and that that something was right outside their bedroom door.

She quietly got out of bed, put on her nightgown, signaled to Linda to remain still, and then tiptoed to the door and suddenly pulled it open as Jackson fell in.

“My, my,” she said in a very sarcastic tone of voice, “what have we here? A very, very naughty boy listening where he shouldn’t be. Come in here, you naughty boy!”

Jackson was now petrified. These women were professional disciplinarians. He knew from direct experience how well they could discipline.

Denise turned on a very dim light by her bed. She told him to stand straight up with his legs apart. He was wearing merely a white tee shirt and those tighty-whitey jockey shorts.

She put her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down. She gazed into the crotch and saw the tell-tale precum in the front where he had been getting his rocks ready to cum.

“So just listening to ladies in bed is enough to get you going, eh?” she asked.

He nodded in the affirmative.

She decided that this would have to be discussed with Eleanor but as a preliminary, she was going to give him a bit of a preview of what was in store. She sat down on the side chair and beckoned him with her finger to lay across her lap. Denise believed in the value of a good, old-fashioned spanking. It embarrassed the naughty boy and set the stage for more refined discipline.

She started spanking, alternating cheeks, and increasing the tempo and strength of the spanks in her most professional manner. Jackson started groaning and moaning and finally making loud noise as the pain grew. Finally, she paused and asked Linda if she was interested in giving him a dose of what he needed.

Linda had been really bothered by the interruption. She had agreed to move in with Denise in the shared apartment and now she had to confront a man who misbehaved in her own living place, which had seemed so pleasant until this moment. She nodded to Denise that she would be interested.

Linda was also now a trainer at the nearby Training Center and she had some tools in her handbag. One was a small martinet that both she and Denise would use to warm up the men sent to them for training. She ordered Jackson to stand and face the wall and keep his undershorts down and his feet apart wide enough to hold them up.

Then she stood behind him in the gown she had put on and started whipping his behind with the small martinet. She teased him by gradually lowering her aim until the martinet struck his bottom crack and a few of the tails went into the opening his spread legs created and the tips snapped on his tight scrotum, causing him now to scream.

This was loud enough to summon Eleanor and Annette. Eleanor was surprised to see her husband positioned against the wall with Linda holding her martinet.

“He was listening outside our door hoping to hear us get it on,” Denise announced to her flat mates.

“I’m really surprised at you, Jackson,” Eleanor said calmly, but with a tone of sadness in her voice. “I’ve put up with your attitude and all this bad conduct because you did treat me well when I needed it,” she went afyonkarahisar escort on. “But now you have misbehaved with these women who actually have been involved in correcting you when I felt I couldn’t abide your behavior anymore.”

Jackson knew he was in for it now, but he still decided to plead for mercy.

“I’m terribly sorry,” he said to Eleanor, “and I mean that for you both as well,” he added, as he turned to face the hard faces of Denise and Linda. “You were right to punish me as you just did,” he said, “and I swear it will never happen again.”

Eleanor told him to stay just where he was, and she asked Annette, Denise, and Linda to join her in her bedroom for a moment.

“I’m intending to obtain a separation prefatory to divorce,” she stated very plainly to the women. “I think this is his third offense and it’s time to recognize him for what he is, despite what I still feel for him.”

Annette, drawing on her experience in the corrections service where Denise and Linda worked but were still relatively junior, said she had a proposition for Eleanor.

“I’ll only get involved if you ask me to,” she began.

“Please go ahead,” Eleanor said, and she kissed Annette on her lips and smiled at her soon-to-be wife.

“I suspect you are right, and you will eventually put him out of your life,” Annette said calmly. “But to ensure that this goes smoothly, attracts little attention, and accomplishes the immediate need to both get him away from here and start correcting him yet again, I suggest he be committed by you to a six-month correctional stay. You can do this merely by signing a form which I will prepare for you.”

She looked at Denise and Linda and asked them how they felt about this or had other ideas for Eleanor.

Denise finally let herself smile, since she realized that Jackson was going to be gone and since the term was for six months, she wouldn’t have to deal with him at the Training Center. She knew enough about the way this tended to go to understand that once a woman like Eleanor became accustomed to life without the offending man, and especially with the company of Annette, much less Linda and her, she would not want him to return, ever.

She looked straight into Eleanor’s eyes and said that she totally agreed with Annette. “I should say, Eleanor darling, that I do feel so much for you now, because I know you had feelings of gratitude for him, and rightly so. You know that I prefer a private life without men, but I don’t resent any women who feel differently,” she went on.

“I know this will be difficult for you, but I hope that Annette, with the help of Linda and me, can really come to your aid here and make you feel secure and warm and wonderful again,” she smiled. “You are such a marvelous person, Ellie, so creative, so bright, so caring, and I want to see you really happy.”

Eleanor then told Jackson that he was being sent away, not to a Re-Education Camp but to a facility that would focus on him as an individual. She advised him to pack a case and take what he thought he would need as this might be for a while.

In the morning Jackson was ready with his case and Annette told him she would accompany him. This time he was taken to an office in the downtown part of the city. After he spent some time in a waiting room, Annette emerged to escort him back to a small office where a well-tailored blonde woman greeted him warmly.

She introduced herself to him as an assessor. She then explained that she would spend some time speaking with him alone to determine what kind of therapy he would be given. Annette excused herself and left after wishing him good luck with a sincere smile.

The therapist assessor, for that is what she was, introduced herself as Dr. Kate. She began questioning him about his childhood, his parents, his education, and his career to date. She appeared to know all about Eleanor and about her two occasions of committing him to the correctional service.

After this lengthy discussion, in which she asked the questions, she told him that he would be sent to a hospital-like facility where he would not be punished but would spend some time with a therapist each day exploring his behavior patterns. The therapy would last for as long as the therapist determined it to be necessary, but he should plan on being there for about six months. “You will be treated as a patient,” she said, “not an inmate.”

She then described for him the various attractions of the facility. He did not inquire but realized without asking that he had no say in this decision. She also did not tell him that regular reports would be prepared by his therapist at the facility and that these would be sent to both Eleanor and Annette.

Finally, the interview afyonkarahisar escort bayan was completed. He was escorted to what appeared to be a staff car and taken to the city airport where a young woman corrections officer met him and escorted him to a private plane, or at least, not a commercial one. He had no idea where he was being taken.


Annette took it upon herself to explain to Eleanor exactly what was happening with Jackson. As usual, Eleanor now had qualms about this decision. Annette assured her that this was for the best. She told her that sooner or later, Jackson would have run into problems with the two young women living with them.

“I know you’re not a lesbian, darling,” she said, “and neither am I. But we both do enjoy each other and women as well. I hope you like Denise and Linda.”

Eleanor admitted that she was already quite fond of them.

“Well, they are equally admiring of you,” Annette observed. “They have such respect for what you have accomplished, and to have done it despite what was done to you.”

“Darling,” Eleanor replied, “I absolutely adore you and I do like them so far as I feel I know them. I have seen you in various settings now for some time and I’ve always liked what I saw. Indeed, that’s why I want to marry you. I’m starting to free myself from caring too much about Jackson. I’m doing this—sending him to therapy—because I think he will be better able to cope in this country after he finishes it.”

Later that day, Denise and Linda returned from the Training Center. They looked exhausted and said it had been grueling. They were pleased to hear about how Annette had arranged for Jackson to leave for therapy for an extended period.

Eleanor looked at them and at Annette and asked if they were too tired to spend a little casual time together with her and Annette. They quickly smiled and said they would be happy to do that, so Eleanor ordered some dinner to be brought in from her favorite local cafe, which turned out to be superb.

Then they all adjourned to her master bedroom and Eleanor said a bit hesitantly that she felt she needed some disciplining because of what had happened even if they were of the view that it was not her fault.

Denise said she did not blame Eleanor in the slightest and that she had such respect for her. If Eleanor really wanted to be disciplined, she said, she would be happy to take on the responsibility. Annette suggested that Linda work with her on this.

Both still had their uniforms on. Denise told Eleanor to stand and get over in front of her. She lifted Eleanor’s skirt and told her to hold it up. Then she rather ceremoniously pulled down Eleanor’s charming Goose Cookers panties.

Eleanor stood with her blouse, bra, thigh-his, and shoes on. Denise told her to remove the blouse and bra, and then the hose and shoes. “You do need to be punished, don’t you dear?” she asked insinuatingly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Eleanor answered, as if she were back in school but with a teacher younger than she was, “I do need to be taken in hand for what I’ve caused here.”

“I’m afraid you have been a bit naughty,” Denise said with a serious tone to her voice. “Sgt. Linda,” she said, “would you like to start off by spanking this naughty girl?”

Linda smiled at Denise. She then coolly told Eleanor to place herself across her lap.

When Eleanor had positioned herself, Linda began spanking, pausing every so often to caress Eleanor’s pretty bottom and to run her finger down Eleanor’s crack from the top over her little puckered anus through the hairy furrow to her vulva and up to touch her clit. Then she would resume the spanking.

After giving a solid spanking, Linda had Eleanor lie down on the bed on her back. She gave Denise a signal and the two women began giving the nude Eleanor a very thorough bit of pleasure. They caressed her hair and then her breasts and massaged them. They ran their fingers down her front through her bush and right into her quim.

Linda began kissing her legs and moved up her inner thighs until she was staring into Eleanor’s charming sex. She applied her tongue to laving it and her fingers to playing in Eleanor’s rear, insinuating themselves into her anal rosette.

Meanwhile Denise held Eleanor in her arms and tried to indulge her in pleasure with kisses all over her face and body. Eleanor was licking Denise’s shaved pussy as the blonde crouched over her. She loved the sweet taste of Denise and savored the occasional release of Denise’s pee that she swallowed when it emerged.

The three of them fell asleep in each other’s arms on Eleanor’s commodious bed.


The next day, Eleanor received a telephone call from Annette. The major had returned to the escort afyonkarahisar capital and found that she had a huge amount of catch-up work facing her. She met with the chief justice, her direct supervisor as she was still Senior Correctional Officer to the court, who told her she was arranging for a grade promotion and that Annette would now become a Lieutenant Colonel in the corrections service.

As delighted as she was with these developments in her career, Annette was saddened to realize she would be away from Eleanor for long periods now. Eleanor was bound to her work at Goose Cookers in the second city, and Annette was stuck in the capital. There was nothing to be done, alas.

Eleanor said she would wait for Annette. But Annette told her that that was not wise.

“You are a wonderful young woman,” Annette said, “full of potential and you need not to be tied down. I will survive, and we will always be friends.”

Eleanor came home in a sad frame of mind. Denise and Linda immediately picked up on it and when she told them of what had happened, they vowed to each other to make Eleanor’s life a pleasure. They fixed her as good a dinner as Jackson had ever done, and then they took her into her master bathroom where they lovingly undressed her and prepared a steaming bath.

After she had enjoyed it for a while, they stripped and joined her in the round tub. Each began to play with each other and then Denise told Eleanor they wanted her to stand up and pee on them both. Eleanor was a bit edgy, but they assured her this would be fun, and she stood brazenly with her legs apart and held her labia apart, so she could direct her pee onto them both as they reclined.

Suddenly, she felt an impending need to release her bowels, and did not know what kind of movement might emerge. She grinned and said softly, “This is a surprise that I did not plan, darlings. I’m going to make a doody: do you want it to fall on you?”

Denise and Linda both responded quickly with smiles and loud yesses. They watched as Eleanor squatted over them and then the pointed tip of her turd peeked out of her pooched anus and slid out, darkish brown and solid in texture, quite wide in girth, enough to strain her anal ring, and fell so that one piece was on Denise and the other on Linda.

“Oh, I’m such a dirty girl!” Eleanor exclaimed as she saw her feces on each of her flat mates. “Rub it on me, please,” she pleaded.

Denise took the piece that had fallen on her tummy in the tub and placed it on Eleanor’s chest and began rubbing it so that soon Eleanor’s nicely-sized boobs and stomach were smeared with soft brown poo. Then she rubbed some of it on her own body.

Linda took the piece from her chest and tantalizingly held it over her open mouth and nipped off a small piece. She dangled it in front of Eleanor’s face and Eleanor got up the nerve to lick it and taste her own acrid flavor.

They continued to play and then Denise took the shower hose and washed all three of them off. She used her hand to clean Eleanor’s messy bottom.

Eleanor enveloped Denise and Linda in an appreciative hug. “I love you both,” she gushed and kissed them on their lips.


Eleanor was in her office the following day when Janet called and asked her to come see her. They discussed projects for a while and then Janet asked her about how her personal life was going.

“I have an idea,” she said, “that you have been going through some emotional turmoil. You don’t seem to be your usual excited self.”

Eleanor trusted Janet like no one else, so she opened up to her and let her know all the things that had happened that weekend.

Janet sat back in her reclining desk chair for a while and then responded to Eleanor’s tale.

“Sweetie,” she said with a pleasant expression on her face, “you are getting totally overwhelmed and overheated emotionally. It will not be good for you in the long run.”

She then posed a question to Eleanor: “Do you think you can relax at home with Denise and Linda?”

“I suppose I’ll have to see,” Eleanor answered somewhat tentatively.

Janet nodded her head in recognition of Eleanor’s sincerity. “You were absolutely right in the way you dealt with Jackson,” she observed. “He’s really not a bad person but he will not provide the kind of emotional support you will need. Annette is a wonderful person, but I know that she is destined for more in her career. She shows how you can get somewhere by sticking to what you are good at. I’m sorry that living apart at this stage, though, is not what you need now.”

Eleanor asked her about her two lesbian flat mates.

“They’re wonderful women,” Eleanor answered. “I love them both. Now, they too will be rotated around to different assignments. But I’m now in a place where I don’t need to be married again. I had a husband, still do, formally. I was going to get a wife too but that has changed. I can live with them and enjoy myself for a time.”

“I think that’s a wise approach,” Janet said. “Don’t rush to make major decisions on this. And whatever you decide eventually, I’ll be with you.” She smiled her best smile.

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