A Very Merry X-mas

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It’s the evening before Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve eve? you wonder to yourself). Usually, an office Christmas party can be pretty boring, but this architectural firm is a little different: really good food, really good (and plentiful) drink, and most of all, your boss Fred gives out actual presents AND bonuses to help everyone truly enjoy. Plus, it’s being held in a fancy hotel in the heart of the city, and everyone has been given rooms for the night – if they want them – in case they can’t drive home. Dover and Associates knows how to take care of this small group of employees.

You’re hoping you’ll get your own bonus from your boss, Fred. It’s only been a few weeks ago since your first rendesvouz with him in his office, but you can now still practically feel his hands on your hips, his rock hard cock plunging into you, and the thick stream of hot cum that he shot deep into your pussy that ended up running down your leg. But he was out of the office for the two weeks, and after that, you both were buried in projects and couldn’t really play as the whole office was trying to get everything done before the week break Dover gave everyone. But he stayed in contact with flirtatious hellos in the office and more intimate sexts at night.

“Missing this?” read one of the texts, showing you that hard cock again, you reciprocating with a pic of your fingers touching and probing a finger into your wet pussy, turned on by just the thought of him.

“Hey, girlfriend!” Jennifer said as she bounced up to you, her long dark hair framing her face and cascading down her back, stopping just before her amazing little ass. “Have you been naughty or nice this year?”

Jennifer had had a bit too drink and squeezed you tight as she planted her holiday wish kiss on your cheek. You were amazed at how different you were – her light brown skin showing her Hispanic heritage and your much lighter creamy complexion – and yet felt close to her. Her tits were small, but firm and her lucsious nipples poked hard against the thin material of her black, silky dress. You almost envied how she could go braless, but you did like your own breasts and really did feel sexy with the red merrywidow underneath the velvety green dress you chose for the party. You love how the undergarments show off your beautiful curves, your massive tits pushed up and on display for all to see in the plunging neckline of your sexy dress… your hourglass figure flaring at the hips… enticing eyes to follow down your legs until your stiletto heels, which made your ass look even more inviting.

You glance over at Fred, sharply dressed in a tuxedo, chatting with Todd on the other side of the room. How you admired Fred’s silver locks, but still youthful face, tanned from his frequent fishing trips. He wasn’t a big guy – maybe 5’11” and a dad bod at about 190 pounds. But his dark eyes and piercing stare made any other man not trifle with him… and made plenty of the women you knew get more than a little wet with excitement, including you.

“I need to mingle!” Jennifer said, planting another kiss on your cheek and slipping you a sly smile when she noticed how you were looking at Fred. “I’ll see you later,” she almost cooed.

You watch Jennifer bounce away again, her hair swaying just above her cute little ass, as she goes up to Todd, squeezing his arm and giving him a generous peck on the cheek. You can’t make out what she’s saying, but you see her glance back at you and whisper something in Todd’s ear… and his eyes light up as he quickly glances your way, being careful not to stare as if it would betray some secret he’s just been told. You almost feel yourself blush as Todd smiles and blushes himself, and looks quickly to the floor in a shy way. Todd looks sharp as well: his thin waist creating an upside down “A” with his broad, athletic shoulders at the top. Maybe just an inch or so taller than Fred, Todd’s youthful looks are topped off with a shock of slightly curly short blonde hair on top. He’s an All-American, you think, and you wonder if his youthful body would make up for what you believe would be his lack of experience.

But you find your attention drawn back to Fred, as he moves through the small crowd… Jennifer giving him a peck on the cheek, seeming to linger just a little longer, pulling her short body against him just a little tighter. You’re almost sure Fred can feel her hard nipples pressed up against him, despite the layers of his tux, and you see him place his hand on the small of her back to steady her drunk little body. Fred whispers something to her momentarily, and Jennifer throws her head back to laugh slightly, almost losing her balance again and squeezing Fred around the neck to keep her balance. She kisses Fred’s cheek again and, once again, bounces off to greet more revelers.

Your eyes me et Fred’s, and you feel a tingle as he walks toward you, smiling and carrying a drink for you. Handing you the drink, he repeats Jennifer’s question.

“Have you been naughty or nice?” he smiles, escort bayan as he knows the answer, drinking in your intoxicating figure, a potent holiday libation in its own right.

“Oh, I’ve been nice,” you coyly answer, “But in a very naughty way.”

Fred smiles as his eyes continue to lock onto yours.

“Oh, look. Mistletoe,” he said as he glances up and you follow his eyes for a second. As you look up, he leans in and kisses your cheek, lips lingering just momentarily on your smooth alabaster skin, as he slyly moves his lips up and to your ear, whispering, “I’ve got a room upstairs. Want to get out of here?”

Enthusiastically, you nod yes, feeling that tingle sensation growing in your panties, an obvious wetness growing there. How many times have you rubbed yourself thinking of the last encounter? How you’ve thought about his tongue on your clit when he put you on your back and furiously tongued you until you came, using a vibrator on your throbbing little knob as your own fingers plunged in and out of your wet pussy… how you would cum as you imagined you were bent over against his office window again as he pounded you, filling you with that rock hard cock and then cumming deep inside you. As you layed in your own bed, thinking of this, how you would buck against your fingers and quietly shout to yourself, “I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!”

You walk ahead of Fred toward the elevator, almost in a trot, your full hips swaying back and forth as you know Fred’s gaze is upon them. How you can’t wait until this dress is out of the way, letting him see your full ass, imagining him taking you from behind again.

You look back as you reach the elevators, and there he is, looking exactly where you hoped he would be. You straighten your dress and try to compose yourself, but you’re practically on the edge of climax already, and you try not to look at him – at least not too much – as the doors open. You gasp a little as Fred steps in first, grabs your hand and pulls you in after him. You almost think you see Jennifer and Todd see you, but Fred pulls you in for a deep, soulful kiss and you close your eyes as your tongues intertwine and the doors close.

The elevator ride seems to take forever, but at the same time, seeming to be over in an instant, as Fred’s tongue passionately probes deep in your mouth, while his hands move all over your body, massaging your huge breasts through the layers of clothing you hope to shed soon… and cupping your ass cheeks, nearly lifting you off the ground. You feel his hard cock, which you’ve longed these weeks to experience again, tenting through the thin slacks and pressing against your belly. You move your hand down to fondle his member through his clothes and break off the kiss for just a moment to say, “I want to give you everything tonight. Everything!”

He smiles at you and pulls you by the hand off the elevator and just a few steps until you’re at his door. As he excitedly fumbles with the key card, you unzip his fly and reach in to stroke his hard cock. You cannot wait another moment. The door flies open and shut again, as you kiss each other and practically fall into the room. You feel your zipper at the back of the dress going down and Fred’s hands touch the bare top of your back, his fingertips almost like little electric bolts as you tingle from the excitement of his touch. Still grasping his hard cock, the dress falls from you, and you release his manhood just for a second to let it fall completely off your body. You are nearly fully exposed, as the merrywidow pushes your impressive rack to nearly spilling out of the lingerie, your boobs making erotic orbs at the top, your nipples hardened and poking against the thin fabric.

He pushes you onto your back onto the king-sized bed in his hotel suite, immediately moving his face to your crotch and sliding the red, pussy juice-soaked G string out of the way, exposing your bald pussy, kneading your breasts and tweaking your hardened nipples.

“Ooohhhhhh! AHHHH!” you moan loudly as you feel his tongue start to work its way up and down your slit, occasionally probing deep inside you to lap up the juices now flowing so easily. He flicks at your clit, alternating with sucking it into his mouth, as the sensation starts to push you over the edge. “FUCK! RIGHT! THERE! Lick me! LICK ME! I’M GOING TO CUM!!!!”

You feel the wave of orgasm start to wash over you, and your hips begin to buck involuntarily – but this time against his face. As you spasm, you feel his tongue continue on your pussy… and then move down further until it touches the rim of your puckered asshole, exciting you in ways you didn’t even imagine before.

“OH! OH! OOOOHHHHH!” you scream again as you feel yourself cumming again, barely down from the crescendo of the previous orgasm, as Fred rubs his thumb over that throbbing clit and probes your ass with his tongue. “OH GAWD! OH GAWD! OH GAAAWWWWDDDD!”

Fred kisses your inner thighs as you pant and come down from the double orgasm you just experienced. adana escort You run your hands through his short, silver hair, admiring his weathered, but still you.thful look. You place your hands on the sides of his face and lift it so you look each other in the eyes and say “My turn.”

You move off the bed and kneel in front of Fred, his cock at full attention right in front of your face. Looking him in the eyes, you begin to lick the head, sucking up the drops of precum forming at the small opening. You savor the salty tanginess of his cum, as you quickly unbuckle his pants and slide them down, along with his silky boxers. You slip his shoes and socks off and begin to blow his wonderful cock in earnest. Inhaling the bulbous head and swirling your tongue around it, you start to work the entire shaft into your mouth, feeling each bump and contour as his member fills your mouth. Drawing back, you pick up the pace, making his cock fuck your face. You smile as you hear him let out little sighs and moans, savoring and sucking each inch into your mouth… taking all of his hard shaft into your mouth and then moving your head back so almost the entire length is withdrawn, swirling your tongue around the head again. You see Fred is in heaven from the pleasure you’re bringing, and you pull out your massive tits from the merrywidow, exposing your hard nipples and rubbing them against his bare legs. You start to think about how he’d love to titty fuck you… when your train of thought is broken by a distinctive click of a key card being inserted and the door beginning to open.

“Hiiii!” Jennifer bubbles in through the door, giggling and holding a key card, which Fred must have given her earlier, followed closely by intern Todd. “Mind if we join you?”

“Do you mind?” Fred also asks you, a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye.

You smile back, knowing this has been a fantasy of Fred’s for a while, alluding to it a couple of times during the sexts in the weeks before the Christmas party. And quite frankly, it’s been a fantasy of your own, remembering how you thought about both of them the time Fred fucked you well in his office. “I don’t mind at all,” and place your ruby red lips on the head of his cock for a kiss.

“Mmmm… that looks yummy!” Jennifer said, as she peeled of her slinky dress to expose her bare breasts, highlighted with dark brown, puffy nipples just inviting a good sucking. She starts to kiss her way down Fred’s hard shaft and takes his balls into her mouth, as you begin to fellate the hard rod again. You pause for a moment to drink in the scene around you: Jennifer’s inviting breasts, which you soon latch on to. “Oooo! Ahh! Your tongue feels amazing!” she coos.

Her small breasts but large nipples are wonderful, and you savor the thick flesh around her hardening little diamonds… and feel your own nipples harden again.

“I love your tits!” Jennifer says, as she takes large handfuls of each one and raises them to put your nipples in her mouth. You’re impressed and maybe a little shocked how good this makes you feel, and you feel juices begin to flow again from your pussy. But the bliss of her mouth is soon ended, as she looks up at Fred and says, “You have too many clothes on.”

Indeed, Fred’s shirt is still on; the process of undressing interrupted by your lustful blowjob you started on him. She stands and engages with Fred in a deep kiss, undoing his shirt – one button at a time, you note – exposing the salt and pepper patch of chest hair… not too much, not too little, but exactly what you expect from a silver fox in his early 50s. You envy Jennifer able to touch his chest right now, as well as the feel you know his tongue is bringing to her puffy nipples. Deciding you won’t let him forget you, you inhale his cock again, using all your skills to regain his attention. He hisses how good you make him feel, and you feel a sense of accomplishment again. Meanwhile, you’ve also noticed Todd just an arm’s length away, intently watching the three of you, his own hard-on tenting his slacks. You reach out and grasp his manhood through those slacks, stroking it slightly, hindered by his clothing.

“You’ve got to see this! Jennifer exclaims and bounces her way over to the bed. She unbuckles his belt, zips down his fly, and pulls his pants and boxers down to his ankles. “Isn’t this magnificent?” she asks, as she hold his 9″ thick cock in her hand.

You nod in agreement, as you view this mammoth cock, while at the same time stroking Fred’s own hard member. You watch in fascination as Jennifer works her way down the massive shaft, only able to take in the first couple of inches because of its mighty girth. “Wanna taste?” she slyly asks, pointing the cock in your direction.

You do want a taste, and you are delighted when Todd takes a position next to Fred so you can alternate blowing each of them. Jennifer repeats her action of stripping Todd out of his shirt, exposing his hairless, ripped abs torso. You also adıyaman escort notice somewhere along the way she has shed her panties, and as she stands above you, kissing and fondling Todd’s chest, you catch a glimpse of her magnificent pussy. Clean shaven lips glisten with the moisture of her desire, while she sports a thick – but not long – triangle of black hair just above her clit, manicured to point its way to her delightful area. You wonder what she tastes like, although you’re sure you’ll get a taste at some point. But at this moment, you focus on the task at hand, stroking Fred with one hand, as you tentatively move your mouth to this massive hard-on in front of you. Licking your lips and readying yourself, you stick out your tongue and begin to lick the head, opening your mouth wider as you, too, only get the first few inches into your mouth. You pride yourself on your fellatio skills, and you know something like this will take a while.

“Fuck! That is so hot!” growls Fred, as he looks down at your work, pleased to see your ruby lips stretched out over the massive cock, its veins standing out and you feeling every inch all the way to your inner mouth cheeks, fully aware how turned on your also making Todd as he lets out little sighs when you swirl your tongue around it, even as it remains fully within your mouth. His you.thful musky aroma only heightens your arousal, and you feel your nipples harden to lengths you’ve never imagined before and juices flow freely from your pussy.

“That is fucking hot!” Jennifer chimes in, as she drops to the floor next to you and starts to stroke and then suck Fred’s cock. Breaking from from Fred’s manhood, she whispers as she nibbles on your ear, “I want to lick your pussy!”

Jennifer quickly moves to underneath you, as you raise yourself up on your knees to give her access to your wet honey hole. You delight in the feel of her tongue, as she moves up and down your wet slit, sucking your clit into her mouth and bringing you to the edge of orgasm.

“Mmmmm! MMMFFFFMMMM!” you moan on Todd’s cock, still filling every inch of your mouth. This excites him, and you hear his breaths grow shorter and can feel the swelling in his cock. “Not yet,” you say to him, keeping him from popping his load too early. Meanwhile, Fred’s cock has remained at full attention, waiting for the return of your masterful lips. You engulf him once again and are pleased how that while Todd is much youn.ger, he lacks the staying power of your silver fox. You look down and see Jennifer’s face peeking out from your crotch, her tongue hard at work on your pussy.

“Ohhh! Ahhhh! GAWD!” you moan loudly as Fred’s cock falls out of your mouth and you feel your orgasm grow. “AHHHHHHHH!!!!” you practically shout, as you cum all over Jennifer’s face.

But she is relentless and keeps licking you, as you now alternate between the two fanstastic cocks in front of you. Todd can take no more, and you feel his own orgasm begin to build.

“FUCK! SHIT! GAWD, YOU’RE AMAZING!” he screams as he pulls his cock out of your mouth and shoots thick streams of hot, white cum on your awaiting breasts. Jennifer moves up quickly to lick it off you, and takes Todd into her mouth to suck out the remainder. She and Todd move up onto the bed and get into a 69, and you’re amazed how her skills are already starting to get Todd hard again. “Mmmm, right there, baby! You know what I like!” she coos to Todd, as his tongue works deep into her awaiting snatch.

Meanwhile, Fred has picked you up, spun you around and slammed you onto the bed, letting his own tongue run amok on your sopping wet slit. You moan when he grabs you by the hips and starts to aim his cock at your pussy, as you look back at him in encouragement. You love the feel as he plunges into you and starts to aggressively bang you from behind. Your massive tits swaying, you make eye contact with Jennifer, as your face has ended up just a few inches from Todd’s prick. She takes the cock out of her mouth, raises her eyebrows, and offers it in your direction. You smile and nod, as she guides the cock to your mouth.

“How slutty is this?” you think to yourself as you’re taking it from your boss from behind, while pleasuring this you.ng intern with your mouth. Achievement level 11 unlocked! Jennifer moves so Todd can see who is now using masterful mouth skills on him, and his eyes widen with amazement as he watches your big tits sway back and forth before him.

“Gawd! I wanna FUCK YOU!” he says. Looking back at Fred, he nods his approval and you crawl forward, still looking back to see Jennifer clean your creamy explusions off of Fred’s cock and lay back on the bed as Fred climbs on top and begins to pound her missionary style.

“FUCK! YESSSS! MY GAWD, MR. DOVER! I NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE LIKE THIS!” Jennifer shouts, amusing you as even in this position, she’s still calling him Mr. Dover. You’re also impressed that while Todd’s a lot bigger, Fred’s fucking skills are unmatched “MMMM! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” Jennifer shrieks.

You look into Todd’s eyes, and spreading your pussy wide with your fingers to give Fred a good look as he pounds the little nympho next to you, you use your other hand to guide the massive organ into your pussy.

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