A Very Good Morning

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We lay in bed. Side by side gently letting the morning sun slip in through the window to kiss our eyelids awake. I look over and see you laying next to me. The shafts of light outlining your perfect form. With a finger I begin to trace your outline like an artist grasping his understanding of the inspiration in front of him. I begin at you jaw and start to slide around. Careful not to miss a single turn or contour in your skin. I feel you begin to wake to my touch. You yawn and stretch your body out like a cat. Sensing what it is that I’m doing, you lay back with your eyes closed to enjoy. I am sitting now, next to you letting both my hands memorize every inch of you. Your body begins to warm to my touch and you move your hand between my legs. I am already hard. Aroused from the slightest touch of you.

You slide your body around, so your legs are away from me. Tilt your head back and take me into your mouth. I look down to see your legs opening up like the gates of heaven, welcoming me and enticing me to come and play. I let my body fall forward as my cock slides past your sweet lips. I glide my hands down to catch my fall and gently slide canlı bahis down your tight tummy along your thighs.

Your knees fall to the sides as I place my head between them. Gently taking you into my mouth. Wide open you feel my lips encase you completely and my tongue begin a gently dance along the edges. Gently moving the folds of your skin aside to allow access to you. I play with your piercing. Flicking it gently with my tongue. My hands move to the sides and pull your skin slightly, spreading you open. I feel you moan, muffled with me in your mouth.

We roll over, never letting each other go. I am on my back and you are on top of me with your legs straddling my face. You feel more free to play with my toy so close to your face. You rub it around, slide your cheek against it and play with it your tongue.

I guide your hips up. Let my tongue find its way to your ass and my fingers dance around your pussy. My tongue slides in playfully. Licking the rim and slipping just inside. The feeling is intense and the pleasure is wild. I can feel your skin ripple against mine like moonlight on water. Soon you are sitting upright, hands bahis siteleri on my chest, gyrating your hips and ass to totally enjoy the feeling.

Pushing a little further, I moisten my finger in your pussy and slip it gently into your ass. You gasp and grip into my skin. Muscles flex with adapting to a new and incredible sensation. I let it slip right the way into you and you arch your back, moistening with the pleasure that rides through your body. You move up and down, giving me a rhythm to follow, letting my finger fuck you gently. A second finger slides into you accompanying the first. Your excitement grows. Finally a third slip inside and you can’t get enough of this intensity. My tongue reaches your pussy and pushes its way inside, you come immediately.

Then I push you onto your knees, move behind you and gently move your shoulders down to the surface of the bed. Your ass is totally exposed to me know. I lubricate my cock with your moisture. Then gently placing my hands on your hips, I push my cock into your ass. You feel a burning sensation as though you are being ripped apart, and yet it feels so good you can hardly believe bahis şirketleri it. Inch by inch I move inside you. Each time retracting slightly to get a run at the next movement. You grip the pillows around you and bit the bed with a scream. I push further, and soon I am all the way inside you from behind. You can feel my balls against your pussy. You reach down and begin to fondle yourself underneath as I start to fuck you. You are so tight you can feel every bump in my cock sliding past the delicate skin of your ass. Shivers shoot through you as nerves you never new existed are stimulated in a totally new experience. I start to fuck a little harder, you scream and beg me not to stop. You want it to never stop.

Driving into you, my hands gripping into your skin. I can see the muscles in your back rippling with each movement. You are incredible. Fucking you deeper and deeper. You feel me tense, pulse and then explode inside you. Shot after shot sending my come deep into your ass. You start to come from it, and we are together fucking and coming and fucking and coming for what seems an eternity. Until we collapse on the bed together. My strong weight on top of you, and still inside you. Then ever so gently moving off.

I lean forward to your ear. A whispered “good morning my love” drafts on your lobes and fills you with a deep sense of love.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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