A Twist of Fate Ch. 01

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Lynn Morgan had a problem, and it wasn’t going away on its own.

Eighteen years ago, when Lynn herself was eighteen, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She named her son Dustin, and had loved him with each and every inch of her being from the moment she first held him.

Life had completely changed the moment Dustin had been born. She worked hard and struggled for years, but over time she had built something for both herself and her son to be proud of.

She had begun taking classes during night at the local community college. After four longs years she got a degree in business, and began working at a small time publishing house that was on the rise. She got in at the perfect time, and soon had a career in which she could provide for all of their needs. Life was absolutely perfect, and Dustin was a happy baby that loved his mother more than anything else in the world. Then she met Collin.

Collin Cross had changed Lynn in a way she had never believed possible. A month after their first date they had gotten married in a small chapel without even inviting her mother. After that day Lynn had lost all sense of personal worth. Even in the beginning Collin was a bastard. He controlled Lynn in every way possible; breaking what precious confidence she had built up after Dustin’s birth. Over time Collin had become sexually dominate, forcing Lynn to get a boob job and quit her job at the publishing house. He had claimed that a dumb bimbo had no need for a job, and frightened as she was Lynn simply quit her beloved position and turned into what her husband wanted.

For thirteen years they had been married, and for thirteen years Collin had planed his exit.

That escape had finally come on a rainy August morning a week and a half after there thirteen wedding anniversary. After brutally fucking Lynn’s face, Collin had taken a shower and made two phone calls. Both had been brief, and although Lynn knew not to ease drop, she knew it was over. Something in the air warned her of the danger to come, and before she could even realize what was happening it was all over. A half an hour after the first call the movers came, and Lynn was out on her ass.

Luckily Dustin had begun his first semester at High Point University. He had a dorm room, and a safe place to lay his head at night, but Lynn had absolutely nothing. For the last month she had been forced to stay in a flea bitten hotel, to depressed to even get out of the shitty bed she was now forced into.

After time Lynn made two decisions; the first was that she would never be taken advantage again, and the second was that she would build up her life again. It was hard but she had called the publishing house she had once worked for and scheduled an interview for the following day. Then she took what little money she had left and bought a business suit that would fit her knew body. With the rest of her money she rented a car for a month from an old friend she had gone to college with. When she got back to the hotel room later that night she called Dustin and spoke to him for over an hour. He had plans to come visit her in a week, and by then Lynn swore she would at least have an apartment.

“I love you Dust,” Lynn said in a soft voice, barley able to hold back the avalanche of tears, which was sure to come.

“I love you to mom, and I’m proud of you. Everything is going to be all right. Remember everything happens for a reason.”

Lynn smiled and waited for her son to hang up the phone. After he did she held onto it for a while, taking deep breaths and trying to push the pain for deep within her. Now was not the time to feel sorry for herself. Now was the time to make things right.

Hanging up the phone, Lynn walked into the shitty bathroom and turned on the water. As the steam began to fill the tiny room Lynn stripped and looked at the small mirror hanging above the chipped porcelain sink.

She had always believed her eyes where her most striking features. They where like twin pools of polished jade, and during her time at the publishing house her coworkers had complemented her steady gaze. “I’m going to get that complement again,” she told herself as she took a step back from the mirror.

Her golden hair fell past her narrow shoulders. She brushed it for a second as her eyes went down to her massive tits. She had to give Collin credit; he had used the best surgeon. Her tits had become legendary after all the things Collin had done, and deep down she had always found his domination of her in the bedroom beyond pleasurable. Even now she could feel a growing wetness as memories of what he had done to her began to flood back into her mind. Sticky and warm she rubbed her shaven pussy and brought her fingers up to her mouth.

The sweet nectar made her lips tingle for a moment, and when the pleasure passed she closed her eyes and took another steady breath. Part of her wondered if she was fucked up because she still got off on the control Collin had over Amsterdam Shemale her. He had claimed she was a classic submissive that got off on both the control and the humiliation. She had doubted him at first, but after some of things she had done she knew he had been right.

Lynn forced open her eyes, the mirror now completely fogged over. “Well fuck you Collin,” she said to the billowing waves of steam, which now totally consumed the small bathroom. “I’m going to make things right.”


Dustin stared at the phone for over an hour after he hung up on his mother. He was so angry his hands had begun to shake, and his knuckles where as white as bone. He always knew Collin was a prick, but never in a million years did he think he would throw his mother out on the streets.

As the anger began to fade Dustin rubbed the growing weariness from his eyes. He rose from the narrow office chair in his dorm room, and clapped his hands together. He knew what he had to do, but he wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it.

For over an hour Dustin walked around the campus of High Point University, his hands in his pockets and his shoulders hunched. He had always been tall, but lately had begun to fill out his long frame with muscle. He might be able to beat up Collin, but he knew that his stepfather would simply have him thrown into jail and press charges if it ever came to violence. No deep down Dustin knew had to do something different.

He watched the sunset, and the sky transform itself into brightly colored swatches of orange, and purple, and red. Hundreds of his fellow students walked past him without even giving him a moment’s notice. Part of him had once liked that, but now he could feel a change taking him over.

The boy that had just wanted to fit in and refused to make waves under any condition was now dead. Collin had killed him when he had thrown his mother out like she was trash, and to be honest Dustin was happy. The past month had been a wakeup call, and one he never wanted to get. He had to be strong, but in order to do that he had to make a decision.

The realization of what he had to do hit Dustin like a ton of bricks. He actually stumbled over his own feet and almost crashed to the ground as ideas began to take shape in his mind. It was simply really; he was going to go to their old house and let Collin know what he had done. He was going to make his stepfather pay his mother alimony, and take care of her for the rest of her life. Then and only then would Dustin allow the issue to be dropped and leave the bastard alone.

Dustin walked across campus towards the freshman parking lot and hopped not his beat up Honda civic. Rust and paint mixed together to complete the pitiful picture, but as he turned the key and the engine roared with life Dustin felt like he was a King riding a golden chariot.

The twenty-minute trip seemed like it took an entire lifetime, and by the time Dustin pulled up to his old home his mouth was a dry as a grave, and his head felt like it was on fire.

He took a deep breath and pushed passed the iron gate and began his silent march down the stone path. Once he reached the door he bit the bottom of his lip for a moment, and then rang the doorbell.

He waited for a few seconds before ringing the bell for a second time. The plan that had once seemed so perfect suddenly crumbled. He had no idea how he would ever get a creep like Collin to support his mother. He was just wasting his time.

Then from behind the door he heard a women’s voice, followed by Collin yelling at her. Dustin suddenly felt a veil of cold anger fall upon him; he wasn’t shocked that this woman was being treated as badly as his mother had been, but he was angry. However he was shocked to see how the woman was dressed when she answered the door.

To say she was wearing nothing at all would have been an understatement. In fact she was almost completely nude, save for the studded leather collar strapped tightly to her neck. Dustin lifted his eyes, and felt his cheeks grow red. Then he heard Collin’s all to familiar laugh echo throughout the halls of his former home.

Dustin looked back down and noticed for the first time that the collar was attached to a chain leash. He followed the length of chain up until Collin walked around the corner and made his way towards the women who was now crouched on all fours as if she were some kind of puppy.

“Good to see you Dust,” Collin said mockingly. “Want to come in?”

Dustin sniffed. He felt angry, but he also felt embarrassed. Everything he was going to do and say was now completely out of his mind and forgotten. So he simply stood there for a moment like a complete idiot, his hands plastered to his sides and his eyes focused on Collin’s cruel smile. He hated the man, but he truly couldn’t think of anything to say.

“I guess,” Dustin said reluctantly a few moments later. He watched Collin snap his fingers, and the women rise to her Rotterdam Shemale feet and walk into the house. Collin let go of her chain, and giggled with mad delight when it smacked against the women’s ass and forced her to jump.

“Well are you coming or what?” Collin asked once he turned around.

Dustin shook his head and followed the man until they reached the living room. It had changed since Dustin had last seen it. The black leather couches made of the finest Italian leather where now pushed to the far walls, and a strange wooden table with metal shackles sat in the middle of the room where the ornate glass coffee table had once been.

Collin walked over to one of the sofas and sat down. He took a breath, and then snapped his fingers together. “Slut,” he said in a domineering voice. “Get my stepson and I two Cokes, extra ice.”

The women bowed her head, then made her way to the kitchen as quickly as she could without saying a single word.

Dustin shivered. “I’m not your stepson anymore. You left my mom, remember.”

Collin shook his head. “I did,” he admitted, a sick smile forming on his lips. “But I still care for you Dustin. You show so much potential. And potential is the most valuable thing a man your age can have.”

The naked women entered the room with two glasses of coke in her hands before Dustin could reply. She handed the first to Dustin then gave Collin the second and bowed her head. Collin took a sip, shook his head, and then slapped the women squarely in the face. “Do you call this cold bitch?”

Instead of screaming the women actually moaned with pleasure. She writhed where she stood, her eyes growing wide with lust as he entire body began to shake. Then she lowered her head and bit her bottom lip. “No sir,” she said, shaking her head. “I’m just a stupid slut, I don’t deserve to be graced with your presence.”

Dustin watched a cold smile slide across Collin’s face. He looked almost rabid for a moment, then sighed and patted the women on the top of her head softly. “You truly are a stupid little slut,” he said in a soft, almost loving voice. “And your right, you shouldn’t be allowed to be so close to me, but I’ve decided I’ll keep you around for a little while longer. Now go; my son and I have some catching up to do.”

The women turned and walked away without saying a word. He tried not to, but Dustin couldn’t help but watch the women’s hips sway as she walked. He felt a familiar hunger rise up within him, and no matter how hard he tried to suppress his emotions he could barley rip his eyes away from her.

Still sitting on the couch, Collin laughed. “She does have a near perfect body,” he replied loudly. “I’ll let you have her if you want. She would be a good first pet, willful enough to be a challenge yet far too stupid to actually rise up against you.”

“I’m not your son,” Dustin said quickly. He was surprised at the lack of anger in his words however. Something about the naked women had been disorienting, and had stripped him of all the nerve he had built up during the walk around campus.

Collin nodded, and patted the cushion next to him. “You came to talk, so you might as well do it.”

Dustin thought about it for a minute, and reluctantly walked over and sat next to his former stepdad. For several seconds they sat in silence. Dustin let his mind race, and hated where his thoughts went. He couldn’t help but admit that seeing the women serve his stepfather turned him on. Something about it seemed to be right and make sense in an almost primal way.

Collin placed a hand on Dustin’s shoulder and began to laugh. “You know you’re like me,” he began in a mocking voice, “so why don’t you just be honest with yourself.”


Lynn felt uneasy as she rolled out of the bed and took a deep breath. She had left her window open during the night, and the cool air felt good as it poured deep into her lungs. For a few seconds she stood perfectly still, her eyes adjusting to be open after a night of good sleep. When her vision adjusted she shook out the remaining weariness in her bones, and began her morning routine of making coffee and getting ready for her interview. Today was going to be a good day. Today she was going to set her life straight.

On her way to making coffee in the dank little kitchen Lynn stopped and looked down at her cell phone for the first time since going to bed. There was a voicemail from a number she didn’t recognize. That was odd, Lynn didn’t have friends. Collin had hated all her old friends and over time she had gotten rid of them.

Now she brought her phone up to her ear and listened to the message without truly knowing what to expect. It started as a women’s voice, but quickly the speaker changed into that of her ex husband.

Collin had always been smug, and this was no different. He spoke with an arrogance that still created wetness between her legs. She didn’t even listen to the words at first, just the way he Netherlands Shemale spoke and how he still firmly held control over her. However when she final did listen Lynn felt the pleasure turn into a putrid sense of sheer and utter failure.

She almost fell to the ground when she heard her son’s name for the first time. “He’s just like me Lynn,” Collin said, triumph in his voice. “You should have seen him break this little slut. He owns her now, just like I still own you.”

Tears streamed down Lynn’s face. She hated the man more then ever before, and yet something in the back of her mind was urging her to keep calm. If she was going to save her son, she had to get her life back.

Save him from what? The thought danced within her mind, twisting her feelings into a mess of complete and utter confusion.

Men like Collin often did great things, and she always wanted her Dustin to be great. If he were able to dominate those around him he would be more successful. And Lynn knew from experience that if her son could be a dominant he would have no problems in the love department.

She felt her legs go weak, and a second later felt the hard wood of the hotel room’s dirty floor come up and catch her.

For a long time Lynn sobbed like a little child. She felt a cold, jagged fear fill her entire body, as the image of her son’s face filled her mind. She would love him no matter what, and would help him in any way possible.

Slowly Lynn rose to her feet and took a deep breath. She forgot about the coffee and made the way to the shower as quickly as she could, all the while hoping the wetness trickling down her legs had nothing to do with the images of her son fucking each and every one of her sweet holes.

An hour later Lynn sat on the opposite side of a long wooden table from a man dressed in a white dress shirt and simply black tie. Mr. Johnson had always been a good boss. He knew more about the publishing business then anyone else she had ever met, and he always had a way to make any project seem easy. Now he looked slighter older then he had been before, his green eyes a shade darker then they had once been.

Still, as Lynn sat down she realized the years had been good to her old boss. His hair had gone from jet black to a salt and pepper that spoke of the authority of his position.

“It’s good to see you again Lynn,” he said. He nervously played with his tie for a second, and Lynn couldn’t help but smile. Mr. Johnson was a handsome man with a lot of money, yet she knew deep down that he could never please her. Although he was a skilled businessman, and a great manager, he was no dominant.

Do I still need to be used and owned, Lynn asked herself as she plastered a smile onto her face. “It’s good to see you again Mr. Johnson.”

The manager of one of the largest publishing houses in all of North America barked out a laugh. “Please, call me Nathan.”

Lynn’s smile faded, but she kept a pleasant cast to her eyes. “Of course Nathan. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to see me today. I know I’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, but I firmly believe I can still bring a lot to the table.”

Nathan looked like he was thinking for a moment then nodded. He then gave Lynn’s tits a quick glance, and she could feel a sudden wave of lust wash over him. He wanted her, and for the first time in a long time Lynn had decided to use her body as an asset.

At least these tits are helping me get a job, Lynn told herself as she took a sip of her water and folded her hands above her lap. For years she had been forced to submit in each and every way possible, but now she was realizing that even a good man like Nathan wanted a woman to look like a whore when it came to business. Perhaps it made it easier to ogle them, perhaps it made Lynn seem like she wasn’t a threat. Either way it was working, and she knew she had to use whatever advantage she had.

“Well Lynn I’m going to be honest,” Nathan began to say once he tore his eyes away from her tits. “We could use someone like you, I just don’t have the budget.”

The small office room with the lone wooden table, and the large planting hanging in the right corner seemed to stop. The lone window, which let in just a bit of light, seemed a mile away as Lynn turned her head and looked out into a world that seemed to no longer want her.

She felt a sharp pang of fear race through her mind as she turned back to face Nathan. She had been stupid to believe that after all this time she could just come back and get her old job. She was fucked, and there was nothing she could do to help herself.

“Well then…” Lynn trailed off as an image of her sweet son’s face filled her mind. She took a deep breath and decided that she had no other choice. She had to push as hard as she could for this job, it was her only hope at making things right as quickly as possible.

“Listen Nathan,” Lynn began again, this time more confident then she had been in a very long time. “I need this job, and this job needs me. You and I both know that publishing is still in flux. No one really knows where it is going, but I do know that the more talented people this company has the better.”

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