A Touching Tale Ch. 03

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It is best to read this story chapter-wise, to understand and appreciate it fully.

I am Swetha, an eighteen year old, pretty and innocent girl. My life had changed with that one bus journey. Before we left on that trip, I was an innocent girl. Now I lost all my innocence, most of it any way, due to my uncle. Oh, how I love him though! He set me on fire with his wonderful touch. He knew how to touch and where to touch. He made me aware of the eroticism of my own body.

After our return home, we hardly had a chance to meet. As I lay down on my bed every night, memories of that trip would keep flooding my mind. My breasts would ache for the fondling and my cunt would get very wet. Thinking of my uncle’s lovely hands at work on those places, I would masturbate frantically, all the time afraid of getting caught in the act. This was all too frustrating.

Soon I became a sort of nervous wreck. I was unable to concentrate on my studies and lost interest in all other things. My thoughts were now centered only on sex and nothing else. I had to something and do it soon, or I would go mad.

The opportunity came soon. My father has an elder brother who lives in a distant town. One day my father received a telegram that this gentleman had a stroke and his condition was serious. My parents wanted to leave immediately to visit him. My grandma too wanted to go along with them.

They were not keen to take me there for two reasons. Firstly, that would disturb my studies, as I would have to miss classes for a few days. Secondly, it was a small town with hardly any modern facilities and I would be very uncomfortable there. So, they talked to my uncle and aunty and decided to leave me in their care.

My aunty Aarthi is my mother’s younger sister. She is a beautiful, twenty seven year old woman who works at a big Bank. She and my mother are very close. Her husband (my uncle) Sekhar is an year older, he is a successful self employed professional. They have a sweet three year old kid. They live in a nice, modern two bed room apartment which they bought recently. As both parents work, the kid is dropped at a day care in the morning and picked up in the evening.

They were glad to have me, so my parents dropped me there and left on their trip. Aunty and uncle fussed over me to ensure that I was comfortably settled in the well furnished second bedroom. During dinner, aunty inquired about my college timings. I said I would leave by nine and be back by three in the afternoon. She told me that I could have the key normally used by uncle and she would have the other. Uncle said that was fine with him.

By ten we all said good night and retired to bed. As I was new to this place, I was unable to sleep right away. After a while, I got up to have a glass of cold water from the fridge. I found their bed room door shut but could see that the light was on. I thought of uncle and aunty in the bed and making passionate love. Suddenly, I had a strong urge to see and hear them making love. I slowly walked to their bedroom door.

It was a modern door and as I put my ear to it, I could hear light but indistinct voices. I saw that the door had a key hole. I knelt before the door, careful not to make any noise and put my eye to the key hole. I could see a part of the room.

Alongside the door was a wall that had a big window at its end. About three feet away from the wall was their big double bed, its length parallel to the wall. I could see the space between the wall and the bed, and also a small part of the bed.

Aunty came into my field of vision. She looked most beautiful in her black blouse and petticoat. She has nice, firm breasts (28 B, I thought) and a very slim waist. Uncle came into my vision and hugged her and started kissing her on the mouth. His hands went to her blouse, unhooked it and removed it. Her black bra contrasted very well with her white breasts. Even as she unhooked her bra, uncle got hold of her cute boobs.

They were perfect orbs with light brown aureole and same color nipples that were now erect. Uncle’s hands gently fondled her boobs while rolling those nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Even as I watched, my own nipples hardened, as I recalled fondly his hands doing the same to my boobs on the bus.

For a second I felt envious of my aunt. And then I had a strange thought. How would her lovely tits feel in my own hands! Oh my god! what is happening to me, with all these crazy thoughts!

Uncle now sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her close to him with his left hand around her waist in a loose embrace. He put his mouth to her right tit and started licking her aureole and her erect nipple with his tongue.

So this is what happens next, I thought, my own fingers finding and teasing my nipple. As he took more of her breast into his mouth and started sucking, his right hand fondling her left tit vigorously, aunty started moaning softly.

Her moans set me on fire like nothing else. My own nipples canlı bahis were now swollen, aching to be licked and sucked. I felt my pussy going very wet. I was going crazy with wild thoughts. I wanted to be with her, alongside her, my mouth on her tits and uncle’s mouth on my tits, and everyone licking, sucking and kissing. Oh god, I am going real crazy!

Uncle was in his pajamas and I could see the huge tent made by his erect cock. Aunty was now holding it in her hand, over his pajamas. They now fell together on the bed and went partly out of my vision. Her black petticoat flung to the floor came into my vision. I could see a part of her flashy thigh for a second and then I could see a flash of uncle’s bare ass, looking good and tight. Then they disappeared from my view.

Even as I tried my best, I could not see the action on the bed. I now put my ear to the keyhole and heard sounds of their lovemaking. The quick breathing, the moans and grunts, the murmurings, the sound of wet bodies smacking against each other and numerous other sounds – sounds that drove me crazy.

I ran to my bed and falling flat on it and I started making love to myself. My left hand went to the swollen and sensitive nipple of my left boob and started rubbing it. My right hand went to my cunt and finding it open and dripping with juice, I shoved in- not one, not two but three of my fingers and started fucking myself.

I visualized myself joining uncle and aunty in a threesome, uncle’s cock in my cunt and aunt and I sucking each others’ boobs. It was wild and I had a big orgasm in no time, muffling my own moans in the pillow.

I slept like a rock after that knock out. It must have been several hours later, that in my sound sleep, I felt my boobs being fondled gently and my nipples being tweaked.

It took me a few seconds to realize that this was no dream and someone was really fondling my breasts. The familiar touch told me it was uncle. He was sitting on the edge of my bed and had my bare boobs in his hand.

I continued my pretense of sleep. He put his right hand on my thigh and massaged it lightly. His warm and soft fingertips were sending sparks in their path along my smooth thighs. When he reached my very sensitive inner thighs and stroked them, I could not control the tremors. He was obviously excited by my reaction and his hand found my pussy in no time.

When he put his big, warm palm on my bare, virgin pussy, I almost shrieked with pleasure. My cunt was wet and hot and he slipped his index finger in and moved it tentatively. I just could not carry on my pretense any longer.

I put both my hands on his hand and pushed it hard against my juicy cunt, indicating that I wanted more. In response, he put his three fingers in and started finger fucking me. Even as he did that, he bent slightly and his lips found my mouth and started kissing me ever so sweetly.

I had such a mammoth orgasm that I almost swooned and went limp. He left after a tender kiss on my forehead and I heard his parting whisper, “tomorrow.” I was knocked out.

Next day I woke up late, as can be expected after the frenzy of previous night. Before I left for my college, uncle whispered to me in privacy that he would come home by three. I was kept busy by the classes at the college, but thoughts of what could be in store for the afternoon were always there exciting me.

I returned home just after three and freshened up a bit. Even as I started making a cup of tea the bell rang. When I opened the door, uncle was there and he came in with a smile that looked conspiratorial. I made tea and gave him a cup too.

As we sipped the tea, I was very tense and I could see that even he looked a little nervous. Here we are, incestuous uncle and niece, face to face in broad daylight… it was not easy to break the ice.

As soon as we finished the tea, I took the cups away to the kitchen sink to wash them. I felt uncle following behind me and next minute his arms went around as he hugged me.

He whispered in my ear, “You are a very sweet girl, Swetha.”

So saying, he slowly turned me around. We were now facing each other and slowly lifting my chin, he kissed me tenderly on my forehead. Taking my hand in his hand, he walked me down to the big sofa. I was very nervous and my pulse quickened. He got hold of my half sari and removed it, before we sat on the sofa very close to each other.

As his hands went to my blouse hooks, I closed my eyes shyly. In a trice he removed my blouse and his big but soft palms were on my boobs.

I noticed that the back of his hands and his fore arms had a lot of black hair, some of which was now touching my breast too. I loved the feeling.

As he started rolling my nipple with his thumb and forefinger, he whispered to me, “open your eyes, baby.” When I opened them, they automatically went to my tits getting fondled by his hands. Seeing them fondled by his big hands really turned me on, and I put my palms on his hairy bahis siteleri wrists and held them.

He now maneuvered me into sitting on his lap and I shivered in anticipation as his lips came close to my right tit. I felt his bulge pressing against my bottom. His lips brushed against my erect pinkish nipple and then clamped it, with his tongue licking it.

I had dreams about getting sucked like this every night since our return, and when it actually happened, it was heavenly. Excited, I held uncle’s head to my bosom and pressed it.

I suddenly realized that his hands have been busy and without my being even aware of it, he has untied my petticoat and pushed it down my legs. His hands were now exploring my warm, smooth and lovely thighs.

Yes, I am very proud of my thighs! They are absolutely smooth, no hairs on them and they have a sort of glow to them. His hairy hands roaming over them sent me into a tizzy.

Hot with passion, his hand now sought and cupped my pussy clad in a black panties. It was hot and damp and uncle gave it a loving squeeze. We were both breathing quickly now. He got up from the sofa and quickly removed his shirt and vest.

He had a nice hairy chest, looking at which I went weak in my legs. Next minute I was in his strong arms and my young taut breasts crushed against that hairy chest and my breath coming faster and hot. I was shaking like a leaf!

He lifted me as if I were a doll and carried me to the bed, whispering in my ear ” You are a flower baby and you are my very special flower.” When I heard the word flower, my mind recalled the word ‘deflower’ used in stories to describe the first time fuck.

It made me even hotter and hornier. I was now totally naked except for the small black panties that covered my pussy. Uncle put me down gently on the bed and sat alongside of me.

He started kissing me lightly, beginning from my throat and going south – throat, breasts, tummy, navel and my underbelly just above the panties.

“You are like a marble statue, a painting, flawless…” he said, filling me with a sense of pride. His big gentle hands reached for my panties and I could literally feel my cunt lips pulsing in anticipation. He slowly pulled down my panties and I helped him by lifting my bottom slightly.

He knelt reverently before me, and bending down slowly as if in prayer, mumbled, ” yes, Angel, this is the fountain of nectar, your honey pot and I am lucky to be the first man to taste it.”

As he put his mouth to my cunt, I almost shrieked with pleasure. His lips and tongue were exquisite. As his mouth kissed my nether lips, his caring fingers gently opened them and his tongue entered the opening and darted its way into my hot, wet, tight, virgin cunt. His mouth took my pussy lips in started sucking them hungrily.

I was now moaning aloud continuously, my body quivering and my soul flying high, as his hungry sucking mouth brought me to an earth shaking orgasm.

I held on to him for my dear life, as my moans ended in a whimper and I went limp.

It was a while before I woke up with a start. I found myself cool and dry under a clean sheet, the ceiling fan circulating cool breeze and my garments lay folded neatly next to me. I realized that I was all alone in the room with the door closed. I got up and put on my panties, petticoat and blouse and went into the bathroom.

When I peed I examined myself and realized that uncle had left me alone once I had my orgasm and had not anything else while I was out.

He is such a gentleman, I thought. Any young stud would have probably fucked me while I was out, but not uncle…he really loves me, I said to myself. And, I was relieved in a way that nothing more had happened.

When I walked into the drawing room, fully dressed, uncle walked up to me and holding me lightly asked me, “are you okay, baby?” I just nodded my head and he gave me a light kiss on my lips.

“It is time to go and pick up your aunty and kid. We will be back in about an hour. I have made sure that everything is okay. You just tell your aunt that you came back from college and slept for a while,” he said. I nodded again.

“Did you like it, Swetha?” he asked me earnestly, looking into my eyes.

“It was very nice.” I was able to look into his eyes and say that.

“I am glad, baby. We will explore more tomorrow…”

After he left, I relaxed on the sofa, contented, closed my eyes and thought of the promises of tomorrow.

But, I forgot at that time, that there is a night before that tomorrow.

They were back home an hour later. I took care of the baby, while aunty cooked the dinner. We had an early dinner at eight. The food was very delicious and I complimented aunty on her culinary skills. She beamed at my compliment and said she would teach me a few tricks.

We were about to finish our dinner when she exploded the bomb shell.

“Swetha is going to sleep with me tonight and you sleep in the guest bed bahis şirketleri room,” she said to my uncle.

My first reaction was to panic. Oh my god, she knows or suspects what we did last night and is ensuring that we do not repeat it, I thought. But, when I looked at her the panic subsided. She was her normal self and there was no anger evident.

“I want to spend some time talking to my young niece,” she added smiling.

“Okay with me dear,” uncle replied.

By half past nine we were in bed, aunty and I, the baby sleeping peacefully in his cradle. We both were dressed in our nighties. We talked about a lot of things – movies, music, relatives, my college, her bank etc.etc.

It was past ten when she yawned and said, “it is a working day tomorrow, let us sleep.” She switched off the main lamp and shut the bed room door. There was a dim night lamp throwing bluish light.

“By the way, I have this habit of tossing around and doing things in my sleep. Just ignore,” she said before drifting to sleep. I wondered what she meant by ‘doing things’, but decided to ‘ignore’ as she suggested. After all the excitement of past twenty four hours, I was pretty tired and fell asleep soon.

It was several hours later that I woke up with a start. What woke me up, I wondered, still groggy with sleep. I felt my breasts being fondled by a pair of very soft hands- small, soft hands; almost like my own hands.

Am I dreaming and in my dream am I fondling myself!

I suddenly remembered that I was in bed with my aunt, and…then it struck me like a bolt from the blue.

Oh my god – it is aunt Aarthi doing the fondling, this is no dream.

I kept my eyes shut. I realized, with a shock, that I was enjoying being fondled by her. She was now tweaking my sensitive, erect nipples; sending shivers down my spine. Why is she doing this, I thought.

I heard about lesbianism vaguely, but I saw and heard her and uncle having glorious sex the previous night! May be she is doing this in her sleep without even knowing about it! That could be the answer, I thought, trying to convince myself.

Next few minutes, my assumption was proved wrong, when her hands opened a few buttons of my nightie stealthily. This was no accident, this was a planned action. It was like a game to me now. I would play along as long as I enjoyed it, I thought.

She just pushed the robe away and was now fondling my bare tits. The bareness made a lot of difference, and I was now getting very excited letting out a low moan. That seemed to turn her on even more and next minute her mouth was on my boobs.

Oh my god, this is sensational, getting my boobs sucked by another woman, my own aunt! And she was very good at it. I did not know when she managed it, but I suddenly realized that her own, wonderful, B size bare boobs were now exposed.

And they were just a touch away from my idle hands. I had this strong urge to touch them once and feel them, if only to compare them with mine.

I touched her tits lightly with my fingers first and pressed them. They were nice to touch, firm and inviting. I now cupped her right tit in my palm and gently squeezed. She stopped sucking my tit for a second and then started again; taking even more of my tit into her warm mouth.

Before I realized it, both my hands were busy with her lovely boobs, squeezing and kneading them. Her nipples were larger than mine and they swelled under my touch…Aarthi moaned aloud.

There was no pretense now. She slid up a little and pushed her tits to my mouth. When my lips locked on to her nipple and my tongue started licking, her arms went around hugging me tightly.

I loved the feel of her breast in my mouth and tried to take in as much I could. In the process, her erect nipple touched the roof of my mouth, and that sent both of us into a spasm.

Aarthi’s hands now started sliding down my back till they reached my buttocks. I have nice, firm, well rounded, ass cheeks and her hands found them now. Taking control of them, she whispered, “You have wonderful buttocks that ask to be loved, baby”.

Those were her first words to me while making love and I liked her seductive tone. Her hands slid a little further down and grabbing my nightie in her hands, she pulled it up all the way to my hips.

Her hands now got busy with my smooth, warm thighs and she was hot with passion now. She slid her own nightie up so that our thighs made mutual contact. My thighs are larger, smoother and softer and they are free from any hair. Aarthi’s thighs were a sharp contrast.

They were slimmer and they were not totally smooth; they had very light down on them. So, when she started rubbing my thighs with her thighs, it felt very erotic. This caused even more passion in me.

Aarthi was clearly the aggressor now. Her right hand went to my panties and cupped my wet, hot pussy. I moaned deeply and losing no time, she pulled my panties down and grabbed my hot, juicy pussy.

Following her lead, my hands did likewise, slightly slower in pulling down her panties. When my hand touched her bare cunt, I felt a shock. It was very hot and I could feel her vaginal lips pulsating.

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