A Third Date

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The outdoor tables were small. Knowing this, Norah had worn jeans and single-strap sandals, along with a peasant blouse. As she crossed her legs, at an angle that would give him a view, she asked, “Anything you want to tell me?”

Alan’s eyes clicked up to meet hers. “I already did ‘hello’ and ‘nice to see you.'”

She smiled. “About yourself,” she said. “What you like.” She waited until his eyes drifted away, then added, “What isn’t in your profile.”

“That doesn’t say much,” he admitted smoothly, eyes up. “but I have eclectic tastes. I don’t want to rule out someone I might like, before meeting them.” He smiled. “I like you, so far. The complete you, not just one aspect.”

She gave her visible foot a slow ankle rotation. Sunlight caught the contrast of peach skin and red nail polish. Alan’s eyes aimed there again, and Norah felt smug.

On his own, he looked up and asked, “How do you feel about the time you’ve spent with me?”

“It’s been fun,” she said lightly. This could count as their third date. First was a movie they agreed on bahçelievler escort through dating-app chat, second was his invite (and treat) to a new restaurant. She had now asked him to meet here for coffee (her treat) and talk about where things were going.

“I’d like to spend more time with you,” he said in a softer tone, “If you’re up for that.”

“I might be,” she said, all flirty. Then, more seriously, “But I’m not ready to be exclusive.”

“That’s cool,” he said at once.

He leaned back. Norah took that to mean he wasn’t pressuring.

She asked, “Do you want to get closer?”

She read insecurity in his expression. His looks were on the blah side of plain. “I’m a single guy,” he said, managing a friendly flippancy. “I like to get closer to single women. But as Alan, I hope to learn more about Norah, and hope she’ll like what she learns about me.”

She had to give him credit for that. It sounded sincere.

She moved her foot through a sunbeam, which glinted off a nail. His bahçeşehir escort glance went downward.

“I’m interested in learning that,” she said. “Every new person is a new experience.”

His smile looked relieved.

Quietly she said, “I’d like to talk in more detail. My place is a block away. Just talk, okay?”

“Sure,” he said, nodding too much.

He looked edgy as she let him in to the apartment. She held up her phone as she sat on the sofa. “Single girl’s safety. Please don’t take it personally. Right now, the camera’s off,” she said.

“I understand.”

“Stand over there.” She pointed just beyond the hassock.

She took off her sandals and put her legs on the hassock, bare feet dangling past it.

“Alan,” she said, excited, “Would you like to get closer…to these?” She wiggled her toes.

He shuddered. “Ohhhh, yes!” He knelt, and hovered over her feet. Then with an effort, he looked her in the eyes. “May I?”

“You can start,” she said. “I’ll let you know if I bakırköy escort don’t like it.”

He fondled, licked, kissed, and sucked her toes, soles, ankles, and heels.

She didn’t expect this to do anything for her, and it didn’t. But his passion fascinated her.

He gasped, “This is who I am, Norah. If you think it’s gross, or funny, we can break off right now. But thank you for giving me this moment.”

“It’s okay,” she said, hearing pain in his voice. “What I want to know is, are you interested in me above the ankles?”

He looked her in the eyes. “I am. Especially now I know you weren’t teasing.”

“Well, I was teasing,” she said with a giggle. “But because I’m interested in you. I wasn’t ridiculing.”

He smiled. “Do you like it?”

“I don’t mind it,” she said. “Do you mind my flat chest, tooth gap, and big-ass nose?”

“Definitely not.”

“Ummm, Alan,” she said, “There’s only so far I want to go, right now. I mean, you with me. But…is this enough for you? Or do you want me to…finish you off?”

“You’re not grossed out?”

“I won’t be,” she declared, although she wasn’t sure.

But she had no problem stroking his erect prick with her bare feet, while he deeply sniffed her sandals. As his spunk oozed between her toes, she didn’t know if this would make them soulmates, but she felt good about them becoming very special friends.

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