A Tease

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Joe was ripped out of his dream by his alarm clock. The only thing he could member was silken hair falling across his stomach. The erection he had filled in the rest. Slowly reality crept into his head. He reached his hand across the bed and found nothing. A moment of disappointment flashed as he remembered that Sue had left early. Joe reflected on the thrill he had of touching her gently every morning before he opened his eyes. Even though it was only one day, he would miss that. Joe pulled himself out of bed. The first thing he noticed, as he stretched, was the note taped to the mirror. Attached to the note were a couple of pictures that had been cut from a lingerie catalogue.

The note read, “Lover, I missed you as I got dressed this morning, especially knowing I will be watching the seminar today with nothing to do. So, while I’m there I will be thinking about you. And about the things we will be doing to each other when I get home. I’m wearing what you see in this picture. The bustier, the garter belt and stockings, and I hoped you noticed the lack of panties. Enjoy the things I’ve left for you. My day will be better knowing you are thinking of me too. Love, Sue”

Joe pictured his wife in the white lacy lingerie. He saw her standing in front of him, running her hands down her sides, over her hips, and back up slowly until her fingers met and entangled her long blonde hair. Unconcously Joe touched himself. His erection hadn’t faded yet, and Sue’s image spurred it on.

Joe stretched again looking forward to a hot shower. He noticed over the years he was more stiff in the mornings, but his workouts were the same as when he met Sue in college, 15 years ago. The hot water cleared his head, and he focused in on the long day ahead. The phone calls, the meetings, the deadlines, “Hopefully, I’ll hear from Sue,” he thought. Then the image of her came back. He imagined her hands traveling up his wet body; across his chest, down his stomach. Joe’s soapy hands impersonated her’s as he stroked himself. Lost in the fantasy he saw her kneeling naked in front of him. He saw the water matting her hair and tracing a river down her shoulders, dripping off of her nipples or down her back to her supple ass. Her hands grip his hips as she takes him into her mouth. Sucking, pulling and stroking him while her tongue circles the tip of his member. Joe’s climax brought him out of his fantasy. He finished himself with long slow strokes, and after catching breath turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

Joe reached for the towel hanging on the back of the door. As he lifted it off the hook a pair of red silk boxers fell to the floor. Joe reached down to pick them up, and discovered a note inside. “Wear these today, for me. You casino siteleri know that I’m wearing something sexy while I think about you, I want to make sure you don’t stop thinking about me.”

Joe dried off and slipped on the boxers. The silk felt cold, and very different from his usual briefs. As he walked around the boxers hung loose, bunching and brushing against him. It wasn’t long until he had another erection. He chuckled and though, “This will make the day interesting.” He thought about how to hide his obvious arousal in loose dress pants.

Joe’s commute was typical. Traffic annoyed him but the morning radio show kept him entertained. He had learned years ago the he could jumpstart his day by checking his messages during his drive. He clicked on his hands free phone, and hit the speed dial button already programmed to start playing his messages. The first two were nothing important, then Sue’s voice came over the phone. “Hello lover, I hope you had a good morning so far. I’m in my car, in the parking lot. No one is around. I’m imaging you in shower right now, your hands touching your wet body. I want those hands to touch me. I’m pulling up my skirt. I’m wet thinking about you. Oh, yes. It feels better when you pinch my nipples like this.” Joe didn’t notice the outside world. Habit guided him to the office. His breath was slow and deep. He saw Sue touching herself. “I want you inside me. Yes,” Her moans and sighs told him how she was moving against her hand; tthrusting and grinding. “MMM, thank you honey. That should keep me for a while. Enjoy your day.” He heard her chuckle a she hung up the phone.

Joe waited in his car until he could walk into the building with drawing attention. As he stepped out of the car, he adjusted himself so nothing was too obvious, and walked in. The young receptionist leaned for the fax machine as Joe walked by. She did this often when male employees walked by. It gave her some amusement in her otherwise boring day to see what kind on leering looks she could draw. Normally Joe’s eyes would follow the obvious show of cleavage. But today only one woman existed in his mind.

The day appeared to drag on as normal. But every time Joe left his desk, his mind went to Sue, and how stunning she looked, and the silky movement of the boxers. Joe found that by throwing himself into his work, he could avoid arousing the distraction that also forced him to stay behind his desk. That worked until lunch time.

Joe decided to check his email once more before heading out. There was one new message; from Sue. He took a deep breath, glanced at his office door, and read it.

“Having fun today?” Joe could hear the giggles as Sue wrote, “I don’t have long, just a quick lunch break. canlı casino But it will be long enough for me to relieve some stress. You should too, think about me, I’ll see you soon.”

Sue had always been cautious about being explicit in emails. Being in HR she didn’t want anything questionable to be flag. Joe sighed, he hadn’t done anything, but he was trapped. His pants pushed up like a tent. He was amazed, just a flirty email, and he was as hard as if Sue was giving him the blow job of his life.

“Are you coming, Joe?” Steve from the office next door asked.

“What?” Joe stammered, “Oh, no I have a, um, conference call.”

“OK,” Steve said turning.

“Hey, can you grab my door,” Joe asked, ” thanks”

With the world shut out, Joe read the email again. He imagined Sue going to relieve some stress. Maybe she went to ladies room, pulled her skirt up over her hips, and began rubbing herself. She ran her other hand over her breast. Joe was stroked himself over his pants. He ran the flat of his hand up and down his erection. He pictured his wife there with him, bending over the desk, with her ass right in front of him. He wanted to grab her hips, and push himself into her. The sounds of them bumping, grunting, and the occasional slap of his hand on her backside heard by everyone outside the door. Joe was getting close, and thought better than to finish like this. He held still for a moment, and slowly relaxed. Once he knew he could make it the rest of the day. He opened his door and plowed into work. The rest of Joe’s day passed uneventfully, if painfully slow.

Joe arrived home at his usual time. He had considered working late since Sue wouldn’t be home, but thought the day could pass quicker at home. Joe got out of his car and walked to the door. A package sat on the step. It was a plain box 3′ long, and only a few inches wide. The label was addressed to Joe, clearly stating no signature was required. The sender was Cu Soon. Joe smiled as he picked up the box and went in.

The box lid lifted off revealing a plain envelope, and something wrapped in tissue paper. Joe pulled out the letter, “I hope you’ve enjoyed your day so far. It’s almost over. I should be home in a few hours. Until the then I have something for you to do. First, eat a good dinner. There is a plate in the fridge, you can heat up. You’ll need your strength later. Second, shower, and put on what’s in the box, nothing else. Third, leave the other thing from the box on the bureau. If I know you, you’ll deserve it by the time I get home, if not, I probably will. Last, I ordered you a movie on pay per view. Enjoy it, but not too much. I will see you soon, I can’t wait.

Joe took a deep breath, and pulled out the tissue paper. kaçak casino He found another pair of boxers, they were silk, but much lighter, and much smaller then the ones he wore all day. Below them was the item that the box was made for. It was a riding crop. The handle and tip were black leather the rest was smooth and silver. It was light very flexible and the brightness made it more inviting than intimidating.

Joe ate his dinner with a glass of wine while he watched some television. He was very distracted by the crop he’d left on the table. He knew Sue well enough to know it was meant mostly in fun, but that he’d get a taste of it soon. Joe glanced at the clock. Sue would be home in about 2 hours. He gathered his presents, poured 2 glasses of wine and climbed the stairs. After his shower, which was much quicker than his one in the morning, he pulled on his knew boxers. The barely covered him and his excitement. He tried shifting one way then another, but finally gave up. Staying this aroused he found it much more comfortable to just pull them down. Joe lit a few candles in the room, put the crop on the bureau by the door, and lay down on bed. He flipped on the TV opened to the movie menu. “Lusty Liaisons” was selected and available for another 10 hours. Sue had managed to order it without waking him this morning. Joe pushed play and watched as people did everything he wanted to do with Sue. He watched as men and women pleasured each other in every position and setting imaginable. His hands stroked himself continuously as the thin plot wound on from encounter to encounter. Near the end Joe began to get more energetic. He wrapped both hands around his shaft and pumped. His hips started bucking, he was very close. He thought he should stop but the day had caught up. He wanted release again and his hands would not listen to reason. Then, just as he was about to go over the edge, he heard the garage door. Joe’s heart skipped a beat. It was from years of conditioning and his natural instinct to pull up his clothes turn off the TV, duck under the covers and pretend to be asleep. Not tonight. Instead he relaxed, pulled up his shorts, left the TV on and waited.

Sue appeared in the doorway. Shed had shed her coat, her shoes, blouse, and skirt. She stood lit only by the candle light, in her bustier and stockings. The perfect vision of Joes daydreams.

“How was your day?” She asked.

“Way too long. Yours?”

“The same, and, warm, very warm,” she laughed, “Did you follow all your instructions like a good boy,” she asked picking up the crop by the door.

“Yes, I wouldn’t have wanted you to miss anything, and thank you.”

“Aw, too bad, I guess we won’t need this, then? You managed to hold out all day despite my best efforts.”

“Well, I may have slipped a little this morning in the shower. But that was early.”

“Oh really,” she raised the crop again. “In that case, turn over and we’ll get started. I really hope you’re well rested.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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