A Study of Unusual Sexual Activity

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A Study of Unusual Sexual Activity (c)
Roman Hands, PhD, 2001

Kelly B____ is a client of long standing. She is 21-years-old and has been seeking treatment with me for five years. This young American woman has a collection of personality and physical features that I, as a 25-year practitioner of psychological treatment, have never seen together in one person.

First of all, Kelly is demonstrably a genius. Her Stanford scores measure anywhere from 110 to 122. This is backed up by the fact that she graduated from high school with full honors at the age of 16, earned a B.S. in chemistry by 18, and was the holder of her first Masters Degree at the age of 20. She is currently on track to receive a Masters of Physics before her 22nd birthday. She has demonstrated the ability to absorb information and theory “like a sponge,” as the saying goes. More importantly, she truly comprehends that which she is exposed to. This comprehension is demonstrated by her ability to explain the most complex concepts of physics and chemistry in a way that 13-year-old students can understand, remember and use for their own education.

Another aspect of this very powerful personality is that she also understands music. I was told by her parents when they first brought her to me that she had been given a recorder at age 7, along with a sheaf of music, and that within 90 minutes she had figured out several scales on the recorder, had taught herself how to read printed music, and was playing the simple tunes presented to her. Since then, she has concentrated on the flute, and was recruited by Julliard for her musical ability when she was 13.

This uber-human is also an incredible athlete. In the course of my physical examination of this young woman, I measured her at 5’11”, 123 lbs., with 3% body fat. Her high-school track coach says she can run the 100 meter dash in 11.1 seconds and the 1500 meters in 3.55 minutes. He claims she could have broken any record she wished if she spent more than a week working at it. She was a starting forward on her high-school basketball team where she averaged 23.4 points/game, plus led her volleyball team to the state championship. This was accomplished at the age of 15, before she graduated. Needless to say, she was recruited by all the major universities, as well as hundreds of lesser schools.

I must admit that this is the most amazing human I have met, male or female. She is so far above the curve in any test that I can think to give her that she must be from another planet. If I ask about any subject of which she has no knowledge, she will say she knows nothing about the subject, but if I give her even a grade-school text on the American Civil War, for example, within two hours she will come back with a comprehensive feel for the subject that will rival any life-long historian.

Finally, let me comment on this amazing person’s physical persona. While it is definitely not standard to describe a client’s figure, especially for one like me who has spent so much time in academia and treating patients of all kinds, I cannot help but describe what is also the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

Her hair is a golden light brown, but her eyes are almost black to look at, and her pupils are absolutely feline. They are slits rather than holes, and I just know for myself that she can see in the dark like a cat. She has a strong brow and rather large nose, but I suspect she can smell and see like a thing of the wild.

Her complexion makes one wonder about her racial background. She is olive-colored, but still has the creamy skin of a Scottish 13-year-old girl. A large chin is topped by a very wide mouth with very thick lips that will never require lipstick. The same is true for her eyebrows and eyelashes: her natural features would put any painted-up model to shame.

As I previously mentioned, she is 5’11” tall with 3% body fat. How can any physical being with such dimensions be as curvy as this young woman is? I cannot explain it, nor can any of my medical friends. A woman with 3% body fat should not possibly be able to have D-sized breasts, but I have measured them myself, and know this statistic to be a fact. Kelly’s 20″ waist and 36″ hips only accentuate the womanliness of her body. As an old man, all I can say is that she is a beauty like none other I have ever seen.

So, what is the point of describing this lovely creature, other than making my colleagues envious? This girl has a definite sexual dysfunction: she is what the lay community would call a nymphomaniac.

Kelly was brought to me by her parents, who were very concerned about the girl’s sexual activity. They tell me they have been cognizant of Kelly being sexually active since the age of 14, but they have not been able to determine how much earlier the girl had been, well, fucking, as she refused to speak about it. Her parents are both well educated and quite well off, and Kelly is their only offspring. They were frantic to know why their perfect little girl had turned into a slut, genius that she is. I found the case fascinating, and immediately agreed to begin seeing the young woman. It was decided that Kelly would cevizli escort come to my office after school three days a week.

Our first session was a revelation. I began with the usual interview, to judge what her responses would be compared to the information her parents had already given me. She seemed fairly relaxed, but made a habit of crossing and uncrossing her long, beautiful legs, pushing her short school skirt higher and higher until I could easily tell she wasn’t wearing panties.

As I asked her to pull down her skirt, she sighed and did so, but not before flopping it up to her stomach so she could give me a real show. It was easy to see that her vagina was swollen, red and quite moist, as she had shaved herself of all pubic hair.

I must admit that in my 30 years of practice I have never been as aroused during a session as I was now. I have had a broad range of patients, including prostitutes and housewives who “can’t get enough,” and several have come on to me, but I have always been able to easily retain my professional demeanor. This time, however, I knew I was in the presence of something different. This 16-year-old genius/beauty, whose nearly coal-black eyes were boring in to me, almost made me forget my vow of ethics. Fortunately, my own personal code was enough to save me, if just barely.

“Kelly, please keep yourself covered during our sessions. This is a professional relationship and we will not achieve anything if you continue to act in this way,” I said in as stern a voice as I could muster. I freely admit that my voice cracked a couple of times and I was cognizant that Kelly knew she was having an effect on me.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Hands. I was just trying to get comfortable. My pussy gets so hot sometimes,” she purred. “I’ll try to not let it happen again.”

“My ass,” I thought to myself. “She’s been acting this way for years.”

“Well, then, Kelly, let’s see if we can get some work done today. You know your parents are very worried about your sexual activities. I would like to see if we can find out why you feel the need to be so…active.”

“What’s wrong with having sex, Dr. Hands? It feels good, and I’m quite careful to practice safe sex.”

“That’s admirable, I’m sure, but in contemporary society, a 16-year-old girl who makes herself available for any man — or woman? (she nodded yes) is not acceptable. As brilliant as you are, you are still 16 years old and don’t have the experience of a lifetime to guide your choices.”

“But it feels so good, Dr. Hands. I get so tired of studying sometimes and getting someone else excited is so fun! I just love the feeling I get when I have gotten a 40-year-old man so hot all he can think about is shoving his big, nasty cock down my throat. Then, when I have had him shoot his hot, creamy semen in my mouth, I think I have done something nice for another person. What could be wrong with that?” With that, Kelly began to unbutton her plain, white school blouse. As she reached behind to unclasp her bra, I objected.

“Kelly! I told you to keep yourself covered while we are working!”

“But this bra is so tight! My big titties like to feel free!”

With that, the young girl whipped her bra off and flung it to the other side of the room. She then began to caress her very generous breasts and was soon pulling on her nipples. I couldn’t believe how rough she was on her own flesh. She would pinch each nipple and pull it out until the entire weight of each breast was supported only by the fingers pulling her nipples.

“Kelly! Put your clothes back on at once, or this session will come to an end NOW!”

The girl sheepishly retrieved her under things and made herself decent again.

“You know, I would love to suck your cock! I’ll bet it’s all hard and wet right now. I would just adore having you ram it down my throat! Is it big? I’ve never seen a cock I can’t get all the way down my throat, and I just love the taste of cum!”

The girl was correct: my penis was fully erect, and I could feel the wetness against my underwear. Once again, I was sorely tempted to throw caution to the wind and let this pretty girl show me the way to Paradise. My scientific yearning saved me this time. What an incredible person it was before me. Beauty and brains do sometimes go together, but I was in the presence of incredible beauty and brains very rarely seen. What could I learn from studying this woman? That thought was enough to keep my penis in my pants, although I must admit that it got no softer, and I was constantly wiping sweat from my brow.

“Kelly, I think that is enough for our first day. I will see you again on Wednesday at 4:30.”

“Whatever you say, Doc,” she gloated, as she bounced from her seat to the door. “As long as you’re sure…” The last comment was made as she flipped her skirt up to display her beautiful gluteal curve.

“What a fuckin’ babe,” I thought to myself, in the most un-professional terms. With that, I retired to my private washroom where I masturbated myself to climax, something I have not done in the office in the 20 years I have had the cihangir escort place. I could only hope that my scientific curiosity would keep my libido in check. Whew!

My following sessions with Kelly never approached the intensity of the first for the next two years or so. Perhaps she decided that I was a cold fish, but I think it was that she was interested in what she could learn from me. Here was a young woman enamored of knowledge, after all.

Even though she never openly tried to entice me, Kelly always made a point of telling me one or another of her various sexual adventures. I believe she was testing my limits, and they were indeed tested.

One day she was telling me a story about how she had performed fellatio on the entire basketball team of a neighboring high school. She was very graphic, describing how their huge, teenaged penises felt sliding down her throat and how much she loved it when they would ejaculate their semen into her mouth. Of course, her vocabulary was considerably different: “I just loved it when their huge cocks spurted their hot, creamy jizz into my mouth! I was in heaven!” I seem to recall her saying.

She then proceeded to relate another tale about how she had done the entire female basketball team from the same school the next day.

“It was so hot being the center of attention of so many squishy cunts! I especially loved going down on the girls who protested that they were not gay or bi. I made all 12 of them cum at least once, and some of them several times. Of course, what I like best of all is to suck hot semen from a pretty girl’s freshly-fucked quim. There’s nothing that approaches the erotic quality of tastes and sensations I get from that, especially when another guy has his huge cock stuffed up my ass!”

“Dr. Hands, what else would you like to know about me?”

Kelly was busily playing with her big breasts through her school shirt. Once again, she had arrived at my office not wearing underwear, even though I had insisted numerous times that she must be more modest. I could see her concentrating on her big nipples, and I knew she was trying to get to me yet again, or possibly trying to achieve an orgasm here in my office. I had stopped taking notes some time ago and was thankful that I had had the recording system installed in the office last year, because I had given up trying to concentrate and was surreptitiously (I hoped!) trying to wank my cock below the desk.

“Are you actually jacking off over there, Dr. Hands?” Kelly asked, astonished. “If you are, please, oh please, don’t let your cum go to waste! Let me suck it from your cock!” She pulled her shirt up so I got a delectable view of her magnificent breasts and then she began pulling and tugging at her very distended nipples with the violence I had witnessed on her first visit.

“Cum on my tongue, Dr. Hands! Please let me suck your semen into my mouth! I want to taste it and swallow it! I love getting a mouthful of cum. It makes me feel so warm and homey!”

“What do you think that means, Kelly?” It was ludicrous the way I was able to snap back into the therapist mode when I heard her give me the opening. I pulled my hand off my penis (with just the slightest feeling of regret) and stared her in the eye.

Instead of acting like all of my previous patients, who would have responded by saying, “Uh. I don’t know,” or something of the sort, Kelly proclaimed, “What do you think, moron? It means I love to suck cock and eat cum! Are you an idiot?”

My professional ego was stung severely. Here, a teenager had just called my bluff on the oldest therapist’s gambit.

“Please put your clothes back on and leave now, Kelly. I will call your parents and suggest another therapist for you.” I was very angry, but I knew it was from being embarrassed and humiliated by this young genius. I began to admit to myself that she was more than I could handle. This was extremely difficult for my professional pride to grasp, but in my heart, I knew it was true.

“Wo ho ho! Methinks the good doctor has found a patient he can not handle! I’ll bet his little, teeny prick can barely be seen with an electron microscope now,” she gloated. Of course, she was right. My penis seemed to have shrunk to microscopic proportions.

“Please stop playing with yourself. Can you not control yourself even for this 50-minute session, girl?” I lectured to her.

“The difference between you and me, Good Doctor, is that I don’t want to control myself and you feel the need to do so. If you would just lighten up, we could have fun, and both of us would leave this office feeling a lot better than we do now!” With that, the young vixen pulled her skirt up to her chest and began rubbing her clitoris with her left hand. It was so obvious that she was on the brink of orgasm that it didn’t bear thinking about.

“Out! Get out of this office right now!” I screamed at the top of my voice.

“Sure, Doc, whatever you want,” Kelly said quietly. She quickly rearranged her clothes, rose from the couch, and was soon out of my office.

After 10 or 15 minutes, my heartbeat erenköy escort began to slow down, and I thought about who I should refer this hellion to.

I hit my intercom button and called to my secretary, “Amanda? Are you there?”

There was a much longer pause than usual, but Amanda eventually replied, “Yes, Doctor? What can I help you with?”

I couldn’t help feeling that Amanda sounded different than usual, so I decided to go speak to her in person. As I left my office, my thoughts were on the beautiful, slutty client who had recently left. My cock (there was Kelly’s influence again) was turgid and felt giant as I walked into the reception area.

When I roamed into the reception area, I was amazed. Here was my quiet, shy Amanda, who had worked for me for 12 years, with a naked chest and her hands all over her big titties, (Kelly, again).

Why had I never noticed that Amanda had such large, luscious breasts? She was treating her own breasts much as Kelly had done, pulling and abusing her nipples with careless abandon.

“Doctor, what can I help you with?” she sighed.

A sense of perverted calm overcame me.

“First of all, you can tell me why I have not noticed how abundant and beautiful your breasts are. Second, you can tell my why you are playing with them in such an absorbed fashion.” Once one becomes verbose, it is difficult to change.

“Oh, Doctor, I have always been afraid to show you how big my titties are. I was afraid you would feel that I was too, well, slutty, for some of your patents. I really like this job and I want to keep it.”

“Amanda, your body is what you were born with. It has nothing to do with you whether you have large breasts or small, whether you have a large derriere or small, or whether your lips look like you want to suck a big cock all day.” I said this with as much feeling and emotion as I could. I confess that my cock was bursting at the seams of my trousers, and would just love to be loved by Amanda’s pretty mouth.

“Please, Dr. Hands, please may I suck your cock?” This was said breathlessly, while Amanda’s hands concentrated on pulling and twisting her own nipples.

“Amanda! What’s come over you?”

“I. I. I. I think it has something to do with Kelly’s tongue lapping my clit,” she said with a definite air of embarrassment.

“Is Kelly sucking your quim?” I asked breathlessly. I leaned forward and could see the young slut sucking and slurping all over my secretary’s twat.

“Yes, doctor, she is. It feels exquisite!”

“Perhaps you should return the favor,” I said, giving in to my long held fantasy of watching two women together.

“Yeah. Great idea!” With that, Amanda turned her heated body so that she and Kelly assumed the classic “69” position.

“How does Kelly taste, Amanda?”

“Like peaches and honey, doctor.”

“Have you ever done this before, Amanda?”

“Yes, doctor. Kelly lets me eat her sweet, hot pussy every time she has a session.”

“I absolutely cannot believe that you, my secretary for so many years, have been engaged in such unprofessional behavior with a client. A client!” I roared. “Kelly! Get to your feet, put your clothes back on (how many times had I said that to this outrageous female) and go home now! Amanda, you must leave now, too. I shall decide whether you will continue to be employed here, and you shall hear from me before Monday. Go! Both of you!”

With that, I turned on my heel and marched back to my office where I slammed the door and then immediately proceeded to my lavatory to squirt a giant load of semen into the toilet bowl.

Once my primal needs where met and my heart had slowed to something like normal, I arranged my clothing and settled in my leather desk chair.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I thought to myself. “I have been a professional therapist for decades, and yet I just now told my secretary to lick a client’s vagina, just because the little slut of a client was making me hot.”

As a therapist, I have been trained to examine my own feelings, too. I had to admit to myself that I was beginning to get obsessive over this young female: I have never in my life experienced such a high degree of sexuality from a single individual. As I have mentioned before, I have counseled many people with sexual dysfunctions in my career. They have included prostitutes and other women who appeared to be “nymphomaniacs.” A number of them were quite lovely, too. I have seen a number of men with raging sexual drives, who will fuck (I’m getting more comfortable with these terms) anything in a skirt, or, in some cases, anything with a pulse, but I have never encountered any individual who came close to Kelly in sexual desires, looks, or brains. It is simply baffling!

My confused mind finally drifted to my secretary/receptionist, Amanda. I had hired her as a very young woman and she has done her job flawlessly for many years. I now feel amazed that I never noticed what a beautiful young woman she is. How could I have never noticed what lovely skin she has? What a lithe, sleek body? What incredible breasts? I began to realize that I had sublimated much or all of my own sexuality when I decided to become a therapist. Why, after all, had I never gotten married myself? As a teenager and young man I had lusted after females as much as most of my mates, but at some point, I had decided that Science ruled all, and had pushed my own sexuality aside. Was this part of the problem in some complex game?

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