A Special Meeting

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From the moment you get home that Friday, you can tell I have some special surprises planned for you that night. Remember a while ago when you gave me a copy of your key? Well, I obviously used it because when you walk in your bedroom you see a single red rose lying on your bed next to four boxes. The boxes are numbered, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4; the order in which you should open them.

When you open the first box, you see it contains a little black dress, cut to hug your hips, with little spaghetti straps. It’s shimmers, but not clingy, so it will move and look a little bit shiny when you walk…or dance. It is low cut, so you know it will show off your sexy cleavage, which you know drives me crazy. And of course, it will really let you show off your sexy legs, which I can’t resist.

As you unwrap and pull off the lid of the second box, you see a lot of black lace and silk inside. First, you pull out a pair of sheer, black lace thigh high stockings that shimmer. They feel so silky, and as you hold them up you see they have four inches of intricate lace at the tops.

You lay them down on the bed because you see there is more waiting for you in the box. Next you pick up cute little black silk panties, with lace-scalloped edges. They are high cut, with just a little lacy strap connecting the front and back. You can imagine how sexy and delicate they will feel when you put them on.

Your eye has caught something else in the box…as you lift it out of the box you see the sexiest black, lacy corset you have ever seen. It has sheer lace across the tummy, with darker black lace all across the cups. The back is boned where it laces up. The bottom is scalloped lacy, without garter straps…your thigh highs will stay up on their own!

The third box is heavier than the others when you pick it up. When you lift the lid, you see a pair of black heels, five inches high, with little leather straps that wrap around your ankles.

The fourth and last box is really small…and you know what they say about small packages? When you open it, you see a silver chain necklace with a perfect round sapphire on it. It’s going to look so good when you’re wearing it with the black dress. There’s also a little envelope inside the box. You find a piece of paper with an address on it, and a map to show you where it is. It must be a hotel, because there is a room number, and a key.

While you are getting dressed aksaray escort and preparing to go, putting on your surprises one by one, you feel the excitement building inside you. You take one last look in the mirror before you leave and see yourself in your new dress, with your sapphire dangling between your breasts, and your thigh highs shimmering in the light, down to your new heels. As you walk out the door, you wonder what surprises are waiting at the hotel? You arrive at the address and see it’s the Brown Palace. You get into the elevator. I know you are there as I hear the key jiggling in the lock of the hotel door. You just crack open the door and the first thing you notice is the soft smell of roses in the air, before you even see anything else.

When you swing it wide open you see me waiting for you, standing in a dark suit, smiling, holding two glasses of champagne. The smile on my face quickly turns to a look of amazement when I see how gorgeous you look tonight. Once I get my composure back, I walk up to you, kiss you warmly, and hand you your champagne.

As you take your first sip, you see the plethora of roses. There are roses on the tables, and rose petals covering the floor, the chairs and almost completely covering the bed. Everywhere you go you will have roses under you.

We walk out on the balcony and take in the view of the city lights, standing with our arms around each other, sipping the champagne, and feeling our bodies pressing together lightly. Both of us can only take the temptation for a little while. We put down our glasses and begin kissing, right there on the balcony in the night air, caressing each other. Your body feels so nice as I caress you and feel you, wearing all the sexy surprises I have given you.

We walk back inside, hand in hand. You are feeling feisty, and start to undress me, taking off my jacket and letting it fall. You start unbuttoning my shirt, as I try to slip one of your shoulder straps down. You stop me and tell me you’ll take care of that later.

After you have me naked from the waist up, you unbuckle my belt, pull it off and drop it. Then you unzip my pants and start pulling them down for me to step out of. But before you do anything else, you smooth your hand up and down, over the front of my boxers.

You know right where to touch…you can feel me through them…how hard anadolu yakası escort you’ve already gotten me. I can feel your fingernails brushing on my skin as you start sliding them down, pulling the slit open far to release my cock. I am so hard! My cock is pointing up and out from my body.

As you bend down to help me step out of my boxers, your face comes so close to me. You can see it, visibly throbbing, just slightly in front of you. After my boxers are gone, you give it a little kiss on the tip making my whole body shiver as I gasp.

I want you so bad now, and can’t wait to have you. You make me lie back on the bed, among the rose petals, and tell me to watch you.

Slowly, you slide your straps down off your shoulders, erotically easeing your dress down, revealing the top of the corset. You ease your dress down further, showing me the little black panties I gave you…they look amazing on you! Then you let your dress fall to the floor, and stand in front of me in your corset, panties, thigh highs…and your sapphire. You turn your back to me and ask me to untie the back of your corset, which I gladly do without a moment’s hesitation. When it is loose, you turn to face me again and reach back to completely loosen the corset. With a smile, you drop it to the floor. I catch my breath when I see your lovely breasts for the first time tonight.

I love how they look, and I can see how excited you are because your nipples are so hard and pointing. As I imagine how badly I want to suck on them, I begin to stroke my cock slowly. I am so turned on from watching you! I want you to see how much I want you. I watch your eyes and see you looking at my cock as I stroke it. I can see the lust in your eyes.

You turn around again, look at me over your shoulder, and then begin sliding down your black panties…letting me see your cute little ass. You know I love it as you wiggle very sexily until your panties fall down around your ankles. You slowly remove your heels, leaving you wearing only your black thigh highs and your sapphire.

You crawl onto the bed from the foot of the bed, straddling me as you move up, brushing your nipples along my legs, up over my cock, making me gasp again…along my chest. Then we are kissing again, so much harder than before. We want each other badly now.

I can feel how warm you are as your thighs straddle ataköy escort my body. I can feel how wet you are when you rub your pussy lips over the tip of my cock. You’re moving your pussy up and down over my cock-head, letting it slide along between your lips. You are covering the head of my cock with your wetness…and I can feel it dripping down my shaft to my balls.

As we kiss you are arching your back and rubbing your nipples on my chest…ohh! I can feel how hard they are and I love it. We take a break from kissing for moment, and without a word our eyes lock and we both know what we want now.

You roll off me and lay back, welcoming me on top of you, hugging me with your arms and legs as I move above you. My cock head rests on your clit, making you gasp and grab me harder.

With one move, I arch my hips and slip the head of my cock just inside your pussy. Slowly, I push forward, moving into you deeper and deeper, until you have all of me inside you. I hold there, moving my hips against yours, letting you feel me. I can feel how wet you are, and so hot! You feel so great around my cock!

I can feel you gripping my shaft as I start to pull out…until you have just the tip inside you. Then I push back inside you, but faster now…and a little harder. I’m giving you my whole cock on every thrust, giving it to you so deep. I can feel my balls getting wetter because you are so wet and I am inside you so deep.

We both start moving faster and you are moving your hips under me as I fuck you harder. Each time I thrust inside you, you feel your whole body moving because we are going so fast now. We are breathing faster, and moaning loudly now. I can feel your pussy squeezing me even tighter now…your whole body is tensing! I can feel you are getting close now. This turns me on so much!

I can feel cock getting ready to explode. We are going to do it together, and feel each other cumming together. I push inside you harder and deeper than ever as I feel your pussy clenching around me so tight. You are so wet and tight around me. I love the sensation of feeling you cumming on my cock.

That sets me over the edge and my cock explodes inside you, shooting! Shooting so much cum I feel it oozing out around my cock! I hold it in deep and move my hips around, giving you all my cum. Our bodies are shaking and we hold each other tight, our hips locked tight together, your pussy taking all of me inside.

Slowly, the sensations start subsiding, and we come back to reality. As we lay there, I can feel little sensations of your pussy grabbing me…little aftershocks of your orgasm. Then, when we are ready, we decide to take a shower together…grinning at the thought of all the fun we can have in there!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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