A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 09

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The two girls sat on the deck in a downtown restaurant and enjoyed their lunch. The breeze was refreshing and the day though warm was not like the weekend. Still the sun was hot enough for them to sit under the awning. To anyone watching the two seemed like two professionals discussing business.

“Enough about me,” Amy said putting down her fork. “It sounded like your time was pretty event full.”

Kristi laughed. “I should say so. First off, I guess I would say our experiment was successful, too successful. Taking the pills every other day was too much. By the end of the week, I was so horny that I would have fucked anyone and no matter how many times, it wasn’t enough. I believe no woman wants to feel that way.”

“So our idea won’t work for women?”

Kristi shook her head. “No, I didn’t say that but maybe we should rethink it. Perhaps a female Viagra. Only take it where you in the mood or want to be. Maybe it could be used to help women who have low sex drive. Lower doses, less pills or something.”

Amy put her hands on Kristi’s arm. “And you? How do you feel?”

“I feel fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever been more aware of my sexuality. I like the way I feel. I stopped taking the pills after that little episode. Besides Tim won’t let me take any. It does seem that after taking some, my body changed. I think permanently.”

Amy had to admit there was something different about Kristi. She had never seen her come to work in make-up before. Her outfit though professional looking was more feminine, softer. Her hair was different and she wore more jewelry. Amy noticed that the men seemed to be looking her way today as they sat and ate lunch. To Amy she looked as sexy as hell and it made her realize that she hadn’t been with her in too long a time.

‘How’s Tim doing? Amy asked.

“He is doing real well. He has decided to wean himself off the pills and it doesn’t seem to have affected his, mmm, size. Like I said before, the changes might be permanent. I can’t imagine how he felt taking those things every day. It must have been hell. He said he is much less tense but we both agreed that it could be because of him getting it more often. He has a great girlfriend, Darlene. You have to meet her. I think you’ll enjoy her. And he won’t do that bitch Wilson any more.”

“Speaking of her,” Amy said. “I’m meeting her today at 2:00. It is all set with our test subjects. All four boys came in this morning. I met with them and then had my assistants take some measurements and information. I understand from what I was told Jeff and Tom were very impressive. I told them what was expected of them. They were testing a new drug and they would be paid for it. It would last about a month. They were to record any changes and also record if they had sex. I told them there were other test subjects and they would have to have sex with them. I assured them I meant other females. I also told them that because they were friends of Tim, they would be treated well. No names were to be used. They said they understood as Tim had made it clear to them.”

“And they agreed?”


“How many pills? We don’t want a problem.”

“I told them to take once a week. I felt sorry for Dan so I told him twice a week. Now all we need is Mrs. Wilson to agree to be a whore for a month.” With that the two girls raised their glasses to a toast.

Darlene slid her wet pussy down Tim’s big erection until it was completely in. She sighed as she leaned forward and resting on her elbows, she kissed. “Oh Tim baby, I love the feel of your big cock in me.” She slowly rocked her hips and clenched her pussy around it.

Tim started to move with her. “No, baby, let me do the work.” She wiggled her hips. Tim stopped and enjoyed the feeling.

“So Tim, who’s Amy?” she asked not changing her motion.

“She is my mom’s best friend. They work together.”

Darlene moved a little faster. “So they’re really close, huh? They do a lot together?”

A light dawned on Tim and he suddenly knew where this was going. “Oh yeah, they went to Cancun together. Amy’s a lot like my mom. I think they are really close.”

“What does Amy look like?” Darlene’s breathing was becoming a little ragged.

Tim put his hands on Darlene’s ass and began to pull on her cheeks, spreading her ass wide. “Amy’s pretty hot. She’s been over here a lot lately. Nice tits, firm ass, smooth pussy.” With that Tim pushed hard with his cock into Darlene.

“Oh baby,” she moaned. “You seen her naked?”

“Plenty of times. She sleeps over sometimes, in my mom’s room.”

“So she and your mom…” Darlene was lifting her pussy up and down Tim’s cock. Never letting it out she would go up until only the tip was in and then slid all the way down. “Oh Tim, I love your big cock, baby!”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen them. Sounded like she ate my mom’s pussy pretty good. You want to meet her?”

“Yes, yes!” Darlene moaned. She took one of her breasts and pushed it to Tim’s mouth. He nibbled then sucked on the nipple. Darlene moved casino oyna faster. The thought of another woman eating Tim’s mom’s pussy was pushing her closer. She wanted to see that. Maybe even taste another pussy! “Timmy, baby, you’re making cum. I’m goin’ cum around your big beautiful cock!” Her pussy grabbed his cock and squeezed it, forcing him to cum.

“Oh fuck Darlene!” It was Tim’s first orgasm of the day and he filled her pussy with cum until it leaked out around his cock.

She rested her head on his chest until she recovered. “So do think I can meet her?”

“I don’t see why not,” Tim replied.

Mrs. Wilson sat outside of Amy’s office. The receptionist said it would only be a few minutes. Maggie was dressed very conservative today and she sat waiting patiently. Her outside appearance hid an inside that was bubbling over with turmoil. First of all she was nervous about coming here. What if someone saw here? How could she explain it? Second what if they couldn’t help? Kristi said they might be able to help and on the phone Amy said they should be able to help. And third she was still incredibly horny. Saturday night’s sex was amazing as Tim fucked her and she came so times she lost track. Now it was Monday and her pussy ached to be filled. Or at the least she needed to cum. She was embarrassed to be here so she stood to leave.

“Hi, you must be Maggie,” a cheerful voice greeted her. “I’m Amy. Thanks for waiting. Come right in.”

Maggie followed her in.

“Please be seated. Relax and let’s get started. Would you like a water?”

Maggie shook her head no as she looked around the room. It looked like a normal office but a lot more cluttered with filing cabinets off to one side. Amy sat behind a large wooden desk that seemed to have a large number of files on it. Amy seemed to be her age maybe a little younger. She had a bright smile and seemed to be nice.

“Ok then, you are here because you want to be involved in one of our tests, a test subject, right?”

“No, it seems I’m already involved in one of tests and it seems it is affecting me. I would like something done about it, right now” Maggie raised her voice. The bitch in her was coming out.

“Don’t raise your voice, Mrs. Wilson. From what I understand you need our help. It seems you got into this all on your own. So let’s see if we can work together on this.” After talking to Kristi, Amy figured Maggie would come on like this so she was ready for her.

“I guess you’re right,” Maggie said more quietly.

“Ok then. For starters if you agree, you will be in the program one month. We will pay you $250 a week, $1000 for the month, for participation. You can do this from the privacy of your own home or come here once a week for treatment. It’s up to you.”

Maggie’s eyes brightened when she heard $1000. “What kind of medicine do I have to take?”

“Oh no, you’re not taking any pills.” Amy got up and walked around her desk. “Other test subjects, like the young man you know have been taking the medicine and it seems to have some side effects. These side effects are affecting other people, like you. We are gathering up those people and gathering data from them. We would like you to do that for us.” Amy calmly put her hand on Maggie’s knee.

“What do I have to do then? I don’t understand.”

“How do I put this?” Amy got up and paced for dramatic effect. “The young man you have been seeing has put you in direct contact with the medicine. There are others.”

It was now Maggie’s turn to stand up. “You mean allow others to, to fuck me! You must be kidding!” She turned and leaned on the filing cabinet. What had she gotten herself in her? Her mind spun. $1000 dollars was good money as she saw $ signs before her. Her pussy screamed, “Different new cocks to fuck!” Without turning around, she asked, “I don’t have to come here and there is no limit to how many?”

” That’s right.”

“Ok, I’ll do it,” Maggie said turning around. “What do I do now?”

“First we need to gather some measurements. Why don’t you go into the next room, take off your clothes and then wait for me.”

“Do I have to?”

Amy looked her right in the eyes. “Yes you do if you want the money. It either here with me or down the hallway with one of my assistants. You choice.”

Maggie headed for the other room.

Amy gave Maggie a few minutes then gathering her clipboard and paperwork, she entered the room. What she saw made her pause and take a breath. Maggie Wilson was across the room bending over and neatly folding her clothes. Her creamy white ass, tight and nearly perfect, only accented her tan. She turned and faced Amy. The white triangle between her legs made Amy look at Maggie’s pussy. Glancing up to her breasts, they were large and firm. Her nipples were large and erect, outlined in a small white triangle. “This woman’s body is fantastic,” Amy thought. “She must spend a lot time pampering herself.” Amy’s pussy became damp at the sight of such a body.

“Ok what do I need to do?” Amy sensed a little trepidation canlı casino in Maggie’s voice.

“Well first I need some measurements. Raise your arms above your head and stand up straight.”

Maggie did as she was told and it forced her breasts up and out. Her nipples were erect and Amy wasn’t sure if it was from the cool air or something else. Amy took her tape measure out and measured Maggie. “42,” she said, “and cup size?”


Amy wrote this down on her clipboard. She measured her waist and hips. Each time she touched or rubbed her fingers on Maggie’s skin. Each time Maggie closed her eyes and smiled. “24 and 38. Not bad.”

“Thank you,” Maggie said.

Amy walked around her. She ran a finger across Maggie’s back. This time Maggie sighed. “Has any one told you that you have great feeling skin?”

“Not recently.”

“Well, you do.” Amy now stood in front of her. “We are going to have to test how sensitive your breasts are. Ok?”

Maggie nodded as her brain screamed. “YES!” She was so turned on that she wished Amy would stop talking and do it.

Putting a little dab of lotion on her fingers, she touched Maggie’s left nipple. It immediately sent shock waves through her body straight to her pussy. Maggie gave off a deep sigh and bent her knees. She rested her hands on the top of her head, still causing her breasts to jut out. Amy continued to roll the erect nipple between her thumb and finger causing Maggie to bite her lip and shut her eyes. Her hips moved slowly from the sensation.

Amy stopped and took her clipbook. “Nipples sensitive to the manual touch,” she said out loud as she wrote it down. “Now, Maggie, I’d like to see if they respond to oral stimulation. Is that ok?”

Maggie’s reply was husky. “Yes.”

Amy cupped one of Maggie’s breasts in her hand. Though larger than Kristi’s it didn’t seem as full as hers. It felt different but Amy couldn’t think of words to describe it. She lowered her head and flicked at the hard nub with her tongue.

A long low moan came from Maggie’s mouth, as the feeling was more intense than before. It caused her to push her hips forward as if her pussy was reaching for something to push against. As Amy’s tongue swirled and nibble at her nipple, Maggie softly repeated, “Yes, yes.” When Amy took it into her mouth and began to suck it, Maggie cried out, “Oh God yes, yes!”

Maggie had a lesbian experience while she was in college. Her roommate and she would satisfy each other whenever the need arose. It was basically that, an experience, an excuse to get off when a cock wasn’t handy or too much bother. There was no emotional attachment on her part. Later she found out her roommate considered it much more and moved out. Right now old feelings were returning and Maggie remembered how good it felt to have a woman touch her body.

Amy removed her mouth and stepped back. Maggie gave her a questioning look. Again writing on her clipbook, Amy said, ” Responds to oral stimulation.”

Maggie felt like she had been brought to the edge of a cliff. She needed to step off yet it seemed like she never would.

“Ok, Maggie,” Amy said to her, “You can put your arms down and please hop up on the exam table. Just a few more questions and tests and you’ll be free to go.”

Quickly Maggie hopped up causing the paper to crinkle.

Amy sat down on a stool and placed her hands inside Maggie’s knees. Spreading her legs, she rolled her chair between them. “Let’s take a look,” she said leaning closer.

As Amy leaned closer, Maggie could feel her breath on her pussy. She sighed in anticipation and spread her legs even more.

From the looks of Maggie’s pussy, Amy could see that she was desperate. Maggie’s juices were seeping out and trickling down her ass crack. Her lips were swollen and red as was her clit. Her pussy was wide open and at times seemed clench close then open as if wanting something to grab on to. Amy took her thumbs and rubbed the outer lips. She could feel the heat and moisture. “So is this condition normal or is change part of your concern?”

Maggie was leaning back, resting on her elbows. She tried to concentrate and answer Amy’s question. “No,” she gasped. “It seems to go away then return.” She moaned and lifted her ass off the table.

Amy put more pressure on her thumbs. “When does this happen?”

“It, it,” she stuttered and then moaned, “Oh, yes! It happens just before Tim, err, a man makes love to me and goes away after he does.” Maggie’s breath was more ragged.

“Ok.” Amy took her fingers and pulled Maggie’s inner lips apart, opening her pussy up. “And when it returns, your pussy gets more swollen, more sensitive the longer between sessions, right?”

Maggie could barely answer her. “Stop asking stupid questions,” her brain screamed. Stop teasing me. Please stop! Let me cum!” She moaned out a yes.

“All right then, let’s see how you respond to manual stimulation.” Amy took two fingers of her left hand and slowly circled Maggie’s opening. Her fingers became very kaçak casino wet from her pussy’s juices. She slid the two in easily, all the way up to her third knuckle.

“Oh God,” Maggie moaned. “It feels so good. Yes, yes!” She arched her back and began moving hips. “Yes, yes!”

Amy began moving her fingers in and out of Maggie’s pussy. She curled then making sure she hit the roof of it as she moved. More juices flowed from it and down Maggie’s ass. Amy pressed her thumb against Maggie’s clit.

Maggie’s head quickly rose from the table. She began to breath in ragged breaths. “Fuck me, Amy, fuck me. Make me cum!” Maggie could feel her orgasm building. She needed to cum now!

After rubbing and circling Maggie’s hard clit, Amy stopped. She removed her thumb but continued sliding her fingers in and out. She wrote something on the clipboard.

“Don’t stop. Why are you stopping? Please don’t stop.” Maggie pleaded with her. Even with the air conditioner, sweat was forming on Maggie’s brow. She lifted her hips from the table. “Please!”

Amy looked directly at Maggie. Amy was enjoying this immensely. After all Kristi told her she liked teasing this bitch. She loved the control she had over her and making her beg. She could feel her own pussy growing wet but it was all because she was in control of the situation. She loved the power. “Enough of manual, its time to see about the oral stimulation.” She even surprised herself as to how calm and businesslike her voice was.

“Please eat me, please. I’m begging you.” Maggie was didn’t care how she sounded. She needed Amy to eat her pussy, eat it until she came.

Amy licked and sucked on Maggie’s clit as her two fingers moved in her pussy. Amy could feel Maggie’s pussy clenching around her fingers tightly. She could imagine how it felt for Tim to have a tight pussy wrapped around his cock. Maggie grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs back, opening herself up wide for Amy. Amy increased her speed as Maggie’s breath came in short gasps.

When she came, she exploded all over Amy’s face and fingers. Her juices poured from her pussy and dripped on the floor. “Oh my God!” she yelled. “Dear sweet Jesus! Oh fuck yes!” She shut her eyes and saw stars as she rode it out.

Maggie collapsed on the table, her body shaking from her cumming. She moaned quietly. Amy stood up and got a washcloth. Wiping her face, she smiled at her handiwork. She walked to Maggie’s side. ” I’m pretty sure we can help you. At least make this manageable for you. I got some very good data here. That should help. After you recovered, please get dressed. I have some papers for you to sign before you go.”

“Hey, anybody home?” Amy yelled as she walked around the pool.

“Yeah,” Kristi yelled back. “I’m in the kitchen.”

Amy entered the kitchen and walked to Kristi. She hugged her and kissed her full on lips. “I’ve missed you,” she said not letting go.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Amy stepped back. “Look at you. Where did you get that suit?”

“You like it?” Kristi did a little spin, showing it to Amy. It was a black and red check thong bikini that barely covered any part of her. The thong seemed to accent her ass while her breasts almost spilled out of the top. “First time I wore it as it has been pretty much clothing optional here for over a week. I like the way it feels.” Kristi had it pulled up tight against her pussy leaving a very visible camel toe.

“Clothing optional?”

“Yup, it started last week. Just felt like it. I spend all weekend naked and it was great. It suppose to be hot this weekend so I’ll most likely do it again.”

“Wow,” thought Amy, “she has really changed.” She smiled. “Everyone feel the same?”

It was Kristi’s turn to smile. “Yes, Tim and his girl friend spent the whole time they were here naked. We had a real good time. I can’t wait for you to meet Darlene. I know you will like her. She is really bubbly and outgoing. Hey you’re just in time for supper.”

Grabbing two plates and the wok filled with chicken and vegetables, Kristi headed to the deck. “Hey, get the wine.”

Both girls sat down at the table and filled their plates. The food was great and the wine flowed easily. Both felt so at ease with other that the conversation flowed like the wine. They could talk about a variety of subjects from politics to movies to work without upsetting or boring one another. As they talked and ate Amy found time to look her friend over. There had been a change in Kristi since the last they had been together. Though she was the same confident Kristi, she seemed softer, more feminine. Her body seemed fuller and rounder in a good way. Amy didn’t think Kristi gained weight but her body had changed. Dressed as she was it showed off the new Kristi very well and Amy began to picture the two of them naked and making love.

“Hey have you been listening to me?” Kristi asked sharply.

“Sorry,” Amy apologized. “I was thinking of something else.”

Kristi smiled, as she knew what Amy was most likely thinking about. “So what’s going with Maggie Wilson?”

“Well, she is really in a bad way. I don’t know if it is a reaction to the medicine of Tim’s but she seemed pretty desperate. I ran a few tests on her and took some data.

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