A Slice off a Cut Loaf Ch. 05

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I know it’s been a while between posts in this story. If you want to pick up the thread and background on the characters please have a look at chapters 1 to 4.


Astrid picked up the phone and hit the speed dial button for hers sisters number. After a couple of rings the phone was answered “Hello, Petra speaking”

“Hi Sis it’s me”

“Oh Hello, how’s David?”

“That’s what I call cutting to the chase sis, not ‘hi how are you’ or ‘nice to hear your voice’ just how’s David.”

Petra sighed, “OK darling, how are you?”

“Oh Petra, my pussy is so sore, and my ass isn’t much better, I really need a rest before I see David again.”

“So he’s gone home?”

“Yes, the poor dear can hardly walk, if Sally wants a fuck tonight, he might struggle to oblige her. Maybe he can get some Viagra or Cialis.”

“OK sis, now I want all the details, leave nothing out!”

“Petra it was fantastic, over the past few days David pumped so much spunk into me I thought it was going to come out of my ears!”

“I’m getting wet just imagining it, so David liked the lingerie show?”

“He sure did, afterwards he fucked me so hard up against my bedroom wall I thought my ass was going through the plaster wall. Then we had a lovely sixty nine, Petra he is such a good cunt licker!”

“Oh God, you lucky bitch, then what?”

“Well, we had a very nice slow fuck, and by that time I was exhausted and we fell asleep.” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

Astrid continued, “in the morning I was making tea intending to take a cup back to bed for both of us, I left him sleeping, but he came and cuddled me from behind. Then the phone rang, it was Sally so I started to talk to her, Petra, the wicked man found some veggie oil on the bench and started to play with my bum hole, the next thing I knew his cock was sliding up my ass.”

“Wait a minute all this while you were on the phone to his wife, your daughter? That is so naughty!”

“Oh yeah, then Sally asked me what David was doing, I told her he was working on my back door!”

Petra laughed “Oh Astrid you are such a quick thinker, it’s a wonder you didn’t burst out laughing yourself.”

“Well you know I’ve always been good at multitasking, but getting fucked up the ass and talking on the phone at the same time was a bit of a stretch. When David first poked his fingers up my chute, I moaned before I could get my hand over the mouthpiece.”

“So what did Sally say?”

“I told her I just kicked David’s hammer, she told me to tell David to be more careful where he leaves his tools!” Astrid was laughing too now, as she told the tale.

“Oh Astrid, I’m so jealous of you having all the fun, my husband doesn’t seem to know I’m alive lately.”

“You poor thing, tell you what, how about you come and visit me güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for a weekend, I could get David over to do some handy work, I’m sure I could think of some excuse to tell Sally.”

“Now that sounds like a plan, we could gang up on him, double team him just like the old days and spend the weekend draining his balls.”

“OK Sis you talked me into it, but it won’t be for a couple of weeks, I need time to recover from this weekend. I’ll give you a call when I’ve got David booked for a weekend of fucking, sucking and licking, I mean handy work.”

“Hey, I just thought of something, I’m doing some temp work at the doctors surgery near me, I’ll see if I can get hold of some sample packs of Viagra and Cialis, unless David has a supply of his own.”

“Alright, you do that, I don’t think he has a supply, he’s only in his thirties so probably doesn’t need it, but he might by the time we get through with him.”

“Got to go Sis, call me when you get things arranged, meanwhile I’m going lingerie shopping, mmwah!”

“Caio darling see you soon.” Astrid hung up the phone and went to run a nice hot bath, just what I need to relax and recover from the weekend, now where is that waterproof vibrator…she thought.

Meanwhile somewhere between Waterfall and Roseville, David’s cell phone rings in the car. Looking at the display he sees it’s his wife Sally. “Hi darling” he answers. “Hello sweetie, güvenilir bahis şirketleri are you on the way home?”

“Yep, just coming up to the Harbor Bridge”

“The tunnel is faster”

There are two crossings over Sydney harbor, the old metal bridge, the longest single span steel bridge in the world, and the newer harbor tunnel, Sally was right but David preferred the trip over the bridge, the tunnel was depressing, at least on the bridge you could get a glimpse of the water, the lights of the city, the Opera house, and it really made only a couple of minutes difference to the trip.

“Yeah I know, but you know I like the bridge, prefer to be in the open air.”

“I know, hey I was thinking…”

“You know I hate it when you do that, it usually either makes more work for me or costs me money.”

“This won’t cost you anything darling, I was thinking we could have a quiet night at home tonight, I’ll cook your favorite meal, we’ll open a nice bottle of wine, and finish up in the spa pool, then I’ll take you to bed and ride your cock, I’ve missed having inside me for a couple of days, if you’re really nice to me I’ll let you fuck my ass!”

Even after the tryst he had had with Astrid, David’s cock gave a twitch at the thought of his lovely wife, legs over his shoulders, him pounding his cock into her, switching between her cunt and her ass.

“OK darling, I’ll be home soon. Get the spa warmed up.”

“It’s already done, see you soon darling.” The connection clicked off. David’s hand rummaged in the center console of the car, gripping a sheet of small blue pills looks like I’m gonna need these, he thought popping one out of the blister pack and washing it down from the water bottle in the door pocket maybe two!

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