A Sister’s Need – A Brother’s Desire – Part 3

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Helpful Hints:

Read intro to Part 1.
Read Parts 1 and Part 2

I have become a vessel through whom this story is shared.
This story lives a life of its own through my fingers.
I neither create nor control where it has decided to go.

I hope you continue to enjoy it as I continue to enjoy being its chosen medium.

A Sister’s Need – A Brother’s Desire – Part 3


Tina – Pre-teen
David – 15
Alan – 36
Greg – 32

Alan blinked awake and looked at his watch.

9pm – Damn

The kids were sleeping soundly still. David had his arms wrapped around Tina who slept with a smile on her face. Amazing, sometimes kids could sleep through anything, and sometimes a pin drop woke them. He was amazed that they were still sleeping though. He wished he could sleep for twelve to fifteen hours straight.

Alan tested the phone line as he put on the weather channel. The storms were still raging across the state, but it looked pretty clear between him and the base. He could probably make the 15 minute drive safely, provided the roads were clear. He tested his wireless for signal to call the base’s mobile and was relieved when it rang and he heard Don on the other end.

Hanging up the phone, he knew he had to go, but he didn’t want to leave without saying bye to the kids. Tina always had an issue with that, and so did he. Glancing towards the closed bedroom door, he headed upstairs to assess the damage.

David blinked his eyes open forgetting for a few moments which room he fell asleep in. Tina was sleeping fitfully next to him, and Dad was gone. Lightly kissing the top of Tina’s head he slipped out of bed and went to the main room. Dad wasn’t there either. The TV was on, so Dad wouldn’t have gone far. No note meant stay put, so David plopped on the sofa and started flipping through channels.

Tina woke up feeling scared and sad. Everyone was gone. Did Daddy go to work without saying bye? Scrambling out of bed she hurried to the door. Seeing David she rushed to his arms and started crying because she missed Daddy before he left.

“Shhh, what’s wrong, Baby?” David asked holding her close.

“Daddy-” she began and sobbed harder.

“It’s ok sweetheart. He’s probably upstairs checking things out. He’ll be back soon. He didn’t leave yet. I promise.” David soothed her knowing Dad wouldn’t have left without leaving a note.

Tina settled against her brother listening abstractly to the TV, trying to get her tears under control. She hoped he was right.

The game room door opened and both kids looked toward the door. Alan walked in seeing Tina’s tear streaked face and her brother’s concerned furrowed brow and smiled reassuringly to them both. He opened his arms for his little girl and tried to assuage their fears as best he could. He motioned for the man behind him to come in too.

Tina stiffened in Daddy’s arms as she looked at the man coming in the door. She quickly looked at David then back at Greg. She couldn’t tell David he was the man from the store that morning with Daddy in the room. She squirmed to be put down and jumped on the sofa on the far side of David as soon as Daddy put her down.

David was surprised Dad would bring someone else down there. He always said that was their safe room. No one else needed to know about it or there might be trouble one day. Those rooms were their secret forts he used to say. Seeing Tina’s reaction to the stranger, he wrapped an arm protectively around her and sent warning glares at the newcomer.

Greg walked into the brightly lit bunker and blinked until his eyes adjusted from the darkness of the basement. He was almost face to face with the precious vixen from the store earlier, and his cock jumped with excitement being so close to her so soon after their morning encounter. He was disappointed when she rushed to get so far away from him so quickly, and was bemused by her brother’s protective posture.

“Tina, you remember Greg from the store?” Alan asked smiling at her.

Tina nodded slowly looking between the two. Her eyes were wide, but it wasn’t fear in her belly. She had butterflies remembering how he had seen her this morning. She looked up at David who was looking down at her with questions in his eyes. She thought she could almost hear him asking if he was the man she told him about. She nodded just a little and he smiled squeezing her gently.

“Greg, this is my son David,” Alan said. “Greg works with me sometimes when there’s alot to do. He’s going to be in the neighborhood while I go to work. If you hear sounds upstairs, it’s ok; it’s only his team coming in for the bathroom or for a break. They’ll use the rooms upstairs while they’re in the neighborhood. I want you guys to stay down here until you hear from me, ok?”

“Ok Dad,” David nodded.

Greg looked around the bunker pretending to be interested in its construction and design. His cock was almost instantly hard seeing the sexy little vixen next to her brother and remembering the adventure of the morning. He jacked off more than once thanks to that sweet petite siren who seemed to know precisely what she was doing. He also figured he discovered who awakened those desires in her by the protective attitude David took towards her.

“Ok guys, I need to go. Be good, stay down here and out of the guys’ way. There’s no electricity upstairs anyway.” Alan instructed and led Greg from the room.

“She’s a cutie, and he seems like a good kid,” Greg said to Alan as the door closed and they made their way upstairs.

“Thanks. They’re both good kids,” Alan said somewhat distracted with what lay ahead.

David looked at Tina, and Tina looked at David. They both had the same thoughts at the same moments. Greg was going to be in the house… while Dad was away. That opened a whole realm of fantasies. They also remembered Dad’s instructions. ‘Stay downstairs.’ Those words were going to prove to be very hard.

“You aren’t sleepy, are you, Baby?” David asked looking at the wide eyed little girl next to him.

“Nuh uh,” she answered shaking her head.

“You hungry?” He asked. They hadn’t eaten all day. She should be extremely hungry by now.

“A little,” she answered.

“Ok, canned spaghetti’s?” David asked heading to the canned goods pantry.

“Yes,” Tina answered and her empty stomach answered too.

“Guess Ms Belly Button agrees with you!” David laughed poking playfully at her belly.

“Yeah!” Tina giggled catching her brother’s hand trying to prevent him from tickling her.

He warmed up a can for her, and grabbed a can of soup for himself. Setting up a pair of TV trays in front of the TV, he started flipping through for something to watch while they ate. He looked at her with devilish thoughts in mind.

“You want to watch anything special?” David asked her.

“Nah,” She said. She really wasn’t huge on TV. If they were upstairs she would be sleeping, or playing with her toys.

“You wanna play a game?” He asked.

“What kind of game?” She asked tilting her head narrowing her eyes and looking sideways at him.

“A board game silly,” David said pointing to the rack of games.

“Oh, nah,” Tina answered. She really didn’t know what she wanted to do. There wasn’t much to do. All her good toys were upstairs. She really wasn’t in the mood to do anything.

“Did you have something else in mind?” David asked. He thought she may have with the way she asked what kind of game.

“I dunno. Maybe just watch TV?” Tina asked.

“Hey,” David said with a mischievous light in his eye. “You wanna get naked and lie on the couch and watch TV?” He wasn’t really in a sexual mood, but the thought of just laying naked with her, on the couch, with people upstairs, was a turn on.

“Sure,” Tina said giggling. She wasn’t in much of a mood to play with his penis, and her vagina wasn’t pulsing like she wanted to be touched, but to cuddle close to him with their skin touching sounded good.

David lay down and motioned for her to lie in front of him. He was surprised that although she did turn him on, his cock wasn’t hard. He wondered just how long that would last as she lay down next to him pressing her tiny bottom against it. She smiled happily curling up next to him and settled close as she could against him. Giggling impishly she wiggled her butt against his sleeping cock liking how it felt even when it was sleeping.

He kissed the top of her head, and slid his hand down her body pressing her against him. He liked feeling her like this, and wondered why he never thought to do this before. He smiled feeling his cock start to waken at the contact and shifted position slightly to tuck it between her legs against her tiny slit.

“Can I just slide it between your legs? He’d like that and it would be more comfortable,” David said softly.

Tina opened her legs in silent permission. She liked feeling him against her, and when they were together like this, she really felt like he loved her. She realized that deep inside she didn’t feel lonely anymore and wondered when that feeling went away. She felt him press his half sleeping penis against her lips and decided she really wanted to feel it against her.

She lifted her leg higher, and opened her lips with her fingers and pressed him against her vagina and clit. When she was happy with the position, she closed her lips around it canlı bahis like a hotdog bun around a hotdog and giggled closing her legs. She looked down and could barely see the tip of it poking out of her folds.

David knew feeling her against his cock it would grow hard fast, but he didn’t really feel like fucking right now. He thought he would be happy just nestled between her legs and her petite body against his. When she touched his cock with her small fingers, electricity shot through him and it took all his willpower not to press his hips forward.

When she wrapped her lips around him, he knew it was futile and soon it would be pressed deep in her belly. He wondered who would cave first – her, or him. He tried focusing on NOT getting hard, but knew that was impossible the way she wrapped herself completely around him.

He wondered if he should pull the blanket over them in case Greg came down to check on them. Part of him wanted to get caught by Greg and wondered where it would lead, and part of him was afraid Greg would tell Dad even after the story Tina told him about the time at the store.

“What’s so funny, baby?” David whispered. He didn’t intentionally whisper, and was surprised to find his voice was gone as he focused so intently on the feeling between his legs, or rather, between her legs where his cock was now very hard.

“Look, a hot dog!” she giggled touching the tip of his hard on.

“Aah,” was all he could answer as he watched her touch him. It was an odd sensation seeing just the head of his cock poking out from between her legs. When she touched him, his hips moved forward and he couldn’t stop it.

“God baby, you always make him so hard!” David said hoarsely lightly guiding his fingers down her body.

“I like making him happy. Making him happy, makes my clit and vagina happy,” she said matter of factly and rubbed it lightly. Before she wrapped him up inside her, she wasn’t in the mood to play with him, but the bigger he grew in her folds, and the way his fingers left tingly trails down her bare skin started to wake up her clit and vagina and both started to pulse.

David kissed the top of her head and slid his fingers lower down her body to where his cock poked out from between her legs. His hips were moving in a slow steady rhythm and he watched in fascination as his cock disappeared and reappeared with each movement. He slid his fingers between her legs and pressed up on his cock feeling it get coated with her little girl juices.

Tina closed her eyes and her lips parted slightly. Her head completely relaxed against his chest and the pillow. As she felt David slide his fingers between her legs, she lifted her leg so it rested over his and moaned softly as he pressed his penis against her clit and vagina. Her hips were rocking too now and she felt the starting feelings deep in her belly of having to pee, but knew by now, she didn’t have to. She knew her body really really liked what he was doing to her.

David wished at that moment he had two cocks, one to slide between her open lips, and the other to press up inside her tight pussy. He coated two fingers in her juices and brought them up to her lips. Lightly tracing her lips with his fingers he groaned as her tongue traced where he touched. Her nose wrinkled and she looked up at him, but his smiling face encouraged her as he pressed his two fingers between her lips.

Tina wasn’t sure she liked the taste, but she loved making her brother happy. The smile on his face told her he was happy. When he pressed his fingers between her lips, she instinctively began sucking them and dancing her tongue around and around them. Her whole body started to tingle and she knew her body really liked the feel of his fingers in her mouth, and his penis between her legs. She suddenly wanted him inside her vagina very very bad. She reached down, arched her back pressing her bottom against his body, and pressed the head of his penis against the opening of her vagina.

David felt the change in her from slow and tender to hungry and needy and felt the same change in himself. Taking his fingers from her lips, he smiled at her sudden pout. He moved slightly and dipped his fingers as deep as he could in her velvety wetness. Her pussy immediately clamped its muscles tightly around his fingers. His cock pulsed in time with her pussy’s contractions as his fingers pumped in and out of her.

Tina opened her leg wide as she could over him. Her hips rocked in time with his fingers. She slid one hand down her body to rub her clit and she slipped the fingers of her other hand between her lips. It didn’t have as powerful effect as when she sucked David’s fingers, but still felt good having something in her vagina and in her mouth at the same time. She moaned loudly and increased the speed of her hips as the pressure built inside her. Her fingers moved faster over her clit and in her mouth begging for more, begging for the water balloon to pop.

David was fascinated watching her fuck herself on his hand, sucking her fingers. His cock ached to be buried inside her but he was mesmerized by her carefree abandon. Remembering the hours and hours of porn flicks, he suddenly had the urge to try something new with his sister. Using her juices he coated his cock making sure it was good and wet.

He pulled his fingers out of her much to her immediate dismay and pressed the head of his cock against her tightly puckered rosette. He hoped she was willing to let him try. The thought of all her holes filled with something opened an even more primal passion.

Tina whimpered as David pulled his fingers from her vagina. She was so close to the water balloon popping. She felt his penis pressing against her back door and her entire body tensed. Her vagina still pulsed and begged to be filled. Her mouth seemed very hungry, but not for food.

“Relax, baby, I wanna try, please?” David hoarsely whispered. He could barely control the raging fire inside but he remembered their first time very clearly and didn’t want to replay her painful screams. Hoping to encourage her, he slid two fingers inside her still dripping pussy and slowly began sliding in and out.

She was nervous about him going in that hole. It was so much smaller than the front hole. He was so big compared to it. The way his penis felt pressing against it like that didn’t hurt though. His fingers moving inside her vagina quickly had her feeling very good again. She could feel her body relaxing as her hips started pressing onto him.

“Yess, baby, that’s it. Ugh god yess, don’t stop baby girl,” David encouraged. His face was bright red as he tried desperately not to ram his cock into her ass but let her take it in herself. He could feel her leg tightening around his thigh and her fingers were rapidly rubbing her clit.

Tina stopped worrying about the size difference of her bottom and his penis. Her body wanted to be filled. She was still learning her body’s reactions and feelings, but she knew it wanted to be filled. Her backdoor relaxed as she pressed down on him. She didn’t understand why she felt like she needed him in all of her holes suddenly, but she knew she wanted it. She gripped his thigh with her leg and tried pulling him into her and whimpered when she couldn’t get him inside her.

“I can’t, it won’t go!” She cried desperately pressing against the edge of the sofa. “Please, make it go in!” She begged. Her body writhed with her fire.

The two were so entire lost in their passion neither noticed the game room door opening. Greg heard her desperate pleas as he slowly cracked the door open. The angle the sofa was on to the door, he could clearly see the teenager’s cock poking her extremely tiny ass and his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy making loud slurping noises.

Greg’s cock was immediately painfully hard. He released it from his uniform and stroked it in time with David’s fingers pumping his sister’s pussy. Her urgent cries begging her brother to make his cock go in her ass rang resoundly in his ears and he wished it was his cock she begged for.

David couldn’t contain his need anymore. Her movements and her cries were too much. Sliding his free hand around her body, he fucked her pussy fast and hard. Holding his breath, and holding her close, he thrust his hips forward hard feeling the head of his cock pop inside her tight ass.

Greg couldn’t believe it. He was so close to his fantasy. He felt his own balls tightening with her cries, and squeezed his cock hard as he could, stroking it furiously. At that moment he didn’t care who saw them or who didn’t. His only thought was the tiny siren begging to be fucked, and his cock very eager to answer the call. His cock erupted the very instant David’s cock entered her ass.

Tina’s legs immediately shot straight out, the pain coursed through her body and the water balloon in her belly burst. She felt her vagina squeeze her brother’s fingers that were buried deep inside her and her butt clenched tight around his penis. She heard screaming and crying, but didn’t realize it was coming from her.

David saw stars and felt nauseous worse than the first time he fucked her pussy. His body was frozen in agony. His fingers were buried to the hilt in her pussy. Only the head of his cock was inside her tiny ass, but it felt as if it were being torn off. His balls tightened and he felt the cum flowing from his balls, up through his trapped bahis siteleri cock. He felt the blackness washing over him as the first rope of cum exploded from the head of his cock.

Quickly ducking inside and locking the storm room door, Greg rushed to the sofa. His cock still spilled his seed, but her screams were more important. He lay on the sofa in front of the screaming child and the unconscious teen and slid one arm under and around her. His other hand soothed her hair and face.

“Hush, princess, shhhh, it’s ok, I promise,” Greg tried comforting her, holding her close to his chest. He slid his hand down between her legs and pulled David’s fingers from her body. He felt her body gingerly and tried to be clinical to help her past the pain. He could feel the boy’s cock pulsing in her body, and knew even though David blacked out, his cock was very much awake and filling her tiny body.

Greg wanted to fuck her himself, but not at the risk of hurting her physically or emotionally. Right now, he feared for her mental well being. He was a perv, and he knew it, but hurting someone, especially a child, was against everything he is. Her tiny body jerked and spasmed with each pulse of the boy’s cock and Greg couldn’t tell if it was because of pain, or her own orgasm which she was extremely close to before David entered her ass.

“I – I – I w-w-wan-want d-d-d-daddy,” the petite girl cried. Tina knew they would get in trouble, but right now she hurt so bad she only wanted Daddy to hold her and promise her it would be ok. She was terrified to move a muscle from the pain tearing through her body. It felt as if her brother tore her wide open and his penis still bounced inside her. She felt it spitting deep inside and knew it was happy, but she wasn’t. It didn’t matter the water balloon popped and it felt like she pee’d all over them.

“I know, princess, I know. If you relax, it will start to feel better, I promise.” Greg soothed kissing her forehead and the top of her head. He brushed the hair from her eyes and wiped the tears from her cheeks as they fell.

He could feel his cock still oozing it’s seed and knew it covered her leg and the sofa, and a part of him was deeply turned on and just wanted to press his cock up against her. He was soo close to his fantasy it was almost painful, but he wanted her to enjoy and want it too. This was not how he dreamed of having a little girl.

Tina cried herself to near exhaustion as her bottom hurt. She didn’t understand why David didn’t pull out of her, or wasn’t talking to her. Greg held her close so she couldn’t turn to see David or move to push him out of her. A new panic started deep in her belly. They were caught. Would Greg tell Daddy and put them both in trouble?

Greg felt her start to relax then tense up even more than before. All he could do was hold her and caress her trying to soothe her worry and pain. He was glad the boy was still unconscious but knew he would be waking up soon and probably scream as loudly as his sister with his cock still stuck in the vice of her body.

“Shh Princess, you have to relax. I know it hurts, but the only way for the pain to start to go away is to relax.” Greg slid his hand down between her legs and along her slit to her abused asshole and felt David still trapped inside her. He didn’t want to try to separate them without David being awake because although he could tell the boy was still hard, he couldn’t guage from a medical aspect the damage to David without him relaying pain.

Tina remembered when David and her first played together, and he put his penis in her vagina. She remembered all the pain, and how David helped her get past it. She rested her head against Greg’s chest, and drew in a ragged deep breath, and closed her eyes tightly. The tears still fell, but not as powerfully as before. She slid her hand down between her legs and started to rub her clit slowly. She hoped if she could make herself feel good, the pain would go away.

Greg held his breath as he felt her fingers probe her nether regions. His cock jumped as her fingers met his between her legs. He rested his fingers lightly over hers, closed his eyes, rested his head against hers and let his fingers be his eyes. Her fingers moved slowly as they sought out their target tucked between the sticky folds of her lips. He maintained a tight control over his reactions to her actions hoping she didn’t stop.

Tina felt his hand over hers, but her only thought was trying to find a way to make the pain go away. She found her clit and started rubbing it slowly. His fingers over hers felt weird, but in a good way. Her butt throbbed hurting but her clit was starting to feel good and she felt her hips want to move. She didn’t want to move them because she still hurt so badly.

Greg’s cock lurched and jumped against her leg begging to be part of the action. His breathing was getting harder and harder to keep steady. She was weaving as spell he was doomed to be trapped under. Her body relaxed again between the two, and she slowly lifted her leg again over her sleeping brother’s leg.

“Do you feel better, Princess?” Greg whispered slowly trying not to break the moment.

“It st-still hurts,” she said still recovering from crying so intensely. Her body was reacting to their fingers and she wanted to take hers away and let him do it, but she was scared too. David wasn’t moving. He couldn’t protect her if Greg tried to hurt her, but, she reasoned, he could have hurt her already if he wanted to.

“It will for awhile, baby,” Greg tried to reassure her. He slid his hand up her arm, over her shoulder, and under her chin tilting her face up to his. Her dark eyes were filled with so many emotions. He saw fear, pain, and desire. So many depths for such a young girl. He bent to kiss her eyebrows, then her cheeks, and lightly touched his lips to hers.

Tina felt a new intense feeling in her belly and her vagina as Greg kissed her lips. It took her breath away, and momentarily she forgot about the pain in her butt. Her fingers stopped playing over her clit and she slid her hands up his chest resting them flat against him. She wondered if it would be even bigger if their tongue touched like it felt when David’s tongue touched hers. Timidly she parted her lips slightly and pressed her tongue forward.

Greg felt a jolt of electricity shoot through his body from his lips to the top of his head and the tip of his toes as their lips met. He suddenly wanted to drive his cock deep inside her, but remembered why he was laying with them to begin with. Her tiny hands against his chest didn’t push him away, but she didn’t pull him closer either.

He felt her tongue touch his lips and groaned deep in his throat accepting that action as acquiescence. His cock was jumping against her begging to be part of the action and it took all his self control not to bring her hands down to it. He responded by parting his lips letting their tongues meet. It was as if fire was ignited deep in his loin fueled by a growing fire in her.

He slid his hands down her bare back pressing her against him and was rewarded as her hands traveled up his chest and around his neck. She seemed to have forgotten the cock still stuck in her ass as she lifted her leg wide over his. He could hardly believe his fortune and her passion. Greg slid his hand down over the tight curve of her ass lifting her thigh over him as high as it could go.

Tina’s body was responding fiercely to the man she was kissing. She could still feel the burning pain in her butt from her brothers’ penis, but the ache in her vagina and in her belly was much more powerful and demanding. She wanted him to touch her. She wanted to feel his penis against her, maybe even inside her. She pressed her body forward giving him as much access as she could by raising her leg over his waist.

Her body was so small compared to his that her vagina was only to his belly while they kissed. Greg pulled her leg even higher over him, and she eagerly complied feeling herself being pulled very far open. Her butt hurt very bad still, but she could feel her vagina getting very wet and her clit was throbbing fast begging to be touched.

Greg savored the feel of her tiny body begging as a woman would to be touched. He could feel her trembling, her desire growing quickly into a demanding need. He could feel his own body tense with a need of its own, but wanted to take his time. He didn’t know if he would ever have a moment like this again.

He traced the length of her leg down to her ankle and slowly back up. Her kiss was becoming much more fervent and intense. Her breathing was coming fast and ragged against his face. Her hands around his neck pulled at him with a strength that surprised him. He was quickly becoming completely intoxicated with her and knew in moments he would be unable to pull away from her until his own need was filled.

Breaking the kiss, he studied her face and in her eyes he no longer saw the fear and pain from before. He saw an intense fire he would have expected to see in a grown woman, not in a little girl.

Tina looked at him steadily as he pulled away from her. Her eyes scanned his face, gazed at his lips, then met his eyes. Her lips were open and her tongue licked them absently silently asking for his lips against hers again. She tried pulling him against her, but he resisted. His hand gliding along her leg only added to her great bahis şirketleri need.

She suddenly realized his penis was bouncing against her leg and wondered how long it had been doing that. She pushed back a little stuck between her sleeping brother and the very tall man but she wanted to see it. Looking between their bodies she couldn’t see much of it but what she did see was much bigger than David’s. Reaching her hand down between them, she struggled to reach it. She wanted to touch it. Inside she felt a need to touch it.

Greg felt like he had died and gone to heaven as the little vixen took control. He watched him reach down, and when he realized she would have trouble reaching him, he moved up on the sofa until her fingers grazed the tip of his purple headed cock. He moaned loudly at her touch and lightly brushed his fingers along her wide open labia. They begged to be fucked and he could feel her tiny pussy pulsing and her tiny juices were already coating his fingers.

Tina looked up at him as he moaned, and realized he was much taller than she thought. Her head was now only at his chest with the way he moved up the sofa, but she could almost wrap her fingers around his penis. It was still a little too far so all she could do was touch the tip of it with her fingers. When his fingers touched her lips, her hips jumped towards him sending new pain from her butt all through her body.

Greg moved up a little more and moved his cock against her hand. As her fingers wrapped around his girth, his hips moved forward desperate for more. He closed his eyes and drew in a deep ragged breath. He opened his eyes and looked down watching her hands explore his length and girth. Her hands were so tiny and frail compared to his 8″ long 2″ wide cock. He desperately wanted to force it inside her and feel her pussy squeezing it, but he wanted her to enjoy this moment too.

He slid his fingers up to her clit and was amazed at how swollen and pronounced it was. As his fingers grazed across the tip, her entire body jerked and twitched. She placed her foot flat against his hip trying to open herself even wider. Greg was amazed at her fire, and her sense of sexual freedom. When she wanted something, she knew how to move her body to get her point across. Complying with her desires he dipped a finger inside her tight young pussy.

Tina felt the intense pain in her butt, but this new fire in her belly, clit and vagina were much more powerful and made the pain almost feel good. She started to feel the same need in her body that she felt before that caused her brother to poke her backdoor to begin with. Greg’s finger inside her felt very good and the way he rotated it and wiggled it inside her felt so good she wanted more.

She tugged his penis close to her body and started to rub it against her clit. She really liked how that felt and the water balloon in her belly started to fill more quickly this time than a little while ago. Her hips started rocking back and forth between her brother and Greg and although it still hurt, it was starting to feel very good. Tina wanted to feel more of him against her and tugged him closer.

Greg moaned deeply at her fierce desire and dipped a second finger in her wet pussy. He pumped them in and out of her at the same pace her hips rocked between the two. He could feel the head of the boys cock still trapped in her ass and felt it press against her inner walls each time she pressed back against him. Her insistance at feeling his cock against her clit was driving him insane and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he splashed his seed over the three of them.

Her pussy squeezed his fingers tightly as he pressed them up inside her as far as he could get them and slid them back out. The slurping sound of her hungry pussy urged him to move faster. Pressing a third finger inside her he alternated between opening them wide as he could inside her and closing them close together. He knew his cock wouldn’t fit inside her, but in enough time and training of her young hungry body, he knew he could fit. He only hoped they would have more times to try.

Tina moaned and pressed harder against him begging for more. She desperately wanted to feel him inside her. It was all she could think about now, the feelings between her legs. The way his fingers opened and closed inside her was very new and she felt her vagina get wider and squeeze his fingers trying to keep him inside her.

David’s eyes were still closed but he felt like his cock was being ripped off. His mind was fuzzy as he was trying to make sense of what he felt. His hand instantly went down to his cock and he tried to grip the head of it where the pain was most. Panic started to set in when he felt it stuck in something and that something was moving.

He opened his eyes and his heart froze, his breath caught in his chest so he couldn’t even cry out. He remembered forcing his cock in his baby sister’s ass suddenly, but didn’t know where the man came from. He was trying to clear his mind, but the intense pain was causing him to see stars. He gripped Tina’s hips trying to hold her still and heard her deep moans as if from a distance.

His mind wasn’t capable of processing everything going on. His cock was still rock hard, his balls were high and tight, the pain was incredibly intense. He closed his eyes as the room starting to spin. he gripped his cock and felt it being tugged forward painfully then felt his sister pressing back on it forcefully. He tried moving with her to alleviate some of his pain and was still trying comprehend what was going on.

Greg felt David’s body moving and looked at the boys face. His eyes were squeezed shut, his face was bright red. Greg knew he should stop and stop her, but he couldn’t get his body to obey his mind. He felt his fingers pounding her little pussy, and her body eagerly responding. He pressed a fourth finger up inside her and watched as she threw her head back.

Tina wanted more and more. She felt so full, and loved it. She was feeling the same power as before and was trying to press her brother’s penis deeper inside her too. She really didn’t understand why, but she knew she wanted to be filled as much as possible. She started clawing at Greg’s clothes desperately trying to feel more deeper. She felt him slide another finger inside and when he opened all four inside her, the water balloon felt so much bigger than it ever had.

She felt her vagina squeezing and pulsing around his fingers and all of a sudden the water balloon popped. Her head flew back hitting her brother in the chest, then her body jerked forward as if it were trying to curl into a ball. Her body continued jumping and jerking and going backwards and forwards but she still wanted more.

David cried out as his sisters’ head banged his chest and he opened his eyes to find out why. Her body was all over the place like she was having seizures and he panicked trying to hold her still. He could feel something against the head of his cock, but it was inside her. It was really a strange sensation because he could feel her being stretched tightly and his cock was still clamped in a vice. He thought she was trying to press herself further onto his cock, and all he wanted was to be free and stop the pain.

Greg couldn’t help himself pulling his fingers out of the spasming little girl’s body, Greg pressed the head of his cock against her. It was about as wide as all 4 of his fingers when he opened them. He was able to open them inside her so logic said he should be able to press the head of his cock there.

He stroked his cock and pressed it against her feeling his own climax coming. He wanted desperately to feel her pussy clamping around his cock, but couldn’t get it to fit inside her.
Pressing up against her as hard as he could he could feel her trying to impale herself on him. It was more than his control could stand. His cum erupted some splashing up inside her, some coating her and her brother’s body.

He rubbed his cock head over her slit and clit as it spewed and her body jumped and twitched with each pass. He kept trying to poke it inside her but it just wouldn’t go. She was feverishly rubbing her clit which he thought would be raw and tender by now, but her fire seemed insatiable. He felt yet another orgasm wash over her as his cock spilt the last rope of cum up inside her.

“See,” he smiled down at the sexy and very horny vixen, “Didn’t I tell you the pain would go away?” He asked her tapping the rim of her ass where her brother was still stuck inside her.

“Umhmm,” Tina nodded caressing his semi hard penis. She liked how it felt and couldn’t help but compare it to David’s. It was so much bigger even when it was not hard. She really wanted to know what it would feel like inside her.

Greg could lay there all night and let her play, but he knew the guys were probably already looking for him. He helped David pull out of his sister, and made sure he was physically ok. The poor boy was extremely swollen and had a ring where her asshole clenched down around him.

“You’ll be ok in a day or three. I’ll be back to check on you, but there’s a good possibility you won’t be using it any time soon,” he teased David. He slid his fingers between Tina’s legs and lightly rubbed her clit surprised at its immediate response and her legs opening wider again begging for more.

“You are a sexy little girl. If you like, when I come back, we can play more.” Greg said dipping two fingers inside her gooey quivering pussy. “For now, I’ve got to get back to work. We should probably get cleaned up.”

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